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I knew this day was coming, the day I was formally made aware of all the rules that the Cullen family lived by. The ones that kept them running in such an organized fashion and what let them function in human society. Edward had been telling me for a few weeks that Carlisle wanted to speak with me regarding these rules and once I understood them well enough I could finally be an official Cullen. The wedding is still many weeks away but this meeting with Carlisle is what matter more to the family and the wedding was more for show to my parents and for legal purposes. But after this meeting with Carlisle I would be welcomed into their coven.

I am staying the weekend with Alice, or so my dad thinks, but it is a time that Carlisle and I will be together for him to explain the rules that I need to learn and understand before I can continue my relationship with Edward and the family. I do know that I am to keep their secret, the one that no one can ever know about, which would be that they are vampires. I knew that one from almost before I met them and I would take their secret to my grave if I had to. I am hopeful that I will be able to take it with me into eternity one day soon. I am aware of a few others as well, but not as certain. Those ideas I have been able to pick up from just being around them for about a year and a half. I guess I will find those out soon enough, they like keeping me in the dark a lot, but I understand why. I am not true Cullen as of yet and haven't earned that right or trust yet.

Alice is coming to get me to keep up the appearance that I am spending the weekend with her and not Edward. He is supposed to be away with his brothers on a camping trip. The fact is I am going away for the weekend with their pretend father to some disclosed location where we can have complete privacy. I am not sure why we can't discuss this at their house but what I am to say…these are his rules so who am I to question them? When I get in the car with Alice, she tells me that I will be a stronger person when I return and I will become a member of their coven once the weekend is complete. She says that I will be pushed beyond my comfort zones in many areas and that Edward is completely aware of what will happen and trust Carlisle completely. She explains that I will have a good time, get to see some pretty amazing sunsets/sunrises and get to enjoy nature as well plus I will get to know Carlisle in an authoritive way, since he will become my coven leader. That I will learn what it means to be under his care. (she kinda is feakyin' me out a little but I signed up for this when I accepted Edward as my mate and agreed to turned.)

When we pulled up to their house Edward was waiting for me on the front porch. He led me up to his room so we could have a few minutes alone before I was taken away for the weekend. I love being with Edward, he is my other half in every since of the word. We complete each other in every way. He sits down on his couch and pulls me into his lap and begins to run his fingers through my hair with one hand and the other is holding my other hand rubbing small circles on my wrist. He leans into kiss me gently on the lips and then he asks for entrance by licking my bottom lip which I grant quickly. I love kissing him, I long for these special moments when we are separated even if it's for a few hours. He slows the kiss and gently pulls away. He tells me that he wants

to talk with me before I leave with Carlisle. He explains what is able to share with me about this weekend; he tells me that he is aware of what Carlisle will be talking about and what is to happen while I am away. He says that I am to follow Carlisle instructions without fail. He says that I will be safe and well cared for. (why is it that everyone keeps telling me this?) He tells me that Carlisle is the leader of the Cullen coven and should be treated with the respect that comes with that position. He also tells me that Carlisle is still my dad but that role will be second to being my coven leader. Edward says that I will feel stronger inside when I return and I will know my place within the coven. He kisses me again but more urgently but yet the passion is still very much there. He whispers in my ear that when I return we will be officially be mates and we will be able to "be" with each other. He briefly tells me that this weekend must happen before we can be together and he knows what that entails but doesn't go in to any details.

We hear a knock on the door and Edward says to whomever it is to come in. The door opens slowing and in walks Carlisle. He is very much looking the part of the Coven leader today and not so much like my adoptive father. He looks like he is full of authority and you can sense the change in his demeanor just by looking at him. I believe he could be a very scary vampire if you cross him in the wrong way or threaten his coven. He asks Edward if everything is still a go, and Edward simply responds with Yes. He looks to me and says that it is time to go and to follow him. Edward gives me a quick kiss and pushes me out of his lap to a standing position. Carlisle turns and simply walks out the door and down the stairs with Edward following right behind holding hands. Carlisle stops by the front door and kisses Esme goodbye and reaches out for me, Edward simply puts my hand into his and whispers "Bella, I love you" into my ear before releasing his grasp.

