All That We Want

"I don't think we should get a cat," sighed Hermione, looking across at Severus, who widened his eyes and snorted with laughter.

"What, you want a dog?" he joked. Hermione's dark eyes were serious and imploring.

"No, Severus, no. I can't deal with another cat, not since Crookshanks died. I promised him that I wouldn't, you know?"

Severus thought that it was rather silly to make promises to a cat, but nodded at his wife anyway. She loved that thing, didn't she? He wasn't too fond of cats anyway.

"There's only one alternative, you know," he told her. "If you won't have a dog, cat, owl, frog or toad."

"And what's that?" Hermione asked with surprise.

"A baby."

Hermione stared at her husband.

"A baby? Are you joking? Severus, I'm not ready for that!"

"I think we are, Hermione, " contradicted her dark husband, black eyes glittering.

"I- I don't! Put my body through hell? Eat myself to the size of a house? Yap at you day and night for doing the slightest thing? I really don't think we are, Sev!" she yelped.

Severus considered for a moment.

"You know, I think you're right. We'd be awful parents."

Hermione gaped at him, aghast, mouthing wordlessly at him.

"No!" she contested in horror. "We'd be amazing!"

"I think you'd be crap. Imagine, you getting a child through, well...You'd never manage!"

"Oh, really?" fumed Hermione. "Do you want to prove it?"

"I'd love to!" beamed Severus.

"Get in here then, and make me pregnant! I'll show you, Severus-!"

But she was cut off by his kiss.

XD Cute little one-shot I thought up whilst talking to my boyfriend!