A New Beginning

Written by: dramaqueenforsure

Chapter One


"Another thing, Beck, I've really had it with..."

"God." I mumbled, quiet enough for Jade not to hear. I was trying to tune her out, but was failing. She was yelling at me again. I wasn't even sure what it was about. It sounded pointless. I love the girl but come on...

"Are you even listening?" Her shriek broke me out of my thoughts. Before I had a chance to answer her, Tori came walking around the corner.

Tori. The new girl. There was something about her, something that made me wonder about my relationship with Jade. I love Jade, but whenever Tori comes around those feelings change. Something doesn't feel right.

"Hey guys!" Tori said, always so happy to see anyone. It made me smile.

"Tori, now's not the time for your annoyance." Jade snickered. "Let's go, Beck. We'll continue our conversation somewhere else."

She grabbed my hand and tried to pull me away, but I stopped her and jerked away from her. "No, Jade."

She turned around, furious. By that time everyone had gathered in the hallway to see what was happening.

"What did you say?"

"You heard me! I said no. This has got to stop, Jade! I can't take it anymore, your attitude and being so rude to everyone. I'm done with it!

"What do you mean, you're done?"

"I mean we're done." Everyone around us gasped, but I didn't really care. "I'm sorry Jade, but I have to ask where our relationship is going." When Jade didn't answer, I knew I was right. "That's what I thought. I'm not trying to hurt you, I'm really not. But.. you know that I'm right."

Her face softened, and she nodded her head. I had expected more yelling, but instead she hugged me. "I know that you're right. I guess I was just scared to say it first."

I pulled away and she gave me one last glance before walking away. I turned around to find the concerned faces of my friends looking at me. I didn't say anything, but gave them all a light smile before heading towards my next class.

Ta da! Chapter One is complete! I know it was short, but it was just to get the story going. The next ones will be much longer, trust me. Chapter Two should be up very soon. I'm writing it as we speak. Anyways, be sure to review and tell me what you think! Thanks! :)

- dramaqueenforsure