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Chapter 40


After the wedding, things went back to normal. Annie and Hugh now live at the Inn until the day Hugh goes to to his new job in the city. Both Annie and Lily's belongings are out of the room they used to share, making the once cozy room, now seem barren and empty. It won't be for long, we're taking Jordyn out of Vaughn's room and placing her into this room. But I swear each time I look into the room, I see two sixteen year old girls giggling over something they see in a magazine.

Winter slowly started to fade. Lily had a white pony saddled up, and a cart with her small amount of belongings attached to the pony.

"Bye Vaughn. I'll expect you to come visit?"

"Of course! Come on! You'll be taking care of cattle!" there was scattered laughter from the group that was telling her goodby.

"Bye big bubby." Lily said, hugging Skye.

"Bye Lil' sissy. You're always welcome back here if things get too scary."

"Thanks." she mumbled, not liking Skye's comment. He gave her a peck on her forehead, then she faced me.

"Take care of bub."

I shifted Jordyn to my right side, and gave Lily a half hug. "I will."

"Bye-Bye Jordy. Auntie loves you!"

"Bye Bye Auntie Yeeyee!" Jordy said, not pronouncing her L's yet. Lily squished her cheeks together and gave her a big kiss. Which left Jordy shaking her head, smiling. Lily went and hugged Annie and Hugh. What they shared between each other, I don't know. But then she went next to her pony, gave us her smile, and she jumped on the pony, and ran.

Spring 1st. Lily should have arrived safely to her Bluebell farm. And here we are again at the road that leads to mineral town and the city. But instead, there is a pickup truck filled with furniture, and a husband and wife starting their life together.

"So, Annie," Chris started "What will you do while you two are in the city?"

"I'll get my GED, then go to college working in agriculture and business."

Chris closed her eyes. We were all silent, she was doing one of her predictions, that usually come true. She smiled wide.

"You'll ace your GED test, and you'll graduate as valedictorian." Annie's eyes widen, and Hugh started to laugh.

"That sounds like Anne alright."

I didn't hear what Annie or Hugh said to anyone (however, Skye was probably doing the 'you better take care of my little girl or I'll kick your butt' speech), but when Hugh came to hug me and Jordyn, he whispered in my ear, "I'll take care of her Jill, no worries."

Annie whispered in my ear "I'm always the little girl you tucked in at night when you had to go thief hunting." that statement cause us both to giggle, making Jordyn look at us like we are nuts.

"Bye Jordy. Give me a call sometime okay?"

"Mm-hmm!" Then they both got into the truck, and drove off. We stayed there until we couldn't even see the dust moving anymore.

As we were walking back to the ranch, my hand in Skye's, out fingers intertwined, Jordyn running, and Vaughn chasing Jordyn, I smiled. Annie and Lily are going to be missed. But now I have a farm to take care of, two children to raise, and one handsome prince of the stars to love.