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Summary: Mogami Kyouko has everything; The Looks, The Wealth, The Intelligence. Everything… The only problem is that she is infertile. Ever since, she found out that she can't have any children, all potential husbands run off leaving Kyouko behind with no one but herself, so why is that Ren Tsuruga Knocking at her door step and asked her to marry him.

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Kyouko was holding Ren's arm as they strolled around the park, when a man approached them. He was familiar and Kyouko gasped when she realized who he was.

"You're the Fortuneteller cab driver!" she said as she pointed her finger to the guy in front of her.

Ren ignored her statement and rushed to the man's side to take his hand for a handshake, which made Kyouko even more confused.

"Yashiro..." said Ren as their hands shook.

"Why are you here? Oh yes, I haven't thanked you yet for telling me where Kyouko was last time. If it weren't for you, I would have lost her. " He continued. Kyouko in state of shock touched Ren's suit and asked for his attention. When she finally gained it, she asked Ren

"He's not actually a cab drive, is he?"

"Oh no" Ren Immediately Replied and then he continued

"Yashiro is my best friend and he is the owner of Microelectronics Corporation"

She meditated for a while and when she gained her composure back she said to Yashiro

"Ah, That's why you were able to know what was happening in my life. You knew me all this time and you were the one who told Ren where I am. You immediately called him when you dropped me off to the airport and when Ren learned about this, he called the airport to lead me to a private plane that wouldn't fly in the first place. "

The men were astonished to know that Kyouko had figured out their plan, but Ren rushed to Kyouko's side and cupped her face and said

"You are my true delight, wife. There's no way I can find anyone like you"

"I know" she replied and Ren immediately crushed himself to her and captured her mouth to his.

Yashiro was shocked to see what he had witnessed for he had known Ren for a long time, saw the beautiful supermodels asked for Ren's attention but never had he witnessed how Ren completely and unconditionally love his wife which made him smile. He realized that he was already prying so Yashiro left as the couple kissed passionately.

When Ren broke the kiss, they noticed that Yashiro was already gone. They decided to go back to their car. The moment they stepped in the car, their driver gave them an envelope and said that it was from Yashiro. Kyouko was the one who had the privilege to open the envelope and saw a note that say 'Belated wedding gift'. When she opened further she saw two tickets to New York, where they first met.

"Yashiro send us tickets to New York. Do you think you can fit it in your schedule?" Kyouko said while doing her puppy-look with an imaginary text imprinted in her place 'Please. I want to go'

Ren chuckled and hugged her tighter and said

"With that look of yours, anything! My love"

It was a long flight but still they were overjoyed to go to the place where their hearts was stolen by each other. They checked in to the same hotel as they did before. When Kyouko's stomach growled Ren laughed and said

"I think you need to eat Mrs. Tsuruga" and led her to the restaurant.

Kyouko felt that she could eat a horse. She never felt this hungry before, maybe because she hadn't had a meal in 12 hours. She ordered things in the menu that was unusual to her but none of it mattered for she was completely hungry. When they were finished the couple gone up to their room and talked

"Ren, do you know what I promised myself before?" Kyouko asked

"What" Ren replied as he looked at her

"That the moment I see my knight in shining armor, were going to go here with our child" she said as she tried to wipe away beforehand all of the tears that may fall from her eyes

Ren didn't know what to do as he saw Kyouko's face. He saw fear, sadness, and disappointment. He said what he felt at that moment for she looked like a baby.

"You are my baby, now and forever" as they cuddled throughout the night.

Kyouko woke up early and decided to make a breakfast for her husband. She got some things in the supermarket downstairs and got back to their room. There she placed the grocery bags in the sink but when she was to get a bowl, she felt a severe abdominal pain and dropped the bowl and knelt because of the severe pain that she was experiencing.

Ren was woken up due to the dropping of the bowl and immediately found Kyouko lying unconscious on the ground. He immediately called an ambulance and she was brought to the nearest hospital. At that time, Ren was in complete fear of what will happen to his beloved. He stayed by her side all throughout. When Kyouko finally gained consciousness, Ren couldn't hide his relief and hugged Kyouko tightly. The doctor entered a little while and asked how is she feeling

"I'm okay" she said as she moved her hands in her stomach. The doctor misinterpreted Kyouko's gesture and said

"Don't worry, you're child is fine" Kyouko could not believe what the doctor had said and decided to looked at Ren but she saw the same astonishment.

"I might be wrong; you see I thought I heard you said I'm pregnant?" Kyouko asked

"You heard right"

"I can't be pregnant"

"Why is that? You see I have the result right here. We cannot distinguish what is the cause of your abdominal pain so we tried to get your blood sample and all of which is negative except pregnancy" the doctor said in a sure voice.

"But Dr. Nakashima had said that I can never have a child! " Kyouko argued

"You mean Nakashima from Med. Association?"

"Yes. How did you know?"

"He was practicing illegally. He was stripped of his license several years ago due to bribery. It was sensational. The story had appeared in the television as well as in print! He gave wrong diagnosis in return for some money. I heard he doesn't care one way or the other what he says now. Also, even if the tests showed that you are infertile, there is still 1% chance that you'll have a miracle. And you have one right now."

"Ahh. I didn't get the chance to see that. So really doctor, I am really pregnant?"

"Yes, you are"

Kyouko and Ren looked at each other with so much love and together they said

"I love you"

After nine months, Kyouko gave birth to a son. They named him Kuon, he was a complete replica of his father but he had his mother's wittiness. One night when the couple was watching their son sleep, Ren hugged Kyouko and whispered to her ear.

"Baby now that I found you, I wouldn't let you go"

Kyouko turned to face him and asked



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