Rurrlock & ShadowLord's A New Nightmare

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Characters created by ShadowLord1329 and Wes Craven

Story created by Rurrlock-God of Power

Chapter 9: His History, Our Future

Tuesday 17th March 1981 05:02am

Nancy struggled hard and often, but the strap-jacket she had on wouldn't break. She was locked in an all white room; no desks or chairs, no windows, not even a door. Soon, Nancy had no strength left, and just collapsed to the floor. Going through Nancy's minds was the images and memories Freddy showed her, her memories, her other life memories. All the people Freddy killed; her parents, friends, both lives Freddy's killed them all.

SCREECH! An awful sound filled the room; Nancy sat up to see where the noise was coming from. She looked at the wall right behind her, and moved away. The wall cracked, dust fell off like something was pushing inwards. Nancy was about to yell for help, until she saw what was coming through and making that noise...a blue power drill.

Once it made a human size hole, it disappeared into Becky's body. She climbed in through the hole, and then Nancy saw the damage to Becky; cuts, bruises all over her body, her shirt was ripped, and she was glowing in a blue aura uncontrollable...but very weakly, she put up quite a fight.

''Becky, are you okay?'' But Becky didn't reply. She produces blue scissors and cuts the jacket off Nancy. Nancy gets out of the jacket and stands up, just in time to catch Becky who's almost collapsed.

''Jesus...come on, you need to rest!'' Nancy helps Becky to sit down. Becky avoids eye contact with her.

''Becky, are you okay?'' Nancy asks again, and Becky can no longer hide it.

''Nancy...Teresa...she's dead'' She whispered.

Nancy lost all it, Teresa left her home to try to find her. She didn't even get the chance to tell her how sorry she was, that they could be normal sisters like before. What if she was the reason Freddy killed Teresa, because she was trying to save her? It was her fault Teresa was dead. Nancy was tearing up inside.

SLASH! Huge scratch marks appeared all over the walls around them. Becky and Nancy both got back to their feet, and watched as a huge rat tore its way through the scratch. Becky froze up as the rat moved towards them. Nancy tried to snap Becky out of her trance, but she was too scared. The rat hissed, showing its black fangs and leaped at them.

''NO!'' Nancy moved in front of Becky, defending her. Then from Nancy's hand, a blue orb of energy was created, and it flew from her hand and towards the rat BOOM! It disintegrated into ash, Nancy was staring at her hand like it just grew another finger; Becky was brought out of her trance, she knew what this meant.

''You've found your dream power!''

''I found my what?'' But Nancy couldn't get an answer, as blood spewed from the scratches in the wall and flooded the room. The two girls were pulled by the strong current, towards an edge that appeared out of nowhere. They were close enough to realise this was like some type of waterfall (blood fall, whatever), but by that time, they had already gone over the edge.

They fell for what seemed like ten minutes, until the blood stopped falling, floating in mid-air; but the girls were still falling, and about to hit ground. Using alot of energy, Becky tosses some blue aura to the ground and it formed into three large eclectic fans that slowed down their fall, but not enough. So Becky turned the fans into a large king-sized bed mattress. They both made a comfortable landing.

They crawled off the mattress, and once the energy went back into Becky she fainted. Nancy was quick by her side; then she noticed where they had landed...the boiler room.

''Ready or not...'' Nancy heard from behind. She turned to see no other then Freddy walk towards them. As he walked, he scratched his claws against the metal pipes, making the awful scraping noise that he loved. The sparks flew from the clashing metals all over him, some hit his face and it set on fire...creating his burnt face that Nancy now knew she's seen before in her other life.

''Here I come!''

''We have to go back!'' Steven demanded.

''And do what, get slaughtered like your friends?'' Wesley pointed to the graves outside they made for Teresa and Wendy. Becky was lying in the bedroom, with Megan sitting beside her. Every few minutes, a new scratch or bruise would appear, but she was still alive so they knew she must still be fighting. Tabby was sitting on the sofa, still in shock from being in that much contact with water again. The first half an hour since they woke, she vomited at least seven times thinking about it.

