Title: Blind Date

Authoress: jayzmatty

Pairing: SasuNaru, side pairing KakaIru

Summary: Ino asked a favor to Naruto to pretend as her and go to her blind date. Naruto unwillingly accepted and guess who his date was? Uchiha Saske! Would Naruto keep pretending? Or fall in love the Uchiha?

Chapter: 1 of 5(?)

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A/N: This was actually an out-of-the-blue fanfiction that I imagined. I was taking a bath and then certain images just popped out of my head. So, I decided to write this because it's a good idea. Thanks to my girl sibs for helping me out!

Chapter One

"Let me say it again, Ino. No," Naruto said firmly, earning a shrill whine from the female blond. Naruto sighed exasperatedly. 'For heaven's sake, Kami-sama! How crazy can this proposal get?' he cried mentally.

"Pretty, pretty, pretty please! I really need this Naruto and you're the only one who could pull it off with no one recognizing!" Ino exclaimed. Naruto rolled his eyes. "May I ask why I should do that? You have Sakura to help you-"

"She's already engaged to Lee."


"Dating Neji."


"She's married to Shikamaru, Naruto! You were one of his groomsmen!"

"Hinata, yes! Hinata! She's single and not dating anyone!"

"And ruin the chance for her to be with Kiba or Shino? Fat chance!"

"Then why freaking me out of all of your girlfriends?" Naruto shrilled. Ino flashed him a creepy smile, causing to send shivers down his spine. "Because we're both blond AND blue-eyed. You could be a perfect replica of me." She stated in as-a-matter-of-fact tone. "Oh, so that's your reason? Well, let me see if it's convincing… NOT!" Naruto retorted.

"Come awn, Naruto! You're cute and pretty if you were a girl! Look, I'll dress you up comfortably, which means no short dresses or skirt, no high heels or boots, and not too much make-up. I'll dress you as comfortable as possible with lesser make-up if you want! I'll let you wear flats or even a Converse if I had too!" Ino suggested strongly. Naruto sighed exasperatedly. "It doesn't matter what I'm going to wear."

"I'll lend you the necklace I bought from the mall yesterday. Oh, and the new Chuck Taylor Converse! It is color orange," Ino sang hopefully.

"That is if it's my size. If it was, then I'd say yes."

"What else do you want? I've offered a lot of things already! Then… Oh! I got it! A month supply of ramen from me! You don't have to pay!" Ino offered. Naruto's stomach just grumbled from the word ramen. 'Mmmm… Ramen… My one and only beautiful ra- Wait, No! I am not going to crumble that easily!'

"N-n-no thanks. That wouldn't persuade me into doing… t-that," Naruto said with self-restraint. Ino's mouth opened slightly. Naruto would never, and I mean NEVER, deny anything if they put in ramen as a reward! Okay, final resort! Desperate times call desperate measures!

"Okay then… Sigh, I wonder how Kiba and the other guys will react if I told them about your modeling career at high school that Sakura told me about. And who was with you back then at the shoot…? Ah, it's Sai-"

"Okay, okay, okay! I get it! Alright, I'll accept your stupid proposal! Jeez, you didn't have to use blackmail," Naruto muttered. Ino hoorayed and was about to clap her hands when Naruto held his hands up. "But you have two conditions," Naruto said seriously. Ino nodded happily, excited for the makeover.

"One, dress me with no girl sh*t, okay? Second, don't you ever tell those dudes about THAT," Naruto said threateningly. Ino giggled. "Okay, I agree. Let's shake on it." With that said, they shook hands. Naruto was about to leave until Ino grabbed his arm.

"Oh, and one more thing, Uzumaki. No chickening out, okay?" Ino smiled coyly. Naruto laughed nervously. Yup, there's no turning back.


Naruto couldn't help himself but gape at the mirror in front of him. There was a familiar churning of his stomach, just like the time when he caught Kakashi and Iruka making out on the kitchen counter… Okaaaay… Not a good example, but true. 'Go away, nasty thoughts. Drive them all out from your system… Yes, it's working,' he mused, feeling all better.

