Title: Blind Date

Authoress: jayzmatty

Pairing: SasuNaru, side pairing KakaIru

Summary: Ino asked a favor to Naruto to pretend as her and go to her blind date. Naruto unwillingly accepted and guess who his date was? Uchiha Saske! Would Naruto keep pretending? Or fall in love the Uchiha?

Chapter: 7 of 7

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Chapter Seven

Uzumaki Naruto's Point of View

Naruto gazed at the window, passing by all the trees and any sort of greenery. He breathed in the cool summer air as it breezed on his face. His eyes were unfocused, staring at the nothingness of the seat.

He was still heartbroken, remembering that Sasuke belonged to Karin now, and he can do nothing about it except to appear happy for the Uchiha.

Thinking back, maybe it was a better that Sasuke knew the truth before they do something drastic. Come on! If they get to step 3, how was he going to have sex with Sasuke? He couldn't fake himself having those… things. He doesn't have boobs to prove it.

The train stopped at the destined station. The gloomy blonde stepped off and slung his bag on his shoulder. He was surrounded by busy people who are going to the next station. Walking dejectedly, he trudged his feet on the pavement.

"Guess I just have to start all over again," Naruto muttered.

"Naruto-kun?" a voice cut him off from his reverie. Naruto looked up, almost choked himself to death to know who it was.

"Sai! What are you doing here?" Naruto asked loudly, managing to catch some of the passengers' attention. Sai, flashing his infamous fake smile, sat on the seat across Naruto's. He sat down with no delay, settling his laptop baggage on his lap.

"I'm going back to Konoha for some work purposes. Besides, it was Kakashi-sensei who asked me to come over," Sai answered politely. Naruto scratched his head with annoyance. What could Kakashi-hentai want from Sai?

"How about you, Naruto-kun? I heard that you recently quit your job from Shikamaru-kun. Did you hate your job?" Sai asked, his voice filled with curiosity. Naruto sighed, a pang thumping hard in his chest.

"Yeah. I just… learned that I don't belong there."

"Naruto-kun, I'd offer you a job at the moment. It's not that… glamorous, but the pay is really good," Sai offered, the emotionless smile on his face. Naruto's eyes sparkled at the word "Pay".

"Really? I'd be glad to work! I can do anything!"

"Great! Let's talk later. I have some unfinished business to do." With that, the pale raven left the station. Naruto treaded on the ground, raising his head towards the summer sunshine.

"Guess I have to walk from here."


Umino Iruka's Point of View

"Stop it, Kakashi!" Iruka cried out, trying to spank Kakashi's hands away. Unfortunately, the writer's persistent hands went lower, causing the male teacher to moan.

"Why should I? I know you enjoy it too, I-ru-ka-sen-sei."

Kakashi crushed his lips against the other man's. Iruka grasped his hold on the silver-haired man's shoulders. Kakashi chuckled.

"You seem to like this, Iruka-kun…"

He heard a long breathy moan.

"Maybe I could-"

Ding dong!

Kakashi froze for a second. He heard the doorbell rang. Iruka noticed the writer's distracted face.

"What's wrong, Kakashi?"

"Nothing. Let's continue~!" Kakashi started ravishing Iruka's neck. Kakashi smiled when he heard Iruka's moans. This is good-

Ding dong! Ding dong! Ding dong!

"Huh? Who could be at the door?" Iruka said, inching himself away from the silver-haired man. Kakashi pulled him back, kissing the living daylights out of the teacher.


Kakashi continued attacking the brunette, ignoring the man's protests. The young man was about to moan when-

"Iruka-sensei?" Iruka pushed back the author, dashed to the door and unlocked it. When he opened the door, Iruka's eyes were brimmed with tears.



Normal Point of View

Naruto felt comfortable chatting with his favorite sensei while sipping orange juice from his glass. It's been a long time since he has seen the man who took care of him, believed in him, and turned him to a man that he is today.

"I'm so glad you're enjoying adulthood very much, Naruto," his sensei said kindly. Naruto grinned, barring off his pearly whites.

A cough interrupted the two, making the blonde glance at the somehow irritated porn author. A shiver ran down his spine. Is Kakashi-sensei glaring at him?

"So, Naruto, have you met anyone special?" Iruka asked with a small smile on his face.

