Draco Malfoy shot a death glare that could stop a werewolf in its tracks in the general direction of Viktor Krum.

Now, there are many reasons that Draco could be pissed at Krum. He could be bitter about the fact that Viktor way outclassed him at flying, and Malfoy's are used to being the best. It could be the gaggle of giggling girls who trail him, and Malfoy's usually have no shortage of feminine attention. Or, it could have more to do with the subtle glances that Krum kept throwing in his direction.

The third and final reason for currently wishing a slow and painful death to the star Quiddich player was the closest to hitting the mark…. but not quite. See, Draco Malfoy was for once not concerned about himself: it was the attractive female in the seat beside him that was both the reason for Krum's subtle spying, and Draco's annoyance at this fact.

For this was not just any girl, as both boys understood only too clearly. This was one of the most rare, most treasured females around, the fish that everyone covets, few glimpse, and only one is lucky enough to catch.

Chestnut- coloured hair, falling in long waves to just past her shoulders, as the chocolate-brown eyes (with just a hint of gold) narrow with concentration. Every perfect feature of her face reflects intense concentration. Her slender frame hunched over, leaning in towards the enormous book in front of her, hides the rest of her perfectly proportioned figure.

But this is not the most remarkable part of the girl, it is simply the beginning, as the aspect that makes this female so rare is her beautiful soul.

Battling constantly against prejudice, she shows determination, intelligence, loyalty and liveliness. She is the most honest, yet still kind friend that anyone could ask for. She is easygoing, friendly and the most caring personality. Despite all the adversity, she is an optimist, a dreamer, and a firm believer in second chances. On top of it all is a completely warped self-perception, in which she sees herself as being worth less than the average person, and no amount of convincing could turn her mind to the alternative.

Up until a few months ago, Draco was one of the antagonists. Never seeing himself as having a chance with her, he would provoke her to simply spark a reaction, to assure him that she knew he existed. Until, one day in the library he was watching her, just as Krum does now, and he decided to try his luck at a friendship… at least for now. It was this mentality of throwing yourself out there that he feared from the Bulgarian now.

When Draco had first approached, offered the hand of friendship along with an apology, he could read the wariness in her expressive eyes. But after a while, her belief in the good in people had won out, and she offered her assistance and a permanent spot beside her while studying. It soon led away from running into each other every so often, to planning meetings where they used each other as a sounding board.

They had kept these meetings in the library a secret from their friends; although they were not ashamed, they knew the others would not understand their unlikely friendship. The blood supremacist and the Mudblood, friends? It was shocking to themselves, how could they expect anyone else to understand? But as the days went by, the more Draco fell for her, and the more agonised his soul became. It was a shaky truce to begin with; dare he blur the lines more?

It is moments like these that make him assess whether he has done the right thing. Any moment now, she could be stolen from him, without her even realising! He has not confided in her his true feelings, but he knows he should. He takes a deep breath to steady himself. "Hermione?"

She looks up smiling, a question in her eyes. "Yes, Draco?"

"I… I… ummm…" he is momentarily struggling for words, and while deliberating how to express himself, he realises he is too late. Before he can get the words out, the hulking shadow of Viktor Krum is standing on Hermione's other side. He raises his eyes to the other boys face, and noticing his distraction, Hermione turns.

"May I haff a vord?"

"I won't be long Draco," she tells him, rising to talk to him. "Then I can see if I can help with what you were about to ask."

As she walks away, I drop my head in my hands. Don't worry Hermione, my head screams in despair. You won't be able to help me this time.

I have just lost my last chance.

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