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The beast in Harry's chest roared in rage as he watched the girl he loved entwined with Dean. Harry couldn't tell where Ginny's limbs ended and Deans began. They were simply all over each other.

He fought desperately with his internal monster, telling it that walking up to Dean, ripping him away from Ginny and punching his lights out wouldn't help in the slightest and would only make matters worse.

From the first time he saw them together, he knew that the protective feelings he had for Ginny were more than brotherly. Harry knew he couldn't deny it any more. He couldn't lie to himself. Harry Potter was in love with Ginny Weasley.

Watching them kiss hurt more than anything he could imagine. He would gladly face Voldemort again if it meant not having to see Ginny with Dean. Of course, he could hardly miss it, what with them being right in front of him on the opposite sofa.

Ron, who was sitting beside him with Hermione, coughed loudly.

"Hey, you two!" Said Ron towards Ginny and Dean, "Quit with the smooching if you'll be so kind."

They pulled apart slightly, not letting go of each other.

"Honestly Ron!" Snarled Ginny angrily, "You need to get over your stupid overprotective brother act because I'm not a kid anymore!"

"Well how am I supposed to feel, watching my roommate snog the brains out of my baby sister?"

"I'm not your baby sister anymore Ron!" Ginny yelled, jumping up from sofa and stomping out of the common room.

Dean made to get up and follow her when two large hands stopped him by holding his shoulders down. He looked up into the faces of Fred and George Weasley.

"Hey guys," He mumbled nervously, knowing all too well how much the Weasley brothers disapproved of him dating Ginny.

"Dean," Said George in a threatening tone.

"We were hoping to have a word with you," Fred said in an identical voice.

"We could help but notice-" Said George.

"-that you and our little sister-" Fred said.

"-have been getting a little-"

"-too close for out liking."

The twins walked from round the back of the sofa to stand directly in front of Dean, who was looking considerably scared and embarrassed.

"We just wanted to let you know-" Continued George.

"-in a completely friendly way-"

"-that if you hurt a single hair on her head-"

"-we swear that we will beat you so bad-"

"-that you'll have to drink you food through a straw-"

"-and won't be able to walk for a month," Ended Fred.

The twins folded their arms simultaneously and said, "Understood?"

Dean nodded and scurried off to find Ginny, as the twins sat down on the sofa near Harry, Ron and Hermione.

"Well I think that ought to warn him," Laughed Fred

"Nicely done, might I add," Said George grinning.

Hermione close her book with a snap, making them all jump.

"Honestly! You're being so harsh to him," Said Hermione sharply, "You need to stop be so ridiculous. Are Harry and I the only people with some sense around here?"

"Nope," Said Harry, "I guess it's only you Hermione. Because I hate him too."

"What!" Hermione said, narrowing her eyes, "Why on earth do you care who she dates?"

Harry ran his hand through his messy hair, realising that he had no valid reason to care who Ginny dates (other than loving her so much it hurt).

"I just don't think Dean is good enough for her," He muttered.

Hermione opened her mouth to reply but Harry threw her a glance, and she fell silent.

Ron yawned loudly, "Right guys, I'm off to bed," He turned to Harry, "If Dean comes back, giving him a punch from me, mate."

"Shall do," Grinned Harry.

"Yeah us to," Said Fred and George as they headed towards the staircase.

"Night guys," Harry called to them. He turned to Hermione to find her glaring at him.

"Harry! What on earth is going on with you? Why do you care about Ginny and Dean?"

Harry hoped he wasn't going red.

"I don't...ummm. I mean... I just think that..." He trailed off into nothing as Hermione shot him a glance that told him she knew he was bullshitting.

"Harry," She said more softly, "You can trust me. I'm your best friend."

Harry inwardly cursed at Hermione for being able to tell so easily when he was lying.

"Hermione... I... I..."

"Oh for goodness sakes spit it out Harry," Snapped Hermione.

"I love her Hermione! I love her so much that watching her with Dean hurts more than anything in the world. The pain I get from seeing her with someone else is nothing compared to fighting Voldemort. It hurts so bad, that I feel like I might explode. Every time I look at Dean and her, it feels like another bit of my heart is breaking off."

