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Deidara POV

Instrumental music. That was all I heard when I woke up. I didn't know where I was or when I was taken here, all I knew was I was being held as a prisoner. Something obscured my vision and restrained my hands and feet; a rubber ball gag in my mouth, and my clothes had been removed; I knew that much. I hear the music get louder as a metal door opens and there's a soft sigh.

I began to squirm, trying to knock off what I think is a blindfold. "Tsk, tsk. Don't get so impatient, angel." I froze completely at hearing his voice, my struggling stopping when I felt fingers caress my chest gently, but turning into talons as they dug into my skin, making me whimper and begin to thrash around; this got me slapped across the face, a sickening crack echoing in the cold room.

"I never said you could move now, did I?" I don't even dare to try to answer as I hear him search around for something. I gulp as I hear him grunt in reply to finding it. "This will be only one of the various punishments you'll be receiving." I suddenly feel something very cold slip onto a very sensitive part of my anatomy and I move around again, trying to get away from the cold metal.

This just got me slapped across my face again even harder from before. "The more you struggle the more pain you have, so unless you want me to speed things up. Stay. Still." not even thinking twice about it, I do as I'm told and stay still as I feel what I assume to be some sort of ring click onto me. I give a whine as I feel the restraints holding me to the table tighten. "Don't fret, Angel. I'm just making sure if they work is all." they tighten more and I give a howl as I feel them cut into my wrists and ankles.

"Hush!" Sasori yells at me and I obey, hoping he would loosen the restraints some. Thankfully he stopped tightening them, but once I give a quiet sigh I feel something cold against my skin. Something sharp. I try not to scream as I feel it penetrate my skin going deeper, and deeper 'till I can't help, but cry out as I feel my muscles being cut.

The movement stopped and I let out a sigh of relief, the metal was removed and I tried not to cry out again as it was pulled out of my flesh. I'm trembling, anticipating what's going to happen next, but all thoughts left my mind when I felt something being poured into my new wound. This time I scream and thrash around as if it feels like lemon juice is being poured into my chest; I pull at my restraints trying to get free.

I can hear him chuckle, as if he's enjoying my pain; which of course he is. I can tell tears are running down my face because I can feel him hovering over me and lick them away. By the time he's done I can feel my palms bleeding from how hard my finger nails are digging into them. I begin to fidget again and I hear him chuckle. "Don't worry, this will all be over soon... But not for the time being." the next thing I know I feel another knife cutting into me, but this time it's my right shoulder.

I scream again, but it's muffled by the ball gag. I feel the knife being dragged down my arm, tearing through the muscles as it went. Each second was agonizing as he took his dear sweet time and by the time he reached my wrist, I was crying and gasping for air. "If I take off your blindfold will you behave?" I hesitate, but nod; I try not to shrink away from the hand that was beginning to undo my blindfold.

Once it's removed, I blink my eyes trying to adjust to the new bright light. I'm in a room with four walls and one door; all the walls are white and I'm on a metal table. I look to my right and I shudder in fear as I see the man I've been terrified for the past two years of my life, smirking over me with an evil glint in his eye. "It's been a while, Angel. Are you happy to see me?" I shake my head and I see him frown and glare. I try to avoid his gaze by looking at my bloodied arm.

"Hmm, I see. Oh well, at least we're here now and we should make the best of it." the next thing I know I see him pour a black liquid on the cut in my arm and I cry out again. This one was different from before; this time it felt like my arm was being doused in lava and being burned through my veins. "Do you like this one? I made it just for this occasion," Sasori says as he dips a scalpel into the black liquid.

My eyes widen and I pull at the leather ropes that binded me to the table, hoping to get away some how. "Tsk, tsk. It's no use," I see the scalpel being lowered to my stomach and I freeze as it was pressed right above my navel. I try not to scream as the scalpel began to carve into my skin, making different twists and turns. I pull at the ropes again, making Sasori smirk sadistically.

"Do you want me to stop?" I nod. "Beg for it." I feel the ball gag be removed from my mouth and I sigh as I can take in a real breath.

"... P-please, S-sasori." I wince at the name. "P-please let me g-go- Ah!" I scream again as I drove the knife deeper.

"I didn't give you the right to speak so you could beg to be let go, did I?" there was a short silence.

"N-no, un..."

"Hm. I'm all done anyway; I just need to add the final touches." this time he grabbed the whole vial some of the black poison and he poured all of it on my new wound.

"Ah! Sasori please stop!" it even burned my bare skin, but once I tried to get my hand free, he poured even more on all of my wounds, causing even more pain to radiate through my body.

The next thing I know he's on top of me, as if he were trying to get a better angle on my how much pain I was in. "Do you know how pathetic you look? You almost look adorable when you beg for me to stop. So beg!" my eyes widened as I felt him cut across my chest with a new scalpel, but this one was rusty and dull, making it all the more painful as it cut through me.

"P-please...! I-I'm sorry for what I've done! Just please... S-stop, un!" no matter how much I begged or thrashed around, he didn't stop; I was surprised I didn't die from blood lose by the time he did stop.

"Hm, I have an idea." I see him reach into a bag and pull out a bottle of a blue liquid. "This you will like." I see him put the bottle to his mouth and throw his head back as he took a gulp them fill his mouth up. The next thing I know he's kissing me, or just trying to get whatever that was in his mouth into mine.

I gag at the sour flavor as it enters my mouth and being forced down my throat. "Now let's see how well this will work, shall we?" he began running his fingers gently around my torso that was unmarked and I can't help but let a moan escape me at the wonderful feeling. I can already feel myself getting hard at just the tiniest touches that Sasori was making.

"Feels good doesn't it, Angel?" I nod my head, my eyes closed in pure pleasure. "Good, now we can have some real fun."

I see Sasori lean back and untie my feet, which was like heaven for me. Out of no where I feel a dry finger being shoved into me and I can't help, but cry out in pleasure. What was wrong with me!? This should be hurting and I shouldn't be liking it one bit, but here I was enjoying every minute of it; this doesn't last long as Sasori put my legs over his shoulders and thrusts his hard cock inside of me, banishing all the pleasure away and replacing it with agonizing pain.

"Ah, so tight~" I hear him moan, as I bite my lip, trying to hold back the screams. He pulled out and thrust back in even harder then before, but this time hitting something inside me, making me scream in pleasure. It took me about seven seconds for my vision to go back to normal from the thrust. All I could do was jerk or twitch every time Sasori pounded into me, hitting the same spot over and over again and I knew was going to have to come soon.

I gave a loud moan as I felt myself coming to a blissful edge, only to have it stopped. I groan and look down at the cock ring, blocking off the passage for the sweet pleasure I'm absolutely dying for right now. "D-danna~"

I see him smirking again and I feel pathetic and dirty. "Yes, Angel?" I shift under his watchful gaze, feeling utterly ashamed of myself.

"P-please let m-me cum~" he looked thoughtful for a second and he began running his fingertips over my cock gently, causing me even more pleasure.

"No, I'm not done yet." and he continued to pound into me even harder.

This just made the pleasure build up even more that it was becoming painful. With a satisfying groan, I felt Sasori come inside me and I shiver at the feeling, making the pleasure turn into ecstasy. "Please, Sasori, un!" with a sigh I felt him unclip the cock ring, letting me come all over our chests. By the end of it I was panting and I felt my face flush when Sasori began kissing my neck like he actually cared about me.

"Good night, Angel." I felt something penetrate my neck and my whole world went black.

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