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Squad Unit 19.


Mickey and Minnie sat comfortably in their seats listening to the humming of the plane's engines. They had already got a little something to eat from the stewardess and couldn't help but feel excited about their honeymoon. Minnie looked at her husband and giggled, noticing a little of his pineapple cheesecake dessert around his mouth. Upon realizing what she found amusing, he chuckled shyly and started to wipe it off, but she beat him to it. She leaned close and licked it off of him. Both blushed when she pulled away, but they also smiled. Soon, they had finished their in-flight meal and just settled into their seats.

Minnie sighed happily and softly. Their honeymoon. Those words kept going through her mind. When she and Mickey were dating, she'd sometimes wonder if it was real - if she really had such a wonderful guy - such a wonderful boyfriend - like Mickey in her life. It felt too good to be true; to have such a handsome, cute, sweet and kindhearted guy as her boyfriend. And him being the same kind of mouse as her was also a plus. She always felt that if it were a dream, she never wanted to wake up. Now she could hardly believe that she and Mickey were married, that he was her husband and she was his wife, and now they were on their way to their honeymoon. If all this were a dream, she never wanted to wake up from it. She looked down at the necklace he had given her as a wedding present and raised her free hand to touch it. She smiled. She turned her head and looked at her husband, who sat with his eyes closed. They were holding hands. She leaned close and nuzzled him affectionately, resting her head against his shoulder. He nuzzled her back, resting his cheek against the top of her head. They squeezed each other's hand.

As the young mice neared their destination, they looked out the window of the plane, admiring the clear blue ocean. In the distance, they could see Tiaca coming into view. And the closer they got, the more excited they got. As the stuwerdress made the announcement that they were about to land, the mice gripped each other's hand as the plane landed and skidded to a stop on the runway. Unbuckling themselves, the mice got up from their seats and made their way through the crowd into the airport to the baggage claim. After getting their bags, they headed outside and hailed a cab to take them to their hotel. The mice looked at the sights out the cab's windows and Minnie took pictures as they traveled down the street.

Soon, they pulled up to the front of the hotel and the mice got out the moment the cab stopped. They paid the fair, then got their bags out of the trunk and started through the front doors into the hotel's lobby. It was a beautiful hotel. Nothing too fancy. It was just right to the newlyweds. They had picked out this hotel before they got married and had only seen it in pictures. It looked more stunning in person.

"Wow. This is a beautiful hotel," Minnie said, setting her bags down to snap a picture.

"I'll say. It looks even better in person," Mickey agreed. Minnie let her camera rest back around her neck.

"I can't wait to see our room," she said with an excited smile.

"Then let's get our keys and go check it out," he said. Both smiled excitedly as they headed for the front desk. They got the keys to their room and made their way up the stairs to find it. Finding it, they set their bags down at the door as Mickey placed the key in the lock. "Madam," he said with a coy smile.

"Why, thank you, sir," Minnie smiled and waited as he unlocked the door. As the door swung open, both stood with wide eyes.

"Wow..." both said together. It was a beautiful room. It had a big bed with white sheets, a TV, an air conditioner, bathroom, a little kitchen, dresser and wardrobe, beige carpeting with white walls, and it had a balcony with a beautiful view of the beach and ocean. They picked up their bags and walked into the room. Walking over to the bed, Minnie dropped her bags and hopped up on the bed, bouncing on it.

"Oh, Mickey, this room is perfect!" she said with a bright smile. "I love it!" Mickey set his bags down and stepped closer to the bed.

"I'm glad you like it. It is a nice room. Looks even better than in the photos."

"It certainly does." Mickey sat down next to her on the bed.

"I just hope you won't start loving this place so much that you won't want to go home," he teased. She nudged him playfully.

"I really like this place but I love our home, our own bedroom and our own bed. Nothing can beat that," she said. They shared a smile. She then bounced on the bed and giggled. "The bed is very bouncy." Mickey laid back on the bed, putting his hands behind his head, and she smiled as she watched him.

"Not too shabby." She laid down next to him and nuzzled him.

"Nope. Perfect for cuddling." After a moment, she eased up and pecked his cheek and patted his stomach. "Come on. Let's unpack." She hopped off the bed and picked up her bags, placing them on the bed. Mickey got off the bed and got his own bags.

"So once we unpack, where would ya like to go first?"

"Mm... Well, we have two weeks, so we have time to do pretty much whatever we want."

"True. But what would you like to do first?" Minnie thought for a moment.

"Um... Well, I'd love to go sight-seeing, swimming, and just hang out on the beach. And I'd love to go exploring around the island. But how about we get something to eat first? We haven't eaten since breakfast."

"Sounds good to me. I'd like to try some of the delicacies here."

"Me, too."

Mickey and Minnie finished unpacking, then strolled down to the hotel's café for some lunch. Sitting at the table, they picked up the menus and looked at the food. Both thought all of the food looked good.

"Wow. All of it looks good," Mickey said.

"I know. I can't decide what to eat," Minnie agreed, then giggled.

"Well, we have two weeks. So that should give us some time to try just about everything," he chuckled.

"I like the way you think," she giggled. "Now... What to try first..." He chuckled.

"I hope we don't starve before we make up our minds." She giggled.

"Yeah, me, too."

"How about number six? It sure looks good," he suggested.

"Ooh, you're right. It does look scrumptious. Okay, we'll try that first," she said.

"And what about dessert?"

"How about number three? It looks tasty."

"I'll say. Okay, we'll try that one."

Just then, the waiter came over and took the young mouse couple's order and went to get the food. In the meantime, the mice took the opportunity to admire the café. It was a little fancy, but not one of those expensive café's. The food was priced reasonably. And the setting was calming and soothing. The café had a beautiful bay window that overlooked the beach and ocean. Outside, they could see the palm trees swaying in the breeze. The smell of fresh sea air, mixed with the delightful aroma of the food could be smelled all over the café. The café wasn't really busy, so the mice didn't have too much commotion going on around them. They picked a table off to themselves so they could be alone.

"I just hope we don't run into any bad guys while we're here," Minnie mentioned, grinning at Mickey across the table.

