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She was there again?

It was not the first time I had seen her sitting in the small daisy field with a blonde haired boy giggling and eating what appeared to be birthday cake.

In fact it was becoming a regular event, the first Sunday of every month, after dinner she would walk into the meadow with the child, place the red checked rug down and produce a small birthday cake complete with candle.

She would wear a colourful party hat and the young boy would giggle as she lit the candle and then they would both sing and blow the candle out.

Just like how the first of every month I would stand at my landing window looking out over the field and smile as I watched their merriment.

I often found myself wondering about the women, how her long brown hair with light waves moved in the breeze, her slim frame lying on the rug, after chasing the giggling happy child.

Who was she? Why did they always s have this birthday tea party every month?

I d often thought of joining them, but how would I explain my reason s for knowing their habits?

It s not a great introduction "Hello my name is Edward Cullen; I've been watching your parties and wondered if I may join you for a slice?" I should imagine it would be enough to scare them both running for the hills.

Just then a heavy rain showered from the skies, I watched as the two happy giggly bodies grabbed their picnic and ran out of the meadow smiling.


It was my favourite day of the month, the first Sunday.

I had just finished the small round sponge adding extra cream to the top along with a big blue candle, as I placed it into the car I smiled knowing that Charlie would be pleased I had made his favourite.

Pulling up outside my big brother s house I could hear the squeals of excitement as my favourite guy came running out to my truck

"She's here mum! She's here!" Charlie cried to my favourite sister in law Rose. Who was just making her way outside to welcome me home for dinner? No matter how many times I'd seen Rose she always s looked more beautiful then the last. Even now with her golden curl s pulled into a messy bun upon her head and her perfect check bone s flushed pink from cooking the Sunday roast. She and my brother were a perfect match and been together since that first day of school, after he fell into her catching a football. I d never seen anyone scold Emmett into a blushing fool and I just knew that my over "grown" child like brother had meet his match.

"Thank goodness you made it at last, I don t know how much longer I could stand watching him jump up and down at that window, you've been all he could talk about since 6 a. m this morning. As if that s not been enough Emmett can hardly stop fidgeting you d think it was a year not a month since we seen you" she smiled with such a glow like she always s has while talking about her two boys.

I loved this house, it were I grew up. I cut my leg s on the apple tree that was still outside my old room window. There was the tyre swing that Emmett had broken one summer while trying to see how many of his mate s it would hold, and the front porch was still the same as the day I feel off the bottom step breaking my left wrist.

When my parent s had died in a car accident Emmett and I were left the house jointly.

I had sold Emmett and rose my half to help pay for university, I had no desire to hold on to the house.

It never felt like a home after that night when Emmett sat me down on the porch and told me that our parent s wasn't coming home.

I never thought I would see the smile's, hear the laughter and feel the warmth inside the walls again.

Nothing gave me greater pleasure now as I walked through the front door and saw my brother swinging my favourite little guy round the family kitchen. Hearing Charlie s screams of delight as his silly dad swung him round. I could smell the wonderful dinner Rose had pre pared, and it filled me with content.

"Hi big teddy!" I called to my brother as I put down my bag before being crushed into one of Emmett s hugs.

I was the only one to get away with calling him teddy it was short for teddy bear , Emmett was built like a bear, but as soft as a teddy on the inside the only thing bigger then Emmett's arm' s was his heart.

"So you got here in the end then, you know if you got a car you would be here on time every time? That truck of your s amazes me, every time you make it here. You sure it's all together and that the bumper never dropped off on the motor way?" He always s liked to tease me about my beat up rusty red truck but even though it was old and dying a slow death I loved that truck , it took me a summer and 2 jobs to pay for , and I was so proud of myself for buying her. Nothing would make me sell her, she was as much a part of my life as my beat up and comfy wardrobe. When I was teaching I was sure to dress smartly, skirt s well cut top s and fitted jackets. Out of the classroom my wardrobe was like my truck comfy and understated, I was your typical jeans and converse girl.

After dinner came the favourite part of my monthly visits, Charlie and I would walk to a small near by meadow, it was just a little stroll from the back garden and over 2 fields that Emmett and I played in as children.

As we walked Charlie would tell me everything that had happened since I last seen him. A month was a very long time to a 6 year old for example his best friend in school had a girlfriend that Charlie didn't like but it was all ok now because his friend didn't like her anymore and only wanted to play star wars with him at play time s now because girl s are horrid. They only like pink and they can t hold a light saber. He told me how his teacher was pretty, that she had made him star of the week and that meant he got a bag of penny sweets.

Once inside our field we laid out the rug and I unpacked our cake, it was not just any cake it was our un -birthday cake.

It s funny the child hood memories that stick with you, I remember watching Alice in wonder land with my mother and I loved the idea of the mad hatter s tea party, I would always s inside on having a cake with a candle after our Sunday roast, where I would make my brother and farther sing a very happy un birthday to me just like the mad hatter and march hare did to Alice.