Naruto's smile immediately vanished for a split second, then forced out a laugh, hoping the couple wouldn't notice. "C'mon, Iruka-sensei! No girl would want me, right?"

"Don't say it like that! I know you might have at least dated someone," Iruka chuckled. The two ukes (although Naruto doesn't sense this) started chatting all over again.

Kakashi stared at the blonde for a moment, trying to figure out why Naruto looked so familiar but couldn't put a finger on it. It's been a long time since he has seen the brat. But there is a scene in his mind that he has seen him in a different angle. He took out his phone and opened his inbox and saw Sasuke's mail a few months ago. He opened the message and a spark of interest flashed in his eyes.

"I see."


Uchiha Sasuke's POV

Sasuke never felt so horrible in his entire life. It was like he was fed with kilograms of lead and it's currently dancing in his gut, making him want to puke it all out.

Being in a relationship with Karin has never felt so… He couldn't even describe it. Bile rises from his throat just thinking about her. All he could say is that it's the worst decision he has ever made. He knew he shouldn't have agreed to that hag's suggestion. What the hell was he thinking?

He opened the door to his apartment, feeling dread running through his veins. He threw his suitcase on the couch and sat down beside it. He is in no mood to work or do anything whatsoever.

Itachi has been telling him to forgive Naruto. His brother had told him that the traitor loves him dearly, more than Sasuke could ever imagine. But how could you fall in love with the man who pretended to be a girl to because of a deal? Anger and desperation conflicted inside his chest, making the pain grow even worse.

Suddenly, his phone rang, breaking him out of his reverie. Sasuke flipped his phone open and growled upon seeing Kakashi's name on the screen.


"Sasuke, I heard from Itachi…" Kakashi sounded nonchalant, but from Sasuke's experience, the doctor/porn author is worried. A sigh escaped from his lips.

"Look, if it's about you wanting ideas for your new book, forget it. It's enough s-t for you to write about," Sasuke said with frustration.

"It's not that. Besides, I write porn, not melodramatic crap. About… Ino, was it? I think you should talk to the real Yamanaka Ino. I mean, it would be better if you understood the whole situation."

"Why the hell should I? You're not hoping I would get back together with-"

"No, but it would give you better options on what you should do. Think about it."

With a huff, he bid the older man goodbye and massaged his temples. He wasn't asking for advices from anyone, especially from a nut job like Kakashi. What does he know about love anyway?


Sasuke muffled a curse. What the hell was he doing here? He told himself not to do this, and yet here he is, sitting in a café, waiting for the real Yamanaka Ino to arrive. What's even worse is that a lot of girls had flocked around his table and asked him if he has company.

The bell rang, signaling that a customer arrived. Sasuke sipped the bitter coffee, appreciating the good blend of roasted coffee and less sugar. It was making him feel a little better.

"Excuse me, I'm looking for Uchiha Sasuke?" a feminine voice reached his ear, making him turn around. The man situated at the cashier pointed towards Sasuke's table. A petite blonde with sky blue eyes turned towards Sasuke's direction. Sasuke now realized why the real Ino appointed Naruto to go on a date with him. The two looked exactly the same, but Naruto had this charm around him that made him more attractive.

"Hello, Sasuke-kun. I'm Yamanaka Ino," the girl said, stretching out a hand. Sasuke glared at the woman with his piercing onyx eyes. Ino drew back her hand, obviously feeling a little awkward.

"So… Nice café you chose."

"Let's cut to the chase, Yamanaka-san," Sasuke gritted through his teeth, "Why did you do this?" Ino bit her lower lip, smiled sadly at the raven.

"I agreed to the ordeal because I owe Deidara-san. He helped me with this crisis and I said yes to the situation because of gratitude. He told me about "this" three months ago so it wasn't a big problem." Sasuke just stared at her, his full attention on the words she was saying.

"But then, I fell in love with my best friend, Akimichi Chouji. When I realized the date was coming the next day, I was so scared. I couldn't say no because it would seem improper," Ino said, playing with her fingers out of nervousness.

"But Naruto came to the apartment that day to talk and I thought he was perfect to play my part. Then, you two became so close that I was happy for Naruto. Did you know that he was the happiest man alive when he's with you?" At this statement, Sasuke looked surprise. What does she mean by that? All they do is bicker and quarrel. Maybe a few sweet moments, but he was pretty sure Naruto was acting all along.