"Don't worry, toots," Mickey said with a wave of his hand. "If anything comes up, I'm not getting involved. We'll let the local authorities handle it."

"Really? You mean it?" she asked him, her eyes widening in surprise.

"Cross my heart," he replied, crossing his fingers over his heart.

"So you won't go gallabanting off on some adventure while we're here?" she teased. Mickey felt a pang of guilt but tried not to show it.

"Not this time. This is just about you and me. I want us both to enjoy this." She smiled at him, and reached her hand across the table to take his.

"I'm already enjoying it. And now I know I'll have you all to myself."

"And I'll have you all to myself?" he asked with a grin.

"You know it," she replied with a grin. As they sat waiting, Mickey and Minnie just sat gazing into each other's eyes. Mickey loved how warm and loving Minnie's beautiful deep brown eyes were. He loved how they sparkled when she was happy, how they glistened in the moonlight, and how they twinkled when she was being playful or sly or mischievous. He could usually tell what she was feeling just by looking into her eyes. It was like her eyes were a window to her soul. Minnie blushed and adverted her gaze for only a moment, seeing how warmly Mickey was staring at her. It made her heart flutter and her cheeks flush.

Minnie loved how warm and gentle Mickey's gorgeous brown eyes were. She loved how they sparkled when he was happy and how they twinkled when he was being mischievous. And she loved how they shimmered in the moonlight. She could usually tell what he was feeling by looking into his eyes. If her eyes were a window to her soul, then his was a window to his.

Before long, the waiter had brought the mice their lunch and the mice started to eat after saying a silent prayer together. The food was really good; better than they thought it would be. They talked in between bites and soon finished their meal and started on their dessert. It, too, was better than they thought it would be. After they finished their meal, Mickey and Minnie left the café and decided to go sight-seeing. They walked down the street hand-in-hand taking in the sights, and stopping to take pictures of different places and things along the way. They also picked up some souvenirs as they walked.

Walking along, they stopped at a palm tree to take some pictures. They set the camera up and stood with one arm around one another at the base of the tree while the camera took their photo. Then Mickey took the camera and took his wife's picture. Next, Minnie took her husband's picture. Just as the camera finished taking his photo, the wind blew. It blew just enough to blow a coconut loose from the palm tree and the coconut fell and bonked Mickey on his head.


Minnie gasped and instantly dashed over to him and began to rub his head where the coconut hit.

"That smarts," he groaned.

"Aww, you poor thing," she cooed. "Here. Maybe this will help." She kissed him softly on the place where the coconut hit. "There. Feel better?"

"That really helped. Thanks," he said with a big grin. She giggled.

"You're welcome," she smiled. Then she grabbed his hand. "Come on. Let's finish our sight-seeing." He chuckled as they started walking again.

"I saw stars after that coconut hit me. Does that count?" She laughed with him as they continued onward.

After a while, the young mice decided to take a little break. They stopped at this spot that was situated on this little hill that overlooked the beach and ocean. It had a little stone wall built around the edge and a few palm trees stood near it providing some shade. It was a beautiful, serene spot. After taking a few pictures, Mickey and Minnie began to rest and admire the view.

"Wow. Just look at the view," Minnie said in amazement.

"Gosh. It sure is something," Mickey said, leaning with his forearms on the top of the stone wall. Minnie joined him, and together they just watched the waves coming up onto the beach and listened to the alluring sounds of them. Luckily, this spot was remote, and only the sounds of the waves and the breeze could be heard. Mickey suddenly felt something and looked to his side to see Minnie nuzzling her head against his shoulder. He smiled and wrapped one arm around her. She nuzzled him, sighing contently. Both were thankful they were sharing this moment with one another. Minnie lifted her head and looked up into her companion's eyes. Leaning close, she grazed her lips softly over his and he returned her action. Pulling away, they shared a smile. They nuzzled each other as they looked back out at the ocean, both glad they were together. "Say, Minnie?" She looked up at him, interested. "I saw an ad in the café saying there's gonna be a luau tonight. Wanna go?" he asked shyly and hopefully. Her eyes lit up.

"Yeah! Oh, I'd love to!" Minnie smiled brightly and excitedly. "I love a good luau."

"Me, too," he said. "This is gonna be great."

"Totally," she smiled. They shared a smile, then she nuzzled him. As they turned back toward the beach, Minnie spotted a banner a little further up the beach.

Sand Castle Building Contest: Tomorrow at 2:00 pm. was what it read.

"Mickey, look!" she pointed to it excitedly. "A sand castle building contest! Why don't we enter?" she asked hopefully.

"Sure! we'll enter it!" Mickey replied.

"Yippee!" she smiled excitedly, squeezing his arm. "This is gonna be so much fun!"

"You said it." Both shared a smile. Then Minnie grabbed her husband's hand.

"Come on! Let's go swimming!" she said excitedly. Mickey happily obliged and followed her out onto the beach where they spent most of the evening playing, swimming and just hanging out on the beach. Later that evening, the young mouse couple attended the luau and had a great time together. The next day, they entered the sand castle building competition. Both had a grand time building a sand castle together. They didn't care if they won; it was just fun to build the castle together. They actually won the contest, and they got their picture taken with their castle and their trophy.

There were so many things the young mouse lover's wanted to do on Tiaca that they couldn't possibly do it all in one day. They were glad they were going to be there for two weeks; they wanted to do so many things together and experience all they could of what the island had to offer. They didn't make a list; they agreed to just have fun and do everything they could together. In between venturing out to see what other fun activities they could do, they were content to just stay in their hotel room and be alone together.

Sometimes they'd lie on their bed either both on their stomachs, both on their backs or one would be on their back and the other on their stomach and they'd talk. Sometimes they'd read a book together. And sometimes they'd sit out on the balcony together and cuddle as they watched the waves roll in along the beach. During the evenings they were at the hotel, they'd sit out on the balcony and watch the sunset together. At night they'd look up at the stars and watch how the moonlight reflected in the ocean.