BAM! Tabby and Megan looked to see Wesley on the ground holding his bloody nose with Steven standing over him, his fist clenched.

''My girlfriend is in there...''

''Being held by an unstoppable madman. I'm sorry, but you can't beat Freddy in the dream. The only way, is to kill him in the real world, here he's just a normal man''.

''How am I supposed to do that? I don't know where he is!''.

''I do'' The group turned, standing by the door was Weasel ''I saw Freddy take Nancy to the old factory where Freddy use to work. I stayed for a few minutes, he didn't come he's probably staying there until he gets you...''

''And he is!'' Steven cut in as he stormed past Weasel ''Don't try to stop me...''

''I'm not! He killed Ryan and Nick, and almost got me and you; if you have any chance of taking Freddy down take it''.

''What about you?'' Steven asked.

Weasel was unsure of what to say, but he finally had the courage to say it ''I think I should move on, I ain't like one of those kids in the movies who stay and get killed in the sequel...''

''Well there ain't going to be a sequel, tonight either he dies...or we do!''

Weasel nods in agreement, he holds out his hand and Steven shakes it.

''Take care'' Steven said.

''You too''.

''Wait, I'm going as well'' Megan called out.

''No, I'm not risking...''

''She may be your girlfriend...but she's my sister!'' Steven couldn't argue with her, so he nodded in agreement and they both ran to Freddy's factory. Weasel noticed the grave stones for Teresa and Wendy, he said a quick pray for them and then noticed Tabby.

''Aren't you going?'' He asks.

Tabby didn't look up at Weasel as she spoke ''I can't face him''.

''Why not?''

''Cause I'm a coward...I tried to face him, but I let the fear get the better of me. And it almost got me and Steven killed'' She lied down on the sofa, not to go asleep but just to rest.

Weasel facial expression was changing constantly from confused to angry, to bitter to confused, ''Who are you!'' He shouted at her, that's when she looked at him with a confused look on her face.

''What happened to the Tabatha Gillespie I know? The tough, bitchy spunk girl that everyone knew and feared. The one who always showed determination, whether it was to win in the school's football team, or too get Steven. The Tabby that had a fire to her. You...You're just a scared little girl that'll let her friends take a beating, when you should be taking it with them''.

''What do you want from me? Everyone wanted me to be the new Tabby, but now everyone's saying they need the old Tabby. What am I supposed to be?'' She screams.

''Both! Be the new Tabby, where you're kind and caring about others. But the old Tabby as well; the tough, hot-tempered chick that took no crap from nobody. Being both is what makes you a better person, and the person that will help defeat that son of a bitch!''

Tabby seemed to consider this at first ''I can't be both!'' She said and lied back down on the sofa again. Weasel was about to shout again, but he stopped himself. Instead he whispered ''You can be! After all, being both is what made Ryan fall in love with you''.

The cold air howled across the street; Steven and Megan looked at every corner, every window, anywhere that Freddy could appear. In this world he may not have his powers, but neither do they. Soon, they both came across the Springwood Factory. The place closed down years ago, due to the bad publicity about Freddy working here.

They both walked inside, side by side, keeping a look out. The horrible ash like smell filled their noses, and made their eyes water. They could taste the liquefied metal in the air. It was so hot in here, they were sweating like mad. They both tried to keep their breathing under control, because it was so silent in here, it was the only noise being made.

Thankfully, Steven had no flames or sparks to be afraid of in here; but Megan had plenty of rats running around to keep her tense. Some would zip along the pipelines; others would run away once the two walked past. But then, one brave one scurried and breezed past Megan's feet causing her to scream.

Her scream echoes throughout the whole factory, and so the two wait for Freddy to hear and appear. Nothing...just the noise of the birds flying by outside, or the rats in here...but no Freddy. The two could finally breathe.

