Lovely Sundays

It was one of those perfectly lovely Sundays in Ikebukuro. The city was abuzz with all of its clichéd inhabitants. The clouds drifted lazily across the sky. Shizuo looked up, adjusting his sunglasses slightly. Tomorrow he'd have to go to work and guard Tom. And he'd probably have to see that idiotic flea bastard.

So Shizuo decided that he would have to make the best of his Sunday. After all, Sundays were his lucky days. He never seemed to run into that ass Izaya on Sundays.

"Breakfast," he decided, murmuring to himself. He was hungry. Having lived off cup noodles for the past two weeks, he wanted to give himself a bit of a treat. Not pudding. Not milk. Ice cream.

For some reason, he had a rather peculiar craving for a chocolate ice cream cone. He decided against questioning something like this. So he turned for his favourite convenience store. The one where he always bought his meals. Which happened to be instant ramen.

Whistling a merry tune, Shizuo stepped into the store, hearing the familiar jingle. "Ohaiyo gozaimasu Shizuo-san," the pretty shopkeeper sang. He nodded lazily and made for the small ice cream freezer.

He chose the biggest cone there was, effectively exhausting what money he had left for the next week. Oh well, he thought, shrugging, I'll get Tom to help me somehow.

He paid up, and pulled off the wrapping, licking the chocolate ice cream contentedly. There was a soft rustle behind him. He turned and saw a familiar black-clad figure standing at one of the shelves.

He'd recognize that coat anywhere. The furry trimmings and the stupid leather creases. Izaya.

Rage boiled within him. He threw the ice cream (and effectively the equivalent of his weekly expenses) onto the ground and crushed it beneath his heel. Ice cream spattered everywhere. Shizuo clenched his fists and growled, "Izaaaayaaaa-kun-yoooooo…"

Izaya straightened with a start. He turned, holding a box of something. His face lost colour (what little of it anyway) and he began trembling. Not because he was scared of Shizuo, but because Shizuo was reading the label of the box he was holding.

"Izaya…is that lube?"

A/N: Haha, my first drabble. I wrote this on a whim. What would I give to be Shizuo there and then. I should so die for this. And if you think I should: REVIEW.