During one of their days exploring the island, Mickey and Minnie had taken a break on a little hill underneath a palm tree. They kicked back in the cool shade, just admiring the view and enjoying being together. Minnie was wearing a spaghetti-strap dress that came down to a little above her knees that had a beautiful hibiscus-print on it. She wore a hair bow and a hibiscus flower in front of her left ear. She also wore a pair of white sandals. Mickey wore a surfboard-print button-front shirt, blue shorts and red sandals. They sat together under the tree eating some slices of pineapple they got from a vendor just before they found that spot.

After they finished with their snack, they cuddled up underneath the tree together - Minnie lying with her head on her husband's chest and Mickey lying with one arm around his wife's waist - and just laid there enjoying the peace and quiet and the sounds of the waves rolling in. They ended up taking a nap for about an hour. Minnie was the first one awake and Mickey soon followed. After both yawned and stretched, their eyes met and they just lay admiring each other's eyes for a moment before both blushed and looked away. Turning back to one another, they smiled at one another before each leaned in for a gentle kiss.

Mickey and Minnie were walking back to their room, talking about the day's events. They spent the day sight-seeing, snorkeling and going to the island's aquarium, and finished with a romantic stroll underneath the stars back to the hotel. After eating dinner, they headed back up to their room.

"I still can't get over the size of that shark," Mickey said as they walked back into their room.

"Me, neither," Minnie said. "I'm sure glad that there aren't any sharks like that around the island. And those little seals were so cute!"

"Reminds me of a seal problem I had once," he chuckled. She giggled.

"I remember that."

"At least I finally got him and all his friends to go back to the zoo."

"Well, you can't really blame him for sneaking into your house." He quirked a brow.

"How not?" She smiled as she draped her arms around his shoulders.

"Because you're so lovable. You're just such a wonderful person, Mickey. It's no wonder why people and animals like you. Why do you think I'm so attracted to you and love you so much." He blushed, placing his hands on her hips.

"Aw, gee..."

"And you know... That little seal was cute... But you're a lot cuter." She leaned up and brushed her lips against his, moaning as she did. After a few seconds, they broke the kiss and pulled away. They took each other's hand and stepped over to the balcony doors where they opened them and looked out over the ocean view. He heard her giggle and looked down at her.

"What is it?"

"I'm just so happy that we're finally married," she said with a big smile, leaning against him as she wrapped her arm around his.

"I'm happy, too," he said. "I guess you were beginning to wonder if it would ever happen."

"I did wonder once in a while." She nuzzled him as she looked fondly up at him. "But I was willing to wait forever if I had to." Mickey smiled. Sometimes Minnie could still surprise him. It surprised him sometimes how much she did love him. What a strong girl. What a strong wife.

"Now you don't have to." He leaned close and, sensing his intentions, she leaned up and captured his lips just as he captured hers. Pulling away, they smiled, then she rested her had against his arm as she sighed softly. After a moment, she giggled and lifted her head.

"See? Being married isn't as bad as you thought it would be," she teased, nudging his hip playfully. He looked at her sincerely.

"No. It's better than I thought it would be." Feeling her heart flutter, she smiled, and leaned up to kiss him.

"It's better than I thought it would be, too," she whispered when they pulled apart. After sharing a smile, they looked out over the ocean as Minnie nuzzled her husband affectionately. A moment of silence passed. "It wasn't that I didn't want to get married," he said, turning to her.

"No. You just let Donald scare you with his crazy ideas about marriage and you liked being a bachelor," she teased playfully, nudging him. He shook his head. There was something that Minnie didn't know. A fear that he had harbored within him. A fear that he had never told he about. A fear he had hidden for so long. He reasoned it was time she knew.

"It had nothing to do with that. I wanted to marry you. But... I was just kinda scared..." She looked at him puzzled and interested. "I've heard stories about women who got depressed after getting married. I didn't want that to be you. I didn't want what he had between us to change. I wanted you to be happy. That's part of why I was afraid to get married. I didn't want you to be unhappy or what we had to change."

"Mickey..." Minnie uttered softly, facing him fully as he did the same. "I don't care about some stupid stories. I'm not like that. I would never have gotten depressed. I'm definitely not depressed, and I have no reason to be. And nothing between us has changed or ever will change." She took his face into her hands. "I love you so much, Mickey. And what I feel for you will never, ever change. And I am happy. I'm happy because I'm with you. You make me happy. You don't ever have to worry about anything changing between us, or about me being unhappy. I promise you that." The reassuring smile she gave him made him feel better.

They shared a smile, then she leaned close and hugged him.

"Thanks, Mickey," she smiled.

"For what?" he asked curiously. She pulled away.

"For not going off on some dangerous adventure or trying to thwart a villain while we're here. I'm so proud of you. Thank you," she smiled.

"You're welcome, Min," he replied.

"I know you'd love to be doing something adventurous, but I want you to know that the time we've been spending together - it really means a lot to me. It means so much to me that we've been spending our honeymoon here just having fun and just being together. It means so much to me. Thank you so much," she said, smiling warmly. Part of what Minnie said was the truth; Mickey did love going on adventures. But there was more to the story...

"You're welcome," he replied. He felt his guilt beginning to rise within his heart.

"I'm glad I have you all to myself for a change," she said with a sly smile. He wrapped her in a warm embrace.

"You've always had me," he whispered. She smiled and happily returned it. He felt his guilt eating away at his insides. He recalled all those adventures he went on that she didn't go. He'd go by himself, with Goofy, Donald or with some other friend of his. Sure she had went with him on some adventures before, and he loved the time they spent together. And he also loved when they could work together. But there was a truth that he had kept inside him for so long... He figured it was time for her to know. "I'm sorry..." he said.

"Hm?" she hummed curiously. He pulled away and she instantly saw the sad and guilt-ridden expression pained on his face.

"There's another reason that I was afraid for us to get married... I was worried... about your safety." She tilted her head, curious and interested in what he was saying. He sighed. "I've thought before about us getting married. But I have so many enemies... I just thought that if we waited that maybe there wouldn't be so many villains out there. I'm sorry about all those times I went on some adventure without you. I just wanted to keep you safe." He let go of her and stepped over to the banister. "You don't know how many times when I was somewhere else that I thought about you. So many times I'd see beautiful sights and I'd wish you could be there with me to see it. I was just worried. I wanted you to stay because I wanted you to be safe."