''Sorry'' She whispered. Steven turned to her and nodded, but then something behind her caught her eye. He walks past Megan and picks up something hanging on the pipes. Megan walks up behind him, and in his hand was some sort of hand-made bracelet. Steven was shaking, and his eyes were starting to form tears.

''Steven, what is that?''

He stuttered, he couldn't bring his words put. Until he got up and turned to Megan, still holding the bracelet in his shaking hand ''This was my sisters!''

''What? You never had a sister!''

''I did, but only a few people knew her. She was born with Dyslexia and Autism, so she always stayed at home. But then, she went with my mum and my dad to see her favourite play. They never came home...that was the night they were killed''.

''But then what's it doing here?'' But Megan then realised what the answer was. Steven's hand was shaking harder now, but not because of shock...but because of anger...

''He killed them...Freddy was the one who killed them...''

Megan looked around, as the howl of the wind grew stronger and louder. The moon went behind the dark, murky clouds. The pipes then began to rust, and cause an awful scraping noise. Steven didn't seem to notice, he was still looking at his sister's bracelet in his hand.

''COME ON KRUEGER!'' Steven shouted.

''What the hell are you doing...''

''YOU WANT ME...HERE I AM!'' He shouted. The echoes carried it far across the factory; surely Freddy's heard that.

Steven turns to Megan ''Get out of here now''.

''I thought we were going to do this together?''

''No! This is now between me and him...''

Megan had never seen Steven like this before, he was now very different from the calm, gentle kid she knew; this was now someone driven by revenge. Then something surprised Megan, Steven's eyes changed colour; from his normal blue, for a split second it was gold. But then it turned back.


''Right here'' Freddy whispered next to him. Steven turned, but Freddy threw some kind of dust into Steven's face, and he went down to the ground. Megan charged forward to help, Freddy just threw more dust into Megan's face, and she went to the ground as well. Steven looked at Megan, and saw her gently lay herself down and fall asleep. Steven started to fall asleep as well; the last thing of the waking world he sees is Freddy waving at him.

''Pleasant dreams...''

Steven bolts up to his feet, but he was no longer in the factory, he was back in the cave from a few hours ago. But the walls were different...instead of stone it was human bodies.

''HELP!'' ZAP! ZAP! ZAP! Megan was blasting away at the giant rats that were crawling towards here. Steven charged forward to help, but a hand reaches out and grabs him...a hand from the bodies on the wall. Steven stands terrified, as all the bodies groan and scream as they crawl towards him. He tries to get away from the one holding him, but it was really strong for a corpse.

''Let go of me, let go of me...'' Steven tried to control them, but there was nothing inside of them; they were already dead, they had no mind for Steven to control.

ZAP! One of Megan's blast tears the arm off the corpse and Steven falls back, with the hand still attached to his shoulder; he yelped and threw it off him. Megan ran over to him, she got rid of the rats, but now they had bigger problems. The corpses started making their way towards them. Megan stepped in front and blasted at the corpses, but the blast goes right through them, and they continue walking.

BOOM! A large blue sphere of energy is thrown from behind the two and destroys the corpses in front of them. They turn to see Nancy, in one hand another ball of energy and in the other...

''BECKY!'' Steven and Megan ran to them, Megan broke down as she started hugging her battered sister. Then she and Steven embraced...

''Told you I wasn't going to let him get you!''

''Didn't we just save you?'' Becky joked. All three turned to Nancy, her head facing the ground and quivering.

''I told her about Teresa and Wendy'' Becky told them. Megan placed a hand on her shoulder...

''I'm sorry''.

''I didn't even get to tell her how sorry I am''.

BOOM! More corpses erupted from the ground, grabbing at the group's legs. Steven helps Becky move back, as Megan and Nancy blast away at whatever dead thing crawls at them; but more just keep appearing. More broke through the ground behind the group, they were now surrounded. The group stood back to back, some corpses kept crawling at them, as other got to their feet and walked to them singing.

