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Squad Unit 19.


He paced back and forth, trying to figure out the right way to do what he wanted to do. To say he was nervous would have been an understatement. To say he was petrified might would have been an exaggeration. But boy, was Mickey Mouse nervous. And he was running out of time. He glanced at the grandfather clock to check the time - he had even less time now.

"Okay, Mickey," he told himself, taking a deep breath. "You can do it. You have to." The young male mouse reached into his short pocket and pulled out the little blue velvet box. Taking anther deep breath, he tried to calm his heart, which was beating a mile a minute in his chest. Stuffing the box back into his pocket, he heard a familiar knock at his door. He swallowed the nervous lump in his throat and proceeded over to the door; he already knew who it was. Opening it, he saw his girlfriend, Minnie Mouse, standing there, her ever present bright smile gracing her beautiful, cute and sweet face.

"Hi, Mickey!" she smiled happily, her big brown eyes shinning with excitement upon seeing him.

"H-hi, Minnie," he said with a bashful smile. Wearing her familiar pink polka-dot dress, matching hair bow, and pink pumps with pink bows on the toes, the young, little girl mouse was as cute as a button, though he always thought that about her. He stepped to the side, ushering her inside, which she happily obliged to. "Thanks for comin' over."

"You're welcome. Thanks for inviting me over for lunch," she smiled, giving him a smooch on his cheek as she entered.

"You're welcome," he replied. Closing the door, he walked over to his love seat. "Um... There's something I gotta do first."

"Oh?" She tilted her head to the side as she looked at him curiously. Mickey took a deep breath, trying to gather as much courage as possible. He would either ask her, or he'd faint trying. He took her hands into his and looked into her big, beautiful, deep brown eyes.

"Minnie, you know I love you, right?"

"Of course. I love you, too," she replied. She was now curious as she could sense something in his tone. He took another deep breath before he continued.

"Every moment I've spent with you has been the best of my life. You mean the whole world to me. I don't know what I'd do without you. I love you so much." As Mickey spoke, Minnie felt her heart fluttering and the rest of her turning to mush as she had to blink back the tears of happiness she felt coming to her eyes. "You're the only girl for me, and I can't imagine one day without you. You're my best gal," he finished with a warm smile.

"Oh, Mickey," Minnie uttered as she wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tight. He wrapped his arms around her waist and returned her embrace. After a bit, she pulled back and wiped her eyes before she took his hands and smiled lovingly up at him. "Every moment I've spent with you has been the best of my life, too, Mickey. You mean everything to me. I love you more than life itself. I don't know what I'd do without you. I love you so, so much. I can't imagine going one day without you." As Minnie spoke, Mickey felt his own heart fluttering. "You're the only guy for me. You're my one true love. I'll always be your best gal," she finished with a loving smile.

"Aw, gee, Minnie," he said. Both leaned close and nuzzled noses for a couple seconds before both pulled back and smiled. Taking a deep breath, Mickey reached into his pocket and pulled out the little box. The young girl mouse's eyes widened as her heart began racing in her chest. Was that what she thought and hoped it was? Was he really going to... propose? Pop the question? Letting go of one of her hands but still holding her other, he knelt down on one knee, and a soft gasp escaped Minnie's lips as her free hand rose instinctively to her mouth. Was he doing what she thought and hoped he was doing? He was! He was going to propose to her! Oh, gosh, how she wanted this day to come. To have Mickey as her husband, and to be his wife. Looking up into Minnie's beautiful shimmering eyes, Mickey took a deep breath, and with as much courage as he could muster, went for it.

"Minnie, will you marry me?" She didn't even have to think about her answer.

"Yes!" she nodded happily, letting her tears of joy stray down her cheeks. Mickey's face lit up as he quickly stood up, a bright smile now spread across his face.

"You will? Really?" She beamed, her heart leaping with joy.

"Oh, Mickey, yes! Yes, of course I will!" Minnie cried in pure joy as she lunged at him, wrapping her arms around him in a warm and tight hug as she tackled him. Mickey fell backward onto the love seat with her lying on top of him, both laughing and her crying with joy. She squeezed him gently, then pulled back and kissed him several times on his face, making the both of them chuckle, then she embraced him again. Minnie pulled back after a bit, still holding him. "You had this planned all along, didn't you?" she asked with a knowing smile.

"Yeah, I did," he replied with a little chuckle.

"That's why you seemed a little nervous."

"Yeah. I was hoping you'd say yes," he admitted.

