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Chapter 19


The next week flew by pretty quickly and without any major concerns to speak of. I am getting myself packed for my trip with Jasper and he told me that we are leaving at first light. I find Edward speaking with Carlisle in his study so I decide to join them and write in my journal before I leave. I find my spot on the window seat and escape into my own mind. I had to start putting up my mental shield to write because I found out that Edward can read most of my thoughts now and the things I write about are things I wish for him not to find out about.

I found this out the hard way one afternoon when he approached me asking me what I had done with Emmett at the field house. I was shocked that he even asked that but then I knew that he had overheard my thoughts as I was writing about it. I looked at him and gave him this look and told him if he already knew why was he asking me about it. I remember that day very well.


Tuesday during lunch I got a txt from Emmett asking me to meet him after school. The thing was he was sitting right by me but he didn't want to ask outloud, crazy vampire. Anyway I mentally asked Edward and he said of course and have fun. When school was over Emmett met me in the library and told me that he wanted me to see the inside of the field house. I was taken for a loop because I knew for a fact he wasn't involved in sports and wonder why on earth he wanted to take me there. Then I remembered what the girls had told me about him and then it made perfect sense. He grabbed by bag and lead me without touching me to the field house.

He fished out a key and unlocked the door. I wondered how he came to have a key to someplace off limits to anyone not in the sports program but who was I to question him. He had connections no one knew about and I really didn't care. Once inside he dropped my bag, locked the door and led me to the training area. There he placed me on one of the soft padded tables and kissed me for what seemed like hours. Then he undressed me slowly and gave me a deep muscle massage then he pulled me off the table and bent me over it and took me from behind. It was an amazing experience. Emmett was very gentle with me but forceful in the right way. He took his time and didn't rush us along. I enjoyed my quick little escape with Emmett and I look forward to the next time he finds an interesting location.

End Flashback

I decided I wanted to get a few things out so that Carlisle could think on them while I was away since I knew he still read my journal. I had known from the beginning that he had and it became obvious one day after coming down the stairs after making love with Edward I figured it out. Usually Emmett likes to joke around about sex and all of a sudden he just up and quit then I remember that while off with Carlisle that I had written I didn't like it and I felt uncomfortable with him doing so. It seems that Carlisle took care of that issue for me. I did thank him for it once I sorted it out and he was grateful that he was able to help.

The guys continued to talk about things and I finished writing in my journal and was about to return it to its usual location when Carlisle held out his hand for it. I placed it in his hand and went to turn towards the door but he called me out to stop.

"Isabella, have you been listening to what Edward and I were discussing?"-Carlisle

"No I haven't heard a word. I came in with a mission and I finished it so I was just leaving. I didn't mean to bother you guys."-Bella

"You haven't bothered us at all but we were discussing you and I hard to find believe you didn't hear what we were discussing. It doesn't matter really but since you are mentally with us now have a seat and I get you caught up on things."-Carlisle


"Isabella, Edward came to me a couple weeks ago and asked me if I thought letting you receive maintenance spankings would benefit you. I told him to give it some time and we would discuss again later and today I decided to address that issue once again. We came to an agreement that you will in fact be requested to submit to these each week. Knowing your mind like I do (waving my journal) it seems that you need a bit more guidance in your everyday life and a firm hand to keep you on track. I know I have my playtimes with you but this would be different. Once a week, Edward or I would pull you aside and discuss your behavior for the past week and any concerns for the upcoming week. At this time you will receive a spanking to help keep you line and it will serve as a reminder that a harsher one is waiting if and when you mess up. Do you think feel that you could benefit from this as well Kitten?"-Carlisle

"Uhh…I am not sure….I guess if both and you Edward agree to it then it's in my best interest to comply willingly so I am not forced into it regardless. I think it might benefit me, I mean some days I find it hard to focus on different task that are assigned to me."-Bella

"Bella, I want you to be able to control your emotions better so that when you get upset your powers don't come out to play as often. Earlier this week you got angry at Emmett and sent his game controller through the open window. Had it been shut, it would have broken it. I know you will upset at times but you need to know how to control yourself better and I feel knowing you will be held accountable for that you will try harder to do so. If and when you have improved then these may not be necessary but I, we feel that it is what is required at this time."-Edward

"I said I agreed to submit to them already Edward."-Bella

"Bella, watch that mouth of yours. I am trying to help you so please respect me enough to not get sassy on me. I love you sweetheart and I want you to be able to live life easier and I feel this will help you in the long run. I know you may hate me for a short amount of time but I feel that you will see where we are coming from soon or at least I hope you can."-Edward

"Isabella, Edward and I have been going over this for some time now and I didn't agree to this easily but I do agree with Edward about it and I do feel it would be in your best interest as well for many reasons. Please don't get upset over this kitten."-Carlisle

"Fine. I agree."- Bella. I stand and go to leave the office but was met with Carlisle body blocking the door.

