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Summary: Mogami Kyouko has everything; The Looks, The Wealth, The Intelligence. Everything… The only problem is that she is infertile. Ever since, she found out that she can't have any children, all potential husbands run off leaving Kyouko behind with no one but herself, so why is that Ren Tsuruga Knocking at her door step and asked her to marry him.

Mogami kyouko is the most popular businesswoman in Tokyo. She got the looks, the Intelligence, The wealth, The Body but her biggest asset is that she is the C.E.O of a big company.

In her early thirties, Mogami Kyouko is still beautiful, rich, smart, and…. Unwed. Ever since she found out that she is infertile, every suitor that knew the truth, never chase after her again.

In the present….

"Delicious" said Kyouko while leaning down to inhale the sweet smell from the pot. She is currently cooking her dessert, chiello de berry, caramelized sugar combined with preserved strawberry and some whip cream on top of it.

She is already finished 3 other courses. Those are Tomato and Basil Pasta, Steak, and Calamari. Kyouko has always been a good cook. She was very independent and every man who tasted her food became addicted to it. And it's her birthday.

She was already placing the food in the table when someone knocked on her door. She said "Wait" but the person won't stop knocking. So she hurriedly goes to the door and opened it. To her surprised, It was Ren Tsuruga, though she doesn't know him personally the gorgeous entrepreneur is always in the T.V. and Newspaper. He owns the largest global company in the world.

Kyouko was very shocked that she just stared at the man in front of her. Ren cleared his throat to get her attention. And it did worked and at that time she noticed the champagne he was holding in his right hand.

"Can I do something for you, Mr. Tsuruga?" she finally asked, still fixing her gaze to his dark, mesmerizing eyes.

"Happy Birthday" He said while raising the champagne that he was holding in his right hand.

"How did you know, Mr. Tsuruga?"

"I just know, May I come in?" He said in his low but sexy voice

"Sure, Mr. Tsuruga. Come in" she said while raising her hand, gesturing to enter.

So he did, and as he entered he smelled a familiar fragrance from before. And then Kyouko spoke

"You may sit down"

"Thank you"

Ren sat in the "L" shape sofa in her living room.

"So what is your business here, Mr. Tsuruga?"

"I have a proposition for you?"

"What is it?"

"Marry me"

In Kyouko's Surprise, she nearly fell off the couch. And after a few minutes she forced herself to regain composure. But before that many things flashed back inside her mind.

Flash back. No. 1

''I am afraid there is 99% chance that you can't be pregnant" said doctor Hao

At that moment Kyouko was filled with so much pain, and it is like a knife cut her heart into two.

Flash back no. 2

"I'm sorry, Kyouko. You know I love you, but I just can't live a life without any children" said Fuwa Sho

End of Flash back

"I'm barren" she said while her eyes suddenly produced liquid that caused her eyes to became wet.

"Not completely" he said calmly while looking to her orange misty eyes.

"But 1% isn't enough to produced little cute babies" Ren felt the sadness in her voice as she spoke the word 'Babies'

"I don't want children" and that Ren, thought was enough to make her satisfied and agree to marry him.

"But if you want to have one someday, and you might want to have a mistress? I just can't live know the fact that I am not enough" she said holding back her tears.

"Believe me I won't, and you are enough"

She was about to asked many questions, when Ren's stomach suddenly growl. As they heard the sound they stared at each other and after a few seconds burst into laughter.

"We better eat" she said while chuckling

At the dining room

As they entered the dining room, Ren commented on how good she is. And they keep on telling jokes to each other. She laughed so hard she can't feel her stomach anymore. And suddenly ren spoke

"So what's you're answer?" he asked while looking at her with such tenderness

Kyouko was not so sure why this handsome young man, sounded so familiar to her, and looks familiar too. But the only thing she is sure about is that she is comfortable and felt so secure when he's near her.

"Yes" and by that, they continued to eat with a smile on their faces.

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