This cartoon started off in the Hidden Leaf Village featuring Naruto sucking on the floor, Sasuke sleeping and Sakura moping

Sakura: (to Naruto) You're an idiot.

Naruto doesn't say anything, as he was pretending to be an idiot.

Sakura: If only there was someway we could meet someone new.

Then suddenly, a bus came and it features the two main characters of a special Disney Channel series, Zack and Cody Martin. Zack is seen playing a Nintendo DS while Cody reads the Jacob Two-Two book series.

You see, Cody is taking singing lessons. Because of London, he gained the ability to sing by the Backstreet Boys.


Zack: How can you sing like that dude?

Cody: Remember when London sneezed on my throat which caused a mix-tape of one of the Backstreet Boys hit songs?

Thus, creating a flashback: London was substituting for a tonsillectomy doctor because he demanded a day off. London was wearing a new pair of golden earrings with a mixtape of the Backstreet Boys. London sneezed on Cody's throat, thus causing the tape to fell off her ears and landing on Cody's throat causing the singing vocal chords to mimic the speech pattern of the Backstreet Boys' singing vocals.

Zack: Oh Yeah!

Sakura met Zack and Cody when they were sitting on a bench.

Sakura: Hello. My name is Sakura and this place is the...

Unfortunately, Zack and Cody are Americans. Americans are forbidden to speak to any Asian descented citizens. They can only hear in there ears the original language there origin speaks. Since Sakura is Japanese, Zack and Cody are hearing her speaking Japanese and they have no idea what she's saying.

Zack: This girl can't talk.

Cody: No, Zack! She's from Japan!

Suddenly, a 16-year old wizard named Alex Russo appeared from the garbage can.

Alex: This spell can make you understand her.

She created a spell that allows Asians to speak English.

Sakura: What do you mean I can't talk?

Cody: Sorry! But, we're new to this place and we can't get the hang of it.

To be continued...