"Carlisle, I would like to be alone now, if that's okay."-Bella

"I am not sure about that little one. I feel that you should remain in here with us for a few more moments, you seem to have forgotten your place."-Carlisle

"Oh no, I know my place alright. I just don't want to deal with it right now. I need to be alone right now, I need to think, I need some space."-Bella and she pushes herself out the door while Carlisle is still speaking.

"Kitten, we need to talk about this….not go far or I will have to come after you."-Carlisle

I found my way down to the living room where Emmett and Jasper are playing video games.

"you guys want to go for a run with me? I need to think and I think I want some protection in case trouble finds me, you know like those upstairs? So you guys want to go with?"-Bella

"Sure we'll go with you and your right you do need protection, danger magnet!"Emmett

"Let's go before they decide to spoil my fun."-Bella

We set off from the house a fast jog pace and ran most of the way into town before stopping for a brief break. We sat and talked about my life, powers and what it was like to be a submissive to Carlisle. I told them that my powers were bothering me a lot but I was trying to keep them under control but wished I could turn them off unless I needed them for protection. Jasper told me that sometimes powers can be put in a dormant stage when they are fully control by the possessor but I might be able to do it till I became a vampire. He told me what I needed to know and that was I might be able to sort of turn them off. I told them that being a submissive to Carlisle had its advantages and disadvantages. Emmett asked what the disadvantages could be. I said that sometimes I want to be able to have some space of my own to make my own decisions or express my real feelings about something or even disagree with him over something. Jasper told me that I had that power and to voice my concerns to Carlisle over topics I had concerns about. He recommended that I use my secret journal to tell him…like write him a letter in it since he reads it every day. That way I don't cross any lines and he knows what I having issues with. I thought it was a great idea and I planned on doing that. I may just write it out on a sheet of paper and insert it into the notebook for him to find. I stood up and pulled the guys up with me and we ran back towards the house.

When we got close, Jasper mentioned that I had someone waiting on me just ahead. He sent Emmett on to the house and he stayed with me but gave me some space. I found that it was Jacob in his wolf form standing in the tree line. I walked over to him and rubbed his head a bit. I haven't seen Jacob in ages and I missed him. He was like a brother to me and me living with who I lived with and he being their mortal enemy and all I didn't get to see or talk to him like I once did.

"Jake, could you phase so we can talk?"- Bella…and he nodded and ran off

"What's up Bells? You seem down?"-Jacob

"I just have a lot of things on my mind is all."- Bella

"Bells, I know you better than that. Tell me what's going on."-Jacob

"I am not sure that you could help or that you would agree with me so think it best that we discuss other topics."-Bella

"You mean to tell me that you don't want to tell my why you wear a necklace that looks like a submissive choker. Are you having issues with your Master?"-Jacob

"Jacob Black…..what…how do you know?"-Bella

"Like I said I know you better than you think I know you, plus it might have come up in a discussion or two with Carlisle. So tell me what's going on."-Jacob

"Jake….it's hard to explain. I mean everything is fine really and Jasper is helping me out with it too and I am going to try his idea."-Bella

"Well, if you need any future advice give me a ring I do know a little about what you are going through. I mean not in a sexual way but I am submissive to Sam. I know how hard it is to fine yourself when someone else keeps telling you how to live your life. You need a hobby outside the house, but it looks like running might be it for ya just remember to take someone you like to talk to with you in case you run in to something dangerous."-Jake

"Thanks Jake. I better be getting back, we've been gone long enough already and I didn't leave on the best of terms to begin with. Carlisle is going to be upset with me but hell I needed to get away from that discussion that were having."-Bella

"Well, if you need to talk give me a ring. Jasper take care of her and see if you can help her when she returns home."- Jake

