Author's note – This story is a re-write of an original story I started a couple of years ago entitled "The Doctor's Guardian." When that story was being written Grey's Anatomy was still only on season one. I was only a sophomore in high school. I am now a senior in college and my writing style has changed over the years (I am hoping for the better). However, recently, I have found a renewed interest in Grey's Anatomy. I found this story amongst other discontinued ones and I decided that I should continue it. However, too much has happened in Grey's since the time this story was first being written. Therefore, I decided that it this story will be set to season 6. It will no longer be set in season 2 as originally planned when they were just interns. Now this will take place after Izzie leaves the show. Alex and Lexie won't be together in this story and, for the sake of this storyline, they never were. Also, this is written after "Sympathy for the Parents." I hope you guys will be just as curious as before. The disclaimer will only be written once. I do not own any of the characters that are familiar in this story. Now, on with the story...

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G R E Y ' S A N A T O M Y


The truth is our parents screwed us up horribly. It started the minute we were born. After all, they are only humans. We can't expect them not to screw us up. Of course, most everyone expect parents to do the best they can. In end, no matter who they are, no matter whom we become, we're flawed, and honestly, more often than not, we can trace that flaw back to our parents. That's not to say we played no role in this process. No, I'm sure that we were all little brats that gave them way more grief than any person deserves. It's just how life goes. Some of us never get over it. Others of us rise above the circumstances and fight to overcome our past. Some of us run. Some of us run as far as we can. The great thing about being an adult is that we're no longer kids; more importantly, we're no longer our parents' kids. Whatever future they may have intended for us we can choose to take it or leave it. And some of us take it. Others of us just leave it. We can now write our own future; we can make our own decisions – and, if we don't want them to be, then they don't need to be part of our lives. The past is the past. The only problem is that the past doesn't stay buried forever. Like I said before, we are no longer our parents' kids. We can now write our own future, but sometimes, that's scarier than facing the future they tried writing for us.

G R E Y ' S A N A T O M Y

Chapter One -

It was three o'clock in the morning by the time Dr. Alex Karev was able to punch out after completing a thirty hour shift. The post op unit was devoid of its usual chaos because all of its patients were fast asleep. The operating rooms were clean and sterile once more. It had been a long two days complete with interns messing up, Yang in a normal bitchy competitive mood, and the chief of surgery on yet another rampage because Seattle Grace was only number 12. However, Alex had taken it in stride and had ordered all the interns to scut, told Yang to screw herself, and avoided Dr. Webber at all costs necessary. He helped perform a routine appendectomy solo again for the third time in his career a couple of hours ago, but despite how hectic his shift was, it was overall one of his better days.

It kept him busy, which meant it kept his mind busy. It kept his mind from wandering into dangerous territory which was life outside the hospital. However, work was now done, and his mind was free to roam. As he walked towards the locker room he allowed his thoughts to wander to his wife. He wondered if she was happy; if she was sleeping; if she was healthy. Late at night when no one was around he even let a few tears fall – of course that was after a few beers and a shot or two because Alex Karev never cried. Except he did cry. He cried almost every waking night when he hugged his pillow tightly, using it as a cheap replacement for his wife. At night, when he could freely admit to himself how much he missed her, and how much he hated her for getting him to lover her, he would let silent tears fall. Sometimes Meredith would ask if he was alright. A couple of times Derek had helped him drunkenly stumble into bed after he had too much to drink. Once or twice even Mark Sloan took pity when he was over at the house and turned a blind eye when one of the tears betrayed his stone hard exterior. Lately, however, he had been doing a good job of hiding his pain. He even overheard Meredith tell Derek that she was happy it seemed like he was moving on. They didn't know though, and as long as the hospital kept him busy – as long as they kept shoving thirty hour shifts down his throat, and Yang kept bitching, and the interns kept messing up, as long as Webber was on a rampage to be number one once more they would all be too busy to notice.

Alex shrugged off his top scrub before throwing on an old Iowa t-shirt. It was one of Izzie's favorites, and it was one of those nights. It was the last thing she had worn before she left, and it still had a faint trace of her smell.

"You wear that shirt like every day," Cristina's voice cut through Alex's thoughts.

Alex looked up noticing for the first time that Meredith and Cristina had entered sometime in the last fifteen minutes or so. They too had a long rough shift, and they too, were exhausted beyond belief. However, Cristina lived across the street from the hospital, and Meredith was hitching a ride home with Derek meaning that both their days were over.

"Shove it, Yang," Alex grumbled grabbing his man pack and heading out of the locker room.