"That's why when I asked you about me going, you'd always insist I stay home?" she asked him. Mickey nodded.

"How may times have we went somewhere that someone kidnapped you?" Minnie crossed her arms, shifting her weight to one foot.

"I'm not helpless, Mickey. I can take care of myself. I can handle a bad guy just as well as you can," she pointed out, feeling a little irritated. He stepped close to her, placing his hands on her shoulders.

"I know you can. But you shouldn't have to. You shouldn't have to defend yourself, especially on my account. You shouldn't have to be put in that place. I know you're not helpless. I never thought you were. I know you can take care of yourself, Min. I've seen how you handle a thug, and you've save my life before, too. I've never once thought of you as helpless. But sometimes when we go on an adventure together, we run into trouble." He paused, then raised his right hand to her cheek. "And I would never survive if something happen to you." Minnie softened, his words strumming her heartstrings. "You're my weakness, Minnie. And some of my arch enemies know that. They can use you to get to me. I don't want you to be in danger. I don't care what they do to me, but if something ever happen to you... What you see now... I'd be nothing but an empty shell. I love you so much, more than I thought it was possible to love someone. I need you. We've done so much together, and there are so many more things I want us to experience together. I just wanted to protect you. And I always counted the days till I could get home to you. I wanted to be with you. I wanted you to be with me. But I wanted us to go places together when we could enjoy them and you not be in danger."

It hit Minnie then. She now understood completely. During some of the times Mickey went on some adventure, she didn't go because of a few different factors. sometimes his idea of an adventure seemed too crazy to be real and she didn't believe him until later when she found him gone. Sometimes he'd just leave her a note saying he had to rush off and he apologized for having to do so. And other times she'd ask him to go and he would insist she stay home. At the time, she believed his excursions to be an excuse to get away. She was jealous. Jealous that he was spending so much time adventuring and not with her. And jealous that he would ask Goofy or someone else over her. She wanted to be with him. She wanted to be the one adventuring with him. She wanted to be the one he was having fun with. That's the reason she got so frustrated at him at times over him loving adventure.

She even once pretended to have another boyfriend just to make Mickey jealous, hoping he'd pay more attention to her. She didn't care about the guy she pretended was her boyfriend, and she felt so bad and guilty for even doing that to Mickey. She still didn't understand how Mickey forgave her for that. Though she never did it again, she still has moments when she feels guilty over it. She tried to see if Mickey would get jealous before by flirting with some guy. She didn't care about the guy whatsoever, and she felt so guilty and bad over it. She didn't like doing that to Mickey. She didn't mean to hurt Mickey. She just wanted to see if he would get jealous. She wasn't some floosey. She only wanted Mickey. She just wanted him to notice her. She tried more than once to try to get him to settle down, hoping he'd go off adventuring less and spend more time with her. She knew it was selfish of her, but she just wanted to be with him. She wanted it to be her he was having fun with, her he was thinking about, her he spent time with. She wanted to be the apple of his eye just like he is the apple of hers.

She remembered laying in bed at night worrying about him, hoping and praying he'd come home safely. She remembered worrying that there was some girl trying to flirt with him while he was away. Her feelings for him hadn't changed since then. If anything, they've only grown, if that were anymore possible. Minnie never once thought about getting another boyfriend. She never wanted another boyfriend. She wanted Mickey. Forever. She loved him so much. She just wanted him to be safe. That's why she asked him about settling down so many times. She didn't want him taken away from her. She couldn't deny that the adventures they went on where really fun. Battling a bad guy with him was much more fun than staying home cooking. And she had to admit that she had grown to love adventure over the years. His adventures were exciting and she did have a lot of fun. She now understood.

"That's why you always insisted I stay home, isn't it?" she asked softly. "That's why you went alone or asked Goofy or somebody else go with you. That's why you didn't like for me to go sometimes. It wasn't because you didn't want me to go or because you didn't want me with you. It was because you were... trying to protect me..." Mickey nodded.

"Goofy can handle himself pretty good when things get dangerous. You're just as capable of fighting off a bad guy as he is, if not more. But he usually does it... Well... In a goofy way that's his style. I worry about all my friends and I don't want anything to happen to any of them. But you know me better than anyone. And you've been there by me since the beginning. You're my equal. Without you, I'm nothing. You don't know how much I always missed you when I was away." Minnie began to feel guilty. She used to think his adventures were a reason to get away. Now she felt her guilt eating away at her. All those times he asked her to stay behind, all those times he left her behind, he was trying to keep her safe. He was doing it out of love. She began to feel like a heel.

"I... I thought sometimes that you just wanted to get away... I... I thought that... that sometimes you didn't want me to go because you thought I'd be in the way or that I'd make your adventure dull or... or that you thought I wouldn't be any fun..." Her words were like dragging a dagger over his heart. He never meant to make her feel that way. His heart hurt. How much did he make this poor girl suffer? He placed his hands on her shoulders and as he looked into her eyes, she saw tears in his eyes.

"I never, ever thought that. You were never in the way, Minnie. I never thought any of that. I'm so, so sorry I made you feel that way. I never meant to hurt you." She could tell he was hurt. She could feel the pain he was feeling in his heart and it made her hurt to see him this way. "I love adventure; you know that. But I love you so much more than that. Going on adventures... they're fun and it makes me feel excited; free. But that's only during them. You make me feel like that and more every day. Adventures... They're fun while they last but they can never compare to the way you make me feel every day. I don't blame you if you never forgive me, but I'm not sorry for trying to protect you. And I'll do anything to make it up to you." He wrapped her in his arms, sniffing. "I'm so sorry..."

"Oh, Mickey..." Minnie uttered, and wrapped her arms around him in a warm embrace. She didn't even try to stop the tears that began to run down her cheeks. Tears of pain for seeing and feeling his guilt, for seeing him this hurt and for believing what she had before, and tears of joy for now understanding the truth. All she ever wanted was for him to love her and be with her. Lord knows she always loved him to death and would die without him. Now she knew. She never should have doubted him. He loved her. He wanted to protect her. She felt like a heel. She had tried to change him. She had tried to make him jealous, hoping it would make him stay home more. She had gotten angry with him because he loved daring adventures and when he'd go off on them and she'd stay behind. She felt so much regret for all of that. She loved him. She loved him the way he was. She never wanted him to change. All she wanted was to be his girl. She hugged him tight, hoping to heal any wounds in his heart.