"Bye Jacob"- Bella hugs him

"Bye Bells"- Jacob hugs back

"Come on Bella, let's get going."Jasper

The rest of the run was quiet neither of us talking just enjoying the peace and quiet. The run into the edge of town and back was 15 miles and I tired to run that distance at least once a week but lately I was doing it more often when I needed to escape the house. I always had someone running with me and they always kept my pace no questions asked no matter who ran with me. Once Jasper and I returned to the house I went up to my room, showered then decided to go ahead and put on my Pj's. I went down to the kitchen and began fixing something to eat. I was starving after my run so I wasted no time in getting some noodles in some boiling water and some sauce that Esme had made yesterday and I threw a slice of garlic bread in the little toaster oven. I finished off my dinner and planted myself in the all to quiet living room to watch a movie or something.

The house was unusually quiet seeing that I hadn't seen or heard anyone moving about since I got out of my shower. I decided to do a quick sweep of the house and see who was home. I went floor by floor and room to room and found no one. I thought that I would check the back porch since Jasper enjoyed sitting out there to watch the sunset once and awhile. No one was there either and it was very unusual for them to leave me all alone in the house. They were always worried that something would happen to me if they did. I noticed that Jasper's book was sitting on the floor of the back deck. Something was up I knew it. He never ever left a book out here and not on the ground for any reason. I figured it was nice out and nothing was on the TV anyway so I just sat down and began reading his book for something to do. I was into it for about 20 pages when I heard a noise in the backyard. I sat down my book and stood next to the railing and looked out over the yard but found nothing. I was a bit nervous so I put up my shields and returned back into the house but before I got to the door something or someone came flying at me only to land on their ass 50 yards away.

I turned around to see who would try and scare me only to find 5 red-eye vampires looking at me. I knew I could take them but I decided I would call Jake and see if the mutts wanted to play with my new friends. When he answered I told him to bring some friends of his to my place quickly because I had unwelcomed visitors and the Cullen's were no were to be found. He said he was on his way and hung up. I started talking to the new vampires asking them what they were doing in Folks. They said they were on a mission for an old friend of mine but she was no longer alive but they wished to carry out her final wishes. I sat down on the steps leading to yard and continued talking to them, every once and awhile one would get brave and try to ran at me again. The leader decided that he had had enough and asked me how I was keeping them from me. I told them I had my ways to which he responded that I was simple human and not worth anything but a meal. I decided that Jake should be close so I decided to have a little fun with them till he got here. I raised one of my hands up and they all floated into the air then I waved my hand and they went this way and that way till I threw them on to the ground with such a force the ground shook. About that time the guys showed up and took over for me and I sat back down and watched their show. When they had finished tearing each of them to many pieces Jake walked up to me and sat down beside me and watched as the other guys stood by the fire doing some sort of victory dance. He put his arm around me to help calm me down since he said that I looked lost and confused. I asked him if he knew where the Cullen's were and he said he had caught their scent on the way over. I looked at him and asked him and his guys to go and find them and help them out if they needed it and to send Carlisle back as soon as he could. He jumped up yelled at the guys and they all phased quickly and took off as I returned into the house to find a good spot to hide in.

I found my hiding spot in a hall closet across from Carlisle's study and curled up into a ball and tried and failed to calm my breathing. I worked on getting myself calm by focusing by listening to my heartbeats. My breathing and heart rate begin to return to normal but I still felt confused but better than before. I had gotten closer to normal and I remembered what Jasper had told me to do, use humor. I thought of some of the crazy things Emmett and he had done recently and I could tell that I was more like myself. I begin to hear voices in the house but from my hiding spot I couldn't tell who's they belong too so my shields came back up instinctively. I noticed they were getting closer but I never heard my name being called and it seemed that whoever they were here for they couldn't find till the door to my place opened to reveal another red-eye vampire. He knelt down so he could see me better and he was talking but I was too far off to hear him but he reached his hand out to me. I wasn't about to take it but for some reason he seemed able to penetrate my physical shield so I tried to strengthen it and that worked and he fell back across the hall leaving him with a look of shock on his face. Once I knew I was safer from him I worked on calming myself so I could hear and understand what he was saying.

"Bella…Bella…can you hear me….Bella…Bella…..come back to me please darlin'"- Red eye Vamp

I could hear him but I wasn't sure how he knew my name.