"Aw, Mickey," she cooed. "I would never have said no. Of course I'll marry you, Mickey Mouse," she smiled, then kissed him. Mickey eased up off the love seat and picked her up as he twirled her around, both laughing with joy. With her arms around his neck and his arms around her waist, he twirled her around on the floor as they shared this timeless moment together. As Mickey set Minnie back down, both leaned in and shared a passionate and loving kiss. When they broke the kiss after several seconds, she took his face into her hands as she gazed up into his eyes. "I love you so much, Mickey," she smiled breathlessly.

"I love you, Minnie. So much," he smiled. They kissed once more before she embraced him again, hugging him tightly. Mickey remembered that he still had the ring. Pulling away, he brought his hand which held the box around in front of her. She smiled as she delicately took the box and gently pulled open the lid; she gasped softly.

"Oh, Mickey," she whispered as she saw the beautiful engagement ring. She felt her eyes water again and her heart flip-flop. "It's beautiful..." It was a beautiful ring. Nothing fancy; noting big or flashy. A simple golden band with a little diamond embedded on the top. To her, it was the most beautiful ring she had ever seen. She loved it and didn't want any other kind. She would hold onto the ring forever. Her Mickey had given her this ring, and she cherished it.

"I know it isn't much, but-"

"No," she stopped him, smiling happily. "I love it. I don't want any other kind." She placed her hand over his and kissed his cheek. "Thank you." Mickey then took the ring from the box.

"May I?"

"Of course," she nodded with a warm smile. She held her left hand out to him and he took it, and gently slipped the ring onto her middle/ring finger. It was a perfect fit. Their eyes met again, and both young mice were beaming with love and joy. They embraced again, holding each other close as their hearts beat happily in their chests. Neither little mouse could hardly believe it. Minnie was Mickey's fiancé and he was hers. How she loved the sound of that. He loved it, too. Soon they would be married and be husband and wife.

Mr. and Mrs. Mouse; Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Mouse.

After a while, the mice had worked up an appetite, and headed into the kitchen to eat lunch together and plan their wedding. Both were so excited and anxious to tie the knot that they decided to get hitched only a couple weeks from then. They also wanted it at the same little church they had always went to. Which coincidentally, is the same church Mickey's parents had gotten married at, and the same church Minnie's parents had gotten married at, too. Minnie didn't want a big, flashy wedding. She wanted something simple. Mickey felt the same way. Only their closest family and friends would attend. There were still some things that had to be taken care of before their big day. And neither little mouse could wait.

"What do you think Daisy will say when she finds out?" Mickey asked, taking a bite of his sandwich.

"She'll probably scream my ears off," Minnie giggled, then took a bite of her sandwich. They sat in the kitchen eating their lunch together as they discussed things about their wedding day.

"And Clarabelle?"

"She'll tell everybody she can." Both chuckled. "How do you think Donald and Goofy will react?" Minnie questioned.

"They'll be surprised," Mickey replied with a light chuckle.

"Yeah. But they'll be happy for us," she said.

"Yeah, they will," he agreed. "Our parents will be happy for us, too."

"Yes, they will," Minnie nodded in agreement, then took a bite of her sandwich. "So, you asked my dad?" the girl mouse asked her fiancé. Mickey swallowed the bite in his mouth and picked up his cup of soda.

"Yep. I asked him yesterday," he replied.

"Were you nervous?"

"Nah," Mickey said with a wave of his hand. Minnie grinned.

"You were, weren't you?"

"I was shaking like a leaf," he admitted. She giggled.

"You know Daddy likes you Mickey. I know he must be thrilled that he'll have you as a son-in-law." Mickey smiled.

"I know my parents will be thrilled to have you as their daughter-in-law." Minnie returned his smile, and both continued to eat as they went over some things. Once they finished eating, they got up and placed their dishes into the sink and started washing them together. As they did, Minnie was wondering about something: Mickey's bachelor party.

"Mickey. I was, uh... Thinking about your bachelor party, and um... What were you thinking of doing?" she asked impishly and curiously.

"I haven't given it any thought. I'm guessing Donald, Goofy, Oswald and Horace will be throwing it for me. I figure we'll just go bowling or something," he replied.

"Well Horace better not invite some girl to jump out of a cake for you," she said firmly. Mickey chuckled.

"Don't worry, he won't. I'll make sure of that," he with a smile, relieving her of her worry. "We'll just go bowling, and maybe go fishing, too."

"Good. Because if he did, after I slugged him, I'd never speak to him again," she stated, grinning afterward. He chuckled. He knew she'd do it, too, without giving it a second thought. They finished with the dishes and dried their hands.

"Don't Worry, Minnie," Mickey said as he turned fully to her and rested his hands on her hips. "There won't be any girls jumping out of cakes. I'll make sure of that," he smiled.