''One Two, Freddy's coming for you...Three Four, Better lock your door...Five Six, Grab your crucifix...Seven Eight, Better stay up late...Nine Ten, Never sleep again...''

Then they heard his laugh, and standing behind the army of the un-dead was Freddy.

''Can control those, that have no control over themselves...Stevey-boy! HAHAHA!''

The corpses were within reaching distance of the group now; they had all backed up as much as they could...except Steven, whose look of rage was almost as frightening as Freddy's.

''You killed them!''

''It had been awhile since I had a proper kill! Although, that sister of yours could have stayed with me a bit longer, but that crippled mind of hers might have bothered me'' He taunted Steven, a big mistake.

The wind began to howl again, and the water around the cave was boiling and bubbling. For another split second, Steven's eyes changed from blue to gold, before returning to blue. Freddy was caught off guard by this, so he orders the army to attack now. They strike, but Steven holds out his hand...

''Stop!'' He commands, and just like that they stop and bow to him like a king.

''WHAT?'' Freddy tries to control the army again, but Steven has them under his control. Everyone was just as perplexed as the next, Steven wasn't mind controlling them. How could he be doing this?

''Attack him, now!'' He orders. The corpses immediately change direction and sprint at Freddy. The pile on top of him, biting and clawing away at his flesh as he desperately tries to break free slashing at whatever was in his way. Steven starts to feel faint and almost falls, but the others help him up.

''How did you do that?''Becky asked him.

''I'm not sure myself?'' Was his reply.

BOOM! Freddy explodes in a ball of fire, the corpses around him disintegrate to bones and dust, and most the cave breaks apart. The wounds on his body heal, he looks Steven with his rage and blood filled eyes. He then teleports and appears right in front of him. Steven couldn't do anything as he was still recovering.

BAM! Then some sort of force pushes Freddy into a wall, and as the stones break apart on impact they are flown back right into him pushing him further back into the wall. Standing next to the group was Tabby.

''Tabby is that you?'' Becky asked still a bit weak.

''No, I'm the Easter bunny, Tabby couldn't make it today'' She said in her sarcastic bitch-like tone that she would normally say at Becky, but Becky was actually relieved to hear her talk like that again.

Freddy breaks free from his stone prison, and he unleashes a giant water blast at her. Tabby hesitates at first, but she then forces push and stops the water from reaching.

''You're still scared'' Freddy smirked. But that went away as he saw a shadow cast over him, and as he looked up BAM! He gets hit by a giant, blue fly-swatter created by Becky.

''That's why she has us!''

Steven regains some of his strength and walks forward a bit ''Yeah, but it's still not enough...we need all of us!'' Before the others could say anything, Steven focuses on the ground in front of him, and three corpses emerged from the ground. He then focuses on the corpses and right before their eyes the flesh on their bodies return and heals. They grow skin, hair, teeth and even clothes until standing in front of the group were their friends; Kristin, Teresa and Wendy. Steven steps up to them, and places his hand on their head.

''You are Kristin Marbaker'' He mind controls the corpses, giving it Kristin's memories. After a few seconds, it gasps, and has mentally become Kristin.

''You are Teresa Kinner...and you are Wendy Lane'' And the other two corpses regain their memoires.

''How did we...'' But Teresa doesn't have time to finish, as Nancy has flung herself into her, hugging and sobbing.

''I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry...''

''It's okay, it's okay...''

''How? How come you forgave me so easily?'' Nancy stepped back from her, eager to hear her answer.

''Cause I'm your sister!'' She just simply stated. Although it wasn't quite the answer Nancy was looking for, she was glad she's actually got one.

Tabby walked up to Kristin ''What the hell was going through your head?'' She shouted.

''Nice to see you too!''

''How did you do this?'' Wendy asked Steven, who looked pretty confused as well.

''I'm just making this up as I go along''.

The ground then started to shake and crack open. And Freddy burst from the ground, his face was nothing but anger, no smirk, no camp, Freddy was serious.