"You see, Naruto was always bullied when we were younger. Like, he was picked last when playing a game, made fun because of poor grades, and the works. Girls think he was just a joke, so Naruto even decided to live alone when we got older. He was certain no one would fall in love with him," Ino said, getting teary eyed as she reminisced.

"But when he started going out with you, I felt that he has never been so happy. You were like birthday and Christmas combined. You're Naruto's first love."

As Ino looked into the Uchiha, he looked like he was about to cry but couldn't. Ino's tears started streaming down her face. Hastily, she wiped them with her palm.

"So, I apologize for the dumb stunt, but Naruto truly loves you."


Uzumaki Naruto's Point of View

Naruto woke up again for the nth time. He hasn't been able to sleep well since Sasuke dumped him. It broke his heart, but he should stop replaying that scene in his head. Sasuke is straight and only fell in love with his role as Ino. Besides, he might be happy in Karin's arms.

Naruto felt his eyes prickling with tears and an upcoming runny nose. He hates this part of being too emotional. He's just thankful Iruka-sensei and Kakashi-sensei was asleep.

A loud thump resonated in his room, making him frown. Well, maybe not asleep.

Naruto stood up, stretching upwards. He glanced at his watch and saw that it was six in the morning. Tempted to leave the house (and the horny adults alone), he walked out of the door and started walking around.

"Ah! Naruto-kun!"

Naruto saw Sai, wearing all black sweats and shirt. Naruto waved at the approaching brunette. Sai stopped jogging once he approached the blonde.

"Oh, about that job, when can I start?" Naruto said cheerfully. Sai paused to think and smiled again. "How about later at twelve?"

"Great! Oh, if you don't mind me asking, what's your job?"

"Freelance photographer. It's funny because my girlfriend's taking a journalism course in the university," Sai added. Naruto's eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets.

"YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND?" Naruto exclaimed. Sai chuckled softly.

"Yeah, a little younger than me though, but I love her all the same."

Naruto felt a little defeated. An emotionless guy like Sai actually managed to get a girlfriend. That news just made him feel a lot worse.

Naruto bid farewell and started jogging around the town, trying to get Sasuke out of his mind.


Hatake Kakashi's Point of View

Iruka scowled at the laughing author beside him. Iruka didn't expect the older man to do "that" while Naruto was under their roof. What would the blonde think?

"It's not like we haven't done anything like that before. Besides, Naruto is old enough and smart enough to know we have se-"

"Don't even say it, Kakashi! My God, what is he going to think? "

Kakashi just chortled, kissing the younger man on the lips. "I'll make us lunch. I know you're pretty tired." Iruka was about to protest when Kakashi kissed him torridly, sucking the living daylights out of the teacher. "Get some rest." Iruka complied by closing his eyes and taking a brief nap.

Kakashi headed downstairs, pulling the waistband of his sweats snuggly on his hips. He decided to make eggs and tomato salad for his lover. Hey, that's the only thing he can cook properly.

While busy cracking the eggs on the pan, a ding rang on the door. Kakashi stopped what he was doing and walked towards the door.

"Coming! If it's Asuma, I'm going to throw a smoke bomb and place the damn scarecrow…"

Kakashi opened the door and was surprised at who was on his doorstep.



Normal Point of View

Naruto fidgeted in his seat, a little annoyed that he didn't see this coming from Sai. He has never felt so annoyed in his life.

"C'mon, Naruto-kun, you look constipated. You have to look flirty in this shoot!" Sai exclaimed, holding the camera with his hands.

"Did Kakashi-hentai set you up with this?"

"Well, slight. It is for his new book. You kind of fit the role."

Naruto grumbled, fiddling the hem of the white skirt. He told himself to not do this again, but look at him now! Just seeing him wearing girl's clothing reminded him of his betrayal to Sasuke.

"A penny for your thoughts, Naruto-kun?"

"N-Nothing! Jeez, what's with the sudden question?"

"Well, I heard from someone you quitted your job from the city. Did something happen?"

Naruto bit his lip, never wanting to tell all of his problems with the person who annoys him the most. But for some reason, he couldn't help but tell everything to Sai.

