Peter x Alice

Alice was, quite literally, untouchable. All those who laid a hand on her bare skin would be burned. They all feared this flame that could devour them, torch them to ashes if they got too close. Only one was foolish enough to go near her, risk getting fried just to touch her.

The First Spark - Requiem of Fire

Hot sparks of orange danced around the dark room in tiny clumps. Its warm light pushed back the encompassing shadows, forcing the darkness to ebb and ripple with each and every flicker.

These gentle wisps danced around a single figure, the conductor of the light show.

A young girl carefully controlled the tiny flames, smiling with child-like wonder at the gorgeous sight. In the eyes of the child, the fire seemed so beautiful, so impeccably majestic as she watched it flit around the open air.

But not all shared the same wonder.

The door suddenly flung ajar. A young, feminine figure gasped out. "Alice, what on earth are you doing?"

The flames extinguished. The room was consumed by the darkness. The little girl named Alice froze in her place and stared at the sudden materialization of the older female, her hands placed on her shocked lips.

Pangs of anxiety coiled in the little girl's stomach as she stammered. "Lo... Lorina! Wh... What're you doing here, big sister?"

"Mother sent me to look for you. We're eating dinner now," Lorina said quietly, her expression deadpanned. "Alice, what have I told you? I don't want you doing that sort of thing. What happens if you get hurt?"

"B... But the fire doesn't burn me. Look!" As the young girl said this, a small fire appeared upon the palm of her hand. The skin underneath remained completely unharmed.

Lorina shouted in exasperation, "Alice, please put that out! Mother gets very upset when she sees that!"

Alice quickly complied and closed her hand over the fire. Brown tendrils fell over her bright green expanses, pooling with iridescent liquids. Lorina's expression softened, slowly walking forth and wrapping her arms around the young girl.

"Oh, please don't cry, Alice. I don't mean to yell at you. It's just..." The older girl sighed. "I just want you to be safe... You know remember how father died, don't you?"

Of course, Alice remembered. She almost died right along with him after all.

Years ago just when their baby sister, Edith, was born, a fire had engulfed their old home. Alice and her father were trapped inside with no way out.

Thankfully, firefighters had came in time and rescued her. As for her father?

It was all too late.

That was also the day when Alice awakened with this new power. Only immediate family knew of Alice's new power, and they all preferred to keep it that way.

"Why do you think this happened to me, Lorina?" she asked quietly.

Lorina paused, putting on an air of silent reflection. A gentle smile spread over her lips. "I don't quite know, Alice. You're just special."

Alice seemed far from convinced, her bright green eyes fixated downwards.

The eldest Liddell studied her curiously, sifting through her intelligent, young mind for the perfect form of comfort. "You really are special, Alice. Despite what people say, it isn't all that bad. Fire doesn't always bring destruction..."

Lorina then leaned forward and whispered the next few words quietly in Alice's ear. These words seemed to spark something in the young girl's heart, offering her more hope than she thought possible.

"Now, why not we get something to eat? You must be starving."

Alice vigorously nodded her and took her sister's hand.

'Fire doesn't always bring destruction...'

Alice hoped with her whole heart that was true.


'I didn't mean to do it...'

Pillars of incorporeal black rose high into the warm night, swallowed up by the conglomerating clouds. Pyres of scarlet flames crackled loudly, rising to extraordinary heights with each passing second.

'This was all an accident...'

An older Alice lay before her burning home, striped stockings smudged with dirt.

'I didn't mean for this to happen...'

"You!" Alice slowly tore her eyes away from the sight. A tiny girl stormed towards her, her eyes glowing like green flames. "Look what you've done, you pyromaniac! Mom's in tears because of you!"

Alice didn't have enough breath to respond. Edith then continued, "Maybe it would be better if you never existed! Then all of this wouldn't have happened! Because of you... Because of you..."

A loud crash reverberated all around them, thundering in both of their ears. They slowly turned their heads towards the fire. Despite the firefighters' efforts, the inferno was still too powerful. It enervated the home of all its fortitude, its strength. The house had just crashed and crumbled into a million pieces. Just as it fell apart and the flames were slowly dying out, Alice and Edith felt something in themselves die as well.

Edith trembled with rage, slowly pointing to the flickering ashes. "B... Because of you... Lorina is dead. They couldn't get her out in time!"

Alice slowly absorbed that small fact, that simple realization, and stared at the flames. She shamefully dropped her gaze, unable to offer any words that could vindicate her from this crime, unable to feel any tears roll down her cheeks.

Edith lunged for her bare upper arms and shook her. "What's wrong with you? You're the one responsible for killing our older sister, and you've got nothing to say? You don't even cry or mourn for her death?"

'I didn't mean to do it... It just all got so out of control.'

"What do you have to say for yourself, Alice?"

"I... I didn't mean to do it!" Alice cried out.

Suddenly she felt a warmth percolate through every point of her body, spread through her systems like wildfire.

Edith yelped and jumped back, frantically blowing on her smoking hands. Alice noticed there were small, pink burn marks.

"Edith, I'm so sorry! I never meant... I didn't even know I could..." Alice scrambled to her feet and took a step forward towards her little sister.

"You stay away from me!" Edith cried, holding her burnt hands against her chests. "This is all your fault! You're... You're just a monster!"

'M... Monster?' Alice watched as Edith vanished from her vision, eyeing her with such repulse one would have almost thought Alice was some sort of disease.

'This... This is all my fault.'

Alice desolately crumbled to the floor.

'I'm so sorry, Mother, Edith... I didn't mean for this to happen.'

She then dropped her face into her hands, shutting her eyes closed.

'I'm so sorry... Lorina.'

And still Alice felt no tears fall from her eyes.

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