''I'LL KILL YOU ALL!'' His body set alight and his skeleton pushes against his skin. His organic claw snapped through the glove, and his face shifts into his Piranha face, becoming Urber-Freddy. He charges at the group.

''Stop'' Steven mind commands, and Freddy stops. Becky produces from her body and giant blue fist BAM! And Freddy is sent into the air. Tabby forces pushes Freddy back down to the ground. Then Kristin forms a fist made of them earth and it uppercuts Freddy in the stomach. He falls back down again, but just before he hits ZAP! BOOM! Megan hits him with her blasts, and he flies into the path of Teresa morphing into a Rhino BAM! He crashes into the wall again, but before another attack he teleports.

Wendy listens in ''Kristin, six o'clock!''Just as Freddy re-appears behind Kristin, she round house kicks Freddy with a foot made of fire. Freddy regains his footing, only to see Becky create a giant golf-club.

''Four!'' She cheekily yells.

BAM! Freddy crashes and tumbles in the ground, leaving crater after crater where he lands. Megan steps in front of him ZAP! She blasts at him; he blocks it with his claws and charges for another attack. Steven focuses just behind Freddy, and then two corpses rise from the ground and grab Freddy by the arms.

Becky stands beside Megan as she prepares another blast. Becky then creates some sort of blue cannon, and from it blasts a large blue energy beam, Megan fires her kinetic blast, and Nancy runs up beside them and fires one of her energy balls.

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! All three strike Freddy. When the smoke clears, there's nothing there.

''Up there!'' Wendy shouts, and the group look to the sky and see Freddy holding a giant fire-ball. He pulls back ready to throw, until a strong gush of wind from Kristin forces him to hesitate. Kristin isn't creating the wind to throw Freddy off, but to give Teresa now a Pterodactyl a boost.

BAM! She head butts right into Freddy, and he crashes to the ground below. Tabby uses her power to control Freddy's fire-ball, and once she does, she tosses it to where Freddy landed BOOM! The cave structure is gone, everything is destroyed once that ball lands.

The group all rise from the rubble, and look to see if they are all okay.

''Think I kind of over did it'' Tabby said.

''You think?'' Nancy grunted, spitting out a stone.

''Do you think we beat him?'' Becky asked. Wendy stepped forward and listened...

''I don't hear anything''

''That was too easy'' Steven said worriedly.

Tabby stepped forward now ''Maybe we just caught him off...'' BAM! Freddy teleports behind her and punches her in the cheek. She crashes to the ground. ZAP! Megan blasts at Freddy, he catches it and sends it right back to her BOOM! She goes to the ground knocked out. Freddy teleports again, behind Wendy BAM! Punches her in the back. Nancy throws an energy ball at him, but he teleports again behind her and Teresa BAM! BAM! He kicks them both down. Kristin encases her whole body in stone, but Freddy just slashes away at her, tearing the rock apart before punching her, sending her back into a wall.

Becky creates a blue chainsaw and tries to hit Freddy, CLANG! She scrapes against his claws, but the chainsaw breaks before his claws do. He grabs her and prepares to stab her...

''Stop!'' Steven commands, and Freddy obeys.

''Put her down!'' Once again, Freddy is force to obey. But as soon as Becky is dropped to the ground, Steven loses concentration. BOOM! And a giant stone wall bursts from the ground in between him and Freddy.

BAM! Freddy right next to Steven punches him to the ground. Steven tries to get up, but Freddy steps on his head.

''This is my world, did you really think you could beat me here? No matter how much you try or how much it looks like you're won't be able to beat me in this world''.

''Then I guess we'll have to try our world'' Steven said. Freddy was confused at first, until he saw Steven's was disappearing, he was waking up. Freddy turned to see all the warriors that were still alive were disappearing.

''NOOOO!'' He yells. He tries to stab Steven, but he was already transparent, and his claw went right through him.

''See you on the other side Krueger'' Steven laughed as he completely disappeared. Freddy turns Becky, he tries to force the stone wall to collapse on her, but she disappears before it hits.

