It started off like any other day for Eusine. Wake up, wash face, and eat breakfast. Call Morty on PokéGear, ask for information on Suicune. Dash out of Pokémon center as Electrode struggles to keep up. Realize that he neglected to put on any pants in his haste. Walk all the way back Pokémon Center in Suicune-patterned boxers. Put on pants.

Search for Suicune!

Eusine had been searching for the legendary beast of the north wind ever since he was a little kid. Legends of the Water-type Pokémon had been passed down for generations in his family, and now served as fuel for the man's great quest – to claim Suicune as his own Pokémon! Of course, that hadn't really gone anywhere until he had met Morty. The Ghost-type Gym Leader was constantly getting information from a trainer named Gold about Suicune's whereabouts. You see… Gold had actually managed to find Suicune before Eusine. Whenever Eusine was about to reach the legendary beast – he could see it right ahead of him – Gold would rush out of nowhere and scare the beast away!

Needless to say, Eusine did not care for Gold much.

Today, however… Suicune would be his! Gold had told Morty who had told Eusine without knowing that Eusine didn't like Gold because he thought it was his Suicune and not Gold's Suicune that Suicune had been seen running near Vermillion City.

Needless to say, Eusine had run all the way to Goldenrod, boarded the Magnet Train, and ran from Saffron to Vermillion in all of five hours. Granted, this was possibly physically impossible, but this was Eusine we were talking about.

The caped man made his way to the city's shipyard, occasionally looking inside garbage cans and under trucks for any sign of Suicune. After forty minutes of fruitless searching, Eusine was about to give up when a strange red flash of light came from the direction of the sea. Without any hesitation, Eusine leapt into the water, swimming as fast as he could with his cape weighing him down. Ten seconds later, he saw them.

The beautiful Suicune stood right in front of him, majestically standing at the water's edge. However, a second being was chasing it! It was a small blue creature with red gems set into its body. A pair of antennae waved on its head. Eusine didn't know what it was, but he sure knew what it was doing.

It was looking. At. His. Suicune!

In a maddened rage, the caped man swam over to the tiny creature, which was currently firing a Bubblebeam at his poor, terrified Suicune. The creature jumped out of the way just before he could catch up to it, shooting into his poor, innocent Suicune with a Whirlpool attack. The beast jumped out of the way the first time, but the strange creature hit it the next time.

It was giggling.

Giggling, as it attacked his Suicune!

Without knowing what he was doing, Eusine jumped out of the water like an oversized Magikarp, flying at the strange blue creature. Both of the Pokémon seemed to notice him for the first time – while Suicune looked neutral to his appearance, the strange creature looked angry. Before it could fire off another attack at his innocent Suicune, Eusine leapt at the creature, sinking his teeth into its body before it could realize what had happened to it. Moments later, he was shaken off, but not before a vivid red light assaulted his eyes.

When his vision cleared, Eusine realized that the strange blue creature was nowhere in sight. He whipped his head around, suddenly realizing that not only was the creature gone, but so was his Suicune! Finally, Eusine realized that his head felt rather… odd. As though there was something heavy on top of his head. This lead to him discovering that he was apparently standing on all fours, and what's more, walking that way without any difficulty. He was suddenly overcome with the desire to run – not towards his Suicune or away from Morty in the early mornings – just to run around as fast as he could go and search for… something.

Then he remembered the water. With his heart pounding, Eusine trotted over to the water – and screamed in terror as soon as he saw his reflection.

His Suicune was staring back at him! He blinked, and his Suicune blinked back.


Eusine took a step back and tripped over his own paws.

"That's not a very flattering way for the embodiment of the north winds to be seen…" a quiet and strangely familiar voice murmured. Eusine blinked his eyes open and came face to face with… himself!

"Aaaaah!" he shouted, pressing himself into the ground. His body looked rather upset.

"You shouldn't roar like that either. You'll hurt your throat." Not-Eusine fiddled around with his sodden cape, pulling on the Poké Balls around his waist. It took a good, hard look at Electrode's Poké Ball before finally selecting an ordinary Poké Ball. It suddenly seemed to remember what to do, and enlarged the Ball to full size without any difficulty. "All right then, get inside," it instructed Eusine.

The trainer in the legend's body shook his head. Unfortunately, the crystal headpiece was just as heavy as it looked, and Eusine found himself falling onto his side before long. With a little cry, he began flailing his legs like a turtle.

His body sighed. "Stop doing that! If you're stuck in my body, I'm not letting you look like an idiot!" Eusine stopped immediately. His Suicune was in his body?

Well, that was fine. ^_^

Without as much as flinching, Eusine got back on his feet, nosed the Ball, and allowed himself to be caught. Suicune stared at the Poké Ball for a few minutes before hooking it back onto her belt. Humans were weird. For one thing, there were the strange wavy things instead of forepaws. At least those were useful. This human, the one who had been chasing her for so long, also had some sort of strange wings on his back. However, they appeared to be completely useless. Oh humans.

Suicune was going to stomp Manaphy to a pulp once she got her body back.