Gratuitous intimidation factors weren't exactly valorous or notable when, persay, the general public were to talk about Hammer. Yet for a personal closure, his internal ignorance takes a great pride in labelling himself with such discrepancies and false accusations of bravery. It was not that he was a coward, a great portion of him lacked intrepidity. Hammer expressed his tenacity in different ways. His prowess often being that of word of mouth and state of mind, rather than brawn. Clout was not his forte in the least.

Alabaster walls surrounded this sort of sanctum and solid steel walls of establishment and great fortune. A lair.
These...These "drones", couldn't even begin to match whatever 'Mona Lisa' Stark put together. To Hammer it all seemed unsound. Incapable. Losing faith in Ivan was not part of Hammer exploits, and his small trees of paranoia began to filter him with what if, what if, what if. The ample quiet flooding the space between the walls that towered within the organs of the building.


The fragile, yet durable mechanism of wires and metal plates and connections to all for what it represented that Hammer held in his hands his the ground with a loud, ringing clatter. His chest felt as if someone reached inside and shook his lungs. The weakling and recreant within his person calmed itself momentarily, his ears in a slight discomfort from the clatter of the metal and copper wire fixture that escaped his hands.

"...what?" Hammer's response was simply a small shadow of the larger man's.

Ivan's voice rang like thunder in the massive vastness, temporarily ceasing his in-depth tinkering. Hammer's tension to rose from the constant intimidation factor. He could feel his ears flush.

"Bullet. Cannot manage drone without bullet."

Oh, well, duh, Hammer thought. How ironic a weapons facility such as this, yet Hammer's final thoughts were ammunition. "...Oh, of course. Can't have a car without gas, right?" Hammer's shady, dry chuckle sounding out within the air space, followed by nothing. The lack of acknowledgement left Hammer to question his entire project. His entire predicament. Surely, he trusted Ivan with this assignment. Yet to ponder and pander about this facility with constant monitoring was dubious concerning Hammer's plight. His ears began to ring, his troubled feet hurrying off in address.