"Thanks, Mickey," she smiled as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. "If anybody's gonna be popping out of a cake for you, it's gonna be me," she added with a sly smile.

"You're the only girl I'd want poping out of a cake for me."

"Oh, Mickey," she purred, then leaned up and brushed her lips over his, moaning into the kiss as one leg rose behind her. As they pulled back, Mickey thought about her bachelorette party.

"Um, about your party... Clarabelle and Daisy won't be inviting Chip and Dale to be Chip and Dale dancers again, will they?"

"No," Minnie assured with a smile. "I won't let either of them invite any guys at all. It'll just be the three of us. There won't be any men dancing for me." Then she nuzzled her nose to his and pulled back with a sly smile. "The only guy I want dancing for me is you."

"Thanks, kiddo," he said, then kissed her cheek, making her giggle. "So what were you thinking about doing?"

"I haven't thought about about. I figure we'll just go rollerskating, bowling, maybe go fishing, too," she replied.

"Maybe we could all go bowling and fishing together," he suggested with a chuckle. Her eyes lit up. She loved that idea.

"I don't see why not. I think it would fun," she replied.

"I don't recall hearing anything that the fiancé's can't spend their parties together," he grinned.

"Neither do I," she grinned back. They leaned close and touched noses, and as they did, Mickey started tickling Minnie's sides, making her squeak with surprise, then laugh. She pulled away from him and ran around to the opposite side of the table.

"Get back here. I'm not done yet," he grinned.

"You'll have to catch me first," she taunted playfully.

"I'll catch you," he grinned, and chased her around the table. Both were laughing and having a ball as they played.

A little later, the mice decided to tell their friends and family the good news. The first place they went was Minnie's parent's farm. Though her dad knew Mickey would propose to her, he told Mickey that he would let Minnie tell her mother as a surprise. Minnie's parent's were overjoyed that their youngest daughter was engaged. They knew Mickey a long time. The mice knew each other since they were babies. The two mice used to play together every day when they were little. They hung out every day and did everything together. The biggest part of their lives were spent with each other. Minnie's parents' could see how close their daughter was to her male companion. They figured the two would get married someday. Actually, they hoped they would. Both knew that nobody would ever be even half as good to or for Minnie than Mickey was.

After a while, the next place they went to was Mickey's parent's farm. Mickey's parent's were also overjoyed that their son was getting married. They, too, could see how well Minnie and Mickey got along, and could see how close they were. They knew that nobody else would be as good to or for Mickey than Minnie was. They had a strong feeling the two would get married someday, and they hoped that they did.

After they left, they stopped at Daisy's house to tell her. Pulling up, Minnie opened the door of Mickey's truck.

"You go on ahead. I'll just wait here," Mickey said. Minnie stopped halfway out the door and turned back to him.

"How come?" Mickey grinned sheepishly.

"You know. The whole high-pitched screaming thing between you and Daisy." Minnie chuckled.

"I have sensitive hearing, too, remember? Besides, it won't be that bad."

"I'll just give the screaming time to die down before I go in." Minnie smiled, and grabbed his hand.

"Come on. You can wait outside until I tell her, then you can come in. I want you there, too."

"I'm gonna go in. But not until I know I won't go deaf."

"Aw, come on, please?" Mickey saw her big brown eyes, and couldn't say no.

"Okay," he gave in. She giggled, then leaned leaned over and kissed his cheek. They slid out of the truck and started walking up the walkway.

"Just so ya know, I'm gonna have to hold my ears after I tell her," she grinned, and both chuckled. As they made their way up the walk, she seemed to skip up the walk from his point of view. She had a bounce in her step, the one he saw so often, the one that told him she was happy. He smiled as he watched her. As they reached the front door, she knocked on it, and before long, Daisy opened it.

"Hi, Minnie! Hi, Mickey!"

"Hi, Daisy," Minnie and Mickey greeted.

"What's up?"

"Oh, nothing much. I just wanted to ask you a favor," Minnie said. Daisy motioned for the mice to come inside.

"What can I do for you?" Minnie grinned.

"I was wondering if you could be a Bride's Maid at a wedding?" The duck cocked a brow.

"Who's wedding?" Minnie and Mickey grinned at each other, then turned back to Daisy as Minnie held out her left hand, showing off the ring.

"Mickey's and mine."

Minnie quickly grabbed her ears and folded them down flat on her head, squishing her bow in the process, as she folded them forward. Mickey did the same, pulling his ears down flat on his head. Good thing, too. It only took a second for Daisy to register the information, which is all the time it took for the mice to hold their ears, before Daisy screeched. After a few seconds, the ear-piercing scream died down, much to the relief of the mice, who slowly released their ears. Mickey shook his head, and Minnie smiled soothingly as she began to pat his ears sympathetically. Of course, Daisy agreed to the favor. Donald, Goofy, and Oswald were easier to tell, particularly on the mice' ears. At first, they gawked at the mice in surprise, before congratulating them.