Silence echoed round the empty common room and Hermione's mouth fell open. She blinked a few times in shock, before closing her mouth and regaining her composure.

"Well first off, can I say that is the biggest load of cheesy, mushy crap I've ever heard."

Harry's eyes widened at Hermione's unusual approach. What happened to quiet, understanding, gently Hermione?

"And secondly, what's with all the rubbish about hurting and heart break? You faced Voldemort on more than one occasion, and you can't handle this? Well I've got news for you Harry. I'm not going to help you unless you man up and get some balls!"

Harry was in utter shock. Who was this insane, forward person and what the hell happened to Hermione Granger?

"Wait. You're going to help me?"

"Of course I am. Anyone can see that she isn't happy with Dean."

Harry shook his head in confusion, "How was she unhappy? She was making out with him in front of all of us. And she didn't appear to be complaining."

"Oh Harry," Smiled Hermione, "You wouldn't see it. You're a guy. She's only doing this because she wants to rebel against her brothers. To be honest she'd probably do it with anyone just to annoy Fred, George and Ron."

"Is that supposed to make me feel better? So if by some magical chance she broke up with Dean, and went out with me, she'd only be doing it to piss of her brothers? Great!" He ended sarcastically.

"Don't be stupid Harry. We're going to make a plan."

"I'm listening," Said Harry curiously.

"First, we need to break her and Dean up. Of course we don't want her to be too upset, so we need to find a good reason as to why she shouldn't be with him."

"Well that isn't going to be-" Harry began before being cut off by Hermione.

"Don't interrupt me, I'm still thinking," She snapped, "Leave that to be, I'm sure I'll find a reason. Dean is a bit of a -well you know- so there's bound to be something to dig up. Then, we need to make her realise that you love her, which might be hard since she spent most of childhood in absolute love with you, only to be heartbroken when you went after Cho."

"Be fair Hermione. I barely knew her back then! I've changed."

"Well I know that Harry, but we'll need to convince her. I'll see what I can do but for now let's go to bed. I'll talk to you tomorrow and try and find out more information."

"Hermione, there's still one problem that you haven't mentioned."

Hermione looked at him in confusion, "What have I missed?"

"How the hell am I meant to handle all of her brothers! It's different for me. I'm Ron's best mate. They're going to hate me even more than they hate Dean!"

"We'll handle that problem when we come to it," Hermione said, attempting to hide her amusement.

They said goodnight and made their way to their dorms. He lay on his bed, fully clothed and couldn't help but feel a little comforted at the thought of Hermione helping him. Maybe this would work out...


That night he dreamed about Ginny. He dreamed about her beautiful, big brown eyes that could pierce through his very soul. He dreamed about her flawless, pale, freckly skin that would feel so smooth and soft to touch. And he dreamed about her fiery, red hair that made her stand out wherever she went.

In his dream, he sat with her by the lake, whispering sweet nothings in her ear, and holding her close. He tilted her chin towards his face and kissed her tenderly, holding her waist and pulling her close.

"I love you," He murmured.

She looked into his eyes and said...


Harry violently jerked awake to find himself face to face with Ron.

"Bloody hell Harry!" Said Ron, laughing.

Harry rubbed his eyes, reached for his glasses and sat up to find almost everyone in the dorm staring at him – including Dean. Just the sight of him made the monster in his chest stir and snarl.

"What? Why did you wake me?" He mumbled sleepily.

"Well you were yelling out about how much you love 'her' and about her 'beautiful eyes' and 'soft skin'," Said Ron, "Who the ruddy hell were you yelling about?"

Harry went beet red and sincerely hoped he didn't mention her 'fiery hair' (which would give it away), or even her name.

"I...ummm...don't remember," Muttered Harry.

"Harry, you were practically yelling it in your sleep!" Grinned Ron, "You're telling me you don't have a clue who you were dreaming about!"

"No," Harry lied, desperately wishing he could dream more quietly, "Sorry, no idea."

He rolled over and pretended to be asleep until he was sure he could hear everyone's rhythmic breathing, assuring him that they were all asleep.

He let out a breath he hadn't realised he'd been holding. That was too close. He'd have to find some way to control his dreams from now on, or else there is a rather high risk of Ron murdering him in his sleep.


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