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Digimon Frontier 02: The Fallen World

Episode 0: The New Beginning

A Worm Trailmon was waiting for them to board. "Come on now," he complained. "We don't have all day." With a final battle over, it was time for all the humans to leave, once and for all.

"Hard to believe that all of that happened," Shannon said.

"Yeah, now I have something to tell my younger sister," Seth grinned.

"I'm sure we'll see each other again," Bokomon said, also holding back tears but he was failing miserably. "And if we don't, I'll be sure to have everyone know about this last amazing adventure to the story of the Humans who came to our world and saved us when we were on the brink of destruction."

"I'm sure we'll be back," Takuya shouted. "We did it once before and I'm sure it'll happen again."

"I just hope it lasts longer than it did this time," Tommy stated, adjusting his hat.

"Yeah," agreed Zoe.

"Are you sure you'll be able to lead the Digital World all on your own?" asked JP. The boy wasn't sure how the young rabbit Digimon would be able to handle all that pressure on his own since the other two ruling angels, Ophanimon and Seraphimon were killed and their DigiEggs nowhere to be found. All he knew was it was going to be hard.

"I'll manage," answered Lopmon with a strong voice. "I have Bokomon and Neemon to help me if I falter."

"Good luck, Lopmon," wished Takehito and Koichi.

Terriermon flew over to Tommy and Seth. "Do you g-guys really have to g-go?" he asked, trying to act as if he wasn't crying.

The Warrior of Ice hugged the small Digimon. "We have to," answered Seth. "We've got families and everything back at home. We'll meet again, though!"

"Are you humans coming or not?" asked the red Trailmon named Worm impatiently. "All aboard!" Before leaving, Takuya, Koji, Tommy, Zoe, JP, Koichi, Nazu, Seth, Shannon, Takehito, and Hayato pulled out their D-tectors. There was a low hum as their individual Spirits and Beast Spirits appeared before them and flew towards Lopmon, resting in a circle around him. The eleven kids said final goodbyes and boarded the train that would take them back to their home world, the Human World. Lopmon watched as their saviors drifted into the distance and waved after them.

When Worm's red caboose disappeared, Lopmon brought down his hand. The heavy burden that now laid before him seemed that much harder for him. He looked down at his feet. Terriermon looked towards the brown look-alike and gave the Digimon a pat on the back. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"Ruling the Digital World," the rabbit Digimon answered.

Terriermon gave him a weird look. "You've done it twice before," the dog Digimon said.

"Never on my own," Lopmon said.

Terriermon frowned and there was a silence for a minute. "Master Lopmon, you still have me!" Bokomon exclaimed. "I'll help and we can search for Ophanimon's and Seraphimon's DigiEggs. By now, they're most likely hatched. Patamon may be able to recognize me, after all, I was his Papamom and raised the three of you to take back up your thrones."

Lopmon gave Bokomon, Terriermon, and Neemon a grateful smile. "Thank you," he said, squaring his shoulders and taking a look at the now twenty-two guardian Spirits. Lopmon knew things would never be the same.

And that was true. Even now, forty years later, Cherubimon knew that things had never been the same. Ruling alone was harder than he imagined but he didn't expect to do it alone. After their fruitless searching, Ophanimon's DigiEgg was never found and Seraphimon (at the time they found him, he was an MagnaAngemon) refused to return, claiming that he now was a guard of the Haruno Shogun leader where he had been raised along side Tsukaimon. Now wandering the empty halls that had been echoing with Digimon of all sizes and species only years before. For forty years he had managed to hold it together but he could tell his control was slowly slipping out of his grasp like water. Filling the rolls of his comrades for all this time was finally taking it's toll and beginning to show.

Cherubimon sighed. He had left the main castle of where he worked behind in the Continent of Light and retired to the Crystal Castle located in the Forest Terminal. He had hoped that the solitude of the forest would wear off on him but it wasn't working that much, especially since Bokomon had never stopped yammering about jobs and business unless something else of interest had taken up his eye. Something like that was few and far between, though. Deciding it would be a good time for a walk, he got up and began to hover through the hallways.

Distorted reflections followed his movement. Cherubimon began toying with the idea of stepping down. It wasn't the first time he had thought of that idea. It had been popping up several times in his mind but he had always kept turning it down. The angel Digimon had to find someway to make sure that they wouldn't abuse the power and in order to find souls willing to do it would be tough and he already had his hands full. Either way, the world needed a fresh start and it wasn't something he could give, not now that was.

"Ah! Where are you going, Master Cherubimon?" asked Bokomon as the lonesome Digimon hovered past him.

"I'm just walking," he answered, looking down at his friend. "Want to come with me?"

