Meant to be 6000 words, but I couldn't put as much detail in the end! The end sucks like heck it was supposed to be longer! Xb

Where did the world go wrong? Wasn't there supposed to be love and peace and nothing could ever go wrong. That's what Deidara thought when he met Sasori. Everything was absolutely perfect and the blond thought it would never change and everything would stay perfect, but things change and sometimes it can't be reversed.

Deidara still thought that everything would go back to normal, that the beatings would stop, that the empty feeling in his heart would be filled soon. He just had to wait. The only thing going through his mind through all of it was 'It's just a phase, he'll get over it. He's had a rough day. It can't be helped.' But he was soon losing all feeling of everything around him.

The beatings and pain seemed to dull after a while and Deidara was starting to expect it. It was get up in the morning, smile at Sasori who would smile back, but once Deidara screwed up like tripping over one of the redhead's puppets, everything suddenly changed to pain and sorrow. But in the end Sasori would apologize and say he loved the blond, but Deidara was still afraid.

The couple had been together for two years now and Deidara honestly couldn't feel anything anymore. His friends had been trying to get him to do something, but when they tried to do something Sasori would find out and threaten the blond's life and, of course, being loyal friends they backed off. Deidara couldn't even remember what happiness felt like anymore; it was all drained down with all of his self-worth. The only thing he ever felt was hatred for himself, because he couldn't do anything.

Sasori didn't even try to fake happiness for the blond anymore. Apologies never came after harsh beatings. No talk of love, no soft touches. Just nothing. Another thing Deidara hated was the love Sasori gave him. It was rough and brutal and didn't hold a hint of what it held before, something that always awoke Deidara from his numbness. The pain there just brought it all back and he could feel again. He hated it, but he also felt sad; sad that he actually fell for the redhead who was now making his life a living hell.

Where had his love gone? He remembered when Sasori was soft and gentle and it seemed that he wouldn't hurt a blond hair on the younger male's head. But time does things to people. Things that are irreversible and can't be helped.

A lot of people knew what was happening, but just continued to ignore the bruises on the blond's arms and sometimes face and neck. He had gotten used to the stares so much they stopped all together and he didn't even have a care in the world. Sometimes Sasori would kiss the blond and mention his beauty and one thing led to another, but once Deidara fought back even more pain came. Agonizing pain that wouldn't go away no matter how much time was given.

Time. The one thing it didn't change was the pain, it only changed for the worse and soon it was becoming worse than ever imaginable.

Deidara was panting from running away from his boyfriend and trying to quite his breath down so his hiding place wouldn't be exposed. Footsteps. Treacherous footsteps echoed towards the cupboard he was hiding in.

Deidara's heart stopped all together when he saw the feet stop right in front of his hiding spot. His bruises seemed to stop throbbing as if waiting to see what would happen next. A foot kicked into the cupboard and smash into Deidara's arm. He couldn't help but cry out at the excruciating pain. A hand gripped his upper arm and pulled him out of his hiding spot.

He froze as he looked up at those emotionless brown eyes he grew to hate as much as a cat hated water. Or was it fear? Before Deidara could blink he was slapped across the face sending him to the floor. He cupped his cheek, but wouldn't let any tears escape; he could cry over everything when he was dead. A kick to the stomach made him gasp. "Get up." Deidara still refused to budge. Another kick. "Get up and get in the car." still no movement.

Deidara was picked up by his arms by strong hands. He was stood up and jerked out of the kitchen. Once he knew what was happening he woke up and began to panic. "N-no, un. L-let me go, un!" Pulling his arm back away from the redhead he ran towards the front door, but what he didn't expect was to have his hair pulled and be yanked back.

"Where do you think you're going?" Deidara could hear the venom dripping from the older teens voice and right now he was scared for his life. He was yanked up again and dragged to the garage. No matter how much he struggled, he couldn't pull away and the redheads nails digging into his flesh made it that much more painful to get away.

