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Yugi looked over the balcony. He was standing on the very edge of a window. Tears beginning to fall on his face. Yugi knew that what he was doing was wrong, but it was the only way to end everything. Everything. The pain, the suffering, everything.

'Well.. this is goodbye...' Yugi thought, taking a step closer to his death when suddenly, Ryou's voice appeared behind him.

"Yugi no! Don't do this!" Ryou shouted, hugging Yugi down to prevent him from jumping.

"Ryou, get off of me.. i need to do this.." Yugi said, looking at Ryou in the eye. In the distance, Malik's voice could be heard, but faintly.

"No Yugi, you don't. Come on, just get down from there.." Ryou said, hugging Yugi tighter.

"No. Ryou, get off me or else you're dying with me.." Yugi said in an almost monotone. Ryou still wouldn't budge.

'Jump now... take him with you..' An evil voice said in his mind.

"Suit yourself." Yugi said, jumping down the thirty foot tall building along with Ryou.

"RYOU! YUGI! NO!" Malik's voice shouted in a distance. But it was too late. The two crashed down heads-first. They were pronounced dead on arrival. The two were gone.. forever.. or at least they thought so...

"We are here today to remember our two beloved students.. Ryou and Yugi. They died last night in an accident.." The principal of Domino High announced. Everyone who knew them gasped at hearing their deaths. They were having an early assembly today to remember them. It was literally, a funeral. The normal, loud assembly which no teacher could ever tame has finally become quiet. No more gossips were spread that hour, no more curses or swears.. not a single thing could be heard. Well, except a couple of tiny sobs. And most of them came from their friends.

Tea was silently sobbing as she leaned on Tristan for comfort, Serenity was crying on Duke's lap, Joey was crying along with Seto. But none of them were crying as hard as Yami. Yami, the person Yugi trusted the most, had been the cause of Yugi's death.

'I'm sorry Yugi.. i didn't mean this to happen..' Yami thought sadly. After a few minutes, the silence was broken. Though, not by random topics, they were all condolences. Yami just ignored them all. They meant nothing unless they came from his sweet aibou's voice..

On the far side of the assembly area, a different crowd gathered on a different person. They too, were offering condolences to Bakura.

"Our condolence, Bakura.." A couple of students said. Though Bakura just ignored them all. He then felt a little tug on his side. It was Malik.

"What?" Bakura snapped, scaring the young boy clearly. "Oh, I'm sorry Malik.. i-i didn't mean to.." Bakura said. Malik just smiled at him sadly.

"Nobody did. Except for them. They caused all of this." Malik said, looking over the group as he spoke the words. Marik then spoke.

"Stupid Yami. He should have noticed all the signs Yugi was giving him. Instead, he chose to ignore him. What a pathetic excuse for a Yami. And he even dares call himself, THE Yami." Marik said. Yami's friends then turned around to face the three.

"It was not Yami's fault so stop blaming this on him!" Tea shouted, standing up. Students around their areas then moved away. They knew a fight could spark any minute...

"IT IS Yami's fault! If he could have had just noticed all the signs, none of this would have happened!" Marik shouted. A teacher suddenly rushed in between the two groups.

"You two! Stop this!" The teacher said. Bakura scoffed oh-so loudly. "Is there anything funny, Bakura?" The teacher asked sarcastically.

"Why yes." Bakura said, standing up.

"Well what is it then?" The teacher asked, annoyed at Bakura defying him.

"All of you are hypocrites. That's what's funny." Bakura said chuckling maniacally, turning around to walk out the assembly. The teacher then turned and tried to stop him, but was punched by Bakura so hard, he fell down his butt.

"Bakura!" Malik shouted, running up to Bakura. He knew that Bakura was cracking now.. any second..

"SHUT UP! ALL OF YOU!" Bakura shouted, tears falling down his eyes.

'And there you go..' Malik thought. Almost everyone was surprised to see Bakura crying. A couple of students pointed at Bakura and whispered to their friends.

"YES! I AM CRYING! Go and gossip about it for all i care. I'm out of here." Bakura said, leaving the stunned assembly.

"SOMEBODY STOP HIM!" The teacher who Bakura punched shouted, though nobody did. Bakura was scary enough when he is in control of his feelings, but an out of control Bakura? Nobody would dare talk to him unless they wanted a death wish. And they knew Bakura could just do that.

Yami, probably the only person who didn't bother to look up when Bakura broke out, continued on crying.

'I'm sorry Aibou.. i never meant this to happen..' Yami chanted in his head again and again.

Yugi's grandpa died a few months before Yugi committed suicide. He died happily while holding hands with Yugi and Yami. Gramps left Yugi and Yami quite a bit of money. Enough for them to live in luxury until college. And that was even without the house! But now, Yugi's gone..

"Yami? Are you alright?" Tea asked. Yami just sighed deeply.

"No.. i'm not.. I'm the one who caused all this to happen.. it's all.. my fault.." Yami said, not bothering to care whether if it would ruin his 'image' by crying like a little boy.

"I'm sorry Yami.. it wasn't all your fault.. we were all at fault here.. You, me, Tristan, Joey, Duke, Seto.. we were all at fault so don't blame yourself for everything that's happened.." Tea said, trying to comfort him.

"But still.. how come i didn't notice all of the signs! I'm-i'm such an idiot.. And i dare call myself a yami..." Yami said, putting his head on his hands as he cried more.

