AN: Drabble. Testing waters. Insinuated romance. I do not own characters.

Heaven's Divide

Sesshoumaru had been aware of the two hanyou presences watching him from the trees for quite some time. They had been following him for days, keeping out of sight and out of his range of hearing. He had allowed them to trail him only because he had sensed from them no intent of harm-and because the smell of youth clung to them like perfume.

He was returning to his palaces in the west when they finally revealed themselves. It began with a hushed disagreement when they thought he was out of earshot.

"What if he's not the right one, onii-chan? What if we're in the wrong time?"

"It doesn't matter if he's the right one or not. We're not here for him."

Sesshoumaru mulled over their conversation, feigning ignorance. They kept up with him, leaping silently from tree to tree. They were skilled but naïve to forget that they could not hide their scent. It was absolutely no surprise when they came down on him.

He swiped a clawed hand at the blur of white to his left, knocking the child into a tumble to the ground. He would allow the boy to get his bearings before he would end this farce of a fight.

The boy rolled up fluidly and snarled with a show of sharp fangs, small hands outstretched into claws. Sesshoumaru stilled as he came face-to-face to what could have been a younger version of himself. The length of his silver hair to the golden irises of his eyes, to the mauve markings on his face mirrored his own. The only peculiarity was the color and position of the crescent-shaped mark on his forehead. There was no doubt that they were part inu-youkai, and he contributed his inability to recognize their breed to the irregular scent of their other half.

In his scrutiny of the boy, he did not notice the other child until she rushed past his left side, Tenseiga in her hands.

She stopped when she reached her brother, turning to stare at him with curiosity. She looked exactly like him, only differing in the feminine curve of her brow and jaw and the way she wore her hair.

Sesshoumaru moved swiftly but she was already reaching for her brother, pulling a pendant that hung from a silver chain around his neck. A great wind picked up around them as she grasped it tightly and began to chant.

"Guardian of Time! Tear apart the sky and open the Door of Space-Time to me! I call your true name, the almighty god of time, the guardian of time's father, Chronos! Guidance to me! Protection to me! The path of light to me!"

The sky cracked open at her bidding and enveloped them in a beam of light. Sesshoumaru cast his eyes away from the blinding beacon. When the light faded and he looked back, the children and Tenseiga were gone.