"Sure," answered Bokomon, rushing to keep pace with the Digimon. "In fact, I had some important business to tell you." Cherubimon nodded for him to go on. As much as he hated official business at this moment, anything would be nice to bring him out of his wandering mind.

Bokomon pulled out a blank book he had added filled with a schedule, meetings, and whatnot to keep things in line around the castle. Bokomon went over meetings and events that seemed to drone on and on. "Reports of the attacks of the convents keep popping up," he reported. "The Shoguns have begun fighting amongst themselves. Haruno and Nara have begun to declare war. The rebellion has attacked the west side of the Forest Terminal a day ago…"

Cherubimon sighed. This year was the most chaotic one by far during his rule. Breakouts of fights and disasters weren't uncommon in the last few months. The angel had tried his best to keep the peace but it never helped. It had to stop.

"Send a decree to evacuate what's left of the west side of the Forest Terminal and send rescue teams to those that had been caught in the crossfire. Have them look for any survivors," he said. "Send Nefertimon to try to mollify the disturbance." If only I had more hands, he thought to himself.

"Master Cherubimon!" shouted Anytlmon. Cherubimon turned to face the guard. She knelt before continuing. "News of the convent spread like wildfire! They are coming this way for your head, sir!"

Cherubimon hardened his resolve at the news; he had expected this to come for the last two months. Baromon had foretold of a war coming upon the Digital World and it was fast approaching. The last hope lay with the Spirits. Cherubimon didn't want to call any new humans, assuming that the ones he had known forty years back were most likely dead. He shook the motion from his mind. Once before, Cherubimon had created forms for the Spirits, maybe he could do it again.

He began quickly making his way to where he had safely stashed the Spirits away from eyes. Bokomon and Anytlmon rushed after him in surprise. Cherubimon didn't listen as insults were thrown at each other. He opened the lock he had set on the door. Sorcermon entered the room behind him. "Master Cherubimon, what are you doing?" he asked.

"Something I should have done long ago," he answered. Cherubimon gathered the eleven Spirits: Fire, Ice, Thunder, Light, Wind, Darkness, Water, Wood, Steel, and the newer found Spirits of the Void. He tucked them away into a sack.

Sorcermon gasped. "You don't mean…?" he began but his master cut him off.

"No, it isn't like that," he answered. "I won't call upon the Humans unless I have too. I'll see if I can't rework some old magic. Sorcermon, I want you to send word for everyone to evacuate. War is coming and Digimon will either gather arms or escape to the Sky Terminal. Call Garudamon to send word to FallenAngewomon and LadyDevimon to expect Digimon to be coming their way. The War is coming."

From behind his mask, the sorcerer Digimon grimaced. "I had hoped it would never come to pass in my life time," he whispered to himself. His voice became audible. "I will guard you and the Spirits with my life, Sir Cherubimon. I'll do as you ask."

"I know you would," answered Cherubimon sadly. "You would do it for me or the others if they were still alive." The great rabbit Digimon shook his head and turned his gaze towards his rabbit guard. "Anytlmon, I want you to gather as much of an army as you can and protect this castle with all your might." Anytilmon nodded respectably.

"What about me?" asked Bokomon. "What do I do?"

Cherubimon turned towards him. "You will come with me," he answered. "Making the Spirits their own Digimon will be hard and will take much of my energy. I want you to fill the Warriors in on what they need to do."

"I just hope none of them rebel," Bokomon said.

"As do I," agreed Cherubimon, thinking of how the old personalities of the Warriors had sunk into their Chosen and made them run wild. He pushed it out of his mind. If it happened, it would only four that would rebel. "Let's go," he said, scooping up the little Digimon in one large hand and went out one window of the crystal castle, leaving behind the quiet forest.


Bokomon had followed him while Anytlmon had stayed behind with Sorcermon. The two had made it to the castle in the middle of the Dark Continent within a few days flight. The land had not changed much over the past few decades. What wasn't covered in wasteland, crags, valleys, or mountains were covered with forests of nocturnal plants surrounding what little lakes and rivers here and there. Under the red haze in the shape of a rose, known as the Rose Morning Star, lay Cherubimon's castle that he hadn't lived in for years.

Cherubimon rested in his castle for a few hours before hastily heading towards the Room of Spirits where he created the four evil Warriors out of four of his five Spirits nearly a lifetime ago when he had waged war against his friends. He shook his head to clear the memories. He wouldn't use willing Digimon, he just wouldn't. He'd do it by other means. Those means exactly, he didn't know.

The two with the twenty-two Spirits headed towards the dark, decagon shaped room. In all ten corners, a small orb and a fire rested in each of the areas. Different things representing each element rested inside the orb. He released the Spirits and each floated to a corner next to their partner Spirit. The Void Spirits stayed floating next to Cherubimon like a new child meeting a new batch of children and unsure who they should play with.

