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"Saburo-senpai?" called Natsumi slowly with gloomy face. Her bangs cover her face that it almost made her look creepy.


"Would you... would you be my tutor for my test?"

"Sure. I'm glad I can help," he smiled.

"Good," with that, she passed out.

Between her consciousness, in her mind, she cried on the dark corner.

'If only I'd known, it would've been this easy.'


Today for Natsumi the time went so fast. It almost seemed that the day had skipped to afternoon. Nothing special happened that day. Mostly, the time was spent by Natsumi for brooding. She absentmindedly put her things on her bag. The memory of yesterday's event was still fresh in her mind. She remembered all too well what had happened that day and her grudge against Kururu was still there. That mad alien had successfully turned her weekend into somehow a very tiring day if not a nightmare.

But what she was so anxious about was not that. Thinking how she could torture the scientist in many ways was not the reason that she was walking absent-mindedly right now but rather because she couldn't remember if she did ask Saburo-senpai to teach her or not. She remembered faintly that she had asked him but she didn't quite catch his answer and the rest. By the time he answered, everything was blurred and she nearly passed out.

Did he answer 'yes'? Will he really come? Those questions were revolving around her head for quite some times now.

Does he remember what he had promised? Are we really going to study together? Did I even ask him in the first place?

"Natsumi ~!" cried a girl who all of sudden attacked Natsumi with her crushing hug.

"Eh, Satsuki?" Natsumi caught off guard, thanks to her friend's strong arms around her. "What's wrong?"

"Oh why, why, life is so cruuueel?" the said girl was weeping on Natsumi shoulder dramatically. Making her uniform soaked wet. Satsuki hugged her very hard that she can't move. All she could do was standing still, clueless to what was going on.

"Live with it, Satsuki-chan. Crying won't resolve anything," said Yayoi who eventually joined the other two.

"But, he doesn't have to be so mean! I mean, seriously, I have no intentions to dedicate my life to… these!" whined Satsuki while they continued walking.

"Hey, hey, what's going on? I have no idea what you two are talking about," said Natsumi, feeling lost at the two's quibbling.

"Don't you remember what Kaoru-sensei said before?"





The glasses man in the late his thirties sighed desperately and rubbed his temples. He took a look to his students in front of him one by one, from corner to corner. Everyone was silent. But not because of they were paying attention to a man that was standing in front of them. Their silence was simply because they had nothing better to do. Some of them had their head over the clouds, some people looked like they would fall asleep anytime soon, some people looked at the clock sharply – as if the clock would burn with their eyes- hoping it would move faster if they keep staring at it, and the rest was simply looked absent-minded. The teacher seemed to know this that he sighed again. It can't be helped. It was a usual sight when it came to the last period of school. But still…

The said teacher took a deep breath before he coughed a little to get his students' attention.

"It seemed the previous test was too hard for you, wasn't it?"

All of sudden the class was filled with many kind of responds, all that came to the conclusion that it is like a hell.

"I've figured…" The class fell into silent again. "… that you maybe not understand enough what we've learned in this lesson so I'm thinking to…" No one dared to talk. "…to actually make up the test again. Not just for those who failed the test but for all of you."

It provoked the crowd once again. Much disapproval came out from the students but those didn't seem to waver the teacher. "Listen, if you have passed the test with your own ability, I'm sure it won't be a problem for you."

Just when the teacher finished his words, the bell rang.

"All right class, it's the end for today. Don't forget to study for our make-up test."




"Oh, yes. I remember," Natsumi flinched. She did hear it faintly."It's a surprising news, indeed."

"Can you believe it?" whined Satsuki with teary eyes. "After what I've been going through, I have to face it? Again?"

"Yeah, it's troublesome," Yayoi sighed "And here I thought I would have nice days until Christmas." Suddenly, Yayoi halted her steps.

"Hey, I have an idea! Why don't we study together?"

"You're right, it should be fun!" responded Satsuki enthusiastically.

"Yeah, yeah we can rent DVD and have pajama's party. We can talk together all night, that should be fun!" said Yayoi dreamily.

"I thought you want to invite us to study or what?"

"Hehe, I mean after we study of course."

"Geez, you're helpless."

"How about you, Natsumi-chan? Do you wanna come?"

The pink-haired girl jumped a little and turned to her friends, "I…don't know."

"Come on, Natsumi-chan. It will be fun," begged Yayoi.

"Yeah, let's study together."

"Uhm, I..." said Natsumi, felt quite unsure with what she was going to said. "... actually I've promised someone that I will study together with him."

"EH? WHO? Is he your crush?" asked Satsuki loudly.

Natsumi flustered and the stares from people around them in front of the school just made things worse for her. "No way! I have no crush, Satsuki!" yelled Natsumi with reddened face.

"Then who?"

"Well, you see... it's, uhm, h-he is..."

"Natsumi-chan?" a mild voice startled the three little girls.

"S-Saburo-senpai?" Natsumi squeaked while her friends were staring him.

"Ready to go home, Natsumi-chan?" asked Saburo while approaching the pink-haired girl.

"Huh? Why are you here?" Natsumi confused, not believing what she saw.

The older male just chuckled, "Do you forget? You said you want to study with me remember?"

Natsumi's face couldn't be any redder. She thought her heart was going to be exploded. Her crush was waiting for her to go home together. Things that she thought will only exist in her dreams. It was almost as if he is... her boyfriend.

"Of course I don't," Natsumi laughed. "Well, I think we should go now. Bye Satsuki-chan, Yayoi-chan, see you tomorrow!" said Natsumi while running to the school gate.

Saburo turned his head to Natsumi's friend and bid them goodbye, leaving them standing still.


Even after Saburo and Natsumi were out of sight, Satsuki and Yayoi were still staring at the direction where they had gone earlier. They still didn't believe at the turns of event.

"Oh, my. So Natsumi was hanging out with Saburo-senpai..." mused Yayoi.

"Are you silly? No frigging way Natsumi would like a delinquent like that. Maybe they make a certain aggreement, peace treaty for example,"said Satsuki while folding her arms.

"I guess you're right," Yayoi pondered.

"Hmph, I wonder what Saburo-senpai is up to..."