"Bella, if you can hear me, I am Peter, Jasper's brother. I would like to help you till your controller and healer can arrive to help you. Will you let me help you? Can you trust me enough to let me in?"- Peter

I couldn't respond but I nodded my hand to let him know I did hear him that time.

"Bella, you must have a name you listen to in times like this…what could it be? Let me think for a second or two."- Peter

He looked me over but not in a perverted sort of way but as he was measuring me up. I notice that he looked closely at my necklace and I reached up and turn it over so he could see it. I couldn't talk yet but I knew my pet name was on it. He looked at it again and smiled.

"You know you need help Kitten, don't you? Is that why you helped me find the name you respond to?" I nodded "Can you understand what is going on with you?" I nodded again "Good, can you let me in so I can help bring you back. I know that I am not your controller but you need to gain your control back so you can help your mate when he returns. He is going to need your help. Let me help you. Please trust me, Let me in."-Peter

I nodded and dropped my shields and spoke.

"Is there anyone else in the house I thought I heard voices belonging to more than just you?"-Bella

"Yes, my mate Char is in the house and a friend, Garret, that we brought with us to help out. Is it alright if they are here in the house?"-Peter

"I would rather them elsewhere but I know I am weak right now and I need their protection till I gain control. Will you help me?"-Bella

"Yes, Let's get you out of this closet. Would you prefer your room or Carlisle's Study?"peter

"The study, his bag should be in there."-Bella

He helped me up and lead me across the hall into the study. He closed the door and went to find his bag. He found it and opened it to find a note.

"Kitten, I found a note in here let me read it out loud….Peter, I didn't get my vision quick enough and there are going to be so many and I had to take Carlisle and Jasper to help in the fight. If they didn't come with us we all would die. Carlisle is Bella's controller and Jasper her healer. You will need to take both roles this evening. Tell her I am proud that she was able to help protect herself with the few that came to the house and thank her for sending the dogs too. Carlisle said Bella is coming along in controlling her gifts buts need help centering herself. He says to keep a check on her eyes and when the sparkle is back she is back. Bella don't sass Peter too much and submit to him as you would Carlisle. He will do what is needed to bring you back just trust him and let him take you. You are strong and you will be stronger yet. Peter listen to her body and find her limits then pass them. She is human but she can take much more than the normal one. We should be home by 10:30 and Bella, you need to be back so you can help Edward. One other thing, your trip with Jasper has been cancelled but you will get to do it again sometime soon. The reason for you trip is reading this letter. See you guys soon and Thank you Peter for coming to her aid."-Peter

"Now let's get this show on the road. Kitten undress and assume your position."-Peter

"Yes Sir"-Bella

"Kitten, I have experience in training submissive's and sometimes I can be a bit harsh but I will start slow and build up so I can find your limits. I will keep you safe and I will bring you back in control of yourself then I will help you feel better. First I am going to fasten these cuffs on your hands and but this blindfold over your eyes. You will give me all of your control and I will give it back to you as I finish up with you. I am going to lead you over to the couch and bend you over it then I will spank you."-Peter

He does like he says and bends me over and begins to spank me. He brings his hand down to my ass and it isn't to bad so I relax a bit.

"Not hard enough it seems, well I can remedy that fast enough."-Peter

Then he brings his hand down again but this time I release my breath. That one was much harder.

"That seemed to do the trick. You must find yourself Kitten."-Peter

He begins again and continues till I my legs can't support me any longer. He adjusts me over the edge of the couch so that only my toes are touching the ground then he starts again. He only does another 15 after the adjustment then he rubs my ass and thighs to help relieve some of the pain and tenderness he left me. He stands me up and removes the handcuffs and the blindfold so he can look into my eyes.

"Ah, I see what they meant about your eyes. They do hold the key to your control don't they? You look like you are already close to being you again. I am going to put this back on you then I plan on bending you back over that couch again and taking you but I wonder do you enjoy a little ass play? I do so I think that is what I am going to do first then I will take you."-Peter

He replaces the blind fold then bends me back over the edge of the couch leaving only my toes touching the floor. He finds some Ky in the bag and pours some over my ass and his hand and then he inserts two fingers without any warning. I moan out and he speeds up his pace then he adds another finger. I start to fidget around then he commands me to stay still till he has had enough. I still my moments but then the Ky tube begins to lift off the couch and he stops his moments but remains in me.