The car door opened and he was shoved into the drivers seat, but before he could even try to tun away a gun was put to his head. He froze completely. This was entirely new. Never had a gun been put to his head. Sasori got into the passenger side still holding the gun to the blond's head and sighed. "Put the keys in and drive to Konoha forest." Deidara gulped. That was three hours away and it was nine o'clock. He knew he was going to die, but couldn't really seem to care. He was almost giddy. This was almost over! The pain and sorrow would be gone in a couple of hours and he could finally rest!

"Hmm. Why are you smiling?" Sasori's voice broke through the blond's fantasy and he knew that this was far from being over. "Well?" Sasori asked again as he leaned an elbow on the door still pointing the gun at the younger teen.

"I-I don't know, un." it was barely a whisper, but it got him hit across the face with the gun.

"Stop wasting time and get on the road."

Deidara quickly fumbled with the keys on the car trying to put them in the ignition, but failing whenever his vision blurred form the strike. Once he finally got the key in and turned the engine on, he put the car in reverse and backed out of the garage that was connected to their house. Deidara was tired as he drove and half an hour later he noticed that blood was running down his temple and down his face, matting his hair in blood.

Two hours. Deidara thought it was going to be over right then and there, but when Sasori put the pistol on safety and put it in his pants Deidara panicked. He wasn't going to die right now. The redhead was probably planning on torturing him. Deidara lost it and ran out of the car and running into the woods, Sasori hot on his trail.

Deidara had been running for who knew how long, but once his body began to slow he was tackled to the ground, his face scraping against the leaves and twigs deepening the gashes in his face. He was panting and couldn't breathe with the body on top of him, but once it was off he got to his knees to cough up some blood that had managed to get into his mouth from biting his tongue.

"It's a good thing you ran. If not I would have had to drag you this far." Deidara heard the redhead chuckle and almost he almost growled. He was shoved to the ground and turned over. Deidara's eyes widened when Sasori straddled him.

"Get off me, un!" Deidara thrashed and screamed, but nothing came to any avail. Sasori ripped his clothes off and Deidara felt tears coming from his eyes.

Once Deidara was naked you could see all of the scars and bruises Sasori had caused over the past year glisten in the moonlight. Sasori began biting the soft flesh of Deidara's neck and moaned as the crimson liquid filled his mouth. Deidara screamed, and thrashed at the redhead on top of him, but nothing changed. The redhead raked his nails down the sides of the blond's tan body drawing blood from the vertical lines.

Sasori began biting the blond's chest leaving blood in its wake and Deidara just wanted it all to end. "Time to have some real fun." Deidara began to sob. "Please... no, un." this made Sasori smirk. Seeing the blond this pathetic, begging for no more pain made him even more turned on. Before Deidara knew what was happening he felt an unbearable pain come from his ass.

A piercing scream rang through the forest scaring away the previously sleeping animals. Deidara had never been taken like this; usually Sasori would use some sort of lubrication, go slow, then let loose, but now Sasori was letting everything loose. Screams kept on producing from the blond as Sasori rammed into him harder than each time before.

Deidara knew he was bleeding heavily and that the blood was somewhat acting like a lube, but he knew he was being torn apart and the blood helped none. Sasori continued to bite and claw the blond during the whole intercourse making Deidara's cries that more ravishing to him. With one final thrust Sasori came inside the blond with a moan. He pulled out seeing his cock covered in blood and cum. He pulled the blond to his knees by his hair and put his manhood by his face.

"Clean me off, slut." Deidara didn't respond, still having tears streaming down his face and his throat hurt from screaming so much. A slap across his face woke him up and his hair was yanked so he was forced to take the dirtied cock into his mouth. Deidara gagged when Sasori began pushing his head down farther and farther making him bop his head back and forth. Sasori groaned and came for the second time that night. Deidara couldn't take it and vomited all of the cum, panting hard from the lack of air. He collapsed on the ground in a heap.

Sasori looked down at the blond adjusting his pants as he took out his cellphone. He dialed a number and leaned against a tree casually as he waited for the person to pick up. "Hello?" Deidara heard from the other line.

"Hello," Sasori said in a sing-song voice as he picked the blonde's flesh from under his fingernails.

"Ugh, what do you want at this time?"

Sasori chuckled. "Sorry, Pein, but I just need your advice right now." there was a sigh from the other line.