Each of the fires behind the Spirits began to glow different colors: brown for Wood, red for Fire, light blue for Water, green for Ice, black for Darkness, white for Light, maroon for Earth, teal for Steel, yellow for Thunder, and pink for Wind. Cherubimon reached for the holy energy inside of himself in hopes to contact the afterlife– if he was able to do it. Even though he remembered turning the four Spirits into their own Digimon, he couldn't exactly remember how he did it. He knew that Digimon were needed but how did he make the Spirits comply?

He pushed the thought out of his mind and began chanting. "Please, Spirits and souls of the Legendary Warriors, hear me! The land is in danger once again. I beseech the souls of the eleven to return to their shells!" The twenty-two Spirits began shinning brightly. "Please, our world is in danger of going into war. They need the Ten Legendary Warriors and the mysterious Being of the Void to guide them more than they need me. If needed be, take my power."

Bokomon stayed outside of the circle but made a move to speak up. He held his tongue when the Great Angel held up his hand to silence any objections. "I know, my friend, but the Digital World needs them more than they need me. Eleven warriors are far stronger than one angel," Cherubimon said before turning back to his ceremony.

"Our world is in danger. Spirits of those who saved our world, please come to life like you did before and-!" Suddenly, a set of fox spirits appeared out of no where and attacked Cherubimon, stopping his chant so he could defend himself. The Spirits stopped glowing but still hovered in place. When Cherubimon scattered the four fox spirits away from him, he looked around, trying to find out where the attack came from.

Out of the doorway, a woman wearing red fox themed armor much like a Sakuyamon with black markings on her armor and black gloves. Her staff was unlike what Sakuyamon and their data variations, Kuhuzamon, held. It was silver and held a black glassy like rock set in the middle of the hook. The Digimon seemed oddly familiar but Cherubimon couldn't remember who she was.

"Oh, Master Cherubimon," she said, putting a mocking emphasis on the word "master." "I can't believe you forgot me, you're most trusted advisor."

Cherubimon narrowed his eyes as he tried to remember the slightly hazy memories. When he didn't answer, the Digimon tut-tutted.

"I guess that's what happens when you get reborn once before," she said shaking her head. "I am Onmyojimon, I was once your advisor." She grinned wickedly. "My power is because of you."

Cherubimon didn't have time to try to remember the Digimon. "What do you want, Onmyojimon?" he demanded.

Onmyojimon stepped forwards. "My master wants your Spirits," she answered. "I can take them two ways: fighting for them or you just hand them over." The priestess Digimon said the last part as if it was a boring prospect.

Cherubimon pulled out a lightning spear and shot it towards Onmyojimon but she nimbly jumped away. "Thank you," she stated, landing on the ground. The female twirled her staff and slammed it onto the ground and then shouted, "Kitsune Yurei!" Thin black spirits rose from the ground, flying at Cherubimon. The Celestial Digimon threw his hands into the air and summoned thunder bolts to rain down from above them, destroying the spirits.

"Onyx Ofuda!" Onmyojimon pulled out a talisman, throwing it into the air and pressing the tip of her staff against it, summoning a black mist to fly at Cherubimon. It wrapped around him. Cherubimon could feel his energy begin to drain away from him. He slumped over from exhaustion. Suddenly, the Spirits began to react.

The Spirits of Wind flew from their post. Transparent figures of both Human and Beast Spirits appeared over their figurine and created gusts to scatter the mist. The other Spirits flew towards their master, creating a shinning light and transferring the little power he had given to them back to its rightful owner. Onmyojimon's lips twitched in annoyance.

"That was meant to kill you," she said. "Oh well. I'll just have to make this a bit more fun."

Cherubimon stood back up, towering once again over the female Digimon. He summoned a mass amount of lightning bolts over their heads. They flashed down at her. The Digimon had jumped back and ran around him, pulling out another ofuda and releasing a lightning bolt from it, aimed towards Cherubimon's side. The Spirits of Thunder reacted, flying in front of the attack and firing an electrical attack right back at it, canceling both out.

Onmyojimon growled but was forced to evade a water attack shot by the Spirits of Water. For a second, she thought she could see the figures flicker into a different shape. Something big and flat had smacked her hard in the back, sending her flying into the wall. Getting to her feet, she pulled out a third talisman and released a series of thunderbolts from the sheet of paper. Cherubimon countered with his own lightning bolts.

In an explosion, both sides where sent flying backwards. The Spirits scattered from the resulting shock wave and the half opened doors banged fully ajar. Bokomon, himself had been knocked back and hit the wall hard, knocking the wind out of him. He stood up, trying to catch his breath. He saw that Onmyojimon had been trying to snatch the Spirits– or as many as she could.

