This is my idea for the prequel to season 4. I know it is not right because I have no idea what the next season will be about. Read and enjoy. Feel free to review. Rated for minor sexual content.

I changed a little from the original to make more sense and make the story able to continue.

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Sarah wakes up cuddled next to Chuck. She can feel Chuck's heart beat slowly. It is very relaxing to her. She hasn't even realized how different life will be without being a spy. What is she going to do? Get a job? Stay at home? She listens to Chuck's heartbeat and calms down. She caresses him a little tighter. This causes Chuck to wake up.

"Oh… I'm sorry for waking you." Sarah genuinely feels sorry.

Chuck lets out a yawn and stretches. "No problem," he says groggily. Sarah has never felt so relaxed knowing there is no more missions, danger, weapons, explosions, etc. Chuck, on the other hand, is not so relaxed. He knows about his father's secret lab. He needs to decide if he is going to look for his mother or just let it go. He hasn't told anyone about it yet and is very hesitant to tell anyone, especially Ellie. He already agreed to quit the spy life to then have this bomb drop on him. Metaphorically speaking, obviously. Chuck needs to tell Sarah. He has kept way too many lies only for her to find out in the worst situations. Maybe he can ease her in.


"Yea, Chuck?"

"What time is it?"

Sarah leans forward and looks at the alarm clock. It is eleven am. We slept for a long time," Sarah chuckles at the end and then lies back against Chuck's chest.

Chuck looks at her and sees her beautiful face. She slightly smiles as he admires the perfection before him. The enticing blue eyes that look upon him like two gleaming stars, the soft exuberant lips slowly stretching as she smiles. Nothing can compare to how beautiful she is. "I need to tell you something about my father." Sarah's smile drops, she sits up quickly, and she looks in questionable surprise. "This is not easy to say. I haven't told anyone else yet and I don't want to keep lying to you."

She is still wondering what he could be telling her as she softly recites, "You can tell me anything."

"My father… um… was a spy for the last twenty years."

"Yea, I know that. He even made the Intersect." She says with an obvious tone.

"Yea, but he was working for himself. He was looking for my mother." Sarah's jaw dropped and she hears the word mother. She went numb because she didn't know how to react. When she was finally able to feel her extremities again, she asks:

"Really? When did he tell you this?"

"I got a text last night at the dinner. It was an automated text he sent to me. He told me about what he had been doing the last twenty years" Sarah just looks in awe but is quite intrigued to know what Chuck's dad found. "He had a whole underground base under my childhood house."

"What?" Sarah almost jumps out of the bed, pulling the covers off Chuck.

"Yea. It has all of his secrets and in the message he said he was protecting me from other people. Bad people. I'm telling you this because I think we might have to do… dare I say it… some spy work." He swallows while saying it.

"What people? Are you serious? We need to go there now!" She excitedly, yet angrily pitches. She stands up quickly and grabs her keys. "Let's go. Now!" She puts on pants and a shirt. Chuck is still lying in bed not wanting to go. Sarah puts on her boots and grabs Chuck a shirt and shorts from the closet. It is a Ghostbusters shirt and a bathing suit.

"Really? I understand the shirt, but the shorts?" Chuck jokingly asks.

"Ok. Well get dressed. We need to leave now!" Sarah orders. Chuck throws on the shirt and grabs some pants from his closet. Ties his chucks and is ready. Sarah grabs his hand and pulls him out of the bedroom door.

"Ok, ok. Let me get a jacket." Chuck hastily pleads. Chuck grabs his jacket and they fly out the front door. They walk up to the black, sleek Porsche that Sarah has owned for over three years. Chuck states with wonder, "Wow. This car is in mint condition. That is quite surprising for a spy. Or is this your sixth one because the other ones keep blowing up?"

"This is the same one. It really isn't surprising. I rarely got to use the car." Sarah exclaims with a disappointed tone. She loves the car but she is right. They usually had to do some recon work in a van and work out of there. "Come on. Get in the car" she orders.

Chuck starts checking all the saved radio stations, appalled not to find any of them set. "How can you not listen to music when you drive?"

"I never thought about it." Sarah replies apathetically.

"Wow… you have some catching up to do with the normal people." Chuck starts setting all these stations for her. She doesn't mind. She never uses it anyways. "Oh, nice 106.7" Chuck enthusiastically says as he sets the station. "Nice…" This is a long drawn out nice as he sets another station.

