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"Help me, please somebody, anybody help me." a small boy with long black hair whispered desperately into his cold, dark room. He staggered over to his bed and carefully sat on it. His father had just beaten him because he accidentally did magic. He was only eight years old and his father knew he could not control it. The boy slowly turned his head to look outside his window up into the star filled night sky. He wanted to leave this place, never to come back to his drunken father. He sighed at this lovely dream.

But his mother needed him. The boys' face sadden even more with this fact. His mother was once a brilliant witch, but was beaten and abused into a timid, wife. She was always getting sick with worry over him. Tonight she had to watch as his father had beaten him into the ground. He felt his left arm gently and sighed in relief when he could feel no new blood on his arm. His mother had told him a year before that her side of the family could heal their wounds without any spells to help them. Only up to a point though. if he had gotten sick or a broken leg, he would only have a faster recovery rate. She also told him curses could not be healed by this skill. That's why most of his relatives were once potion masters.

A small knock was coming from the door of his room. "Severus?" A gentle voice called out to him. The boy stopped looking out his window and looked at his door. He smiled softly at it before responding. "I'm alive mother." He told the voice. The door slowly opened to reveal a tall, pale woman with her long black hair in a bun. She looked at him for a moment before walking into the room and closing the door softly. She turned back to look at him, "Your father fell asleep not soon after he finished..." His mother could not finish the sentence before starting to cry. "Oh Severus, I'm so sorry." She told him with sorrow in her voice.

Severus watched as her mother slowly collapsed onto the wooden floor, crying in her hands. He quickly rushed over to her and held her hand. "I'm alright now mother, there's nothing to worry about now." His mother hugged him tightly in her arms, still crying. Severus was worried that his father might wake up and see his mother like this. He would not be happy with how his mother was acting. Not like the drunk was not the cause of this. Severus thought to himself.

Slowly, his mother stopped crying. She looked at her son and gently stroked his cheek. "I love you, my little python." Severus smiled at the nickname before getting up from the floor. He looked seriously at the door, hoping his father was still asleep. His mother also looked at the door before sighing. Severus looked quickly back at his mother in worry. She smiled at his softly. "I'm going to go to bed now. Will you be alright my little Python?" She asked him. Severus smiled lightly at his mother, not letting her see the sadness deep inside of him. "I'm fine mother, go get some sleep." She nodded softly and got up from the floor. She opened his door before giving her son one last look.

"Good night." She told him softly. "Good night." he whispered to her as she closed the door. He heard her footsteps walk over to her room and open and close her own door before walking over to his bed. Severus laid down with his back to the door so he could look out his window. He slowly started to let tears fall from his eyes. Severus looked out at the stars and closed his eyes. ' Help me." He told the stars, slowly falling asleep."

Time Skip 19 years:

" me, please." A small boy with black hair and green eyes whispered desperately to his small room.

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