Carlisle leads me to the passenger side of his car and helps me in and then he runs to his side and gets in and we drive away. I chance a glance to see the whole family is standing on the porch watching us pull away. I just wonder what this weekend will be all about. I have some fear but I have been told that I will be kept safe and well taken care of. I know that Carlisle wouldn't let harm come to me but I have this feeling that some pain might be involved somehow. I know that he loves me like a real daughter but that is not for this weekend; it seems as if I will be enlighten on how to follow his lead and know my place within this coven. I want to know where we are headed and the silence is getting to me already. I am not sure what to say of if I should talk; it almost seems that I am to be quiet. I guess he will break the silence when he wants to or if he wants too.

We drive for what seems like hours, its dark now and I am getting a little be sleepy and my eyes begin to have trouble staying open. Carlisle simply says, "You should rest"; with that I lose the battle to stay awake. The next thing I know, I hear him say to "Wake up, we are here" and I notice that we are pulling up to a log cabin completely surrounded by a forest. We come to a stop and he gets out and comes and opens my door and reaches for my hand. No words are said as he leads me up the path to the house. He unlocks the door and he pulls me inside shutting the door behind us. He shows me to a bedroom and says "Freshen up a bit and then return to the main room. Do not take too long." And he turns and leaves me be to freshen up.

I find the bathroom located within the bedroom and find that someone has prepared it with the things I usually use at home plus a few extra things for a good soaking bath. I think about taking a soak but think better of it since Carlisle said not to take too long, so I just run a brush through my hair and brush my teeth before changing into some pj pants and a cami shirt. I decide that is good enough and find my way back to the main room.

Once finding my way back there, I see Carlisle is sitting patiently in a big leather chair near the fire place. In our time apart it seems that he started a fire to help warm the cabin and he set out a small plate of fruit and chesses on the coffee table nearest him. I am not sure what to expect so I just stand there till he tells me "You need to relax and not to worry about anything. I will explain everything to you soon. If you want a snack go ahead and eat." I sit down on the couch near the table and begin to pick some food off the plate, after a few minutes he begins to talk.

"Isabella, I have brought you here this weekend to further explain our way of life, both in the vampire world and in MY coven. I will explain to you what the laws are that all vampires must follow in our world and what happens to those that do not follow them. The majority of our time here though will allow you to understand how MY coven operates and how it applies to you. Once this weekend is finished you will be considered a true member of the Cullen Coven, once you are fully mated with Edward, you two will have time alone so that HE can explain a few things to you. I feel after our weekend here that will not be a big deal as he and I share the same beliefs in how our mates are to act. I will be teaching you those lessons this weekend as well as it applies to how you are to act within the coven."

"I want you to understand that everything that happens this weekend is between us. Both Esme and Edward are aware of what will and won't happen but the details will not be shared once we return, do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand Carlisle"

"I am sure that you have gotten some advice from Alice and Edward, I would follow it. It will make things easier for you. I know that you really have no idea what this time away from the family includes and that is a good thing and the way it is suppose to be… I am the leader of this coven or family we like to call it. In the vampire world I have much influence but I rarely use it. I do not like use my power over others unless I absolutely need too, I would rather individuals have a choice in this life. This life is too long to be made to do something that is forced upon them. This weekend I will let you make choices. I will tell you upfront that these choices are yours to make but the consequences for making the incorrect ones will be severe. You will learn many things, but the most important lesson will be to fully understand that I am the leader and what decisions I make for the family are final. I do allow family meetings for major decisions so that I can see what everyone is thinking about. Sometimes, I allow a vote to be made and then I still get the final say. Basically, what I says goes but if enough believe differently then we will discuss it will we can come to some sort of terms on the issues."

"Within our coven we do enforce certain behavior issues at these meetings but usually I deal with them in private. This we will cover a bit later, I just want to give you a quick rundown before I allow you to turn in for the evening."

"This weekend, you will hear me use certain words or a set of vocabulary that you haven't been witness to on your visits to our home, after this weekend though, I will include you in all these family meetings as they arise plus I will be holding you to our family code as well. The Family Code is a set of simple rules that all of us must abide by, myself included. Just to let you know, if the family stronger believes that I have gone against one of them they hold their own private meeting and discuss and make a decision on what needs to be done, they must be in total agreement."

"Are you following me alight thus far, Isabella?"

"Yes, Carlisle, I am following you just fine."


"One last thing before I allow you to turn in for the evening…This may come as a shock to you since I have not let you witnessed this part of our family on you visits but you must be made fully aware of it. It will also be a right and a responsible for you as well once we return. First, you must understand that we are all mated in this family now. Edward and yourself will be fully mated once we return from our weekend and then this will apply to both of you. Both in the vampire world and our family, mates are the most important bond we can have in this life. You must also understand that our mates are not always the only ones we bed with. Within the vampire world mates can bed any other vampire they wish, but within our family the rules change. I do not allow you to bed anyone outside of our coven but within the coven anyone is available, myself included."