The next day, Minnie went to pick out her dress, and her mom, Daisy and Clarabelle went with her. Arriving at the shop, Minnie was excited to pick out a dress. Stepping inside the store, Minnie gawked at all the beautiful dresses she saw. It would be hard to choose just one. But she wanted it to be the right one. This was going to be her and Mickey's special day. She wanted the dress to be special. She looked at all the dresses she saw, but none of them seemed right. Sure, they were beautiful and elegant. But she wanted it to be special. She could choose any dress, but she knew she wouldn't be happy with choosing just any of them. She wanted the right one.

"What do you think, honey?" Margie, Minnie's mother, asked.

"They're all very nice, but..."

"None of them speaks to you," Daisy said. Minnie shook her head.

"I'll know it when I see it," she said.

"Don't worry, sweetie, we'll find you the perfect dress," Margie assured. Shortly, Minnie began to try on different dresses. She tried on dress after dress, trying to find the right one. But so far, she hadn't found it.

"So what kind of wedding do you want?" Daisy asked. Minnie stood in front of a full-length mirror, looking at the dress she now wore. It was beautiful, she had to admit, but it just didn't seem right. She wasn't being picky. She just wanted it to be special.

"Mickey and I want a simple wedding; nothing big and fancy. Something nice, quaint and simple."

"What kind of theme do you want?" Clarabelle asked. Minnie turned her head around with a curious expression.


"Yes, you know. Some couples have different themes for their wedding," Daisy explained. "Some people have even said their vows while skydiving." Minnie's eyes widened. She didn't want to say her vows while skydiving, and she knew Mickey didn't either. All she wanted was a simple wedding. All they wanted was a simple wedding.

"We want a simple-themed wedding," she replied, turning back to the mirror. "Something normal and romantic."

"Is that the wedding you've always dreamed of?" Daisy asked. "Just a plain, ordinary wedding?" Minnie turned back around, a smile on her face.

"Yep," she replied simply. "That's the wedding I've always dreamed of." She stepped into the stall, slipped off the dress, picked up another and tried it on. Stepping out, she looked at it in the mirror.

"What were you going to do about champagne or wine? It's common to have champagne or wine at a wedding," Clarabelle said. Minnie turned around with a glare.

"We are not having any of that at our wedding. Neither of us want it, or anything like it." Margie smiled at her daughters' attitude. Minnie had always been against alcohol.

"But, Minnie, it's common," Clarabelle said.

"I don't care," Minnie remarked sternly. "Mickey and I both agreed that there wouldn't be any of that stuff at our wedding." She turned back around to the mirror, and looked at the dress. She shook her head and walked into the stall as she pulled it off.

"Then what will you drink? What will the guests drink?" Clarabelle asked.

"Mickey and decided to drink juice or punch. If the guests want something else to drink, they can bring it with them." Minnie chuckled. A wedding where you had to B.Y.O.B: bring your own beverage. Clarabelle sighed, and decided not to argue. This was Minnie and Mickey's wedding.

"What about a wedding planner?" Daisy asked. The brunette mouse exited the stall donning another dress.

"Uh-uh," Minnie shook her head. "No wedding planner. Mickey and I want to plan our own wedding." The little girl mouse checked the dress in the mirror, then walked back into the stall, slipped off the dress and tried on another one.

"What about the bachelorette party? You need to have some fun then," Daisy said with a grin.

"I was hoping we could just go bowling and rollerskating, and maybe go fishing," Minnie said.

"Fishing? You are such a tomboy at times, Minnie," Clarabelle shook her head with a sigh. The young girl mouse turned around, a satisfied grin on her lips.

"Thank you."

"That's all you want to do?" Daisy asked.

"Yup," Minnie responded. "I think it'll be fun."

"How about I invite Chip and Dale to-"

"No way! Don't even think about it, Clarabelle," Minnie said, turning around to glare at the cow. "Remember Ladies Night at the club? I haven't forgotten about how you two," she pointed at Daisy, too, "changed the schedule when Mickey left me in charge of the show. Except for Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Oswald, I don't want any men even near me at my party. Especially not any Chip and Dale dancers. If any guy is going to dance for me, it's gonna be Mickey."

"So, you don't want us to invite Chip and Dale?" Daisy questioned.

"No!" Minnie replied firmly. She walked into the stall, pulled off the dress she had on and put her original dress back on. She walked out of the stall and sat down in one of the chairs.

