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People thought he must be quite the gentleman.

Yuki based her idea on the fact that he was very shy, calm and collected –soft spoken with an air of authority about him. Plus, he looked at her like she was the eighth miracle or something. Surely, he must be treating her so.

Mei said, obviously, it was because he was a florist. She had seen him taking care of flowers –with sure and confident hands which were very aware to the delicacy of the being they held and were thus careful in the way they handled it. She was more precious to him than the flowers so imagining the same steadiness and care in the way he held her was not a long call.

Micro-Ice theorized it could be because he didn't have many male friends while growing up, add in the aforementioned flower business, and the combined effect of lack of a mother and a distant father; you got a guy who was more in touch with his feminine side than any other. Rocket wacked him on the head and asked whether the action was masculine enough.

Tia thought all her friends were right. He didn't say it out loud, but the twinkles in his eyes betrayed the thought of her being the best damn thing in his life. When he sneaked his arms around her, he could as well be holding a bouquet of roses.

But, she mused as the hands that were capable of such refined actions ripped off her dress and grabbed her ass to hook one leg around his waist; they didn't know how he was when they were alone. In the quiet moments that would soon be filled with growls and moans, he would look at her very much like he looked at his opponents on the field; like a predator did at his prey.

He pinned her against the wall and grinned wolfishly.

She had no complaints.

Just a drabble.