"What advice do you need?" Sasori began cleaning his nails of the blond's flesh.

"Which ones cleaner, shooting the bitch now then dump his body, or just dump his body and let him drown." Deidara froze and tried to get up as quickly as possible, but was kicked right down to the ground and he let out a whimper. There was another sigh from the other line.

"I knew you'd lose it sooner or later... Neither, take him to the spot you're gonna dump him then shoot him. If you shoot him now, it may leave a trail of blood." there was a click signifying that Pein had hung up. Sasori sighed and got up from the tree; he put his cellphone back in his pocket and kneeled down by the blond. Deidara was looking right through him, just wanting it all to end.

With a groan Sasori lifted the limp blond onto his shoulder and began to walk to where the forest led to a cliff edge. Deidara could feel the left over semen and blood run down his legs as he was being carried to who knows where. Once they stopped he was dropped onto the ground which had turned from leaves and twigs to hard rock and pebbles. He let out a groan as his head hit the ground.

Sasori walked past him and and began rummaging through his pockets. He paused for a second and looked out at the ocean and the moon. He frowned; what a waste the blond is going to be and he had grown fond of him, but those times were over now. Deidara saw this as his chance and took it. While Sasori was putting a bullet in the pistol he was suddenly pushed over the edge of the cliff.

His eyes widened as he fell forward and when his body turned as he fell he saw the blond looking down at him as he fell no emotion in his eyes. The younger teen got smaller and smaller until he got past the fog and he was gone. His face turned angry and he hit the water and blacked out.

Deidara watched as Sasori fell down and down. He held a confused and surprised expression, as he fell; his face looked so innocent and upset that he looked like he had before. Like he couldn't hurt the blond ever. Deidara almost felt guilty, but it faded and his expression went blank. He had this coming to him and he deserved every day in hell for it.

Deidara turned onto his back and looked up at the stars. They seemed so much brighter that night; they gleamed as if happy for the blond. And Deidara just realized what had happened and began to cry out of joy. He put a hand to his forehead and laughed as tears streamed down his face. It was over! It was finally over! Deidara felt exited that he was actually free. Free from the pain and agony! After about a minute exhaustion took over and he passed out with a smile on his face.

-Two years later-

"Konan wait up, un!" the bluenett turned around to see her blond friend chasing after her with a smile on his face. She smiled back and waited for him.

Over the year Deidara had been in therapy constantly and over the next year he had began going out with his old friend Tobi. Konan found that as the cutest couple ever and she was wondering when they were going to actually deepen the relationship since they had only been on kissing terms since they were dating.

One time Tobi had tried to take it to the next step with the blond and Deidara had gone into another one of his panic attacks, yelling at him to stop and make the pain stop. Now Tobi only held his hand and only gives him quick pecks. Konan was snapped out of her thoughts when Deidara finally reached her. "Hey, Dei," She said with a smile.

"Hey, thanks for waiting up, un. Are you sure you want to be late for class because of me?" Konan nodded and continued on walking towards the main building. Deidara and Konan had been going through their Junior year of college and when he thought about it Sa-... he would be a Senior this year. Once they both entered the classroom the professor stopped talking and looked up at the students.

"Ah, Konan and Deidara has finally decided to join us? Take your seats and don't be late again." they both nodded at their teacher and took their seats. While Deidara was on his way to his seat most eyes were on him. He hated what a fuss he caused. Some how word got out about what had happened to him and now all he got from people was pity.

Deidara opened his journal to take notes, but a piece of paper fell out of it. He picked it up curiously, but when he opened it realizing it was a note.

How has my angel been?

- SD

Deidara's eyes widened and he dropped the note. He was frozen in shear fear and a memory from three years ago came up.

"Ooh! It's so pretty, Danna!" the redhead smiled and put the necklace around the blond's neck the little diamond angel dangling at the blond's throat.

"I'm glad you like it, Angel. Happy anniversary." Deidara blushed and let Sasori kiss his cheek. "My angel..."

"Deidara!" said blond looked up and saw his teacher in front of his desk his face red from anger.