"Didn't find one you like?" Margie said.

"Sorry, Mom. None of these dresses seem right," Minnie said.

"Maybe you shouldn't be so picky," Clarabelle said. Minnie gave her a look.

"I'm not being picky. It's just that I want the dress to be special. It's Mickey's and my big day. I want a dress that he'll like, too." Minnie's mom patted her shoulder.

"I know exactly how you feel. I was the same way when your father and I was engaged. Don't worry, dear, I'm sure we'll find you the perfect dress." Clarabelle picked up one and held it up.

"What about this one?" Minnie looked over the dress, but shook her head.

"It's very nice, but no." Daisy held up another one.

"How about this one?" Minnie looked over it, but it wasn't right, either.

"Uh-uh. It's very nice, too - all of these dresses are - but I still haven't found one I really like. I'll know it when I see it."

"Well, we'll just keep looking until we find you the right dress for your big day," her mother said with a smile. As Minnie looked over some of the dresses, she stopped on one in particular. It was simple in design, but quite elegant and beautiful. She got up, walked over to the dress and examined it, and something about this dress just reached out to her. She couldn't help but think about what her fiancé would think when he saw her, and a big smile came to her face. She loved it, and she knew Mickey would, too. She knew then that she had found the right one. And it was just her size; Junior Mouse, size small.

"I found it!" she announced happily. Margie, Daisy and Clarabelle all walked over to the young mouse and looked at the dress she had found.

"Are you sure?" Daisy asked her friend.

"I'm positive," Minnie nodded with a smile, running her hand over the smooth satin fabric of the dress. "Isn't it beautiful? It's perfect." Margie hugged her daughter.

"Oh, honey, I'm so glad you found the right one. It is a lovely dress." The dress wasn't as flashy or as elegant as the some of the other dresses; it was simple, yet elegant and beautiful. This is the one she wanted. After Minnie had found her dress, they also picked out Daisy's dress, as well as Clarabelle's, Margie's and Minnie's sister. Minnie was excited and giddy as she left the store. She had the perfect wedding dress and she could hardly wait for her fiancé, and soon-to-be husband, to see her in it. And she couldn't wait to see him in his tuxedo.

The next place Minnie went was to pick out Mickey's wedding ring. It didn't take her long to find the right one. She wanted a special message engraved on the ring, and thankfully, it would be done just in time for the wedding. Mickey and Minnie spent the next day together picking out some things for their wedding. They had a great time, and also laughed about what they thought some of their friends would get them as gifts. But naturally, one of the places they hit was the cheese aisle. Being mice, they loved cheese and wasn't about to pass up an opportunity to get some.

Some days later, Minnie had invited Mickey over for dinner. She had a new recipe she wanted to try out, and naturally, she wanted him to be the first to taste it. And also naturally, he loved it, which made her heart flip-flop. They sat at her kitchen table together as they eat, and chatted about their wedding day, as well as the things they normally talked about.

"I still can't believe Goofy got his thumb stuck in his bowling ball," Minnie said, giggling as she thought back to the prior day, which was her bachelorette party and Mickey's bachelor party. Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Oswald and Horace, as well as Minnie, Daisy and Clarabelle all went to the bowling ally to play. Mickey and Minnie were on one team, while Donald and Daisy were on the second, Goofy and Oswald were on the third, and Clarabelle and Horace on the fourth. Goofy had somehow gotten his thumb stuck in the hole in his ball. He got it off by swinging the ball down the lane, which took him with it. He popped back out of the ball return with the ball in his mouth. Everybody laughed, as did the Goof. After the gang played a few games, they went fishing together. After a while, the girls went rollerskating while the boys fished a little while longer. All of them had fun, especially Mickey and Minnie, who enjoyed being able to spend their parties together.

"Me, neither," Mickey chuckled. "And he got a spare with it stuck on his thumb." Both young mice laughed.

"So, you continued fishing a little while after we left?" Minnie asked him.

"Yep," Mickey replied. "We caught a few fish, too. Not much, though. I think Horace's jokes had something to do with the lack of fish." Minnie giggled. "Goofy caught one that he thought looked like Flip." Minnie cocked a brow.

"You mean that fish from those comic books he likes?"

"Yup. He brought it home with him to keep. Said he's gonna keep it in his fish tank."

"Lemme guess; he named it Flip."

"You guessed it." Both mice chuckled. Then Mickey took a sip of his soda. "And then we went to a club." Minnie's face paled and her eyes widened.