They pull up to the house; they get out of the car and walk to the door. Chuck opens the door, they go to his dad's old room, and Chuck opens the secret door. Sarah doesn't even think to admire Chuck's childhood house. She is too focused on this base, lab, lair, etc. Sarah walks ahead of Chuck in a scared, yet intrigued manner. She steps into the room and it looks like a library with all the folders neatly stacked. She stands there in surprise, she cannot move. She is in a paralyzed state when she notices how large the room is. After a few seconds, she finally coughs out, "This place is huge."

"I know." Chuck reassures her quickly. There are files on all my dad's old identities and there is that one section on my mother." Chuck explains contently.

"So… what info is there on your mom?"

"I don't know. I only looked down here briefly last night after dinner."

"Well… you want to look for her?" She asks optimistically knowing she is open to both choices.

"Sure, why not." Chuck indecisively answers. He really isn't sure if he wants to find the woman that abandoned him so long ago without a reason. "I don't know if I want to, actually. She made my life so much harder."

Sarah is quite interested and feels like it could be fun. "Don't you want to find out why she left or who she is now?" She asks with a smirk on your face, hoping peer pressure will work.

"Ok. Let's do it. We shouldn't tell anyone else though."

"Ok… lets look in all these folders."

About an hour goes by. Chuck cannot sit still any longer. His ADD is not letting him focus. He then looks at the Governor on his wrist. He thinks of how easily his father's broke. "What would happen if I lost the Governor forever?" Chuck asks Sarah.

"You won't lose it. I won't let it happen." She triumphantly says.

"But what if it broke? Watches break… it happens."

"I… uh… don't know." Sarah worries a little bit. The only one who knew how to make it was now dead. "You're smart enough to fix it if it breaks."

"Thanks for the compliment but I don't know." Chuck really questions what could happen. "Maybe there are some blueprints in here. I'll look through his stuff while you look at the files."

"Ok. That is a great idea. You are pretty smart, you know that." Sarah is happy and smiles slightly knowing how great Chuck is.

After an hour of so of Chuck digging through invention blueprints, he yells, "I found them… I think." Sarah looks up optimistically. Chuck walks back to the table and lays out the blueprints. All of a sudden he flashes. He just learned how to build it in half a second.

"Chuck… did you just flash?" Sarah is confused.

"Uh… Yea, I did." Chuck cautiously assures her.

"But that wasn't in the Intersect. Your father built the Governor by himself." Sarah is still confused.

"I know. It's weird." Chuck doesn't know why either and then he looks at the watch. "Maybe the Governor gave me the ability."

"Really? So know you know how to build it?" Sarah asks contently.

"Yea, actually, I do. I think I may even be able to build it smaller and more concealed. Maybe even a micro chip under my skin." Chuck thinks about them having to cut his skin open. He cringes and hopes there are no needles involved.

"Good because that will be much safer than a watch. Lets get back to the files. You can make it later." They both go back to reading the files.

Another few hours pass and they are still looking at folders, Chuck is exhausted and hungry. "What would be the best sandwich right now?" He asks Sarah hoping to get a break from reading.

"I don't know. Just look at the files." She doesn't even look at him. She is so focused on the folders that she barely acknowledges he is there.

"Are you hungry? I am very hungry. We have been doing this for days." Chuck exaggerates because it is such a tedious thing to read all this.

"Stop delaying the reading. We need to get this done." She demands of him.

"Come on… you know you want to." Chuck optimistically pressures.

"Dammit Chuck! Get back to work!" She orders forcibly. This time staring at him with anger, her brows are tilted towards the middle, her nose flaring. Chuck is frightened for a moment but then just feels shame. His whole cheerful spirit had shut down and his lips dropped and his eyes looked sad. He looks back at the files and shuts up. "Thank you" Sarah exclaims under her breath. After a few seconds of quietness, she looks over at him and he is trying to read but is having trouble. She realizes how hurt he was by what she said. It was like his emotion just got killed. She tries to forget about it and read some more. She can't get it out of her head. She just verbally raped Chuck. "I'm sorry" she sympathetically apologizes. She realizes that he isn't used to having to do such mind-numbing work. She had to do it before and after every mission. Chuck was barely able to stay in his seat. He was hunched over, arms dangling lifeless. She then cheerfully says, "A sweet onion chicken teriyaki sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, and provolone cheese would be the best sandwich for this." Chuck emerges from his lifeless stance like an excited dog and looks at her. "Oh… And the sweet onion sauce to top it off."

Chuck is almost giddy after hearing her say that. "That sounds like the best sandwich in the world." Chuck's spirit was lifted insurmountably. He wanted to grab Sarah and hug her to death.

"How about you get us some sandwiches while I read over more files? Is that reasonable?" Sarah asks knowing he is going to say yes. She feels like he is very satisfied.