'Poor Yami.. he's so broken.. and it's all our fault..' Tea said, tears streaming down her face.

"Poor Yami. He's so... broken! Hahaha!" Zorc said, laughing maniacally as he watched their reflections."Now that Yugi and Ryou are out of the picture, i only need to dispose of Malik and my plan can go into action." Zorc said.

A lady then landed behind him and bowed.

"Master. What can i do for you?" The laid said, continuing bowing down.

"I need you to cause some mayhem at the human world." Zorc said.

"What kind of mayhem? Murder? Explosion? Tsunami?" The lady asked, listing different types of tragedies.

"No. None of those. I only need you to cause tension between two people." Zorc said. The lady smirked. This was one she liked most.

"Oh. Who would the lucky couple i could break up be?" The lady asked.

"Them." Zorc said, pointing to the mirror. "Their names," Zorc paused. "Are Malik and Marik."

Malik paced around the room.

"It's 7PM Already! Where is he?" Malik shouted, continuing to pace.

'He's probably just late..' Malik thought to himself. Though, somehow, a voice in his said something else.

'No. He's probably late because he's off flirting with someone. Someone to replace you..' A dark voice said.

'No. Marik's loyal. He only loves me. Only me.' Malik argued to himself.

'How can you know? Did he marry you yet? are you engaged? No. You know, a man's likes can change very quickly. And especially with all the distractions around. I wouldn't be too surprised if we see him kissing somebody else.' The voice said.

'NO! Marik's mine. Only mine! He wouldn't do that.. won't he?' Malik asked himself, suddenly finding himself unsure.

'Then why don't you go look for him? Where did he say he was going at? Bakura's place? you can go and call Bakura to see if Marik's there or not. If he is, won't that ease your burden? Though.. if he wasn't, now.. wouldn't that be suspicious?' The voice argued once more.

'I trust him.' Malik thought confidently.

'Though you're not sure. Why not just call? It's simple, quick and easy.' The voice reasoned.

'I can't believe i'm doing this..' Malik thought, grabbing the phone and dialing Bakura's number. After the third ring, Bakura picked up.

"He..llo..?" Bakura asked weakly.

"Hey um.. Bakura, did Marik happen to pass by there today?" Malik asked.

"Yeah.. he did.. he just went out to buy some smoothies.. he said he's coming back." Bakura muttered weakly. "Er.. Malik, will you be okay there? I think Marik's going to have to stay here longer. Though, you could come here.." Bakura muttered.

"Yeah.. maybe i will. I'll be there in a few, okay?" Malik said, perking up.

"Sure.." Bakura said as he ended the call. Malik smiled widely.

'Ha! I told you so! Marik was there! He just went out to buy some smoothies!' Malik thought proudly.

'Whatever.. though, i think we better go to the smoothie shop to help Marik eh?' The voice said.

'Let's!' Malik said, grabbing his jacket on and locking the door. He then walked, or skipped, the way to the smoothie place. Though, when he reached the place, there was rather a huge crowd encircling the pathway. 'What's with all the people?' Malik thought, as he passed through the crowd. When suddenly, a sudden bright platinum blond caught his eye. 'No.. he couldn't..' Malik thought to himself, but was wide eyed as he watched the scene.

Marik was kissing someone. KISSING SOMEONE else than Malik!

'That lying _!' Malik thought as he continued watching the two kiss. The two then eventually broke up, gasping for air. The two smiled at each other before Marik caught sight of Malik. Marik's eyes then widened at realization.

"Malik wait!" Marik said, walking after Malik, who was now evacuating the premises as fast as his legs could carry.

"I don't want to talk to you!" Malik shouted, walking across the pedestrian lane. Malik was walking so fast he didn't notice that a car was speeding.. and heading over his way..

"MALIK! LOOK OUT!" Marik shouted, running over to Malik. Malik then turned to his side where he collided with the car. Malik was thrown about a few feet from where he was standing. "MALIK!" Marik shouted, running over to where Malik laid. The drivers and the other customers of the smoothie shop all came running to the scene. Marik saw that Malik's head was bleeding badly.

"Malik! No!" Marik shouted, carrying Malik up to his arms. His head was still bleeding and was continuing in a rather quick rate.

"Marik.." Malik muttered weakly. He knew he was dying. There was only seconds between the two of them..

"Malik, shush.. please, everything's going to be alright, i-i.." Marik said, tears falling down his face.

"Marik, there's no time.. i.. i.." Malik said, gasping for air.

"What?" Marik asked, lifting Malik up to look him in the eyes. Malik then lifted his hand and touched Marik's cheek.

" you.." Malik muttered on his dying breath. His hand then fell down to the ground. Marik then broke out the tears. Everyone in the vicinity were either crying up, or close to crying.

"NO!" Marik shouted in agony as he held Malik's body close. He seemed so lifeless.. like a broken doll..

Zyrx ;; Aww, that's sad.

Ryou ;; Yes, we all died.

Yugi ;; What happens now?

Malik ;; Marik you cheating skankbag!

Marik ;; I didn't mean to! Honest!

Yami ;; /gloom/

Tea ;; Zorc you evil monster!

Zorc ;; BWAHAHA! Don't worry. I'm getting worse =D

Tea ;; /glare/

Ryou ;; Er.. Yugi caused me to my doom?

Yugi ;; /nods/

Ryou ;; wow..

-Awkward silence-

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