"Kitten, you know better than to use your powers right now. Put that back down now. I am going to have to punish you for your lack of control."-Peter

He pulls his hand out of me then grabs the Ky again and I hear his pants unzip. Oh shit..oh shit…I stand to move away from him and I fall off the couch to find that he is picking me back up and placing me back where I was. He keeps a hand on my lower back to keep me from moving again

"Kitten, that was totally unacceptable behavior. I know that your Master has taught you better than that. He would not allow you to run off from him before he can punish you and you are to submit to me like you do him. I expect that much from you. I know that you may not wish to have me in your ass but that is how I like to punish my submissives when they misbehave. Right now in this moment you are under my control and you are my submissive and I want to be in your ass so stay the fuck still."-Peter

He thrust into my ass and I grunt out in pain. He is so large and wide. He tells me to relax so that he can enter all the way in. I feel him pour some more Ky on to me and I guess himself as well and then he pushes inward. I scream out and he reaches around me and pinches my clit and somehow that helps with the pain. Once I seem somewhat comfortable with him fully in me he begins to move himself in and out of me. It never really becomes enjoyable but it doesn't hurt like first did but don't get me wrong it still fucking hurts and I guess it is a good punishment for running off from him and using my powers when I wasn't supposed to. I will submit to him and allow him to punish me as he sees fit.

"Good kitten, you finally realized that I am in control here and not you. I will finish up here then I will help heal you."-Peter

"Yes, sir"-Bella

He continues his thrusting in my ass but now it isn't so bad. I kinda do like it but I will never admit to it. The pain it brings balances out the pleasure it brings. He speeds up and I fill him enlarge inside of me but then he pulls himself out and releases his seed over my ass. He grabs a towel from the enclosed bath and cleans himself up then me. He helps me to stand and removes my blindfold.

"Kitten, it looks like you are back to your normal self, your eyes have that sparkle in them the letter said would be there. What more do you require from me?"-Peter

"Sir, use the paddle on me please."-Bella

"Ah yes….how many do you require?"-Peter

"Sir, please use your best judgment on strengthen but please bring me to tears."-Bella

"I will do as you request Kitten. Assume the position you wish to use."-Peter

I go over to Carlisle's desk and raise myself over the edge and let my feet dangle and Peter approaches me and rubs my backside to get it ready then without warning he begins. He uses a good amount of force at first then eases up to a much lesser amount then returning to a harsher one and he runs through this routine till my mental count becomes 40. He keeps his pace and his strength evens out and my tears try to make an appearance but fail to begin to fall. He sees this and adds a little bit more force to his swing. After a grand total of 63 he stops when my tears have been falling for a minute. He pushed my limits and I am glad for it. He rubs both my butt and my upper thighs where his swats landed to help them feel somewhat better. He steps back and relaxes into a relaxed pose and I kneel at his feet and lower my head to kiss his feet then I lay it down upon the floor just in front of them.

"Thank you Peter for helping me gain control of myself once again."-Bella

"It was my honor to assist you and thank you for trusting me do so. Now I would like to help you heal and help you to feel again. Will you allow me to help you? Do you trust me to take care of your needs?"-Peter

"Yes Peter, I will allow you to help me heal and I trust you with my life."-Bella

Peter found a pillow somewhere and land it on the floor next to where I was kneeling and helped me to lay down on it. He caressed my hair and face gently and it felt wonderful after the pain I had gone through to gain my control back. He slowly moved his hand down from my chin down to my breast. He began to make circles around my nipples then he lowered his head over them and begun to suck gently on them. He eased his hand down to my arousal and began to pinch my clit and rub his fingers in and around my folds. He then ever so slowly inserted one of his fingers into me and started thrusting it in and out and as time went along he added more fingers. He lowered his head over my arousal and began to lick and suck every single inch of it and damn it felt wonderful and he had me cuming in no time. He saddled me and slowly allowed himself to enter and he continued his slow pace as he began thrusting his sex into my own. He filled me completely and it felt great. He brought us both to own our release minutes later and I felt high as a kite. He pulled himself out as slowly as he had first entered me and held me tight against him. He thanked me for trusting him enough to let him help me and take care of my needs. Then I thanked him for all his help as well.