She pulled away a little and wiped her eyes, smiling as she touched his cheek with her hand and wiped away his tears.

"It's okay, Mickey. Please don't be sad. I forgive you."

"How can you? How can you possibly forgive me?"

"Because I love you and I want to forgive you. I have no reason not to forgive you." She stroked his cheek. "I understand now. Please don't be sad. I forgive you. That's in the past. This is the present." He smiled, feeling like a boulder had been lifted off his chest.

"You're really something, you know that?" She smiled, her heart twirling at his statement. But then her smile fell. Her guilt rose. She lowered her gaze.

"I'm the one who should apologize..." He looked at her curiously. She lifted her gaze up to him and he saw her saddened eyes. "Oh, Mickey, I'm so sorry!" She buried her face in his chest and hugged him tight. She started to cry. She didn't bother to try to stop the tears. "I'm so sorry..." she whimpered. Mickey, confused, hugged her tight, hoping to heal any wounds in her heart.

"What are you sorry for?" he asked softly. She lifted her gaze to meet his and as she spoke, her voice cracked.

"For everything. For getting upset with you for loving adventure, for trying to make you settle down so much, for trying to make you stay and not go off on so many adventures, for trying to make you jealous, for me getting jealous, for thinking what I thought... Oh, Mickey, I'm so sorry..." She buried her face in his chest as she sobbed. He began to comfort her.

"Shhh... It's okay, Minnie. Please don't cry." She looked up at him.

"You're the only guy I love, Mickey. I don't care about other men - I never did. I love you and no one else. I only want you, Mickey. I don't want you to change. I'm so sorry." She buried her face in his chest again, crying out her guilt. He consoled her for a couple minutes before she was able to compose herself enough to lift her eyes to face him. "I'm sorry for everything. I shouldn't have gotten upset with you or tried to hold you back or try to change you. And I shouldn't have tried to make you jealous. I don't blame you if you don't forgive me. I just wanted to be with you and I wanted you to be with me. I'll do anything to make it up to you." Mickey smiled, and wiped away her tears with his hand.

"It's okay, Min. Please don't be sad. I forgive you." She sniffed.

"How can you forgive me?"

"Because I love you and I want to forgive you. Besides, you forgave me. If you can forgive me, then I can certainly forgive you. But that's in the past. This is now." Minnie smiled. She felt her guilt going away. It felt like a major relief for her. It felt like a boulder had been removed from her chest.

"Oh, Mickey," she smiled, then hugged him.

"Can you forgive me for everything?" She pulled back and smiled.

"I already have. If you can forgive me then I can certainly forgive you." There was a pause as they stared into each other's eyes. "You really are amazing, you know that?"

"Not as amazing as you are."



"Uh-huh." Both chuckled. "I really appreciate you wanting to protect me. Thank you. But I want to protect you, too, Mickey. That's why I always asked you about settling down or got upset at you for going off on daring adventures or wanted to go with you when you went somewhere. It's also why I tried to make you jealous. I couldn't survive without you." She raised her hand to his cheek as she gazed into his eyes. "You're my weakness, too, Mickey. I love you so, so much. I love you like crazy. I love you more than I thought it was possible to love someone. If I lost you... I'd be nothing. If something happened to you they may as well put me in the casket with you because I couldn't go on. I wouldn't want to go. I need you. I would never survive if something happened to you. You're my hero. You've saved my life; in more ways than one. You save my life everyday just because you're here with me. I'm nothing without you. I always worried that you'd get hurt and I wouldn't be there to help you. That you'd need me and I wouldn't be there. Or that some girl would flirt with you and steal you away from me. I love you more than life itself, Mickey. You know me better than anyone. And you've been by me since the beginning. You're my equal, too. By your side is where I want to be. It's where I belong. I never should have gotten upset or tried to hold you back. And I should never have tried to make you jealous. I just wanted to be with you and keep you safe. We've done so much together, and there are so many more things I want us to do together. I'm sorry for getting upset, trying to make you jealous and for trying to hold you back from adventuring, but I'm not sorry for wanting to keep you safe."

"Aw, Minnie..." Mickey murmured as he pulled her into a tight hug. She smiled as she happily returned his action. Both understood now. Mickey wanted to protect her and Minnie wanted to protect him. They now knew the truth. Though it was different circumstances, in there own way, they just wanted to keep each other safe. They knew it was selfish of them, but they just wanted to protect one another because they loved each other. Now they each knew the truth. As the young mice slowly pulled apart, they took each other's hands.

"I wanna start going with you on more of your adventures," she said, smiling. Mickey looked a little uneasy. He didn't like the idea of leaving her home, but he didn't want her to be in danger either. She seemed to read his mind. "I may not be as strong as you, but I'm not weak either. I can run just as fast as you and I can handle a bad guy just as well as you can. And I have helped you out before." He had to admit that she was right. He remembered her helping him out on a few occasions and he knew that her woman's inntuition had came in handy more than once. And he did have fun when they worked together. "I want to help you and be there if you need me. Please, Mickey?"

"Alright," he agreed. "You can." He saw Minnie's eyes light up and a big smile cross her lips just before she squealed happily and captured him in a tight hug.

"Oh, thank you, Mickey! I promise I won't be in the way. And I know I can help you. I promise." He smiled and hugged her back.

"I can stop going on so many adventures," he told her. She pulled back to look at him.

"No. Don't do that," she shook her head. "I don't want you to stop doing what you love just because of me. I don't want to hold you back. I want you to keep going on adventures and I want you to have fun. I just want you to be careful. And I just want to able to spend time with you sometimes, just us. And I also want to start going with you more. Now we can be together and work together." He smiled.

"Okay. Just please be careful." She smiled.

"I will. I promise. Promise me you'll be careful too."

"I promise." They shared a warm smile, then leaned close and touched noses.

"I'm still sorry," they said together. Pulling away, they smiled.