"As leader of this coven, I have the power to order any other member to be with me at any given time or location, but I do not seek that sort of power. Like I said before, I do not like to use my influence over others unless I must, and seeking out sex with someone is not that sort of thing I want to do. The other members do not have this power, it is only I that holds this and many others, but just know, if someone asks you to bed with them it is already fine with your mate. When you accept my offer to join MY coven before we leave here, this right and responsibility is your- once you are fully mated with Edward. I will not allow anyone to approach Edward or you until that time in your relationship."

"Just to make sure we are somewhat clear on this, You are mated with Edward. He is your mate and he is your mate. Nothing will change that. Edward and you are true soul mates and only death will separate the two of you. Not all of the couples in this coven are true soul mates and you will find out rather quickly which those are. It will become quite obvious to you once you know what you are looking for. In this type of relationship, your mate will determine how you will act with another. Edward has set up some guidelines if you will for this. I am aware of them but you and he must discuss them at length once you are fully mated."

"This weekend you will learn many things. Most will show you that I am the leader of this Coven and you will learn what amount of respect I expect from you. I will not treat you any different from the others just because I also am your adoptive father. This weekend I am NOT in that position. All discussions that come from me will from my position of your new coven leader. Once we return home and we welcome you into our family, I can return to that position. I will be you coven leader first and father second…it should be easy to know the difference."

"Isabella, do you have any thing you do not have a grasp on as of yet?"

"No, Carlisle, so far I completely understand everything."

"Isabella, you may go to bed now. I will wake you when its time."

I take that as my cue to get up and leave him to his thoughts. I make my way back towards my room to get into bed. It's a nice size bed, too big really, but it is very soft. I fully intend to think on what Carlisle told me but I found myself asleep before my head hit the pillow. I guess it was much later than I thought it was.


Mean while back in Forks…..

I watched them drive down the drive way I couldn't help but wonder what would happen while they were away. I really didn't have much more of a clue than Bella did. I did have an understanding of what would transpire but I was also aware I would never know the details of her weekend away. I can't help but remember the day Carlisle told me about this weekend…

Edward…would you come to my study. (and I made my way there without delay)

Yes, Carlisle…what can I do for you?

Edward, it is my understanding that you and Bella will be getting married soon, is this correct?

Yes, Carlisle…we are intending on getting married in a few months. We wanted to wait till she graduated from high school. We were planning an early July Wedding but we haven't selected a date as of yet.

Edward, as your father I am so very happy that you have found your true soul mate, it makes this life so much easier when you can share it with that very special someone that fate has brought into your life.

Thanks Dad…I can't wait till I make Bella my wife.

Edward, As the leader of this coven, I agree to allow you to marry Isabella and to make her your mate. She will make a fine wife and excellent mate for you. She will help you in this life and you in return will help her. She will also be a valued member of this coven once she has the understanding she needs. I will be taking her on a long weekend soon to teach her our ways. I have taught each of you as you have come into this life, but Isabella is the first that is choosing this life and thus she must be aware of the expectations that accompany that decision. I have taught each of you differently and her lessons will be different from yours. You were taught as you and I started this coven but the others have all had a time with me. Isabella will be no different than the other females in our coven, including her rights and responsibilities to the other members of this coven, even in her human state. Those will be able to increase once she has gone through the change after the wedding. This change will happen after the wedding- Edward. I can not allow Isabella to remain human past her return from your honeymoon.

Carlisle, I know that she will make a fine addition to our coven and family. She is an amazing person and I know that she will be a strong vampire. I know I haven't agreed with the timing of her change but it will be complete as you say. Will you be doing the change?

Edward, as the leader of this coven I would have you assist me in changing Isabella when the time comes. I feel that she would want you to be the one that changes her but I must help with her change so that she is a true and rightful member of this coven.

Carlisle, what will you be teaching her during you time away?

Edward, I am afraid that I will not allow those details to be discussed either by myself or by Isabella. I will tell you this, since you are Isabella mate, I fully intend to make her one of us except for the fact of turning her which will come soon enough. I will use all of my powers of Coven Leader on her during that weekend. By using such influence with her, it will make your mating much safer for you. Once she returns, you will need to fully mate with her in order for her to begin her position within our coven. Generally speaking, I will teach her to follow my example and commands. She will quickly learn what will happen if she chooses not to do as she is told.

