To all who have served in the Armed Forces in their country's struggle for freedom.

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Happy Memorial Day to all Americans and a good Monday to everyone else!

There's a brief reference to the Bones' episode Hero in the Hold so for those that watch Bones look for it!

Luke stared at the vast cemetery before him.

A far as the unaided eye could see were grave markers, an Eternal Flame, plaques with names of beings that perished on star ships or fighters and tombs of being that had erased their identities.

Even with the aid of macro-binoculars all you would see were things common to a cemetery.

Arly was the biggest cemetery in the galaxy, besides Alderaan.

A few days ago Dev Sibwarra and Ayrin Bitters had been researching the Skywalker family line and discovered why the Sklaven had been so interested in him and his sister; they had Ashlan blood in them.

They had also discovered that their great-great grandfather, Daren Skywalker, had served the Republic during the Crisis of Caylyn, where he had lost his life saving the lives of not only his scout ship but the lives of many of the beings on the ship by holding boarding mercenaries off until soldiers could arrived.

He had guarded the turbolift and told the mercenaries that 'none of them would pass.' He was true to his word.

His wife Anda had given her consent to his burial on Arly.

They both felt that they should make the effort to visit his grave and pay their respects to him. So they left early with Han in tow.

"The pamphlet says that the Arly is haunted by the ghosts that are named here. They walk the grounds and talk to visitors." Han said sarcastically.

"There's no such thing as ghosts!" he said as he followed Luke and Leia through the rows.

The twins shared a look and wondered if they should tell Han that the two Jedi that guarded the Temple's entrance along with a dozen others were in fact Force Ghosts and that was why they didn't talk to anyone, except for Jedi.

Finally they came to the row where Daren Skywalker's body was.

"I'll stay here." Han said quickly, the thought of stepping on dead people, buried six feet down or otherwise made him nervous.

"Are you sure?" Leia asked.

Yeah," Han replied.

Han watched as Luke and Leia approached the white marker and placed the bouquet of fake flowers in front of it.

He could see their lips moving but he couldn't hear what they were saying.

He turned away and focused his attention instead on a human male dressed in Dress uniform patrolling the row.

When he reached Han he looked him up and down.

"Good Morning, may Ashla/Bogden smile on you today." he said smiling before continuing down the row.

"And you too." Han called after him.

I wonder who he was.

This is the song that sparked the idea:

Morning breaks on Arlington,

Warm'd by rays of golden sun.

And all who pause in homage there

Feel the soft hush in the air.

Those who love their liberty

Bow the head and bend the knee

And from their hearts they breathe a silent prayer

Thank God for those who rest in honor there.

The lush green grass at Arlington

Shimmers in the morning sun.

As pure white crosses seem to glow,

Sentinels in perfect rows.

Every one who lives or breathes

Wonders at the sight of these,

Who gave to us a gift beyond compare.

Thank God for those who rest in honor there!

Home of the eternal flame,

Of humble heroes without name.

Whose graves are guarded day and night,

Keeping mem'ry burning bright.

Those who gave so much for us

bravely said, "In God we trust!"

Now they are safe in His eternal care,

Thank God for those who rest in honor there.

Our nation's flag now takes the breeze

waving over all of these

And heaven smiles upon each silent one,

As morning breaks on Arlington.