One by one the group all disappear; Megan, then Tabby and Nancy just as she sees Teresa and Wendy together, a smile on her face as she disappears.

Steven bolts up, as does Megan right next to him. And the first thing they see is the person who woke them up...


''I may not come back in the sequel! So I should at least see to the end of this one!'' He said.

''Come on, we still have to find Nancy!'' The three then ran further into the factory, hoping to spot Freddy or...

''Nancy! There she is'' Megan yells and points, Nancy ran down the stairs and to the group.

''I woke up just before he got to me, and then he started chasing me...where is he?'' Nancy was now clueless, Freddy stopped following her. The group all looked up the stairs that Nancy ran down, but no sign of Freddy following her. Maybe she lost him?

GLITCH! A stabbing noise broke the silence. And the group looked back to see Freddy, enraged and his glove buried deep in the body of...

''WEASEL!'' Steven shouted, but it was too late. Weasel grunted as Freddy pressed his claws further in, until Weasel stopped flopping and dropped to the ground, silent and motionless.

Nancy reached for a hammer sitting beside her; she charged at Freddy and swung BAM! She hit him in the cheek, but he just shrugged it off and grabbed her arm to toss her aside. Freddy swung with his claws, Steven pushed Megan out of the way SLASH! Steven's arm nearly came clean off; instead he got large scratch marks going done his whole arm. Freddy kicked him back down to the ground and readied for another the fatal wound.

GLTICH! Megan closed her eyes, not wanting to see Steven gutted. But Nancy forced her eyes open, and what she saw was a bit of a shock to her...Freddy's glove diverted into his own stomach by Weasel's hands. Freddy grunted and spat out blood. Steven didn't know who to look at, the guy about to kill him, or his dead friend. Weasel replied by lifting up his shirt revealing his metal jacket.

''Fell for the same trick twice!'' Weasel smirked in Freddy's ear. Although weakened, Freddy wasn't done yet, he threw his body back and Weasel fell onto the railing. One of them coming off and falling into one of the boilers; Weasel watched below as the boiler got stuck and started making ear-deafening noises.


BOOM! The boiler explodes, and it starts off a chain reaction that sets all the boilers off BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Weasel rolls out of the way just to escape the heat.

Freddy doesn't take notice of the goings on behind him; instead he keeps his focus on Steven. The boy getting to his feet, as his arm started throbbing badly and was losing alot of blood. Freddy limped towards him, and readied for another strike.

''Get away from my boyfriend!'' Becky cried. Freddy turned and Becky swung the hammer Nancy had at Freddy's knee SNAP! And broke it. Freddy fell to the ground, as Becky and Tabby ran up to help Steven.

''How did you know we were here?''

Tabby brought out a note from her pocket ''Weasel said if I change my mind, or Becky wakes up, the others are here''.

Nancy and Megan then came over, and Weasel walked over looking very proud of himself ''Street rats always think ahead!''

BOOM! Another explosion rips the factory apart. As a fire started to engulf everywhere. The group all ran as fast as their tired feet could carry them. The heat was making it harder for them, but the exit door was visible right in front of them...where the biggest fire was.

One by one they all ran out the door, dodging the flames; it was just Becky and Steven left.

''Steven come on!'' Becky screamed.

But Steven was still frozen on the spot; he couldn't take his eyes off the flames circling the only exit left.

''I can't do it''

''I'm not leaving without you, so we either both go through or...''

''AHHH!'' Freddy tackled Steven to the ground. Becky ran back to help, but objects fell from the upper floors landing in between them cutting them off from each other.

''STEVEN! STEVEN!'' Becky calls and tries to find a way around, but it was useless. Megan had run back in and was dragging her screaming sister out...while, Steven and Freddy were trapped.

Steven had moved away from Freddy, and was now bolting up the stairs hoping to evade him and the fire. Falling objects catch Freddy by his coat, using his glove he rips it off leaving him with his red and green jumper.