"That is an awesome idea. I'll be back in thirty minutes." Chuck excitedly answers.

Chuck gets out of his seat and starts towards the door excitedly as Sarah assures, "Make sure you get the chicken teriyaki for me."

"I'm getting a tunaroni for each of us." He assures her jokingly as he walks up the steps and out of sight of Sarah. She doesn't know what a tunaroni is. She knows he was kidding though.

After around forty minutes, Chuck comes hustling into the lair "I got the sand—" he stops talking when he sees Sarah sleeping in the chair with her hair spread across the table. He tucks his jacket around her and sits down. He stares at her beautiful face just mesmerized by the beauty that is before him. He puts the sandwiches and drinks down. "Chuck?" Sarah exhaustedly says.

"Yea, Sarah? I got sandwiches. There was a deal of three foot longs for twelve dollars. I got three chicken teriyaki sandwiches and two drinks. And with the sweet onion sauce."

"Thank god you didn't get a tunaroni, whatever that is," she says as she slowly wakes up fully. This makes Chuck smile. "I found some files that say your mother was a spy."

"What? Both my parents were spies? That is an odd coincidence. Only if Ellie was a spy… hmmm…" Chuck ponders for a second.

"Yea, it doesn't say what organization though. I'm sorry I fell asleep."

"Oh, it's fine. I probably would have too." Chuck assures her. "Let's eat some chicken teriyaki sandwiches." Chuck claims excitedly.

"Sounds like a plan. Can I have a napkin?" Sarah enthusiastically asks. Chuck drops a stack of napkins on the table between them and they start eating.

While eating Chuck is wondering how the big guy is doing, Casey. He left the spy world to rejoin his family. The question is: do they want him back? Alex seemed quite content about having her father back but Casey's wife may be less forgiving. "I wonder how Casey is doing?"

"Pra…" Sarah's mouth is full and she holds her hand up motioning him to wait. After she finally gulps down the huge bite she took, she simply says "Probably. I hope he's doing well. It must be awkward after all those years." They both feel sympathy for the big man. What he did twenty years ago must have been so hard. At least Sarah didn't really have a family to leave behind. She never had a role model or father figure to help her out. Not until she joined the CIA. Chuck notices the sadness in her face as her eyes start to get watery.

"It is ok. I am sure he is fine. I feel for the big guy too." Chuck tries to comfort her, although he is surprised she is showing this much emotion about Casey.

"No, not that. It is just that I never really had any family and—" Sarah starts to plead but Chuck cuts her off.

"Your family is here." Chuck insists proudly. "Me, Devon, Ellie, Morgan. We are all a family. May not be the best but it works." Chuck optimistically implies as he puts his arm around her shoulders.

"You know what… You're right. This is our family and it is the best family ever." Sarah controls her emotion and proudly states. "Lets get back to these files and find out about your or our family."

"Ok. Lets do it." Chuck enthusiastically says. Sarah stares at him with an odd look on her face. Chuck ponders for a second. "The files, not sex. Reading the files I mean." Chuck nervously tries to fix his mistake. Sarah laughs at Chuck's embarrassment and nods that she knows what he meant.

"That's not a bad idea." Sarah sarcastically chuckles. Chuck tilts his head thinking for a second and then goes back to his sandwich. They then continue to read the files while eating their sandwiches.

A few more hours go bye and they are both annoyed and tired.

"How many files are there?" Chuck asks rhetorically.

"I don't know but even my ADD is starting to kick in. I think we should go out and do something." Sarah's legs are asleep and she cannot sit there any longer.

"I'm down for anything. Just shoot and I'll tell you yes or no." Chuck exclaims happily.

"I don't know. I'm the ex-spy. At least you were normal at one point. You did normal things. Right?" Sarah hisses politely.

"If Call of Duty is normal then yea," Chuck jokes. "Well… lets see… it is just past seven… hmmm…" Chuck considers as much options as he can. "A restaurant, a bar, a concert, a movie…" Chuck starts to list things.

"Well, are you hungry?" She asks knowing that haven't done anything except for read and eat.

"Sure, why not" Chuck replies with a plain attitude.

"Ok… where should we go?"

"How about Mexican food?"

"That sounds good. Lets go."

They leave the base and get in the Porsche. Chuck turns on the radio and they drive off to the restaurant.

After about an hour and a half, they finish up there meals and pay the server. Chuck leaves a nice, fat tip and they leave. They go back to the underground base to read more files.

As they enter the base, they start reading and Chuck says "It is getting late. Shouldn't we go back?"