"I left… Because of a break-up…"

"Wow… You were with someone back at Konoha?"

"Umm… I guess you know this person. I mean, he's pretty popular and all…"

Sai seemed taken aback. He always thought the blonde was straight. I mean, having a crush on Sakura and all.

"Who's he?" Sai asked, his curiosity taking the best of him. Naruto blushed hard, hearing the word "he" from Sai's lips.

"Did I say he? I mean, she! Yes! It's a she! Ahahahahahahaha!" Naruto exclaimed, laughing nervously and cursing himself for making that mistake. Sai inched himself closer to the blonde.

"What the- Don't come closer!"

Sai ignored Naruto's threats, coming closer and closer towards the squirming blonde. When Sai was near, he tipped Naruto's head upward, making the blonde stare into his eyes.

"Who is it, Naruto-kun?"

"It's no one! You don't have to know who he is!"

"How come?"

"Because I broke his heart!"

Sai stayed still, staring at the crying the blonde. Naruto didn't care if he looked like crap right now. He has never cried so hard admitting that he broke the Uchiha's heart.

And it pained him.

A lot.

And it really hurts.

"And the worse part is that," Naruto said, forcing out every word, "Is that I've finally learned to love him, but he hates me!"

Naruto kept on sobbing, completely oblivious at Sai's reaction. Sai wasn't focusing his gaze at Naruto anymore. It was focusing on someone else.


Naruto stopped crying and looked at the door, seeing Sasuke's face in surprise.


Normal Point of View

Sasuke looked at the pair who, in hand, was also staring at him. Naruto remembered that he was in girl's clothing which might make Sasuke feel uncomfortable. Or maybe, just with him around would make the Uchiha feel awkward.

"Err… I'll just… Umm… Yeah…" Naruto ran to the other room, ignoring the fact he was wearing a short skirt. When Naruto was gone, Sasuke glared at his cousin. Sai just gave him an oblivious smile.

"Why, Sasuke… It's a surprise."

"What's Naruto doing here? And why is he dressing up as a girl?"

Sai didn't answer the confused brunette. Holding his camera, he walked toward his bewildered cousin. "Would you want water or tea? I'm pretty sure you'd choose coffee though."

Sasuke clutched the collar of Sai's shirt. Showing a snarl, Sasuke pulled his cousin closer. "What the hell are you doing?"

Sai smiled. "Can't you see? It's a photo shoot for the next Icha Icha Paradise Kakashi-sensei is planning to release next month." Sasuke's brows furrowed, puzzled and curious at what the photographer was going to say.

"Naruto-kun has done this in the past. Jiraiya-sensei always picked Naruto as his model because Naruto-kun has this… Charisma of being a female model. It suits Naruto-kun well."

"What the- You better stop this s—t, Sai!"

"Oh? Why is that, Sasuke?"

"Because Naruto is mine!"

"Who told you I belonged to you, teme?"

The two brunettes looked at the blonde's direction. Sasuke felt a twinge of guilt as he saw Naruto crying, glaring at Sasuke for the sudden outburst. Sasuke, with conviction, ignored the pain rising inside him.

"It doesn't matter. I own you!"

"F—k you!"

Naruto ran out of the studio, forgetting to thank Sai. Sasuke was about to dash when Sai stopped him by clutching Sasuke's shoulder. "You sure about this?"

"Damn straight."

Sai chuckled. "That's rich coming from you. You better promise you wouldn't hurt him."

"Wouldn't even dream of it."


Naruto ran as fast as his feet can carry him. What the hell is Sasuke's problem? He has already let go of the raven, and here he is, following him to the place where he thought he could start all over again. To find a girl whom he would eventually love, marry, have kids, and live happily ever after. Does Sasuke even want to ruin his only chance of happiness?

A firm cup of his shoulder gave him an idea that Sasuke has caught up with him. Naruto tried to push the man away, but Sasuke's grip was too strong.

"Let go of me, you bastard!" Naruto cried out, pushing the taller man away.

"No! Not until you listen to what I have to say!"

"I have listened to you, prostrated myself to you, but you only hurt me! What the hell do you want? To make me even more miserable than I was when I was a little boy? Are you some kind of sadistic asshole?"