Carlisle, do you think that all this is truly required at this time? Would it be more prudent to wait till she has gone through her change before introducing her to our ways? What if she forgets some of the lessons during her change?

Edward, do not concern yourself about this. If it is your intention to marry her, she must undergo this; the sooner the better. I would much rather us help her remember the things she may forget than to have so much thrown on her all at once.

Carlisle, I agree with you on that point. I would hate to have her stressing over so much at once. When/Where will this weekend take place?

Edward, I am planning on taking her to our cabin in Montana in 2 weeks. You are to remain here. I need you here for the family since you are second in charge. You will have full authority should the need arise. I will take my mobile for extreme emergencies but I will be disconnecting the line for the cabin for our stay. If you need to reach me I will be checking messages but I will not keep it on me. I will not allow Isabella any sort of communication while we are away. This time away from the family will be two-fold, it will give a chance to teach her the things she needs to understand plus it will her a chance to see what sort of leader I am. This will not be a vacation for her and it will be rather difficult for me as well.

Why will it be hard for you Carlisle?

Edward, as you well aware, I am pretty much her father. I am going to have to do things that a father would not do to his daughter. I must be in the right frame of mind and I will have to remain in my leadership role the entire time we are away. Once we return, I will be able to become that father that she needs. As her father, I am worried that she will think ill of me for certain acts I do while we are away. I know as the leader I must do this in order for her to move forward in her life and take her position in our coven. If I do not do this I feel that she will always see me as her dad that will do everything that she wants. She must see that I do care for her but also for the good of this coven. The vampire world is a tough place for a spoiled child and I will not allow her to be that.

Carlisle, I do see your point. If I can help her figure out how to manage both of your roles let me know. I know she loves you like her dad but she sees the need for you to be the leader here as well. I think that she will be alright with the differences of roles you play but I do not envy you having to do those things to the one you truly feel is your real daughter. If I can help either of you, please let me know. Alice maybe a helpful friend for Bella while she figures her place out and all the changes that includes.

Ahh, yes that would be a good thing. I will discuss it will Alice soon. I imagine that Isabella would like to be able to talk to someone, and Alice would be a good choice. She sees Esme as her mother and I am afraid that she stills feels Rose doesn't like her. That relationship is going to have to change; I guess I need to put my foot down with Rose. Isabella loves her like a sister and I wish that Rose will see her that way too soon. Thank you for bring that to my attention. I guess that just about covers it.

I know what Carlisle will take care of my Bella during the weekend but it pains me that she will be experiencing such a great hardship in the hands of our great leader. She has gotten to know the softer side of Carlisle and the leader in him she usually doesn't get to see. He always saves that for when she is home asleep, at school or on our family hunts. I hope she can handle herself well. I know it will surprise her to find out some of things that happen within our family, I mean I have been the only non-mated member of this coven for so long but I know what goes on when Bella is not here. Usually mates hunt together and recently Bella has been spending so much time here, that the odd pairings have been going out on hunts to get away to be together. I still find it hard to see little Alice and Emmett go hunting; it just seems to me that she would be hurt from his type of play. In fact, I wonder what Carlisle will do with Bella….I wonder if he will hold out on her, but knowing him he will just tone it down to a safe level till she is changed. I wonder what she will think of him. I think of all the things I have heard, he is the most sadistic of all of us.

I guess I should be ready for Rose soon…she has been eyeing me ever since she caught wind of this little weekend away. We were all told of this weekend one night while Bella was sleeping. She had fallen down-again and so Carlisle decided it was a good time to give her pain meds so she would sleep very soundly and have this chat with the family about this upcoming change to our coven. He told everyone that she would come back ready to take her position in the coven and her responsibilities once she and I fully mated. I was given 2 days in which to complete that…wow how romantical. Then I had to sit her down and explain to her my guidelines for our relationship, to include what and what was not acceptable. For this list I talked with my brothers to see what they had going on. I was not in the loop since I did not have a mate. I didn't know what was normal at all. I know that she will need to do these things and that I was allowed to be with whoever I chose once Bella and I fully mated.

All this thinking, I need to hunt to clear my head a bit. I think I will ask Emmett to tag along with me. I might want someone to talk to and he really is good at giving advice. I wonder what Bella is doing; I bet she has gone on to bed. Carlisle said that he would make sure that she got plenty of rest and enough food to eat. I miss her and I honestly can't wait to see her again and make her mine. Time to go Hunting…


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