"All's forgiven," they said in unison. Minnie circled her arms around her husband's neck.

"All that's in the past. This is the present. I'm willing to put the past behind me and forget it if you are. This is our honeymoon. I want us to be happy and enjoy it."

"Me, too. And I'm willing." He placed his hands on her hips.

"Then let's focus on the present and our future." She leaned up and pressed her lips to his, her leg rising behind her as she moaned. After several seconds, they broke the kiss and smiled at one another. "I love you, Mickey," Minnie smiled a little breathlessly.

"I love you, too, Minnie," Mickey smiled back. They stared into each other's eyes for a moment, then Minnie got an idea. She giggled as she grabbed Mickey's hand and tugged at, smiling.

"Come on."

"W-where are we goin'? Mickey asked, confused as she led him out the door and down the hallway. She looked at him over her shoulder, a big smile on her face.

"You'll see. Now come on; follow me." They ran - her leading him - out the of the hotel and down the street toward the beach. Mickey was curious, but he knew his wife knew where she was going and what she was doing. But he sure was curious as to what her intentions were. It wasn't long before they set foot on the beach. Being late, there wasn't another soul there save for the two young mice. Stopping for a moment, Minnie let go of her husband's hand, then pulled the sundress she wore over her head, revealing the wild strawberry pink two-piece swimsuit she wore underneath. Mickey's eyes widened a little. Then she turned back to him with a playful smile. "Come on. Let's go for a swim."

"At this hour?" She smiled playfully and slyly.

"Aw, come on. Don't be a stick in the mud. Haven't you ever wanted to do something crazy?" Mickey smiled.

"What a gal," he thought to himself. He pulled off his shirt, leaving his red trunks, then she pecked his cheek.

"Last one in is a rotten egg!" She laughed as she ran for the water, and he also began to laugh as he ran after her. He ran up alongside her and both dove into the water together. Surprisingly, the water wasn't cold. It felt just right. As the mice came up for air, they began to laugh.

"This is crazy, you know that, right?"

"So what? Isn't it fun? Besides, what's wrong with being crazy sometimes." She splashed him playfully as she giggled, then he splashed her back. Both began to laugh as they splashed each other, playing in the water by the light of the moon. At one point, they dove under and swam together, their faces only inches away in the water. It was very calming. Luckily, the watch she got him and the necklace he got her were both waterproof. As they held their breath, they gazed into each other's eyes. It was a little dark under the water, but they could still see some. They smiled, then both surfaced. They swam, splashed each other and played for a little while before they decided to end their late night swim. As they walked out of the water, they stopped on the beach and faced one another. They chuckled softly. Water drops dripped down from the bottom of their ears, noses and from the tips of their tails. They were wet, but it didn't matter to them. Minnie was still beautiful to Mickey, and Mickey was still handsome to Minnie. They just stood like that. Their wedding bands glistened in the moonlight, as did her necklace and his watch.

They stood smiling and gazing into each other's eyes. Mickey raised his hands and cupped her face delicately in his palms, admiring her beauty. Her deep brown eyes seemed to sparkle as they gazed lovingly back into his, and the moonlight shone beautifully in them. Minnie loved when Mickey looked at her like he was now. It made her insides melt and her heart flutter. Mickey leaned close and tenderly grazed his lips over hers. Minnie moaned as her tail curled into a heart behind her and her arms wrapped around his torso. With his hands caressing her face and his lips pressed to hers, she just stood, enveloped in the mind-numbing kiss he had put her in. A moan escaped her. Whether it was a chaste kiss or a passionate kiss, every kiss of his was out of this world to her.

After about eight seconds, he pulled away leaving his face only inches from hers as his hot breath and hands caressed her face. They smiled at one another as she stared dazedly up into his eyes. His kiss always had that effect on her. But she wasn't going to let him have all the fun. She raised her hands and cupped his face in her palms, him wrapping his arms around her skinny frame. She caressed his face for a moment, just admiring him. Then she leaned up and pressed her lips to his. She held his face as she kissed him, and Minnie couldn't help but moan into it. His lips and kiss always had that effect on her. After about eight seconds, she slowly pulled away, leaving her face only inches from his, her hot breath tickling his lips as her hands caressed his face. Then she circled her arms around his neck and stood on one foot, just relishing the feel of his warm body against her own. They held one another and smiled fondly at each other.

Mickey held his young wife close to his body, her delicate, skinny little body pressed against his. He admired her. She stood by him when others wouldn't. She faced danger alongside him when others would have ran. And she believed in him when others had doubted him. This beautiful, gentle soul; this young, sweet, innocent little girl mouse had been by him since the very beginning. She loved him to no end; she told him so and he could see it shinning in her eyes when she looked at him and in her actions. He knew it was true. And she was strong. She had put up with his antics, defended him when others criticized him and stuck by him through thick and thin. She was always there. Rain or shine, wind or snow, she was there. And always with her charming, sweet and innocent smile, open arms, and a heart of gold. He had never doubted her; always believed in her. She was his rock. She was his love, and she was his life. She always picked him up when he was feeling down. She always comforted him when he needed it. She had kept him by her and never let him down. He'll never abandon her. He'd climb the highest mountain and swim the deepest ocean for her. What a strong girl she was. What a strong girlfriend she had been, and what a strong wife she was now.

Minnie held her young husband close to her, holding his warm body against her own. She admired him. He was a hero. The world may have saw him as such, but he was a much bigger hero to her. He was her hero. He had stood by her and never let her down. She had been by this sweet, handsome young boy mouse since the beginning, and she wouldn't have it any other way. She knew she had stood by him when others wouldn't have; that she had faced dangers alongside him when others wouldn't have, just to be with him and to make sure he was safe. But she wanted to. And she'd do it every bit of it all over again if she had to. And she'll keep doing he. She'll never abandon him or give up on him. She really did love him to no end. She loved him to death. Taking him away from her would be like taking the sun away from the earth. She wanted him to know every day that she cared about him. She knew he loved her, too. She could see it in his eyes and in his actions. She wanted to be there for him. Heck, she'd swim the deepest ocean and climb the highest mountain for him. She had always believed in him. She believed in him when others had doubted him. He had put up with her own antics and kept her by him, and she had defended him when others had criticized him. She wanted to. She never doubted him and she always believed in him. She knew him. She trusted him. She believed in him. She had stuck by him through thick and thin and she always would. He had never let her down; always been there for her. He was her rock, he was her love, he was her life. He was always there to pick her up when she was feeling down, always there to comfort her when she needed it. He was an inspiration to her. No matter what, he was always there with his charming smile, open arms, and a heart of gold. He was strong. He put up with it when others downed him; when she wanted to deck every one of them for doing so. She had never doubted him and always believed in him. What a strong boy he was. What a strong boyfriend he had been, and what a strong husband he was now.