He could feel both Meredith and Cristina's eyes following him as he made his way out of the locker room. He shoved down the temptation to turn around and assure them he was fine, knowing that it would only fuel them both all the more into thinking he wasn't. So, he did what he did best. He left the room with his head held high, leaving the door open, and loudly flirted with the first nurse that he passed by, making sure that they could hear all the words he did not mean.

"How about one night, after your shift, we go grab a drink?" Alex questioned innocently with his crooked smirk.

Predictably, the young nurse swooned at the doctor's attention, blushing lightly as she softly accepted his offer. She quickly scribbled down her number to give to Alex before returning to her rounds. Alex made sure that Cristina and Meredith watched him watch her ass as she walked down the hall. He gave his two friends a knowing smirk and a wink, earning an eye roll and an unsatisfied scoff from both, before making his way down the hall. What they didn't see was Alex throwing the number away in the nearest garbage can.

Alex walked out of the hospital and towards Joe's. The bar was closed, but Alex walked around back where he knew Joe kept a spare key. What the others didn't know was that before he had found an apartment three months after their internship started, he had been living in the office area of Joe's bar. He didn't mind the small space. He had come to Washington with only a duffle bag full of a week's worth of clothes and nothing more. After Izzie had walked out Joe told Alex that his key was still there just in case he needed air, or a drink. And more than once Alex had taken Joe up on the offer. Sometimes, when being home got too rough, Alex just crashed on the old couch altogether.

Alex opened the back door and turned on some lights as he made his way towards the bar area. There were a few stragglers, all of whom looked like they were definitely just waiting for a cab to get home. Joe was placing some glasses back into their respective places, ready once more, for tomorrow's rush.

"Hey Alex," Joe greeted spotting the familiar face.

Alex dropped his back on the counter behind the bar before picking up some glasses and helping Joe restock.

"Hey," Alex greeted. "Looks like it was a busy night."

"Yeah, sounds like you guys over at the hospital had a lot too," Joe noted all the different hospital employees that were regulars at his bar.

"Yeah, drunk driver caused a three car pileup. I heard they lost everyone," Alex shook his head. "Looks like it's got most everyone shaken up."

Joe nodded handing Alex the last clean glass. He began to clean off the bar as Alex helped himself to a glass of beer. Joe watched from the corner of his eye as Alex gulped down the entire glass in one masterful swig. He watched wearily as Alex proceeded to fill himself another glass before downing half of that one before finally giving it a rest. Joe said nothing, carefully schooling his features to one of neutrality, despite the fact that inside he wanted nothing more than to ask his friend to cut the bullshit and tell him how he was really doing. However, Alex wasn't one to open up, and Joe was careful not to pry too much. So instead, Joe did the next best thing.

"Are you planning on going home tonight?" Joe questioned, waving good bye to a costumer whose wife had finally arrived.

Alex shook his head. "No, I'll probably just crash in one of the on-call rooms or here."

Joe nodded watching as Alex downed the rest of the beer and went for yet another refill. "You might want to slow down or something," Joe advised.

"Yeah, I know," Alex sighed.

It took Joe another hour to get the place clean after the last of the costumers left. He had used every excuse in the book to delay his own departure, afraid of how much beer and how quickly Alex had consumed it. After Alex's last comment the pair had slipped into a silence; Joe was unable to start any real conversation and Alex was too consumed in his own drinking binge to really notice. However, the sky was already brightening, and Joe's boyfriend had called him four times already asking about his whereabouts. Joe almost felt guilty that he had someone to come home to, while his friend drank himself further into oblivion.

"You working tomorrow, Alex?" Joe questioned as he turned off all but one light. He on his jacket and fished for his keys out of his pocket.

"No. I'm off," Alex slurred. "Off, off, off. No thinking about work. Except lots of thinking."

"You want me to drive you anywhere?" Joe paused watching as Alex tentatively stood up. "You sure you don't want to go home? I can give you a lift," Joe offered, catching Alex when his face nearly met the bar.

"No, I'm good," Alex slurred taking two shaky steps before crashing onto a heap on the floor.

Joe nodded and sighed. "Right. Well, let me help you to the couch in the back because you can't go to the hospital looking like this."

Alex shook Joe's worries off. "I'm good to go back to work if I had to!" Alex spat out with a goofy grin that made Joe's heart break just a little more. Alex stood up quickly, swaying before catching himself. He grabbed his bag and shakily headed towards the door. He pushed Joe's helping hands away when he stumbled and Joe was able to do little more before his friend disappeared through the doors. Joe kept his distance as he watched Alex practically trip through the front doors of the hospital before heading towards his car. He figured that if there was any place he wanted Alex drunk at, it would be at a hospital where people could take care of him.