I figured it was time to get up and moving around again so I made to stand up and found that he was already standing dressed and offering his hand to assist me up off the floor. He handed me my clothes and I just slide on my shirt and walked to my room to shower and change into something comfortable since it seemed like it may be a long night. As I left my room I noticed the clock said it was 10:15 pm and I guess Alice would be right and they would all return at 10:30 exactly which meant I had less than 15 to fix me something to eat and eat it before their return. I was about half way finished preparing a sandwich when Rose and Esme appeared before me in the kitchen and ushered me into the living room where I found Alice and Jasper looking like shit. Now that I had a chance to notice Rose and Esme looked worse for wear as well, what the fuck what happened to them. I also noticed that besides Jasper the rest of the guys had not made it back yet.

"Can someone tell me where the rest of the guys are, mainly Edward?"- Bella

"Carlisle and Emmett are bringing him home. He required some assistance in reaching the house. Jake and the guys are running with them."-Esme

"Okay, I know for a fact that you guys were involved in a serious fight tonight but please tell me that Edward will be okay."-Bella

"He is on the mend as we speak, they guys are helping him to hunt so it will speed up his recovery time. He risked his life for all of us and sadly he received serious injuries. It would have been much worse if you hadn't sent the pack to help us. Thank you so much Bella."Esme

"I sent Jacob and the couple of others he brought here did he call the whole pack in to help?"-Bella

"Yeah, I did…..I found Peter half way there and he said the Cullen's needed all the help I could gather. He said he had called in a few friends and they were headed that direction already but in order for them to all survive I needed to get the entire pack on the way and that's what I did. I am glad too because it was a serious fucking bawl let me tell you. There were so many of them. I am just glad that Edward, Quil, Sam and Leah only sustain the injuries they did. The doc has been a great help to the pack and it seems that a meeting will be in order soon to discuss the treaty."-Jacob

"Jakey come here and let me hug you…..thank you for all that you did tonight. Now where is Edward, I need to see him. Is he in a lot of pain? Is he hurt bad? Will he…."-Bella was cut off

"I will be fine in a day or so my love."-Edward

"Oh baby you look like shit. What on earth happened out there?"-Bella

"It was a scene from a really bad movie. There were so many of them, I am so glad you are safe I was worried about you. I heard you had a bit of a run in here as well. Jake told me about it in his thoughts and told me that you held them captive till he showed up. Can to explain yourself little lady?"- Bella

"I will but not right now, let's get you up to our room and into the shower or something. Guys could you help a human out here, oh wait I can move him myself. Let me try…"-Bella

"can we practice another day baby. I am just barely put together at the moment."-Edward

He started to lift up but I kept my hands around his waist as I began to take the stairs. I wasn't going to fail him when he needed me the most. I got us into our room with no problems and his face showed a look of shock and awe on it and he was at a loss for words. I guided him into the bathroom and let my hands go but he remained where I left him. I raised his arms to remove his shirt but I never lifted a finger to undress him. I repeated the same thing on his pants and boxers. He had lost his shoes and his socks already and his clothes were mostly taters to begin with so I guided them over to the trash without losing focus on hold him vertical. I started the water in the large bathtub just letting the hot run full blast till it was full enough then I lowered him slowly into the bath and he guided himself in till at last he was sitting down in an upright position. I leaned over and kissed him then went to washing him gently. After he was clean head to toe I stood him again and used a towel to manually dry him off. I mentally called for a pair of his sleeping pants and a wife beater shirt from the dresser and dressed him as I had undressed him earlier then I helped him to the bed and helped me get settle in it. Once he was nicly tucked in he finally found his big boy words again.

"How in the hell did you do that? How is it that you are in control of your gift so well?"-Edward

"I practiced this evening with the 5 vampires that wanted to kill me. I played with my strength and positions I could put them in and how long I could hold on to my gift without letting go. I knew I could take care of you and I am so glad I could."-Bella

"Mind telling me what happened earlier?"-Edward

"Sure but I would like to explain it to the others too would it be alright if they all came in here with us?"-Bella

"Sure, just not a lot of sitting places for everyone but they will manage."-Edward

"Everyone can you all come up here with Edward and I?"-Bella

They all filled in and found a place to either sit or stand. Carlisle started out next to Esme but she pushed him over to me on the bed. He reached for my hand and I offered him to sit with Edward and I.

