Past Present and Future chapter 1

"Lord Kiyoshi, are you sure that you can handle yourself while I'm gone?" I asked my Lord. "Yes, things will be fine around here, I sure of it. And don't think of canceling! This tournament has been a tradition in your family for centuries," He stated. I obediantly bowed to my lord and stepped through the now open portal.

After easily winning my pre-liminary match I was passing through the hall of past champions and stopped in front of a turtle statue. When I was young my father had told me the story of him and how his brother was a friend of one of our ancestors. Basicly what had happened was he had come accross the champion's brother and saved him from assasins. He later cured him of a poisen and they both saved the Battle Nexus together.

"Dude! I can't beleive they still have it!" came an exited high pitched teenage voice. "Shut up Mikey! Or else I'll smash you into the ground so hard you'd reach the center of the earth!" Growled another. To my suprise I saw the turtle who looked exactly the same as the one with the statue (with the exeption of the gear). I bowed with respect as they came near me. "Dude did you know that's me!" he yelled. "That is impossible! This Battle Nexus Champion lived hundreds of years ago! And was never recorded by anyone other than my ancestor!" I snapped forgeting my temper. "And who exactly was this ancestor?" asked a blue clad turle. "Miyamoto Usagi," I replied with confidence. All four of the turtles gasped in shock. "What? Is something wrong?" I was puzzeled what could have given them this reaction?

The Blue clad turtle came up to me and to my surprise bowed. "I was an old friend of your ancestor. He saved my life many times. My name is Leonardo, and these are my brothers. Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo." he said as he pointed to each one in turn. I bowed and introduced myself, "I am Miyamoto Usagi, named after my ancestor."

AN: I appologise for how short this is, ^^; but I had the urge to do it so badly! Maybe I'll write more some day. But just let me point it out that the Narrator is acctually Space Usagi from the books. He has the exact same name as Miyamoto Usagi only because it's sorrta and alternate universe/desendant kinda thingy. ^^; But it's still cool! Please review if you want to see more!