Burning Forever

The Infamous, Fabulous, Scandalous, FINAL Part of the Axel/Nexus series


The empty rum bottle rolled out of her limp hand and hit the other one already lying uselessly on the floor. At a blood alcohol level of 0.12%, she was legally drunk. That didn't stop her or the other person, though. Both of them were drunk, tired, and aroused. A deadly mix for most.

However, for this couple, there was a slight difference.

Only one of them was underaged, and only by days. The other one was around 22, nearing 23. Both of them were deeply in love, and the guy had a VERY well-paying job as a pyrotechnician. They lived in their own house, although they weren't married. And even though you probably could've shoved them over with your pinky finger, they were both somewhat aware of what was going on. IE...they planned it this way.

Who the heck am I talking about, you ask?

Who else?

Who else would get that drunk? Who else would drink underaged, for that matter? Who else would be a pyrotechnician? Who else would be making love right off the freaking bat?


You don't know?

Oh my gosh...you idiots.

Though I suppose I'm ahead of myself, aren't I? So I guess we'll start where we always do: at the beginning.

Main Character: Nexus

Age: 20

Hair: Long, black with hot pink streaks

Eyes: Blue-ish green, like the ocean

Likes: Axel, her gun, rum, Axel, Naminé, sarcasm, freedom, Axel, people who like her for HER, Sora, Riku, Kairi, E, have I mentioned Axel yet?...

Dislikes: DiZ, Sune (aka "the other me"), Ienzo/Zexion and any other traitor in the Organization, people who make fun of her for any reason whatsoever, and people who become biased about her being "bad"

Quick Summary: Nexus is extremely loyal and always keep her promises. She doesn't mind having too much fun, and she is a bit of a con artist at heart. She is a little quick to judge, but she really loves people and treasures any real friendships she has. She has been through a lot of really difficult, mind-blowing stuff, but she is a stronger person because of it. Now that her mission is complete, she can have some fun.

Secondary character: Sune-she's dead. :3


Hair: DEAD

Eyes: DEAD

Likes: DEAD

Dislikes: DEAD

Quick Summary: Though we're not done discussing her just yet, I'm happy to say she's DEAD! So really, there is no secondary character.

And, the Obvious: Axel

Age: 22

Hair: Spiky, scarlet

Eyes: Bright green

Likes: Nexus, making fun of people, Nexus, Riku, Nexus, rum, fire, Nexus, his family, Roxas, Sora, and of course, Nexus. XD

Dislikes: the way he dead, almost all of the Organization, how he lost many of his friends

Quick Summary: Now that he and Nexus understand each other more, things are about to get interesting with Axel. Though I do wonder if he can really handle being around all those teenagers.

Chapter 1: Sunrise (www . youtube . com/watch?v=Sl1mKoiDGus)

Memo: Hello again everyone! Welcome to the third and final part of the Axus saga. XD And I promise, it doesn't get more final than this...

Nexus' PoV

"Well, that's that!" Sora exclaimed cheerfully, wiping the sweat from his brow.

"Hey, that my line," I said.

It had been six months since Axel and I had been in love. Six months since we arrived on Destiny Islands. Six months since we'd started building our house.

So much had changed, so much hadn't.

Let's just go around the circle, shall we?

Sora was one of those who hadn't changed at all, and he probably never will. The only thing that had changed in that whole six months was his height, which gradually kept increasing, leaving me shorter than just one more person. Anyway, Sora was doing fine.

Kairi was the same as usual, too: unfriendly. I didn't understand why this was at the time, but she really wouldn't talk to me unless either I addressed her first, or if E or Axel was around. If the former was true, she'd reply just enough to give an absolute answer, and then not talk at all. If the latter was the case, she was fine and dandy, even bubbly and chipper, like E. She was about as flaky as they came.

Riku also got taller...and E didn't, so the height difference became even more incredible and yet even more adorable. He stayed busy, helping us build the house and doing most of the design layout with help from me and Axel. I'll talk about the house itself in a minute. Anyway, we agreed to pay Riku for the extra help he put in, and so things just worked out.

E was as adorable as always, with a lot less hair. She chopped it up to her chin, so there was two feet of hair, just gone one day. She laughed when we freaked out about, saying, "It's summer and it's hot! But don't worry! My hair grows fast! Next year it will be that length again!" I hope she's right. I miss her hair. Oh, and she turned sixteen last month.

As for me and Axel...well, we've been camping out under the stars every night except when it's bad weather, which is basically never. Sora finally paid me for helping him, so we spent that munny on things like food and clothing and other necessities. Axel found a job, almost the exact same as the one he nearly had before he died the first time. He's happy with it, and they pay him well. Half of his pay goes toward Riku and the rest of the house, and the other half toward necessities again. It was rough, but...we made it.

