Summary: He's always gone. He's so mysterious and out of place. She wants to know why. But, when she finds out the answer, she's not sure if she should continue to love him or not.

Disclaimer: Not mine. If I did, it wouldn't be as good as it is. :D

A young girl with pinkish hair stepped out of her house clad in green uniform and white shirt beneath it. She was humming with smile plastered to her beautiful face. Natsumi Hinata always loves to go to school. She looked forward to it every morning. Despite all boring subjects which teachers teach repeatedly everyday, the pink-haired girl doesn't seem to mind that much. After all, her school life was not bad what with she was good at some subjects at school -mostly in PE-. She also has many friends who also fangirling her.

Every people there seem just okay with her. Never once, either boy or girl, who dared to pick on her. Okay, maybe there was once. But, it had been a long time ago when she was in kindergarten. And knowing who Natsumi Hinata was, of course she beat the light out of those wanna-be thugs and made they didn't want to stay in the same town with her. Heck, they even regretted to live in the same universe. In the other words, her life was just perfect.

But, she was not excited to go to school because of that. The reason was everytime she went to school she had a chance to meet a certain silver-haired senior in Kissho High School. Well, actually that chance was pretty small -if we don't want to say rather impossible- since that certain senior, namely Saburo Mutsumi, hardly ever went there. But that was fine with her. A girl can hope. Even though the possibility no more than one percent, she would still wait for him. Beside, it's good to make her so passionate to go to school, right? No. She just tried to convince herself which sounds VERY inconvenient even to her inner-self.

"Morning, Natsumi!" suddenly someone hugged her from behind.

"Koyuki," called Natsumi, not surprised at all even though she was glomp from behind a little harshly since it was always happened in any possible events. "You look more cheerful today, something's up?"

"I can't wait till our Math lesson start!" Koyuki bounced up and down energetically.

"Really? Why is that?"

"Don't you remember? Our teacher said that if we succeed in this Physics test then we could skip the exam by the end of the year."

"He said so? Why couldn't I recall that?"

"Hmm… let's see," Koyuki pondered for a moment. "Probably because you spaced out, thinking about Saburo-senpai," said Koyuki, winked to her.

"WHAT? I never do that!" Natsumi blurted out, her cheeks flushed in embarrassment.

"Hahaha… yeah, I was just joking. No need to be so upset. Of course Natsumi-chan will never ever do that. You're mine after all. Hahaha!" Koyuki laughed, unaware that her jokes actually hit the spot.

After that, they continued their walks. Natsumi sighed in relief, silently thanked God for bringing her the oblivious Koyuki Azumaya as her fellow. Sometimes having somewhat dense friend has its own advantage. Though, suddenly something clicked on her mind. "So, you said that there is a Physics test today?"

"Yep! It's the first period. Isn't it exciting?"

Natsumi stopped walking abruptly.

"What's wrong, Natsumi-chan? You look pale."

"I-I totally f-forgot that… t-there was a test t-today," Natsumi was trembling.

"Eh, you did? Don't worry, I'm sure you'll make it! You're the mighty Natsumi-chan, you can conquer anything. This peasant's test will do no harm for you. You don't need to study it even the slightest!" claimed Koyuki with her oh-so-optimistic tone.

"Is that so?" asked Natsumi, uncertain with her friend's statement.

"Sure! You've beaten many aliens out there. So, Physics and Astronomy are such little matters," assured Koyuki. Even though, such fact actually didn't correlate to anything at all.

"Well, yeah I guess I could make it…"

"That's my Natsumi-chan!"

"Well, yeah I guess I could make it…" Natsumi sat on her chair stiffly, her sharp eyes looked at the object in front of her. "…in the worst way ever," –which just so happened to be her test result.-

"Don't be sad, you got 60 even though you didn't study, that's great. Look at mine, I got 70 when in fact I studied hard ever since the teacher told us," said one of her classmate, Satsuki.

"Yeah, I even did a meditation but the result is still disappointing."

"Koyuki, you passed the test."

"Oh yeah, I forgot. Sorry. Hahaha"

Natsumi sighed deeply. Her friends' encouragement didn't help anything to her. She was in bad mood and it didn't seem will change anytime soon. Koyuki, Satsuki, and Yayoi, they all passed the test. For god's sake, they left her alone. Not that she was not happy for them, but...