Steven now reaches the top floor; the fires seemed to be stronger here. His only root of escape now was death, or the window in front of him.

SLASH! Freddy swings with his claw at him, but misses. Steven punches him in the face with his good arm, and punches again. Freddy kicks at his stomach, and punches Steven in the bad arm. Steven stumbles a bit and Freddy punches him to the ground. He edges towards the boy and strikes...

BOOM! Another explosion sends a giant pipe towards Freddy...''Oh Shi...'' BAM! The pipe pines him to the wall. He struggles against it, trying to push it off him but it was no good. Taking this chance, Steven gets to his feet and heads for the window, but stops once he sees the flames again. As he watched the fire dance around him, his whole life seemed to play back again and again.

Freddy has an evil smile on his face; he knows Steven is too scared to go through fire. Ever since he was accidently burnt in his class, he never wanted to go near it again. But something Freddy didn't count on was Becky. Steven thought of her, and how she taught him to never let it get the better of him. Freddy's smile disappeared as Steven closed his eyes, took a deep breath, thought about everything that has happened in his life again...and runs to the window.


CRASH! The group outside gasp as they see Steve dive out of the burning building, thankfully he landed on his feet, but hard. They ran to him, he was out but alive. They heard Freddy's scream coming from inside.

The flames moved closer to him, as he still tried to break free from the pipe holding him down. But it's too late, the flames reach him and his skin begins to burn. His scream was sickening to listen to, almost as horrible as his laugh. Freddy had fallen victim to fire again...

''NO, NOT AGAIN, AHHH!'' BOOM! The whole factory then exploded in one large cloud of smoke, metal and fire.

It was about an hour later before Steven opened his eyes again, he looked around to see they were in some kind of ambulance. He was lying on a stretcher with Becky sitting on one side of him, and Tabby and Megan on the other.

''Did we do it?'' He asked.

''Yeah, he's gone'' Becky replied, kissing him on the forehead.

''What about Weasel and Nancy?''

''Weasel took off before the ambulance got here, apparently he doesn't do well with authority?''

''Don't ask!'' Steven cut in.

''Nancy went back to talk to Mrs. Kinner about Teresa'' As soon as she said that her eyes started to fill up with tears again. Steven put a hand on her cheek, and they smiled.

''You know no one is going to believe us!'' Tabby stated.

''I think it's better they don't believe us, then find out the truth for themselves''.

From then on, the trip in the hospital remained silent. They were just glad it was over; they could hopefully go back to their normal lives. But the price was really high, three of their friend's dead, one leaving and not coming back. But at least, Freddy's dead.

''You sure they're going to be okay?'' Weasel asked Wesley, with a packed rucksack over his shoulder.

''I called for help, they should be fine. He's dead, why don't you stay in Springwood?''

''As much as I want to, I like moving around...makes me feel more like a proper Street King. Plus, I'm not staying in another town with another killer. I tell you, I get the worse travel agents ever...'' He then switches his voice a bit ''Oh, why don't you go to Higgins Haven, nice town there? There's a psycho mother chopping off the heads of hormone filled teens! How about Springwood, very nice town? Because there is a dream stalker that has a thing about kids!''

Wesley can't help but smile, as Weasel continued (his normal voice now) ''There's this nice town called Haddonfield, apparently no indestructible serial killers there!''

Wesley looked like he was about to say something, but thought not knowing Weasel will find out eventually and he can handle himself.

''Besides, I didn't say I was never going to come back'' With that, Weasel waved and walked on. Wesley sat down comfortably on his sofa. For the first time in years he could relax.

He closes his eyes for a brief second, and when he opened them again he was sitting at a desk in a police office. He looked into a mirror on the desk; he looked about twenty or thirty years younger. On the desk in front of him was a search warrant, with his name signed...and Freddy's written in blood. The blood writing then started to drip from the paper.

Wesley got up from the chair, and then the blood writing splits into five sharp points, and is shoot at him each on going through his fingers and thumb.

