My first Bones FF - I got inspired after watching the whole of series one in a single day. (:

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Listen to the song - It's a beauty.

This takes place after The Bones on a Blue Line in Series five.

Pretend – Scott Porter and the Glory Dogs. (:

They told me baby she's crazy a little like you-
Everyone said you were nothing but trouble and-
All that I know is that I've never been here before-
And though I'll never leave you, if it's alright with you.

The low tunes of the organ played as we walked out of the church slowly, the sea of black fluttering in the breeze. The cold wind nipped around, telling us all that autumn was here – if the bright, conspicuous leaves that ranged from blazing red to glistening gold weren't show enough.

The tissues were being used in abundance and many held their heads bowed, showing respect to the fallen. Showing respect to the man who had died so suddenly.

Booth stood solidly next to Brennan, being the hunk of a man he always was, and I bit my lip as I watched Sweets walk forward and place a flower on the coffin of a man he had barely known for a minute, and yet the man had told him his biggest triumph in life – he had overcome cancer. He had overcome it, just to die so quickly.

I heard a sob and I started, it was Brennan. We all knew that she never showed much emotion, but that was mostly with cases where she had to examine human remains, to see someone after their final minutes. I turned to go and help her but Booth was leading her away, his arm around her as he held her weight. Protecting her and being there for her.

I gave a soft smile – those two were destined to be together. So, maybe they didn't notice it but there were so in sync, they balanced each other out perfectly. A forensic anthropologist and an F.B.I agent meant for each other – who've guessed?

We guessed.

All of us that had part in working together, but Sweets was the most forward about it; he wrote a book on them and their inter-personal relationship! We could feel it – something was going to happen soon.

I looked over my shoulder once more and I saw Brennan give a hesitant smile to Booth as he laughed and flicked her nose. He said something – a joke, most likely – and her lips curved up into that same smile that she only reserved for him, the smile that Booth loved, and I saw something in his eyes – maybe it was love?

I wouldn't be surprised if it was, if he was the person who would tell them. But we would just have to see wouldn't we?

They're going to be that same couple that's still fully in love even when they're old and wrinkly – far beyond their years, you know that right? They are just so blind and they will look back on it and laugh one day. But now, they're just trying to realize what they're really feeling – trying to figure out whether the other feels that way too.

I walked away to the sound of their laughing – the melody and harmony entwining together. They would know, figure it out. Soon.

And though I'll never leave you, if it's alright with you-

Dreaming of oceans while jumping in puddles and-
All of my life I pretend you where there by the door-
I don't need to pretend any more.

So thanks for reading, I appreciate it!