"I love you, Mickey," Minnie smiled softly.

"I love you, too, Minnie," Mickey smiled back, gently rubbing her back. She leaned up, standing on her toes on the one foot she still had planted in the sand, and nuzzled her nose to his. Pulling away, they smiled. "How about a stroll?" he offered. Her eyes lit up.

"I'd love to!" she answered. She wrapped her arm around his and both began to stroll along the beach together. As they walked, Minnie gave Mickey's arm a gentle squeeze. It was a quiet and peaceful night; perfect for a stroll along the beach. The young little girl mouse sighed softly. "I love walking along the beach." She nuzzled him as she spoke. He nuzzled her back.

"Me, too. It's very quiet here tonight."

"Yes it is. I'm glad it's just us."

"So am I." He softly kissed her ear, making her giggle. They shared a smile and continued with their stroll. A little later, the young mice headed back to their hotel room and got ready for bed.

Mickey and Minnie had a wonderful honeymoon. It was perfect. Neither could have asked for it to have been any better. Both had a grand time over the course of the two weeks they were there. On the last day of their honeymoon, the young mice boarded a cruise ship back home. Walking into their cabin, they were just as surprised with it as they were with their hotel room. Setting their suitcases down by the bed, both mice sat down on the bed and Minnie bounced on it.

"Hee hee! This bed is very bouncy, too!"

"But you still like our bed better, right?" he grinned.

"Duh," she grinned. Then she smiled. "Of course I like our bed better. It's our bed." Smiling deviously, Minnie pushed Mickey onto his back then lay next to him, her upper torso propped up on her elbow as she rested her free hand on his chest. The action caught him by surprise at first, but he had long since grown to love her surprises. "Nothing can beat our bed," she said.

"You said it. As they say: 'There's no place like home'."

"I totally agree." Both shared a grin. The young little girl mouse sighed, rubbing his chest. "I'm glad we decided to sail back home. Just you and me and a couple days of sailing on the ocean. This is gonna be so romantic and fun."

"It's nothin' but smooth sailing from here on in. Just you, me, and this big ol' ship," he chuckled. She giggled, then leaned her face down close to his and grazed her lips over his. Mickey rolled her onto her back and kissed her back, making her moan as her arms moved around his neck. She giggled when they pulled away.

"I thought we agreed that we'd wait till we got back home before we had some fun." He smiled.

"I know. I just wanted to taste you a little." Her heart fluttered, and as he started to sit up, she grabbed his arm, pulling him back down to her.

"Just a second, handsome. Now I want a little taste of you," she smiled deviously. With that, she rolled him onto his back, crawled on top of him, and began kissing his neck. Her necklace dangled down and the heart pendant rested on his chest. After a bit, she pulled back and met his smile with her own. Then she kissed him once more on his lips. "Come on," she patted his chest. "Let's unpack so we can explore the ship." She sat up and he followed.

"You read my mind." Both shared a smile. Soon, they had unpacked their suitcases and went for a stroll along the deck.

As they walked arm-in-arm, they stopped at one point and looked over one of the railings. It was a beautiful view. Minnie and Mickey moved one arm around one another as they stood looking out at the ocean. After a little while, Minnie spotted something in the water.

"Mickey, look!" She pointed excitedly to a small group of dolphins that were swimming and jumping out of the water.

"Wow!" Mickey said. He and Minnie laughed as they watched the dolphins seemingly race the ship. It was an amazing sight. The little mice had a great time together hanging out on the decks of the ship. Before long, the sun had began to set. But Mickey had a surprise for his young wife.

"Just where are you taking me, Mickey Mouse?" Minnie asked with a smile. Mickey led her along the deck of the ship holding her hand. She had her eyes closed, per his instructions, and she was curious and excited about her husband's surprise.

"You'll see, Min. Now don't look." Mickey led Minnie to the front of the ship where he stopped at the bow, against the railings. "Now hold your arms out." He guided her arms out straight at her sides. "Now you can open your eyes." Minnie did as she was told and opened them, and she gasped softly at the amazing sight before her. Mickey had led her to the bow of the ship and the sunset from there was breathtaking. But because she also had her arms out it felt like she was flying, what with the wind blowing against her.

"Oh, Mickey..." Minnie said, amazed. Mickey shrugged simply, wrapping his arms around her little waist.

"I saw it in a movie once." Minnie turned around, wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him square on the lips.

"Oh, Mickey!" Minnie turned around, wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him square on the lips. "You're so romantic. Thank you for bringing me here. I love it," she smiled a little breathlessly when she pulled away.

"You're welcome," he said. Minnie turned around, pressing her back against his front, and lowered her arms to rest on his around her stomach and as her left hand rested over his left, their rings touched. She turned her face to him.

"I saw that same movie. We both did." They shared a smile, then Minnie leaned against Mickey as both looked out at the sunset. After a moment, she giggled. "Here's something that didn't happen in that movie." She turned around in his arms, wrapped hers around his neck and pressed her sweet lips to his. He followed by wrapping his arms around her. They kissed on the bow of the ship in front of the beautiful sunset. After a few seconds, they broke the kiss and pulled away a little as their brown eyes and warm smiles met. "You're so romantic. Thanks for bringing me here," Minnie smiled demurely.

"Aw, shucks..." Mickey blushed. "I just hope this ship doesn't sink," he added with a chuckle. Minnie slapped his shoulder playfully.