"Relax, Minnie," Mickey smiled gently, trying to calm her. "It's not that kind of club. It's like the House of Mouse, except it doesn't show cartoons." He said the last part with a chuckle. "It's a new club that just opened. I hadn't even heard of it before. They have dancing and some really good pizza, too. It's a clean place." Minnie calmed down as he explained. "Horace suggested the place and I told him no. But when we got there, Oswald told me he'd go in and check it out, and if it was okay, then I could go in." Minnie relaxed at his words. She was ready to strangle Horace, and not let Mickey have any cheese for a week or two.

"Oh..." Minnie blushed a little and smiled sheepishly for having jumped to conclusions. "I'm sorry, Mickey," she apologized meekly, her cheeks flushing a little.

"It's okay, kiddo. I told ya I wouldn't let Horace drag me into anything."

"I know you did. I'm sorry. I trust you, Mickey. It's Horace's ideas that I don't trust. I was ready to ring his neck," she said with a grin. He chuckled.

"Don't worry. I forgive ya, Min." He leaned over and kissed her cheek. She smiled warmly at him.

"Thanks, Mickey." She kissed him back.

"How about I take you to the place for dinner?" he offered. She smiled brightly.

"Sure! I'd love that." They shared a smile. "Well, I'm glad you had fun." She giggled. "And Horace doesn't get a black eye this time."

"So, did you enjoy yourself?" he asked her.

"Mm-hm," she nodded. "After we left the bowling ally, we went rollerskating in the park. And Daisy and I had a little race." Mickey quirked a brow.

"A race?" She nodded. "Who won?" Minnie grinned, and Mickey could easily guess who the victor was. "You won?" She nodded with an innocent smile. "How did you win?"

"I told her I'd race her from the pond to the other bridge, and she accepted. It was an even race until we got close to the bridge."

"What happened?"

"Well, you know that bench just before you get to the bridge?"


"Well, as we got to it, there were a few people walking along the path, so I aimed for the bench, jumped and grinded along the top of it with my skates. I jumped off the end of it and landed back on the path, then I turned across the bridge. When I stopped, I turned back to see Daisy starting across the bridge. She went through the grass which slowed her down a little. But it was almost a tie. And after that, Daisy and Clarabelle took me to dinner at the same little restaurant we've went to before. It was a lot of fun."

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself," he said. They shared a smile, then continued with their dinner. After they finished, they hung out together and watched a movie as they snuggled on the couch.

After the movie ended, the mice sat on the couch together cuddled up for a while, just relaxing as both thought about their wedding day. Both started to get a little sleepy as they lay nestled together. After a while, Mickey decided he should go. It was late, and both had the rehearsal the next evening. They stood on Minnie's front porch, holding hands, neither wanting the evening to end. They talked and laughed about different things, just enjoying the peace and calmness of the night. After staring into each others eyes for a moment, both blushed as they looked away.

"I guess I better get goin'. It's getting kinda late, and we have a big day tomorrow," he said.

"Right," she agreed. She didn't want him to leave, but soon, he wouldn't be. Soon he'd be staying. Soon they'd be able to spend the whole night together. And not just one night, but every night for the rest of their lives. Minnie leaned close and wrapped her arms around Mickey's shoulders and hugged him. He returned her embrace, moving his arms around her waist. Pulling away a bit, she brushed her lips over his, and couldn't help it as she moaned into the kiss, her leg going up behind her as her tail curled into a heart and twitched. After a few seconds, they pulled apart and gazed into each others eyes. "I love you, Mickey. Be careful. And call me when you get home."

"I will. Love you, too." They nuzzled noses, then pulled apart as he started down her front steps. "I'll see you tomorrow," he said as he waved.

"It's a date," she smiled, waving back. Minnie watched as her fiancé got in his little jalopy and drove away. Once she saw the tail lights of his car disappear, she turned and walked back into her house. She leaned against her door and sighed a soft, dreamy sigh. She held up her left hand, admiring the golden ring on her middle/ring finger; the ring her true love had given her. The ring that said that she was engaged to him, and that soon, she would be married to him. She smiled as she looked at the ring. She was brought from her thoughts when Figaro rubbed against her legs. She giggled, and pet the little kitten.

Soon, Minnie had changed into her pj's, brushed her teeth, and now lay on her stomach on her bed flipping through a photo album that had pictures of her and Mickey together. She had more than one, of course. And every photo had a special memory acquainted with it. The young girl mouse smiled as she flipped through the pages, looking over the photos. As she looked at them, she naturally thought about all the fun she and Mickey have had together, and she thought about all the fun they would have in the future; their future. She looked over some of the photos, smiling at all the fond memories. Times, she thought, of when they were boyfriend and girlfriend. She had recently taken some new ones of them while they're engaged. And soon, she would be taking pictures of them as husband and wife. With that, she realized; she needed to get some more photo albums.