"Alright, tonight after Jasper and I returned home I decided to take a shower. When I got finished I fixed me something to eat and when I was finished I watched some TV but found nothing on then I noticed that the house was unusually quiet so I went on a mission to find someone in the house. I search every room on every floor but found no one. I then remembered that Jasper enjoyed watching the sunset and I found myself on the back patio where I found his book laying on the ground. I knew that something was wrong but didn't think much about it so I decided to read his book but once getting into it a little bit I heard a sound and went to look for it but found nothing so I made my way back into the house but not before putting up my shields. I heard the wind pick up and then I felt it. Something or someone had hit my physical shield. I turned to see a red eye vampire flying backwards into the trees about 50 yards. Then I noticed the rest of them and they decided to try their luck on getting to me but they all failed.

While they were trying this I called Jake to see if he and a few of his friends would come help out since I had no clue where you guys had run off to without so much as a note. I went down the back steps and decided to play with them till the guys showed up. I was pissed they were here and I you guys weren't but I do understand now so don't worry but regardless I was pissed at the time mostly because I was bored so I decided to practice on them for a little bit. I raised them every which way then I slammed them into the ground. I figured the city of Forks thought we were having a earthquake at the force I sent them into it. Anyway, I learned how to control that gift and I was able to use it to get Edward here up to our room, undressed bathed and redress without having any trouble. I am in full control of myself right now and my strength is fine."- Bella

"Were in control the whole evening Isabella?"- Carlisle

"No, I did okay till the wolves left but then I sort of flipped out. I found myself a hiding spot and stayed there till I was hoping you would come and rescue me. I did all the tricks I had learned to calm myself back and it worked till I began to hear voices in the house. I panicked that I was being attacked again. MI placed my shields around me when I entered the closet but I felt that they weren't enough protection. I heard one of the voices getting closer to me and I sunk into myself that when the door finally opened I was freaking the fuck out. I was hoping to whatever god would listen to me that a golden eye vampire would be looking at me but that wasn't the case. I was looking into another pair of red eyes. I could hear his calming tone but I couldn't make out anything he was saying. After a long time I finally heard him. He knew my name and knew that I needed his help to get control. He mentioned that he knew he wasn't my controller or my healer but he wished I would allow him to help me center myself again. It took some time for me to understand him but I finally let him in."-Bella

"I should also add I was able to reach through her shield at first but I believe she still say me as a threat and strengthen it because I was sent across the hall into the wall but after that I could not touch her till she let me in again and dropped them altogether."-Peter

"We went on to tell me who else was in my house and made sure I was comfortable with them remaining in the house while he helped me. I agreed and he led me into your study. I hope you don't mind, but I feel safe in there and I was very confused at the time. He found your bag and the note that Alice had left then…..well….that's all you guys are getting? Any other questions I can answer for you?"-Bella

"How did he know which name to use to get you to respond?"Carlisle

"She was really out of it when I was trying to coax her out of the floor of the closet but she was alert enough to hear me and understand what I was asking. She turned her necklace over and I could read the engraving to see that she was telling me in the only way she could what would work. Once I said it, she began to come around quicker."- Peter

"Then I am glad I finally decided to put it on there for you Kitten, it may not be the only time you refer to it but I hope it is."-Carlisle

"Me too."-Bella

"So Peter how long did it take before you began her healing?"-Carlisle

"Two hours and a few minutes. I thought she came around pretty quickly considering."-Peter

"We will have to talk later and very privately but her time was cut in half this time. Kitten you are getting much better at controlling yourself but our agreement before your run still stands. Now that we have the story let's give them their space and privacy. Jasper, Peter can you take a run with me, Edward when I return I will show you what we discussed so you are in the loop on things you need to know about. Bella, I am very proud of you and thankful that you have your gifts as a human or otherwise we might have come home to a different outcome. You are safe and in excellent spirits despite the struggles you faced tonight. Try and get some rest tonight, Esme or I will check up on Edward throughout the night. He should be up and around tomorrow but not totally healed."-Carlisle said then kissed me on my forehead then leaving Edward and I alone.

I cuddled myself up next to Edward and he wrapped his arm around me best he could. I made sure to keep my head on his stomach so that he didn't have to move around too much.

"Edward, what happened to you?"- Bella

"I will tell in the morning, I don't want you to have nightmare over it tonight. Try and get some rest my love. I will need you tomorrow and you need your rest."-Edward

"Goodnight Edward. I am glad you are safe and home with me. I love you"-Bella

"Goodnight my love. I am glad that you are safe as well. Sleep well my sweet. I love you"Edward

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