Sasuke could feel the hurt laced in those words. The guilt in his heart grew even heavier than he could ever imagine. "Naruto, please listen-"

"I dressed up as a girl, dated you, and even looked like a total s—-head in front of you! You didn't only make me feel miserable; you made me look like the biggest d—k in the whole world! " Naruto said, not trying to pull himself away from the Uchiha.


"You also stole my first kiss and almost had sex with me!"

"Naruto!" Sasuke couldn't help but feel his cheeks enflame as he saw a few bystanders staring at them.

"The worst part… A-and the worst part… I-Is that I fell in love with a bastard like you!"

Sasuke felt that the whirlpool inside his heart calmed down. The weight on his shoulders seems to get lighter and the pain in his heart just vanished. It seemed that Naruto's confession just cured him from some deadly disease.

Naruto, on the other hand, felt like crap. He was pretty sure the Uchiha was about to make fun of him for still falling in love with him, or maybe scold him for the stunt he has done. When the blonde looked at his face, he could only see the love back in Sasuke's eyes. Just like the time when he proposed to him when he was pretending to be Ino.

Except this time, those love-filled eyes were staring straight to Uzumaki Naruto, not Yamanaka Ino.

And it made Naruto feel so loved and wanted.

"Naruto, you toyed with me, made a huge fool out of me and my family."

Naruto swallowed, trying to gulp down the lump forming in his throat. Sasuke continued speaking.

"You also made me screw up at my work and gave me to get engaged with one of my fan girls who I really hate."

Naruto licked his chapped lips, hoping for the best and dreading for the worst.

"And you know what?" Sasuke walked towards the waiting blonde. He cupped the younger man's cheek and stroked it gently.

"I love you too."

And with that, Naruto kissed Sasuke on the lips, ignoring the fact that probably everyone in town was staring at them, maybe gasping with horror or touched at the scene.

Neither one of them cared. Because now, they have finally have each other.


"Now you know my burning fist of fury," Iruka warned, eyeing the young couple. Naruto rubbed the lump on his head while Sasuke continued staring at the floor as if something interesting was on it. Kakashi chuckled at the sight. The scene brought back memories when Iruka used to punch him too. Except blood was on the floor.

"We're sorry, Iruka-sensei. Won't happen again."

"You better! Or it won't only be a punch on the head next time! I'm going to strangle you both!"

Sasuke winced at the teacher's threat. Maybe making with Naruto in front of the townspeople wasn't exactly the best idea, but hey… Naruto was that irresistible.

"Iruka-sama," Sasuke said, causing the teacher to be caught off guard at the Uchiha's politeness, "I apologize for earlier. I know it was disrespectful, but I do love Naruto."

"What the- Shut up, teme!" Naruto cried out, blushing at the raven's statement and bluntness. Sasuke just smikrked and started nibbling the blonde's neck.

Iruka smacked Sasuke's head again, adding another bump on the man's head. Kakashi sighed. When will he ever learn?


Uzumaki Naruto's Point of View

The next week, the new couple went back to the city to set things straight. Sasuke told him not to bother, but Naruto would not just let go.

The minute they arrived Sasuke's apartment, Naruto did his best to avoid the Uchiha's advances. The bastard told him that he couldn't resist Naruto. Naruto didn't escape from the raven. In fact, he allowed Sasuke to have what Sasuke wanted that night: a plate of tomato slices. Yup, the raven could not resist it.

They started talking all night and Sasuke did inform him on what happened when Naruto was gone: breaking off the engagement with Karin, talking with the real Yamanaka Ino, Itachi's encouragement on getting Naruto back (and an embarrassing talk about gay sex. Thank God Sasuke was sane enough to escape before Itachi gave him pamphlets).

Naruto stared at the raven, still overwhelmed at what just happened. "So… Does this mean we're both gay? You know… This relationship and stuff…"

The older man just chuckled, nuzzling the blonde's hair with his lips. "I guess so."

"Hmm… I do know that I'm still attracted to women…"

Unexpectedly, Sasuke pinned down the surprised man, making Naruto scream. "What are you-"

"Looks like we have to see if I turn you on," Sasuke said, licking his lips suggestively.

"What the- Stop! What the- AHHHHHHHH!"

Yup, life is good.

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