"I-I'm sorry, un. What was the question?" everyone groaned and it seemed like they knew the answer.

"Can you please tell me what the answer is to the problem on the board?" Deidara looked around the teacher and looked at the problem.

"Umm, 4, un?" everyone groaned again and he blushed and sank down into his seat.

"Next time you're in my class Deidara please pay attention." Deidara looked down.

"Yes, Kakashi-sensei, un." the professor just nodded and walked away, but once his back was turned Deidara picked up the note and read it over and over again, the only thought rushing through his head was. 'It's just a joke. It's just a joke.' But another thought overpowered it. 'He's alive.'

The whole rest of the day was a blur to Deidara; everything just passing by as he walked with Tobi and Konan. His eyes were fogged over and he walked somewhat like a zombie. 'Maybe I should tell them?' he shook his head. 'No, they can't know. They'll make a big deal then if it's a joke people will really think I am obsessed.'

"Senpai, are you feeling okay?" Deidara's head snapped up and he looked at his boyfriend. "Yeah, I'm fine, Tobi, un." Deidara said with a reassuring smile, but Tobi didn't buy it. He knew something was wrong and he was pretty sure it had something to do with his previous boyfriend.

"I'm gonna retire early and go home, un."

"But we have three more classes-"

"'Kay bye, un!" Deidara said as he walked away to his car. Deidara opened his car door ignoring the squeak it gave as it opened all the way. His car was an old bug from the 1970's and was the covered in green rust; it was the only thing he could afford; Tobi had said he could always buy a car for him, but Deidara didn't want anything he offered.

Deidara opened his glove compartment where his keys were and he gasped as a note fell out with something attached to it. He picked up the note hesitantly and opened it. He gasped when he saw the angel necklace attached to the note.

Do you like it, Angel? I found it just for you.

- SD

Deidara quickly threw the note out the window as he was drove away. It's not like somebody would find it.

Tobi began putting his books in his bag when he noticed he forgot to give Deidara his notes back. "Deidara-Sempai!" Tobi chased after the old bug, but soon ran out of breath. "Damn it." he noticed something on the ground and picked it up and he dropped his sunglasses to read it. His red eyes widened and he looked at the bug drive away.

"Tobi has to tell Konan and Itachi-san." he quickly ran off into the main building to find his two friends.

Deidara sighed as he drove home. It wasn't the house he lived in before, he couldn't even look at the place without freaking out. He lived on the other side of town; his whole goal was to get as far away form that place as possible.

Deidara sighed as he got into his driveway. Jumping out of his car he headed for the door and froze.

Going home? It's the other way, Angel.

- SD

Deidara backed away from the door and ran to his car; he was about to open the door and he thought he lost it.

What's wrong? You seen distressed.

- SD

Deidara ripped off the note and got in the car, turning the engine on and backed up out of the driveway. He needed to get away and quick he got a call on his cell phone and he quickly picked it up. "Hello, un?"

"Hello, is this Deidara Iwa?"

"Yes. Who is this, un?"

"Hi, this is Shizune from the morgue." Deidara gulped.

"Yes, un?"

"We're here to report that the body we found of Sasori Akasuna was a fake."

Deidara gaped. "How is it fake, un! It's a body!"

There was a sigh on the other line. "Who ever made the body was really a craftsman. I mean we never thought it would be a puppet."

Deidara quickly hung up and continued driving to who knows where. Once he stopped driving he noticed that he had taken himself back to the college. He jumped out of the car and ran into the college looking for his friends. He went straight to the class that he and Konan shared only to find that she wasn't present. Tobi none, Itachi gone.

He ran down the hall to Konan's dorm pounding on the door. "Konan, un!" Deidara opened the door and gasped. The only color he could see was red, the once blue walls red, the bed spread red and the floor a red mess. And there lay on the floor three bodies, cuts and gashed covering all three to know recognition, the only thing that Deidara knew was that they were his friends; the rings proved it.

There was a note on the floor and he dared himself to pick it up.

Do you wish to become an angel? Turn around

- SD

Deidara could feel cool breath on his neck and he froze. "Hello, Angel."

End of Part I


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