"Way to kill the mood," she grinned. Both laughed. Then Minnie smiled. "If this ship was doomed to sink, I'd rather be here with you and us be doomed together." Mickey smiled.

"Me, too."

"Just don't go making any sacrifices by staying in the water and leaving me to float on top of something by myself. Either we both stay in the water or we both climb on top of something." He chuckled.

"Deal." They shared a smile, then leaned in and shared another kiss. After pulling away, they returned to watching the sunset as they stood in each other's arms. Later, after the sun had set, they went for a stroll along the moonlit decks. They also returned to the bow of the ship and stood there again as they watched the moon shine down on the waves in the ocean. The cool breeze made it a little chilly and Minnie shivered slightly. "You cold?" Mickey asked.

"It is a little nippy out here," she said. Mickey pulled off his coat.

"Here." He placed it around her shoulders then moved one arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him.

"Thanks," she smiled softly, the gently smooched his cheek. Minnie sighed softly and contently as she snuggled against her husband. Even though they had been married for a little over two weeks now, it still seemed like a dream sometimes. A beautiful, wonderful dream. Being married to Mickey was even better than she dreamt it would be. And he was just as wonderful a husband as he had been a boyfriend. Just as she knew he would be. She believed he deserved more. But she was so thankful that he was with her and vice versa. She would never let him go. She wrapped one arm around him and nuzzled him affectionately.

"I love you," he whispered in her ear, making her quiver from the enjoyable sensation of his hot breath tickling it and her heart flutter at his words.

"Love you more," she purred, nuzzling him. She tilted her head upward and met his lips. After sharing a smile, they looked back out over the moonlit ocean. The young mouse couple stood there a little longer hugged up together before they called it a night and went back to their cabin.

The mice spent the next day together just hanging out in their cabin, strolling along the decks of the ship, and lounging around on the deck. That night, the mice packed their suitcases, having them ready for the next day when they would return home. The trip back home had been wonderful. And both mice were thankful for that. After the ship had pulled into port, the mice began their trek back home. On the way, Mickey called Oswald to inform him that they were on their way home. The mice had enjoyed every moment of their honeymoon. But they were also glad to get back home, too.

Oswald had taken Mickey's truck to the port and left it so that the mice could drive it home. After putting their suitcases in the truck bed, Mickey and Minnie buckled up for the ride home. It wasn't long before Mickey and Minnie arrived home. After pulling onto the driveway, Mickey shut off the engine and both he and Minnie unbuckled themselves. Minnie started to get out, but Mickey put his hand on her arm, stopping her.

"Wait here. I'll be right back," he said, then got out of the truck. Minnie watched him curiously as he went around to the truck bed, got out a couple of suitcases and carried them onto the porch. She watched him unlock the door and carry the bags inside. Minnie smiled, then got out of the truck and walked around to the bed, got the last two bags and began to carry them. Mickey came back out and met her halfway. "What are you doing?" he asked, looking at her a little stunned.

"I'm helping you with the suitcases," she answered with a smile, as if it weren't obvious. He took the bags from her.

"I can get the bags," he said, casting her a smile.

"But I wanted to help you," she said.

"I appreciate that. But I have something I want to do, so wait right here, alright?" He kissed her nose, then carried the bags inside the house. She looked after him puzzled.

"Now what could he be thinking?" she thought to herself. Having set the bags inside, Mickey walked back out to his wife where he scooped her up bridal style, making her squeak with surprise at first, then smile as she circled her arms around his neck.

"I wanted to carry you inside," he said with a coy smile. Her heart fluttered.

"So that's why you wanted me to wait outside."

"Yep. I wanted to carry you inside again."

"Oh, Mickey," Minnie cooed. "You're so sweet." She kissed his cheek, and both chuckled. As Mickey carried Minnie across the threshold, both looked around the inside of their home. It was as they left it. Homey. Warm. Welcoming. Both turned to each other.

"Welp. We're home."

"Yeah. We're home." Minnie raised her hand to her husband's cheek and stroked it as they gazed into each other's eyes. Then the young little girl mouse closed the distance and nuzzled her nose to his. Just then, a familiar bark and meow was heard. The mice pulled away and turned to see Pluto and Figaro running from the kitchen toward them, both happy to see the mice.

"Hey, fellas!" the mice said. Mickey set Minnie down and both began to pet Pluto and Figaro as both pets gave their owner's a series of licks, making the mice laugh. Mickey petted both Pluto and Figaro whilst Minnie did the same. After welcoming their owner's home, the dog and kitten headed into the kitchen, leaving the mice alone. They faced one another. "I guess they're happy we're home," Mickey surmised with a chuckle.

"Yeah. I'm happy to be home," Minnie said, giggling.

"Me, too." Minnie then wrapped her arms around Mickey's neck as he wrapped his arms around her skinny frame, and both just gazed into each other's eyes.

"I love you, Mickey," Minnie smiled.

"I love you, Minnie," Mickey smiled. She closed the distance and pressed her lips to his, moaning as one leg rose behind her and her tail twitched and curled. After a bit, they broke the kiss and pulled away to meet each other's eyes and smiles. Then Mickey pulled away and picked up two of the suitcases. "I guess we should carry these upstairs." Minnie smiled a sly smile, and took the bags from him and set them down.

"Leave 'em. They're not going anywhere. Right now..." She grabbed his hand and tugged on it gently. "Last one upstairs is a rotten egg!" she giggled excitedly, and began sprinting upstairs with him in tow...

Mickey and Minnie were very thankful that their honeymoon had been as wonderful as it was. It had been perfect, just like their wedding. Now they were starting their lives together as a married couple, and both knew it would be every bit as wonderful, blissful, and magical as when they were dating. Neither doubted it. The young mouse couple were together. They had each other and they were happy. They truly were happily married, and both knew that nothing would ever tear them apart. Their bond was stronger than steal and would always be so. They had shared so much and done so many things together already, and there were so many more things they wanted to do together. And they had all the time in the world. They're happy and they're together. And they would be forever.

And Mickey and Minnie lived happily ever after.


Squad Unit 19: The seal was a reference to the 1948 Mickey cartoon, "Mickey and the Seal." And that part on the bow of the ship is a reference to the movie "Titanic."