Happy Ever After

Thank you for all the reviews, it has blown me away that I had a silly idea while walking my dog. This story has proved to me that I am a romantic at heart, I do believe in true love.

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She was there again.

Every day after work I have stood in the small landing window, looking out over the grassy meadow bathed in the summer evening sunshine.

My eyes see the beautiful brown haired beauty dancing and spinning the giggling child, in her arms.

My ears hear the pearls of laughter from the delighted child and I fall in love all over again with my wife.

Five years ago I stood alone in this little wooden framed window falling in love with this beauty from the meadow, Bella was no longer my dream, she was my past, my present and my future.

"Daddy! Daddy! Spin me" joining them, my arm sweep up and spin my baby girl high above my head.

The soft brown curls tumble around her pink cheeks,

My baby girl is beautiful just like her mother.


"Lizzy, stop dancing and twirling, you're going to give yourself a tummy ache. Come and sit with me, do you remember how far we read last night?" My pretty little girl, stun's me into a dazzled state, she has her daddies smile and the very same sparkling emeralds that melt my heart. "Alice had just met the caterpillar; she was only 3 inches tall…."

Late summer afternoons are the favourite part of my day, after finishing at school I collect Elizabeth from her grandma's. We come home to make sugar cookies and go to read our favourite fairy tales together in the magical meadow, where my happy ever after began.

Elizabeth Renee Cullen was born at Twilight, on Monday 22nd June, weighing a plump 8 lbs and 3 oz's. Bringing with her a gift of love, hope and happiness.

Rose and Emmett had a baby girl, born on the 14th February 1 minute after midnight. Daisy Belle Swan has her mother's beauty, her daddy's dimples and her big brothers smile.

Alice and Jasper had a baby boy, born 1 month early, weighting a "pixie" light 5 lbs and 1 oz; he has proved to be just as patient as his mother. Brandon Carlisle Hale has his daddy's sparkly blue eyes which hold the same deep sense of trust, his mummies raven black hair with a hint of his Uncle's messy waves.

Sharing our love and happiness with each other, our family has grown, everyone having their homes and hearts filled with warmth, love and laughter.

Who could believe a tea party, a chocolate monster with wobbly front teeth, and cracker hot doctor could result in my happy ever after.

"Daddy! Daddy spin me" I watch from my little red rug as my dazzling doctor lift's our daughter high above his head. Her squeals of excitement make me fall in love with my husband all over again as I watch them spin and dance together.


"You ready? It's just after 6, I told them to be here by half past." Placing my daughter steadily on her feet I offer my wife a hand as she stands from the little red picnic rug I once returned to her brother in quest of her heart.

"Yes, I think passing this off for a chocolate cake is no longer working." My girl is positively radiant, her tummy rounded with our son; tonight over un-birthday cake we will be sharing our secret.

"I love you Mrs Cullen, always and forever" Kissing my girl I can still smell those sweet strawberries and cookies.

"I love you too Doctor Ritz, forever and ever. Now help me catch our cookie queen" Bella kisses my cheek as we begin to chase our little brown curled princess around the little grassy meadow, our laughter lost in the summer breeze.

The End