"It looks so good!" E cried, grinning from ear to ear.

"We can move in furniture now, can't we?" I asked Riku, who nodded.

"The paint should be dry by now, and floors are ready," he replied, walking over to the van of stuff we had had shipped over through a ferry-that was expensive, but luckily for us, Riku's parents were loaded and more than willing to help.

"Axel will be so surprised!" E told me, still grinning. Adorable.

"I know, but he and I figured it would be done today," I replied, smirking. "Go figure he's not here to help load stuff in."

"I'm not, am I? Then I should leave."

We turned to see Axel walking toward us, smirking.

"Hey, you're just in time," Sora said, smiling.

"I noticed. Thank you," he said, smiling back. He threw his suit coat off to the side and rolled up his sleeves.

Another reason I really liked his job was because he had to dress nicely for it, and daaaaamn, did he look good.

"Let's go," he told me, and together we headed toward the truck.

As I was saying, we were fine. Building this house with just the six of us forced us to get into shape, so we were both really healthy and strong at that point. Not that we weren't to begin with, but still, there's always room for improvement.

Unloading the furniture didn't take long at all, since we had already taken care of the plumbing earlier, as well as painting and flooring. It also helped that a few of the rooms didn't need furniture just yet. They were like bonus rooms. We didn't really know exactly what we were going to use them for then, but there was nothing wrong with extra space. There was no way we'd just stay as the two of us forever.

"I kind of might miss sleeping outside," Axel said as we pushed a sofa into place.

"If you really miss it, you're more than welcome to let me have the bed all to myself, and you can sleep in the great outdoors," I teased him.

"Only if you let me set off fireworks and start my own clan of wild animals."

"Don't you already do that at work?"

E looked at Axel and Nexus, watching them talk and work at the same time with ease. She had never seen two people like them before. Two people that were so alike and yet so different at the same time. They were completely compatible.

"Asleep on your feet?"

E turned to see Riku smirking at her. She blushed, grinning.

"No, don't be silly!" she said, pulling him away. "Daijoubu desu yo! (I'm alright!)"

"Hontou ni? (Really?)"


Glancing over her shoulder at Nexus and Axel, she smiled. She was extremely proud to know them and to have them as close friends. But she was even more proud that her beau designed their house.


"Thank you so much," Nexus said, hugging each the teens one by one. "Seriously."

"It's nothing," Riku murmured.

"We owed you," Sora agreed.

"We love you, onee-chan! ("big sister")" E exclaimed, smiling brightly.

"...We're so grateful," Nexus said, smiling.

Axel nodded, smiling as well.

It felt like nearly everything had settled into place for him. There was only one thing he wished he could change: Roxas and Namine.

Axel knew that Nexus missed Namine, even though she didn't say it often. And he missed Roxas. It was like they both lost their little siblings. Axel really knew what that felt like...

He wished there was a way to bring them back, but that felt impossible. So, other than that detail, everything was basically perfect.

Nex had been right when they first arrived here: it was paradise. He could be happy here. It was impossible to be alone.

"You should celebrate!" E was telling them when Axel snapped out of it.

"How?" Nexus asked, glancing at Axel. He shrugged, smirking.

"Whatever we can come up with," he answered.

"Then that leaves us with plenty of options." Nexus hugged them each one more time. "Thank you. I'll be saying that for the rest of our lives, so get used to it."

They all smiled, knowing what she said was more than true. They owed each other their lives, each one for different reasons. It was just a matter of finding a way to pay each other back now, which would be impossible.

Saying their goodbyes until tomorrow, the four walked away, leaving Nexus and Axel alone on the front step of their new home.

E turned back to look at them one more time. She would miss spending time with them every morning, and a part of her felt sad.

"What's wrong?" Riku asked her.

"...They're so amazing," she replied quietly. "I've never seen such a strange but wonderful bond between two people. They make me feel so...ordinary."

Riku stopped, pulling E toward him.

"I promise, you are anything but ordinary," he murmured in her ear. She nodded once, understanding him perfectly.

Nexus' PoV

"...Now what?" Axel said once the four were out of sight. I shrugged, not knowing what to do or say next. There were too many options.

"Let's go inside, for starters," I said, smiling a little. The warm summer air followed us in.

"Are you hungry?" Axel asked.

"No, I ate already. You?"


We both sighed, then grinned at each other for the sake of coincidence. It helped we shared a heart, I guess.

You see, that day we walked on together across the beach was not an ending at all, but a beginning.

Oh goodness, no, it couldn't have ended there. I still have plenty left to explain. And plenty to just talk about.

Just like I said, that day was not an ending, nor was this day, when we'd finished our house.

It was only a beginning, a sunrise to a long, long day ahead.

And though we knew the day was bound to fade at some point, we still had time. We were going to make the most of it.