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Ginny scurried away from Snape's office and up the stairs to the common room, giggling all the way.

She had just pulled off the prank of the yeah. No – the prank of the decade!

She quickly jumped in the shower and let the hot water wash away Dean's touch on her skin. She could hardly contain her disgust when they were together earlier.

She stifled another snigger as she thought of Dean slumped in Snape's office, wearing nothing but a bra and boxers, with no idea how he got there.

Jumping out of the shower, she pulled on her pyjamas and crept into bed quietly so as not to wake her room mates.

She pulled out the picture she had taken of Dean and chuckled under her breath.

Pure genius.


The next morning, Ginny ran into the great hall, all hot a flustered.

"What's up with you?" Asked Ron suspiciously.

"Oh it's nothing," Replied Ginny innocently, "Well, you'll soon find out actually."

Ron looked utterly confused and Hermione ducked her head over her cereal to hide her snorts of laughter.

Ginny waited until she was sure everyone was in the Great Hall, before pulling her wand out under the table and aiming it at the wall behind the staff's table.

She had transferred a copy of the photo into her wand as a hologram, and as she pointed it at the wall, a huge version of her photograph was spread across for all to see.

The hall erupted in wolf whistles and hysteric laughter as an image of Dean wearing a bra and boxers, sat in Snape's office, chained to a chair.

"Kinky Dean!" Yelled Fred, laughing loudly.

"We never knew you felt that strongly about Snape!" Shouted George.

Dean stood up, bright red in the face staring around the hall with a bewildered expression on his face.

"DEAN THOMAS!" Bellowed Snape as he leaped over the staff table and marched towards Dean, "I thought I warned you about this last night!"

The Hall fell silent so they could listen to Snape.

"I warned you Thomas. First you break into my office, cuff yourself to my chair, wearing women underwear and claim you have no idea how you got there. What is this? Some sick attempt to seduce me?"

"Don't flatter yourself," Muttered Ron under his breath.

"And now you plaster a giant photo of this scandal in the Hall so everyone could know about this perverted scandal?" Continued Snape, standing a bare inch away from Dean who was shaking and spluttering, "You're in detention for the rest of the year, and I'm banning you from the dungeons for the rest of your attendance at Hogwarts. AND I'M BANNING YOU FROM HANDCUFFS AND WOMEN'S UNDERWEAR TOO! You freakish, perverted boy!"

And with that, Snape flicked his greasy hair out of his face, turned on his heel and fled from the laughter that filled the Hall.

Ginny and Hermione were in absolute stitches as Ron sat muttering about being 'scarred for life' and how he was 'going to need therapy after seeing that'.

Dean's eyes met Ginny's and something suddenly clicked in his brain. He narrowed his eyes, leapt up and ran at her.

"YOU FILTHY, SLIMEY, LITTLE BITCH!" He roared as he leapt at her.

All three Weasley brothers dived over the table and protectively hid Ginny, pinning struggling, swearing Dean to the floor.

"I know it was you! I know it! It could only be you!"

Ginny feigned innocence and confusion and denied everything.

"Mr Thomas!" Said Dumbledore loudly to get everyone's attention, "I'm afraid you have no proof whatsoever that Miss Weasley was involved. I'm going to have to ask you to calm down as stop attempting to kill her and her brothers."

"BUT-" Stammered Dean.

"No BUTS Dean. Although I must say, those boxers do nothing to enhance yours. I would recommend something with more support next time you break into a teacher's office."

Dean went scarlet, dragged himself away from the Weasley brother and ran out of the hall groaning in shame.

"Was it something I said?" Asked Dumbledore with a twinkle in his eyes behind his half moons spectacles.

Fred, George and Ron stood up and sat back down to finish their breakfast.

"Ginevra Weasley," Said Fred in awe.

"We never thought we'd say this-" Said George, glancing at his twin.

"-But we are incredibly proud of you at this moment," Continued Fred, pretending to wipe away a proud tear from his eye.

"Almost proud enough to hand over our names as chief marauders." Said George, taking his sisters hand.

"Almost – but not quite," Ended Fred with a cheeky smile.

"Oh just you wait," Said Ginny grinning, "There's plenty more where that came from."


"You what!" Shouted Harry as he sat up in his bed quickly, then winced in pain.

Ginny shushed him and pushed him back down

"I know!" Said Ginny, smiling, "You should have seen his face when I put up the photo!"

Ginny had decided to pay Harry a visit to tell him all about her revenge. Strictly speaking it was after visiting hours – what with it being almost midnight – but she didn't want to tell him while everyone else was around.

"I can't believe you," Said Harry in shock, "You really do take after Fred and George."

Ginny grinned and snuggled closer to him to keep warm.

"You should have seen how excited he was when I offered sex with no strings. God, as if I'd ever want to go there again!"

Harry froze and went stiff.

"So you mean, you've... you know...?" Said Harry, trying to hold back his horror.

"What?" Said Ginny in confusion, "I've what?"

"I mean... so you and Dean have..." Harry stuttered and went red.

"Harry spit it out!" Ginny said impatiently.

"Are you saying you and Dean have already had sex?" He babbled quickly looking down.

"Oh god!" Said Ginny going scarlet, "Well not all the way but... well you know."

Harry's heart sunk. She had been really serious about him. Serious enough to... well you know.

"But Harry surely you and Cho... did stuff?" Said Ginny.

"Well no, not exactly," Said Harry, "She was usually too busy crying to even think about it."

"Harry, you know I like you way more than Dean, right?" Said Ginny, taking his hand and cupping his cheek.

Harry mumbled insignificant words under his breath.

"Harry, don't stupid. I love you! And if you weren't so hurt still, all these nights I've been coming to visit you would have be very different."

"You mean you want to..." Harry said glancing at her.

"Oh for God's sake Harry, just say the word! It won't hurt you!" Ginny laughed, "Yes, of course I want to!"

Harry grinned and pulled Ginny by the waist so she was sitting on his stomach, below all his bandages.

She leaned down and whispered in his ear.

"I love you. Don't you ever forget it."

Harry was about to reply when her lips cut him off, as they locked together in a fiery, passionate kiss.

Harry trailed his hand up her leg and pulled her closer still. Ginny smiled inwardly and ran her hands through his messy hair.

"OUCH!" Harry gasped as Ginny accidently touched his injured chest.

"Oh crap," Ginny muttered and she scrambled off him, falling onto the floor, "Harry I'm so sorry. I forgot you were still hurt."

"Don't worry about it," Harry said, biting back the pain, "It's worth it."

Ginny climbed back into his bed, being careful not to hurt him this time.

"By the way, I love you too," He said lightly watching as Ginny's eyelids began to droop.

"Promise?" Mumbled Ginny, half asleep.

"Promise," He said, kissing her on the top of her head.


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