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"I forgot what I came in here for. Crap."

Ben let out a girlish giggle from where he stalked behind his cousin. He was hunched over a little with his head tilted back so he could look up at her irritated face with his innocent jade eyes, adorable and taunting. "It's because you're distracted," he said with a mockingly feminine tone.

She turned around and nearly stepped on his sneaker-clad foot as well as narrowly avoiding running into him. The redhead groaned and roughly pushed him aside. "Distracted by what, doofus?" Twenty minutes of his incessant badgering later and she was well on her way to pushing him out a window or down the stairs. The name-calling made her feel the tiniest bit better. It felt like they were back on the Rustbucket back when they were ten years old and innocent.

As she pushed past him, Ben moved to follow, grinning wildly while his eyes lit up with the joy of being able to harass her again; some part of him had missed Gwen from that summer, even if she was only good for bothering. "Kevin."

"I am not distracted by Kevin." A stern tone had her words in a death grip, and she forced herself to believe them. Because she wasn't distracted by Kevin. He wasn't even upstairs. He wasn't even nearby. "He's downstairs on the couch anyways. Gosh Ben."

He let out another girlish giggle while smiling even bigger; the laughter sounded more like a witch's cackle. "You totally like him." At the emphasized word, he poked his cousin in the side, making her jump in surprise. Ben let out a bit of a snicker.

"I do not!" She pushed him away again while heading back into her room to find... whatever she was looking for. Maybe if she saw it, she'd remember... "Ben, you don't know anything. I don't like Kevin."

"Aw, but Gwen, he stares at your butt when you're not looking."

"That's creepy." The fact that Kevin was watching her made her heart skip a beat, but the fact that Ben noticed Kevin was watching her was probably the creepiest part. She grabbed her hairbrush and began to groom out the worst of the knots from a long day of school and fighting DNAliens. That definitely wasn't what she went to her room for, but it made her feel better to pretend that she knew what she was doing.

Ben grabbed his cousin's wrist and began to drag her towards the top of the stairs, knowing she wouldn't fight back in her own house. Gwen was reluctant to destroy anything, unlike her comrades who thoroughly enjoyed explosions and other such methods of chaos. "But Gwen, look at him!" He pointed down the stairs at the dark-haired teen who was half-asleep on the couch, his hair a mess, his shirt tattered and torn, his dark eyes nearly shut. "You know you want that."

She gave a harsh, choked laugh, cynical and nasty on all levels. "I won't take advice from the guy who's never had a girlfriend."

"Ouch. That hurts." He wore a wounded look.

She continued sharply, "And besides, he's a completely different world from me." She tore her wrist from his grasp and headed back to her room, still trying to recall what she was going in there for to begin with before Kevin had distracted her.

Crap. It was Kevin's fault. Stupid girl thoughts.

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