Cherubimon made a mad dash for more Spirits himself. Bokomon grabbed any Spirit that was closest to him. He saw the retreating figures of the Beast Spirits of Fire and Water begin to fly towards the door. He went after them but tripped over himself, accidently releasing one of his acquired Spirits which he saw was the Human Spirit of the Void. It drifted off after the other Spirits and out the door.

Onmyojimon, her arms filled with as many Spirits as she could grab, glanced down at what she had. "This'll be enough," she grumbled to herself. The red armored Sakuyamon turned and ran out of the doors, disappearing down the hall before Cherubimon could do anything. Finally collapsing, he glanced down at his Spirits he had managed to grab hold of: all were Human Spirits, those of Fire, Water, Wood, and Ice.

Bokomon walked sadly over to his lord, presenting one last Spirit: that of Darkness. "It was all I could grab, Lord Cherubimon," he said quietly. "I'm sorry."

Cherubimon, frustrated and all, just gave out a sigh. "It's not your fault," the angel Digimon comforted. "You did the best you could. Love may not be my domain but I don't have a big pride." Cherubimon took the Spirit of Darkness from the gnome Digimon and adding it to his collection, summing the Spirits left in his possession up to five. Most of the other Spirits must be in Onmyojimon's grasp. What can I only do with five Human Spirits?

Bokomon saw the look of desperation on the leader's face. "I saw some of the Beast Spirits disappear out the door," the Digimon informed him. "I only saw Onmyojimon get away with five, I believe."

This sparked hope in Cherubimon but just barely. "What do you plan on doing now?" Bokomon inquired after a long pause. Cherubimon didn't answer. "Maybe we should go look for Takuya and the others?" the gnome suggested. "They'll be able to find the Beast Spirits and get them back! They have done it before!"

Cherubimon turned his head towards Bokomon, noticing the hopeful look in his eyes. Cherubimon had made a deal with himself to be sure to correct any problems himself and not to pull in humans from the other world. He didn't want to repeat past mistakes but none of the Spirits were corrupted now. The bearers of the Spirits were needed now more than ever. Cherubimon needed to combat the rebels, thus being tied up with too many things. He needed someone to be able to use the Spirits and locate them.

Finally coming to a decision, Cherubimon turned his back to Bokomon, walked over to the sack that he had carried the Spirits in and scooped it up, and put the Spirits into the fabric. He hovered over towards Bokomon and handed it towards the Digimon. Bokomon took it with a perplexed look, unsure of what he was meant to do with it.

"I want you to go to the Human World," Cherubimon explained, "and find Takuya and the others and give them their Spirits." Seeing the horrified expression on the Rookie's face, Cherubimon added, "It shouldn't be that bad."

Bokomon looked down before nodding. "All right," the Digimon agreed, breathing a heavy sigh. Cherubimon lifted Bokomon off the ground and headed out of his old castle and flew towards the closest Trailmon station. Bokomon hopped down from Cherubimon's hand and gave the creature one last looked. After biding each other good luck, Bokomon boarded a sleepy Trailmon. Cherubimon instructed it to head towards the Trailmon Station in the Human World.

"Fine, fine," grumbled the green Trailmon. With one last yawn, he took off. It disappeared into the horizon but Cherubimon didn't stay to watch; he headed back towards his castle so he could rest before traveling back towards the Crystal Castle where Sorcermon and Antylmon were waiting for him.


Onmyojimon knelt before a pit that was covered by a net of glowing green data. Evil of the darkest shades could be felt, making even those who weren't well in tune with spirit energy or supernatural senses could have felt a shiver run down their spine. Something ancient and evil resided there. Any sane creature would have ran but Onmyojimon wasn't any other Digimon. She presented the five Spirits before it.

"Is this all you have?" asked a voice protruding from the pit. "Only five Human Spirits?"

Onmyojimon nodded, keeping her head down in shame. She expected to be scolded for her lack of victory. She was mildly surprised when she heard whatever was in the pit laugh. "This is all we need," he stated simply but still highly amused. "I'm sure that the last of the Celestial Angels will send for the Bearers of his Spirits. We should do the same, just in case. Go to the Human World and find them."

"But, master-!" she argued but the voice cut her off, noticing her doubt.

"You will be able to survive the Human World," he said. "Back when the Ancient Warriors were living, they made up that Digimon couldn't survive in the Human World so that Digimon wouldn't go there out of fear. The humans won't be too much trouble– that is if you run into any."

Onmyojimon nodded. Gathering the Spirits of Thunder, Steel, Wind, Light, and Earth, the Digimon rose and gave one last respectful bow before chanting, "Mikaboshimon, the Morningstar shall rise, bringing pure chaos and order in Judgement. Be our guiding light to the beginning." With that, she turned her back and swiftly left, leaving a chortling echo follow her.


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