"Kyaaaaaahhhh! Naruto, you're the most gorgeous girl slash boy I've ever seen! I am such a genius! I didn't know that I have this God-given talent within me!" Ino squealed happily. Naruto flushed at Ino's compliment. He was gorgeous, true. But no way in hell is he a gorgeous female when HE is a GUY!

"Are you f*cking kidding me?" Naruto shouted hotly. "Just look at me, Ino! I look like a transvestite!" Ino examined the male blond carefully, and disagreed at the man's words.

With extensions clipped on his short wild hair, it was tied into two separate ponytails that were tied by orange ribbons. His cheek marks were covered by the concealer, while his face was only painted by light make-up. His lips were frosted pink ('Just like what the label said' Naruto thought). His neck was adorned by the silver charm that Ino promised to lend. Underneath the blue dress was a white-sleeved shirt, and inches above his waist was a gold belt with matching gold flats.

Naruto's eyes are beginning to twitch involuntarily. The scene in front of him (in other words, his reflection) is unnerving and nauseating. He's starting to count one to ten to control himself from puking.

"You're so cute! Ehmagawd!" Ino exclaimed excitedly. Meanwhile, Naruto was imagining himself bashing his head on the mirror. He would be bathing on a pool of his own blood. Ino squeezed the life out of the poor blond, and settled her head on Naruto's shoulder.

"We look like sisters! I could be younger than you, and you'd be my tomboyish sister who I give makeovers, and all the clothes, and-" Ino kept blabbering on what she would do if they were siblings. Naruto just rolled her eyes on her girlish antics and stood up from the chair.

"Naruto, what's your problem? You don't usually act that way," Ino asked with the tone of concern. Naruto just eyed her sheepishly. "This isn't a good idea."

"Why not? Seems like a great plan to me."

"First, I don't know what to say to the guy and I don't flirt. Second, I'm not those types who would go into a relationship without knowing someone completely. Third, I'm straight as a ruler." Ino just laughed and held the man's shoulders.

"Look, Blondie. Just go in there and knock the dude out. You don't have to make the guy like me. Just be there. When this is over, I'll treat you and Iruka-sensei to Ichiraku Ramen," the woman promised. Naruto chuckled.

"Even if he's rich, smart, and gorgeous?"

"Yup," Ino replied with a wink.


Naruto arrived at the café just ten minutes before the blind date occurs. Naruto sat on the chair that the waiter offered, and began the clenching sequence.

Truthfully, he wasn't 100% confident that he would reach the end of this date. The end of this worst case scenario would be that Ino's date would know that he is a boy and humiliate him in front of the customers and staff of this café.

But enough about that, he was actually curious on how his- err, Ino's date would look like, and why he agreed on this blind date. I mean, why would he? Unless if he looks hideous, or antisocial, or even shy to ask a girl out. He would imagine him to look like a skinny, pimple-faced, ugly dork who works in a crappy job that pays minimum wage and does nothing active in his free time except play Dungeons and Dragons, or surf the internet for porn.

Naruto snickered at the image in his head. That would be a big joke for Ino! He wouldn't miss this for the world! "Umm, miss? Are you okay?" Naruto stopped sniggering when he heard the waiter asked him a question. He gave a shy reply (as demure as possible) that she was alright and inquired if her date has arrived.

"Why yes, Yamanaka-san. Uchiha-san has arrived," the waiter answered politely. Naruto thanked the waiter, and remained on his seat.

An Uchiha? Like the family who owns a couple of international companies both here and in the other parts of the world? He practically works in that very corporation! He began to wonder which Uchiha it was. Out of the blue, a shadow hovered on his figure. Naruto looked up and was surprised with what he had seen.

The man was wearing a blue expensive-looking, three-piece business suit, paired with a blue-and-white striped tie and black Italian leather shoes. His hair was arranged in a duck butt manner. He had pale skin and pink lips. What made Naruto stare longer was the stranger's piercing black eyes that are covered by long eyelashes, like it's hiding something.

"Oi dobe," he called curtly. Naruto was just staring at him, dumbfounded.

"You're seating on my seat, usuratonkachi." This angered the blonde.

"What did you just call me?"

"I called you dead last in Japanese, airhead. By the way, orange and blue don't mix."

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