"Don't be depressed. You could make it up in the next exam. It will be held just before Christmas!" said the kunoichi with full of spirit.

Natsumi groaned.

"And that's why I'm very frustrated!"

"I'm home," said Natsumi as she entered her house gloomily.

"Welcome home, nee-chan," greeted her young brother, the one and only Fuyuki in Hinata residence. "Is something wrong?"

"Che, probably she just ate too much at school, de arimasu. Look at her stomach, it bulges out," said the green Keronian in the house, Sergeant Keroro, nonchalantly.


"Eh, Gunsou-san, I don't think it's best for you to…"

"Or maybe some boys peeped you in the shower and finally people find out that you're actually ugly-scary-ruthless-old witch."



"Oh, wait. You're rude, cruel, loud, brash, act very unlady-like and have inhumane strength…" Keroro seem contemplated on something.



"I know, you got dumped by a boy. Mwahaha!"


And that's how we know where the words of "Dies in One's Boots" came from.

"Stupid frog, idiot, insensitive frog. I should have him mutilated, pulled out his eyes, burnt on the stove, and give him to the cats instead of just kicked him out of windows. Grrr…" Natsumi grumbled in her room. Her moods had gotten worse since she got home, thanks to Keroro. "Just wait if he ever dares to show up in front of my face AGAIN, I will-"

Suddenly someone knocked the door, waking up the pink-haired girl from her reverie in which she tortured the Sergeant in many ways her wild imagination could ever think of.

"Nee-chan?" Fuyuki opened the door slightly.

"Oh, it's you. Come in, Fuyuki," told Natsumi. With that the younger sibling in Hinata came in.

"So, what's wrong, nee-chan? You seem like…have gotten bad mood today," asked Fuyuki, carefully choosing the right words.

"Nothing. It's just I got bad grades, nothing important. I'm just exaggerating," Natsumi laughed nervously.

"And, the problem is?"

"The problem is…" said her on top of lungs all of sudden, her expression changed 180 degrees before she went back to normal again, sort of. "… I should take the test again. And it just so happens to be on the day before Christmas…"

Fuyuki didn't say anything. Instead, he just listened to her sister as she continues.

"… I mean, what kind of people in their right mind will do that when Christmas eve come? Don't you think school will be closed? I bet he just doesn't have any friend to spend with in Christmas so he uses us to give vent to his miserable day…" Natsumi managed to say it in one breath.

"…And the worst is I actually have no idea what kind of lesson he gives is. I guess I have to prepare myself to take the test for the third time, ne? But I'm sure by the third time it wouldn't do any better than before. Sigh, it couldn't get any worse, could it?"

Fuyuki stared at her, trying to catch everything that she said to him.


There was silence in the room.

"You can always ask Saburo-senpai for help,"

Natsumi's head turned to her brother. "S-Saburo-senpai?"

Fuyuki nodded, "Of course, I think he would be willing to help. Don't you think so, nee-chan?"


"Don't worry, He is a nice guy. I'm sure he wouldn't refuse to become your tutor," Fuyuki assured.

The idea of her crush became her tutor never crossed her mind before. To think of it, it wasn't a bad idea. It would help her to learn the lesson she had never understood. And most importantly, it could be made as the reason for her to spend a longer time with him. Hm, if she could play her cards well, perhaps…

"Thank you so much, Fuyuki! You're the best brother ever!" shouted Natsumi as she lunged to Fuyuki. She hugged him a little too tightly.

"It's n-nothing. I'm g-glad I can h-help," said Fuyuki as his oxygen was forced to get out of his lungs.

Natsumi released her hug, she smiled happily, "Tomorrow, I'll ask him!"

Fuyuki was happy for his sister. But, almost as if it was tradition –or curse-, everytime Hinata's family got a good idea how to live their life happily, something always got in their way. But, he wouldn't say anything to his sister. He didn't want to ruin her happiness although that happiness wouldn't last long. And in fact, it never did.

"Good luck, nee-chan."

And he said it with his whole heart.