First attempt at a Hakuouki story :)

Will have to see how it goes

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Late at night at the Shinsegumi headquaters, dinner was being served.

Chizuru sat between Heisuke and Okita Souji on the floor, fidgeting about as those around her ate. She opened her mouth to once again try to say something but was cut off.

"I keep telling you Shinpachi," Heisuke continued trying to convince his stubborn friend. "I think I still have the best story. I mean, it was six men I took on all by myself."

Somehow the conversation of the night had drifted off onto the topic of "What's the worst thing you've ever done?" and everyone gathered at dinner had something to say.

"Nah Heisuke," Shinpachi ruffled the hair of the younger boy. "There's no way you can win this. Anything you've done, I bet is kid stuff compared to some of the things I've done."

"Shinpachi," Heisuke growled, "The only bad things you do is steal food from me!"

"Now, now you two," Harada said, sensing another squabble over food brewing. "If anyone here wins this argument, it has got to be Hijikata. Why else do you suppose he has the name Demon Vice-Commander of the Shinsengumi?"

"Right," Okita said with his sly grin as he glanced in Hijikata's direction. "Out of all of us, Hijikata has to be the lowest, the worst, a demon himself."

Hijikata continued to pointedly ignore him, eating the curry that had been served for dinner that night. Chizuru made a small noise of protest, but was once again stopped as Okita continued trying to egg Hijikata on. "He makes all of us seem like good guys that Hijikata. Definitely not someone that our gentle Chizuru would ever like."

This comment caused a tremor in Hijikata's calm and collected façade. His violet eyes narrowed just the slightest bit and he pressed his mouth into a thin line. He drew in a deep breath and sighed, "Yes, that correct, a person like me has done many terrible things."

"Ah geez," Okita said. "You're no fun vice commander. At least try to put up a little fight. Besides, all of us here have done bad things, I bet Chizuru is the only one that has never done anything to be frowned upon in her whole life."

"That's not true!" Chizuru blurted out. The assembled group turned to look in her direction, eyebrows raised in surprise. The slightest tinge of red colored Chizuru's cheeks, "I mean, I have done bad things before too."

There was a long silence before a loud burst of laughing erupted in the room, even Saitou cracked a smile. Chizuru's face really did flush red at this. "I'm serious!" she said.

Heisuke whacked Chizuru on the back, "You're so cute Chizuru. We all know you could never do anything bad."

"It's too unbelievable," Harada agreed.

"It's not a joke!" Chizuru insisted.

"Oh, really?" Okita grinned. "Just what have you done Chizuru that could be considered bad?"

All eyes were once again on her, "We-well," Chizuru said meekly. "This one time, while I was making curry, I accidentally added a small bit of the root from the Star Lily plant to the pot. I realized my mistake too late, and the curry was served up before I could say anything."

"And just what is this Star Lily plant?" Shinpachi asked and a few of the other men nodded in agreed curiosity.

"Star Lily," it was actually Saitou who answered, "Is the plant also known as Deathcamas. Ingestion of any part of this plant causes nausea and upset stomach and, if eaten in large enough amounts, death."

"Yes, that is the one," Chizuru said. The intensity of the stares increased tenfold and Chizuru wriggled about in discomfort.

"Wow Chizuru," Heisuke patted the small girl on the head. "That is pretty bad."

"I never thought our little Chizuru would do something like that," Kondou said, the ghost of a smile on his face.

"Wait," it was Hijikata who quieted the room once more. "Chizuru, just when did you accidentally add the Star Lily into the curry?"

Chizuru's face was now a bright red and she abruptly got to her feet, startling everyone and almost causing Heisuke to spill his rice. She bowed her head slightly and walked quickly over to the door, sliding it open, stepping outside and shutting it behind her.

The group in the room stared at the closed door in confusion. "Chizuru?" Harada called scratching his head.

"It was," they heard Chizuru's voice from the other side of the door, "It was this morning!" she exclaimed loudly, followed by the sound of fast retreating footsteps.

"This morning?" Harada repeated slowly. The information trickled into realization and the men all quickly looked down at the now empty bowls before them that had held the curry they had eaten for dinner.


"Kami, she really is bad."

Don't worry, Chizuru didn't kill anyone :)