"Lets just read for another hour." Sarah assures Chuck that they will be done soon.

After reading for a little, Chuck gets curious. "What happens when you have to go to the bathroom? Do you just go in your suit like an astronaut? Or hold it in?"

"What?" Sarah laughs a little. She thinks it is a joke. "Well… I don't know. I guess everyone has there own methods. I am pretty sure you can't go in your suit though." She jokingly finishes her answer.

"Oh, I know. You teach your body to only go at certain times." Chuck excitedly says as he thinks that is the most logical answer. "Oh! No, no! You guys take a pill that stops all bowel movements for twelve hours. Yea…"

"Uh… Sure, why not." Sarah really doesn't know how. She cannot recall ever having to go to the bathroom during a mission but she feels it is just luck on her side.

"What if you actually had a spastic colon?" Chuck jokingly asks. "That would suck. Right in the middle of an op you need to find a toilet." Chuck laughs thinking about it. Sarah chuckles a little. "Maybe those people get a toilet in there spy vans. A special… spy toilet!" Chuck exclaims. Sarah starts laughing.

"Yea, and they have a curtain that covers the toilet." Sarah jokes as she can barely contain herself.

"Yea, with a special super, awesome air freshener!" Chuck exclaims while laughing.

"Ok, ok. We need to keep looking over these files. Enough games for now." Sarah tries to change the subject seamlessly.

"Ok. At least you asked nicely this time." Chuck slyly states.

"Yea. I though I would have to tie you up earlier." Sarah jokes.

"Is than an offer? Sarah Walker… I didn't know you were into that kind of stuff!" Chuck jokes.

"Na-no. Th-that's not wh-what I meant… I was talk—" Sarah is confused and nervously tries to correct herself.

"I was only kidding. Lets get back to the files. Lets find my mom." Chuck interrupts Sarah before she makes more of a fool of herself. They both go back to the files.

The next day, Chuck wakes up at the table with a puddle of drool surrounding the greater part of his left cheek. He notices it and slings his head up. "What? Where am…" He just remembered he was at his dad's lab. Chuck then looks around and cannot find Sarah. "Sarah?" Chuck calls out hoping for an answer.

"Yea, coming" Sarah says from a distance. Chuck can hear the echo through the room.

"Where are you?"

She then steps into the room through the secret entrance holding two coffees in her hand. "I got you some coffee. I didn't know how you liked it so I got some cream and sugar."

"I like it black. I'm a man." Chuck jokes but tries to act manly.

"Ok… Chuck Norris…" Sarah sarcastically replies. "Oh yea. I found a lot of files about this one company… Rockwood. Have you heard of it?"

As she said the word Rockwood, Chuck immediately flashes seeing images of ex CIA spies and all the missions the company had done. He also sees a map of Arizona with a Tempe circled. He then sees a Professor Watanabe. He then knowingly says "it is a company full of ex-CIA spies that went rogue when they heard about the intersect project and how it would make them obsolete. A kind of mercenary team; like the A-Team." Chuck slyly sneaks in the joke.

"What is the A-Team?" Sarah questions. She never watched TV and had never heard of most shows.

"What? You never watched the A-Team? You really were a repressed child." Chuck jokes. "What ever but they are a mercenary group that do secret missions under the table and without authorization from the government."

"The A-Team?" Sarah asks not sure who Chuck is talking about.

"Rockwood," Chuck clarifies.

"Oh, ok. Well, that is where we should start our investigation then. Do you know where they are located?"

"Yea... My flash didn't really show me but they are located in Tempe, Arizona. I think a Professor Watanabe is where we can get more answers."

"Well then, lets get going." Sarah gets out of her seat and starts to motion towards the door.

"Ahhhh…" Chuck is disappointed. "It is going to be like a thousand degrees out there. I'm gonna be sweating balls." Chuck complains knowing it won't change Sarah's mind.

"Well then don't wear much clothing. Maybe nothing at all," Sarah jokes hoping to get a rise out of Chuck.

"You have to wear no clothing too then," Chuck replies hoping she will agree.

"Oh, I was planning on it." Sarah slyly throws in to get Chuck excited. Sarah has a sweet yet naughty smile knowing Chuck is exuberant and smiles a huge smile. Almost like one of those smiley face symbols.

"Lets get ready… but what should I tell Ellie and Awesome and Morgan?"

"Vacation to the Grand Canyon" Sarah says triumphantly. She is surprised that she thought of such a good reason.

"That works great. We'll leave tonight." Chuck happily goes along with the reason knowing it will work. They leave the base to get packed and ready.