I do not own Harry Potter: there's a slight warning to those who hate abuse situations. But it's just for a moment.

When he walked into the living room though, he saw that Potter was fast asleep on the couch. Frowning slightly he walked over to the boy, so he could make sure he was alright. He crouched down and saw Harry's left wrist, the broken one dangling slightly off the couch. With a small incantation he quickly healed it trying his best to use the least painful spell he learned form Madam Pomfrey. Severus saw Harry's face scrunch slightly in pain before relaxing again. Knowing that Harry needed rest right now more then food, he silently stood up and walked back in the kitchen and put the sandwiches in the refrigerator saving them for when Harry woke up. Till then he decided to work on a few potions, walking down into the cellar.

It was dark, walking in the streets of Privet Drive you could usually see where you were. Not tonight though. Harry looked up and saw even the moon was gone. That's when he heard the snap of a branch. His eyes opened wide as he turned around and saw his Uncle holding his belt like a whip, smiling at him as if he was prey. "Wait, what are you doing here?" Harry backed away, turning around to make a run for it and found himself in the living room of his Uncles house holding onto the staircase bar for dear life, the whip his Uncle had on him met his skin with a sharp crack. Screaming in pain Harry caught a glance of his reflection in the hallway mirror. He was just a little boy, no older then 10, he was bruised, torn and afraid for his life. Tears fall from his faces as he lets out another cry in pain. "Please uncle!" The man only cracked his whip again onto Harry's skin, making him bleed. As his Uncle laughed at his pain and brought his hand up for a final, agonizing blow when Harry screamed-

"NO!" He shouted sitting up, with a film of seat over his forehead. Harry took a few deep breaths as he looked around the dark, strange room he was in. He started to remember that he was at Severus Snapes house. He looked out a window and saw the stars have settled into the sky for the night in the London sky. Breathing a sigh of relief he slowly brought his knees up to his chest and closed his eyes, trying to forget the nightmare. His Uncles laugh still echoing in his mind, making Harry shiver. He took a few deep breaths before turning and sitting on the couch, gazing at the un-lit fireplace with a thoughtful expression on his face.

Had it really been only a day ago when his Uncle last punished him? Had he really been saved from that Experience forever? Or would he soon wake up from this peaceful dream, and have to go back to his painful reality. Harry knew from experience that wishing for things, never got you anywhere. All his life he wished for his relatives to love him, or to at least care about him. He wished to be somewhere where people cared for him, loved him. He got that wish, Harry had friends who did care about him, but, even though he thought it selfish, he wanted more then that. Harry wanted a Mother who cared for him, or a father who gave him advice. Sure he had Sirus, but he treated Harry more like a friend then a son.

Harry kept thinking about this when a door to the kitchen opened to reveal Professor Snape. He watched the boy stare at the fireplace for a few moments before taking out his wand and flicked it slightly, causing a nice set of flames to appear in the fireplace. Harry turned around, slightly startled, and looked at his professor with confusion. Severus just looked at him with a small smirk, before crossing his arms and leaning on the door frame. "I have dinner in the kitchen." He jerked his head slightly to the area in question. "Although I'm not a master chef I presume you'll eat anything in your state right now." Harry just nodded, agreeing with the man and walked into the kitchen without any witty comment back at the snide professor. This made Severus raise an eyebrow and follow the boy into the room, wondering if there was more wrong with the boy.

At the table in the kitchen Harry saw a platter of cold sandwiches, blinking slightly he couldn't help but give a small smile. They looked delicious and very good to the starving boy as he sat down at the table and grabbed one, quickly scarfing it down, enjoying everything about the sandwich. Harry couldn't help but think Snape was, Ron would never believe him, being humble about his cooking skills. This was a great tasting sandwich, it had just the right amount of ingredients, to him at least. Severus just looked at the boy with a half amused glare from the entryway. "Well Potter, or should I say Weasley, I guess you were hungry." He says with a slight disgust in his voice.

Harry just looked up at him, food in his mouth, he glared at the Professor. "I'd hunged!" He said to his professor. It took all of Snapes' will not to laugh at how stupid the boy looked right now. " Potter, don't speak with your mouth full, it makes you look stupider then you already are." He told the boy with a sneer. This earned another glare from the boy as he swallowed and finished the sandwich. Harry looked up at the professor with a frown, he knew he should be grateful that Snape got him out of his Uncles house, yet right now he just wanted to glare at the greasy bat for calling him stupid. Taking the middle route, he just gave a curt nod to the potions master. "Thank you." He said shortly and to the point.

Severus nodded his head and looked at the wall clock that was located behind Harry. It showed that it was eight at night. Harry had slept threw the whole day. Harry glanced at the clock as well and turned to look at Snape, not wondering what will happen next. In all Honesty, Severus Snape was thinking the very same thing.

On one hand he should just floo the boy to his Godfather and let him be coddled by him and the rest of the Order. On the other, he could keep Harry here and find out exactly how long this abuse had been going on. It would be unwise of him to let the Lions,literally, pounce on the boy, asking him personal questions when he was unwilling to talk. He looked back at Potter and crossed his arms, staring at him with a small glare. Harry met his glare and stared directly into his eyes, green to onyx. They've done this many times before, Severus usually seeing a fierce and determined will in the boys eyes, ready to fight him on any subject. Now he just saw a murky green, filled with nothing, devoid of all feeling. As if he was staring into a murky pond with no bottom, no hope.

Looking away from the boy, he turned and made his way out of the room. Not knowing what else to do, Harry followed him. The professor led Harry up the stairs of the house and to a closed door. Only when they reached this door did Snape turn to look at Harry. "This will be your room for the night. Tomorrow I will speak to the headmaster and see if he wants to move you to your godfathers or not." Harry looked slightly surprised at this. He had not spoken to Srius in a long time, but that's not what surprised him. It was the feeling of dread seeing his dear godfather, and explaining to him why he left his Uncles. It was shameful enough that Snape saw what happened, he did not want Sirus, or anyone else, knowing.

"Professor," Harry said timidly, not sure how to go about asking this request. Snape looked down at the boy with a frown. "What is it?" Harry looked up at him and with his gryffindor bravery, asked his question. "Could you not tell my godfather what happened?" He said bluntly. Snape raised an eyebrow to this request and looked at the boy with curiosity. "And why would you not want him to know, Potter?" He asked slowly and softly. Harry shifted his gaze off the man and looked at his feet. "I don't want him to worry." He said plainly to the floor.

Severus looked at the boy for a moment before turning away, walking towards the stairs. " I expect you up at eight tomorrow morning. Breakfast will be at nine." He said as he walked to the first just looked at him for a few moments, before he realized Snape wanted an answer. "Oh! y-Yes sir." He said with a slight stammer. Severus glanced back at Harry with a small, very very small, smile "I will let you be the one to tell your godfather Potter, When that is will also be your choice. I suggest though, you do it sooner rather then later." Before Harry had time to reply, Snape was gone.

Harry sighed, turning and opening the door to his room walking inside it with his head down in thought, closing the door behind him. When he looked up he took a startled step back. It was a fairly large room, with two large French windows letting in the moons light. In the middle of the room was a nice oak four poster bed with a matching night stand right beside it. Looking at the end of the bed he saw his trunk settled there. He walked over to it and opened it, grabbing his night gowns and changing into over to the bed he took off his glasses and set them down on the stand, before turning the sheets and crawling into the comfortable bed. He looked out of the windows and fell asleep watching the stars shine.