As they descended up the staircase, Eusine swore that he must be in a dream. For starters, he was in the body of his Suicune, and she was in his own body. Then, they climbed up a tremendous mountain to find an incredibly strange boy with glowing red eyes waiting for them. Finally, a staircase made out of golden light appeared, allowing them to climb up into the clouds. From what he remembered of his science lessons, Eusine knew that you should not be able to climb on light as though it were solid. In addition to that, you shouldn't be able to climb up into the clouds without freezing, running out of oxygen, or a myriad of other unpleasant things befalling you.

Suicune kept a hand on his back, her expression unreadable. For a moment, it looked like she was about to say something to him, then thought the better of it and kept her mouth shut. There was something in her eyes that made it seem like she knew something that he didn't, but Eusine was afraid of what she might do if he asked her anything. She was the type who would feel no regrets about chucking him over the side of the staircase if he annoyed her at the present time.

Red was waiting for them a little ways ahead. "Hurry up!" he called out. "You two need to hurry or else the gates will close and we'll be locked out all night. And, if that wasn't bad enough to begin with, time flows strangely around here, so we could actually be waiting for years!"

Eusine finally realized something. "The way you're talking…" he started, unsure of how to phrase it.

"You keep slipping into Pokémon speech." Suicune completed his thoughts. "I didn't notice at first, because I somehow kept the ability to hear even with this dumb body. But, it's starting to wear on me – it's becoming harder for me to hear the voices of all the Pokémon around me, save this moron." She gestured at Eusine, causing the hair on his neck to stand up in annoyance. "I realized that you kept inserting words in Pokémon speech when you just called out to us here. You started to growl, almost…"

Red's eyes literally flashed. "Yes. That is not for you to worry about though. You two have problems of your own that are far more pressing. Arceus himself demanded to see you."

"Aha!" Suicune suddenly shouting, her grip on Eusine's back tightening uncomfortably in the process. "I knew it! One of the others must have complained to Arceus, so maybe he's going to change us back to normal now, huh? All of us… I wonder who told him? Probably Dialga or Palkia, they're his favorites…"

"The Lake Pixies did, actually. They were supposed to be keeping an eye on Manaphy, but he snuck away while Azelf and Uxie were arguing and Mesprit was out trying to find something that the little rat had hidden somewhere. He managed to Heart Swap Azelf and Uxie, but they managed to switch back on their own using their powers – they are, after all, tied to the spirit, so something like that would be easy for them to fix on a small scale. Unfortunately, the others will need a lot more power, including you. Human to Pokémon switches and the like are normally banned from being cast by legendaries unless they're meant to be permanent. Most of the time Mew can fix them, but there are still a few glitches they need to patch out…"

"So, wait a minute," Suicune broke in. "Manaphy switched Azelf and Uxie, but they were able to switch back with their own powers. However, they're too wimpy to help anyone else, so until further notice, I'm stuck in this dweeb's body?"

"I'm not a dweeb!" Eusine roared in an attempt to sound intimidating. It failed, as the sudden loud noise made his throat hurt and he started to cough. Suicune chuckled at his misfortune, but Red continued on as though the two's constant bickering was unknown to him.

"Most of the legendaries affected are much stronger than the Lake Pixies. Under normal circumstances, you wouldn't be a problem to change back either, but that would be if you were switched with another Pokémon. Now that you're in a human body, the whole thing becomes nearly impossible for anyone to sort out, even Arceus."

Suicune hissed. "Arceus can go bugger off. Big baby never does anything useful anyway. Where exactly is Mew? She's the go-to gal for these sorts of things. Isn't her hobby going around and turning people into Pokémon to teach them a lesson of some sort? Why can't she do anything?"

Red chuckled. "Oh, trust me, I know exactly what you mean. She was the one to…" His voice trailed off. "Never mind, not important. But yes, she would be able to change you back, Suicune… but Eusine here? He's far worse off."

"What is that supposed to mean?" he yipped.

"Like I said," Red told him, "once a human is turned into a Pokémon, it becomes much harder for them to be changed back. Something about the way this world is programmed. Arceus is powerful, sure, but he's not the supreme creator of the universe. All the humans claim that he was the first ever Pokémon, but they're humans. They normally don't speak with Arceus, even though he's their representative up in the legendaries' court. No – it goes like this. Arceus is the ruler of man – he oversees them and makes sure that they don't destroy the world or themselves."

"Mew is the guardian of Pokémon. She ensures that their habitat is keep intact, and that humans and Pokémon are able to understand each other and their purpose," Suicune cut in. "The rest of us legendaries are supposed to take care of other things. Ho-oh, my master, and Lugia are supposed to ensure that everything goes in a natural cycle – the seasons and such. Dialga and Palkia oversee time and space and fix rips. Giratina… well, he's sort of a loner, but he seems to help those two out in a way. Groudon and Kyorge, when they're not fighting, actually help each other out to make sure that the weather is working properly – with Rayquaza's help, of course."

"And so on and suchforth," Red cut in. "There's too many legends to talk about now. But that's the way things are supposed to go. Mew should be the one to help you, but even she isn't sure of what to do. Until we find Manaphy, things are going to be very, very tricky…"