Love at last

I was walking in the park like every sunday. I was tired and sad. I couldn`t stand the treatment I was getting from these men. I would get a differrent person every sunday. Last sunday I got a gentle man and wife, but I was lucky then.

I was so angry that I started kicking and bucking and rearing. I finely broke free and galloped off as fast as I could go. I slowed to a canter at the and of the street. A young man cought me and put me in a stable. I hoped I wouldn`t have too go back too those bad men.

I found myself staying the night. I woke up and a little boy was feeding and watering me. I stayed back from him the whole time."Father what do you think about the mare"?" I don`t know Johnny, she just ran up too the stable yard yesterday and I kept her for the night". "Do you think we should find who owed her"? asked Johnny. " I think we should, but I`m going too offer 15 shillings for her" the man said. I was so glad too hear those words.

He came in again the same evening with a woman. "I don`t know if you should have bought her Michael". said the woman. "Why is that Katlyn?" said Michael. "She looks a little worn out" Said Katlyn. " I think if she is treated well she will be as beautiful as a young colt". Said Michael. " I suppose your right Michael. Will Johnny be her groom"? "Yes he will".

I was so glad too be there. Johnny was the best groom I had since Mary Beth and John. He would ride me every once and a while. I went out in the carriage most of the time though. I was happy there.