Alex pretended to ignore the stares he was getting from people. Thankfully it was still way too early for there to be much activity in the hospital, and therefore, there weren't too many people watching him make a fool out of himself, but truthfully, he couldn't bring himself to care as much as he probably should have. He was off work, and as long as no patients see him in this condition then he was really doing nothing wrong. At least, that's what he was trying to convince himself was the truth. In reality, he felt like he was nothing better than his dad. He wondered foolishly if this was what his dad felt when he came stumbling home from the bar all those years ago. He wondered if his father felt just as much a failure as he did as he tried three times to press the right button in the elevator before finally getting it right. He wondered if his father drank to forget like he found himself doing nearly every night of the week. He wasn't stupid; he knew that alcoholism runs in the family. He also knew that mental disorders did as well and that alcoholism could be a sign of it. But he wasn't an alcoholic. He was just grieving. At least that's what he kept telling himself.

Lexie grabbed for the blankets to cover her naked form as Alex made his way into the room while Mark reached for some clothes that littered the ground. Alex fell into the first bed in the room, completely unaware of the other two occupants in the room, immediately passing out before his head even hit the pillow. Both Lexie and Mark didn't dare make a single move for five minutes for fear that Alex would wake. It wasn't until Alex started to snore that either of them breathed a sigh of relief.

"Oh, Karev," Mark sighed looking across the room to the sleeping resident.

"Is it weird that I'm worried about him?" Lexie asked looking down at Mark as she quickly put on her bra.

"Not at all," Mark whispered. I am too.

Suddenly, the sounds of both their pagers rang through the quiet room and both reached for them to silent them. They both turned their heads towards Karev's unconscious form, exchanging relieved smiles when Alex didn't move. Quickly, they put on the rest of their clothing before rushing out of the room. Without talking to each other Lexie left the room to grab some Advil while Mark left to find water. They met back up in the room and placed the two things besides Alex's bed, knowing that he would definitely need it come morning. Then, they made their way down the stairs towards the emergency room, both no longer boyfriend and girlfriend, but rather attending and intern.

"What do we have?" Mark questioned walking to the suddenly chaotic emergency room.

"Forty-nine year old female. GSW to the chest, no exit wound. Crashed twice in the field," the paramedic called out.

"Trauma room one," Mark ordered. "Someone page Hunt!"

"Mom?" a voice yelled out over the chaos.

"You handle her," Mark ordered to Lexie pointing to the teenage girl crying hysterically by the entrance.

Lexie nodded disappointedly, but headed towards the girl nonetheless. The girl bore a striking resemblance to someone she knew, but she couldn't quite place it. Maybe it was simply the way the girl called for her mother. It reminded her of her own mother; the fear that she had when she found out her mother was hospitalized. She remembered the helplessness she felt when her father had called.

"Excuse me," Lexie said gently, her voice soothing, despite the girl's hysterical sobs.

"Please, that's my mom," the girl cried out. "My brother is parking the car. We're not even from around here. He shouldn't have found us. Please, my mom!"

Lexie nodded understandingly. "Is it ok if I help lead you towards the family waiting room? It'll be a lot quieter than the normal waiting room. I need to ask you a few questions that'll be vital to your mom's health."

"I don't know anything," the girl sobbed. "Wait, my brother is just parking the car."

Lexie gave a comforting smile. "I know it's scary right now, but we'll do our best," Lexie assured her.

"That's my mom. She sucks at her job, but that's my mom," the girl sobbed out.

The sliding doors opened and Lexie looked past the girl's small form. Lexie felt her jaw drop as her eyes landed on one very familiar past patient. Except this time he had blood all over himself.

Lexie watched as the man's arms wrapped around the teen. She watched as the girl turned and gripped onto his dirty Iowa shirt, collapsing into his arms so that he was fully supporting her. Before Lexie could fully comprehend her actions, she turned from the two and ran into trauma room one. Mark had the paddles in his hand as he yelled a clear. She watched as the body jerked from the table. She listened and thanked whatever God was out there for the sound of the beep on the heart monitor.

"Dr. Grey, I thought I told you to take care of the family?" Mark questioned from his position at the side of the bed.

"Aaron Karev is outside. Mark, that's Alex's mom," Lexie shouted watching as Mark's jaw dropped just as hers had just moments ago.

G R E Y ' S A N A T O M Y

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