When Charlie was born I made a promise to the perfect small pink bundle in my arm s that had my brother s dimple s and sister s blonde curls that the first Sunday of every month would be our UN birthday s.

As we sat in the field singing our unbirthday song Charlie and I giggled and shared a game of chase. Before falling on to the little red rug and watching the cloud s go by.

Just as we lay down the heavens opened and we had to run out of the field before we were drowned, Charlie squealed with delight as I raced him home.


It was the middle of the month and thing s was their usual manic self, my farther was busy meeting the hospital board for the monthly reviews. I was asked to join him this month as I was told the directors were impressed with me and my performance. I had proven myself over the last few years. It took some time to gain people s respect as my own man rather then my farther s name.

Carlisle was a good man and a great doctor, he loved my mother Esme and together they had given me and my sister Alice every opportunity in our lives.

As a younger sister Alice was very much the baby of our loving family, I could never refuse her anything whether it be my last cookie or to play a role in her many childhood tea parties.

Unlike me Alice was very out going always s popular at school and never short on friends. She was a lot smaller then every one and this often brought out my inner big brother, I always s joked that for someone so small ally could be very annoying.

Alice worked away in the city, she was a personal shopper for a major fashion house and not only was fashion her job it was ally s biggest passion in life. It was her perfect job shopping but with other peoples money. I missed my kid sister and looked forward to her regular visits home.

I loved that house with it s homely fire places and cosy kitchen where we'd all meet for dinner round the large wooden farm styled table in the family house and the laughter would continue as though we had never moved out.

That was the appeal of this cosy granite cottage set in the beauty of green fields and over looking the valley of the small village consisting of a post office, shop, small school and welcoming public house.

I never used the facilities of the village where I lived , I never had the time with my work at the hospital , I shopped at the local super market grabbing what I could when I could .

It was late in the evening when I had a phone call, it was from Jasper my old school friend and it had been a long time since I had seen him. He informed me that he was taking a new job in a school not far from where I lived. Jasper was a trained councillor and worked mostly in secondary school s with troubled teenagers and their over stressed parents.

I always s knew he would work in a job that would use his talent and natural ability to calm people down , it was hard to become over worked and stressed out around Jasper. I had found him a great comfort during my more stressful years at medical school.

Jasper was joining us for dinner later in the week and I knew my mother would enjoy the chance to spoil him with a big family dinner.

Alice to would be pleased to see him again, she may not know it but as her big brother I was aware that she always s asked after Jasper.

As it went jasper always s asked after Ally, I knew he liked my sister but after college and her move to the city Jasper had felt Ally had moved on to grander thing s .

Now with my friend moving back closer to home I had to wonder if old flames would and could be re ignited.


It was a busy month. Parent s night was looming on the term calendar and it was the only part of teaching I deeded. Having to tell a parent that their adorable teenaged son was failing English, not because I couldn't teach. Rather the fact was because he was never in my lesson too taught.

I walked into my office and stared at my time table , I had a free hour and I planned on using it to finish a pile of un marked papers .

It was only when I had my coffee that the Head called in to ask me a favour. As he was so busy with the Governor's could I possibly meet the new school councillor and give him the grand tour until the meeting was over and he was free.

I made my way to the front desk wondering which poor soul had decided to take on the challenge of guiding our troubled students , when my eye s meet a tall slim built gentleman with blonde hair and trusting eyes . He introduced him self so charmingly and I felt oddly calm right away.

Jasper was a true gentleman and in the hour we spent touring the school I learnt he was very qualified in his career, working in many different areas of student welfare.

He was single and had chosen to return to the area to be nearer old friends and from the way he spoke I believed he was hoping to find a piece of his heart that was once lost.

After leaving Jasper in the head s office I made my way to my class room to begin an afternoon of teaching and sharing my passion of Austen.

When I heard the bell and set my student s home work I realised just how tired I had become. There was nothing like sitting in my fire side armchair with my cold glass of wine at the end of a long day. I often lost my self in the world of romance and Austen sitting here.

When I finished my training I was lucky to find a job in a school so close to Emmett and Rose.

The school was close to their village and it meant I could see them more often. My flat was comfortable, "small and poky" if you asked Emmett but to me it was warm and inviting.

I had everything I could need a fire, large comfy chair plenty of book shelves' and a good sized kitchen for baking in.

Besides teaching baking was my other hidden talent, no one made cookies and cake s they way I did. Emmett and Charlie we're my biggest fans. There was nothing I enjoyed more then cooking for my favourite guys.

I settled down to my evening book reading in front of the fire and tried to remove my dread over the approaching parent evening. Just think Bella I told myself not long, just a 2 more week s and you'll be enjoying another un- birthday, with plenty of giggles and cake.

Ok so this is my first ever go at writing any kind of story, I got the idea while walking my dog around the village where I live it's taken me several attempts

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