Those eyes, sunken and black rimmed

From a thousand sleepless nights.

Are awash with a terrible paralyzing fear

They fear getting closer to anyone.

They fear losing those precious to them.

They remain emotionless

Letting none in, for fear of abandonment.

They only seek love, but none will love them

For all see them as nothing but a monster.

The sand is their only comfort.

They only seek a friend.

Someone that won't run if they knew about the blood

That surrounds them.

But others only see them as a monster.

A relic of the past they wish wasn't there.

That they could forget.

They hate what they don't understand.

He is only a weapon to his father.

Something to fear to his siblings.

They think him the beast that is sealed inside him.

That is all they see.

What they don't realize, is that they are more

A monster than the one he contains.

He wishes not to kill.

That he didn't have to carry such a terrible burden.

He does not sleep

For fear of the monster taking control.

The room completely dark,

he could feel the blackness pressing against him.

Fighting him for control,

So that it may till

To taste blood.

Death seems to have became his sole accomplice.

His dark bride in the marriage of his loneliness.

He wants only to prove his existence.

To protect thoughs who hate him.

On a day, when the last though to cross his mind

Before the sun's rays

peeked their way over the hills on the horizon was…

'I will protect them, and be excepted.'

Though they hate him

He fights to protect them.

He is waiting for the day they will

No longer see him as a monster

But as the man he really is.