''AHHH!'' Wesley jumps up from the sofa screeching in pain. He was back to his normal age, and in his caravan. He looks at his fingers to see holes in each one of them.

''He still has his power!'' He said to himself. He quickly ran to his phone, but the line was dead.

''He's dead...but he still has his power. It's just like before...''

Thud, thud, thud He was brought out of his thoughts from the sounds of footsteps behind him. He turned and his worse fear had come true...there was Freddy standing right there. The brown hat, the red and green jumper and the knives for fingers, and worst of all...his face was completely burnt, just like in the previous timeline, the only difference...

''He's alive...'' Wesley gasped. He reached into his draw and brought out his gun SLASH! But Freddy slices his whole hand off. SLASH! And slashes across his stomach. Wesley collapses to the floor in a pool of blood. Freddy kneels and forces Wesley to look at him.

''Looks like I've got the best of both worlds!'' He chuckles and leaves, as Wesley's life fades away. The memories of first hunting Krueger...the interrogation of the Dream Warriors, along with Alice and a young Jacob. Watching, Freddy and Jason fight each other. Freddy reaching the real world taking over it, and the Nightmare Warriors sending him into the portal. And, him going through as well and signing the search warrant, that little signature changing everything.

''Why did I change it?'' Were the last words to leave Wesley's mouth, along with his last breath.

Freddy stuck to the shadows, hiding his face from the rising sunlight as dawn approached. His mind fixed on one thing...revenge!

To be continued!

And now, the exclusive trailer of the second part of ShadowLord and Rurrlock's trilogy:

They thought they had defeated him...

(The group all sit outside the burning factory; Freddy inside burning and screaming, just before the factory explodes)

They thought they were safe...

(Steven, Becky, Megan and Tabby getting out of the ambulance)

They thought they could have a normal life...

(Steven walks down his stairs to see Nancy and another girl at the door)

Steven: Who's this?

Nancy: This is...

(Flashes of the girl; teenage, pretty, blonde hair, in a shirt and jeans)

Nancy: Alice Johnson

(Alice blushes and walks to the next room)

Nancy: She only does that to boys she likes

Steven: Great, another girl I have to protect from Becky. She's not going to like this.

(Cuts of Tabby sleeping in her bed; then her walking through as school)

But he's back.

(Tabby turns around and sees Freddy with his burnt face)

Freddy: Hello Doll face, remember me?

(Cuts of Tabby running into a city throwing objects at Freddy, him swatting them away. More cuts of Megan sailing on a wooden boat in an ocean of boiling blood)

But one...

(Cut to Steven Reading his email; Freddy in a dream world, which looks like a giant floating library)

Will discover...

(Steven reads an e-mail from Kristin sent just before she died; Freddy reaching for a book and reading)

A new power.

Kristin's e-mail: He is planning on unleashing the Sandman...

Freddy (Reading): The Sandman is the God of all Dreams...

Kristin e-mail: Now I traced that bloodline to are the Sandman

(Cuts of Steven being shocked by this; Freddy reads something below it, and lets out his trademark laugh)

From the makers of Nightmare on Elm Street Part 6: Dream God and Jason's Revenge comes...

(Cuts of Alice shooting a lightning blast at Freddy; Tabby drowning in a lake with Jason Voorhees behind her; Steven's body tensing; Megan tied to the mast of a boat screaming for help; Steven creating a mystical aura around himself; Alice trying to hold off one of Freddy's fire balls; Steven's eyes turning gold again; Freddy holding Becky in the air his claws about to strike until Steven stands in front of them)

The Ultimate Sequel.

(Steven's eyes turn completely gold and charges at Freddy; before they hit we cut to black)

Nightmare On Elm Street: The Sandman

Coming Soon...

So that's it for Part 1, Freddy is still alive, but Steven looks to have discovered a new power, and with Alice now introduced can the group stop Freddy this time? ShadowLord will be writing and releasing Sandman, so hope you enjoyed this story and hope that you will enjoy Parts 2 and 3!