She placed the new pictures of them being engaged in the picture slots and wrote the dates on little slips of paper under each photo. She couldn't wait to place their wedding pictures in an album and start some new ones about their new life as a married couple. As she placed the photos in the albums, she couldn't keep from smiling. Every picture had a special memory, and every memory had a special place in her heart. The best times of her life had been spent alongside Mickey, and she knew that was only the beginning. She knew that there were so many more wonderful moments in store for them; so many more memories to make, so many moments to share. She looked at each day she had him and spent with him as a blessing; a gift from above that she had never, and will never take for granted. The second to last picture was of them standing, with their arms around one another, her head against his chest and his head was against the top of hers. Both were smiling at the camera. It was taken a couple of days ago.

As she placed the last picture in the album and wrote down the date it was taken, along with what they were doing, Minnie looked at the photo of them. It was taken when the last one was; after he proposed to her. She was sitting on his lap with her arms around his neck, her cheek pressed against his, his arms around her waist, and both were smiling at the camera. She couldn't wait to walk down the aisle and become Mrs. Mouse; Mickey's wife. She rolled onto her back, thinking about the guy who had stolen her heart and the key to it. She couldn't stop smiling if she tried.

"I have the most wonderful guy ever," she sighed happily, thinking about how blessed and lucky she was to have Mickey in her life. She held up her left hand, admiring the ring on her finger. "Mickey and Minnie Mouse," she said. She always thought it amazing that they always had the same last name. She always believed it to be destiny.

But there were many other things they were alike on. Both were the same kind of mouse, had onyx black skin, both were brunettes; had brown hair that was dark enough it could be mistaken for raven black, and both had the same dark brown eye color. And both were the same size. Of course he was a little taller than her, and weighed just a bit more than her, but they were still the same size. Everything about them just fit together like a hand in a glove. She knew it was meant to be. She knew it was destiny. She knew that Mickey was the guy for her, and that there was no other guy for her in the entire world. The universe even. She sat up and looked at her bed. As normal, it was empty. Soon, she thought, she'd be sleeping next to Mickey. A broad smile came to her face as she thought this. She had slept with Mickey before, but certainly not in the sense the term stood for. She had slept next to him dozens of times before, and every one was completely innocent.

When they were little mouselings, they'd often take naps together, and as they got a little older, they'd have sleepovers together. As time went on, there were other times they did the same thing. Sometimes, when the weather was bad, or if Mickey had been hurt or was ill and she was taking care of him, she'd spend the night at his house. On some holidays, she'd also spend the night at his house. They'd often drift off to sleep curled up on the couch together. And on a few occasions, when Mickey and her would go on some adventure together, they had to share a hotel or motel room with only one bed. The rest of the rooms were full, and only that one was available.

Of course, he always offered to sleep on the floor and let her take the bed, but she never let him sleep on the floor since there was a perfectly good bed there. He would insist that he sleep on the floor, and she would insist he sleep in the bed with her. She didn't want him sleeping in the floor and her sleeping in the bed. He always ended up giving in. He knew that if he slept on the floor anyway, she would end up sleeping beside him anyhow. If he didn't sleep in the bed, then she wouldn't either. It was fair to her; either they both sleep in the bed, or they both sleep on the floor. If he wouldn't sleep in the comfortable bed, then she wouldn't either. She never wanted to be the only one of them that was comfortable. So, he always ended up sleeping beside her. Nothing ever happened, however. They'd kiss each other good night, then snuggle up together and drift off to sleep. They never slept together in the same way the term represented; it was always innocent. They'd cuddle close, and doze off thinking and dreaming of each other.

Minnie had always been faithful and devoted to Mickey. She had never thought about getting another boyfriend. She always wanted Mickey. She had never looked at another guy. She had no feelings whatsoever for other men. She didn't care about other men. The only man she wanted was Mickey. She wanted him and no other. She loved him and no other. She was a one man girl. She could be in a room with a million men and she would have only one goal: find Mickey. She wouldn't pay any attention to the rest. She thought about Mickey all day. He was the only guy for her. She'd climb the highest mountain and swim the deepest ocean if it meant they could be together. She had never cheated on him, and she would rather die than to do that to him. She had always been devoted and faithful to him, and she always would be.

She closed her photo album and placed it on her bedside table. Then she got up and pulled back the covers of her bed. She knelled down, folded her hands and said her prayer, then crawled into bed. She clicked off the light on her night stand, and snuggled under the covers. Already, she couldn't wait till she could feel Mickey next to her every night, and wake up to him every morning. Thinking about her fiancé, Minnie drifted off to sleep, and soon she began to dream about her Mickey; her favorite mouse in the world.

