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The first key to ensuring dominance, Crocodile believed, was breaking the person both mentally and physically.

Oh, it was so much fun.

Nico Robin was of steel and bricks. She held her determination, that defiant spark that tempted Crocodile so. Not a single flinch escaped her when his hook trailed along soft skin, not when his teeth tore at tender flesh and his wet tongue lapped up sweet blood that he had spilled.

He whispered lies. He promised protection, power, a kingdom to claim.

The problem was, Robin didn't care for any of those things. She was an independent woman. What would she need with such material things?

What about love? Would that suffice?


She still refused to make a sound as a calloused hand roughly pawed at her untouched body, when he claimed her as his own. Trust was the last thing both of them considered. She knew, and he knew. It was pointless to resist.

Not when he left disgusting marks on her with his mouth, not even when she was nearly crushed under his sweaty bulk.

Was it love that Nico Robin desired? Love? Was that it?

The spark began to die as Crocodile moved above her, destroying any last bit of innocence and purity Robin had managed to preserve so carefully for so many years.

Love. What love? There is no such thing as love in this damned world.

And Robin began to waver, the steel and bricks crumbling.

There is only hate, and lust, and pain. No love. Love is a fool's dream.

Crocodile whispered things into her ear, using her body as he pleased. There were no more sparks left, as far as Crocodile was concerned.

The only thing Robin could do was slowly rebuild the steel and bricks he had toppled, one piece at a time.