The mice counted down the passing days until they would be newlyweds. Both were so excited and anxious, they could barely contain their excitement. Minnie had picked up a few more photo albums for the purpose of holding photos of them while they were engaged, and for the new ones of and after their wedding. And, though she continued living in her own house for now, she helped Mickey move some of her things into his house. Once they got married, she'd move in with him. She loved Mickey's quaint and simple little country home. She couldn't wait to move in with him. Mickey didn't want her to sell her house. He had seen her little country home so much, it felt wrong to let it go. They decided to not do anything with it, and keep it up. And should her nieces ever want to move into it, they could.

Soon, it was the engagement party, and Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Oswald, Clarabelle and Horace all toasted the young mouse lovers. Oswald was the first to speak. He stood and held up his glass of carrot juice.

"I want to propose a toast to my brother and his fiancé; to Mickey and Minnie. If I have ever saw real, true love, it's them. The chemistry between them could be felt all the way to the planet, Pluto. If they were a fire, they would've burned down every forest in the world. These two are like two magnets; attracted to one another, and you can't even pry them apart." Both mice blushed as the rabbit said this. "They've seen good times and bad, and stuck together through it all. They've faced danger together head on, and never backed down. I've seen some things change over time, but the love between them isn't one of them. It's never altered, or faltered. Instead, it remains stronger than anything I've ever known. They've always been together, and I know they always will be. So here's to you both as you share your lives together as one, sharing each day together and facing every challenge side by side. I know you'll share the future together as you have the past and present, and I know you'll share so many laughs and memories together along the way."

Everybody cheered as Oswald finished, and Mickey and Minnie blushed as their friends applauded them. They looked at each other and smiled, and squeezed each other's hand under the table.

"Thanks, fellas," they said together.

"And if somebody can put up with my brother, then she's a keeper," Oswald added teasingly, sitting down.

"Thanks, Bro," Mickey said sarcastically, rolling his eyes. Minnie giggled, and kissed Mickey's cheek. They shared a smile, then Mickey stood up, holding his glass of punch.

"I want to propose a toast to my fiancé, Minnie." He looked down at her with a warm smile, which she returned. "She's always been there for me. She's always believed in me, never doubted me, and always encouraged me. There hasn't been one day that has went by that I haven't thanked God for blessing me with her and every moment we share." As Mickey spoke, he looked at Minnie, who's eyes teared up, and who's heart flip-flopped with each word. "She's stood by me through times when others would turn away. I don't know what I'd do without her. She's everything to me, and I'd do anything for her. Every moment I've spent with her has been the best of my life, and I want to spend so many more moments with her. She's my life. I'm nothing without her. My life means nothing without her in it." Minnie couldn't help it as tears of joy began to streak down her cheeks. She was barely resisting the urge to throw her arms around him and hug him and kiss him. But she would wait until he finished. "So here's to my future wife, and to many more swell years together."

"Oh, Mickey..." Minnie gushed. She could no longer resist the urge, and quickly stood up as she threw her arms around him and hugged him fiercly, crying happily onto him. He wrapped his arms around her and returned her embrace. After a bit, she pulled back, taking his face into her hands, and kissed him several times on his face. Both young mice were totally oblivious to the cheers and applause of their friends as they shared their moment. As she finished kissing him, Minnie embraced Mickey again, holding him tight.

After a moment, she pulled back and wiped the happy tears from her eyes, then picked up her own glass of punch.

"I want to propose a toast to my fiancé, Mickey." She looked deeply into his eyes as she smiled lovingly at him. "He's always been there for me. He's never let me down. He's my hero. He's always believed in me, never doubted me, and he's always encouraged me, too. There isn't one day that goes by that I don't thank God for blessing me with him and for every moment we share together." Mickey's heart flip-flopped in his chest and his eyes began to water as she spoke. "He's stood by me through thick and thin. I don't know what I'd do without him. I need him. He's everything to me, and I'd do anything for him. Every moment I've spent with him has been the best of my life, and I want to spend so many more moments with him. He's my life. He's my whole world. I'm nothing without him. My life means nothing without him. I look up to him, and every time I think about the future, he's all I see. So here's to my future husband, and to so many more wonderful years with him."

"Aw, gee, Minnie..." Mickey uttered, and wrapped his arms around her, and she happily returned his embrace. He pulled back and kissed her lips, making her melt in his arms. They paid no mind to the cheers and applause from their onlookers as they indulged in their moment. As he broke the kiss, they embraced one another again.

"I love you so much," they whispered together. They smiled, and squeezed each other tighter. They knew that whatever lay ahead, as they always had, they'd face it side-by-side, and heart-to-heart.