Board Meetings at Shinra Inc

Aloha, catchy title! Oh well, it's not like I was ever any good at them, anyway. Soo… I write Rufus first person a lot, but never a full-length fanfic. So I decided to do it. Enjoy! :D

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Today, in Just For Girlz, we can exclusively reveal leaked excerpts from none other than RUFUS SHINRA'S (that's right, the hottie that rules our planet and our hearts) diaries! All excerpts tastefully censored by our family-friendly editors (in case your little sister picks this up!).


Scarlet trying to push through an extra fifty million annual budget for the Weapons' Development department. Am considering allowing it to go through, if only to avoid drowning in the revenge-paperwork she'll have prepared. Tseng finds this hilarious. In other news, Tseng is a windmill whose department's annual budget is about to be slashed by fifty million.


Tseng is not happy.


Bureaucracy should be banned. Am going to have to do a backdoor deal with Tseng to nix the revenge-paperwork he'd secretly prepared. One wonders why he couldn't have made it known that it existed; that's the basis of blackmail. There's no doubt about it, every department in this fidgetingcompany is overpaid. I'm loath to slash the Space Department's budget again (how then are we to convince Highwind?), but Palmer's utterly useless anyway. I suppose we'll have to take the Bronco by force.


Am grateful that Palmer is too lazy to prepare revenge-paperwork.


Need a new photocopier. Reno thought it would be amusing to photocopy his sparkle. Fortunately, he's still got some shards of glass wedged up there, but unfortunately, he's trying to claim for it under his medical plan. Am contemplating putting the pictures up on billboards around the city, as part of the initiative to deter benefit-fraudsters. Tseng, however, has voiced a desire not to see Reno's sparkle wherever he treads, and I must admit that I am much-inclined to agree with him. We shall see.


My plans for tonight are as follows:

*Go out

*Locate a woman

*Get woman drunk


Anyone but Scarlet will do.


Say what you like about Elena; when it comes to pillow-talk, she's brilliant for obtaining material for blackmailing Tseng with. Didn't ask how she came to know about his fantasies regarding his mother, but I've wasted no time in referring to them in public situations. Tseng most uncomfortable. Revenge is good. As a side-note, I've given myself a fifty million gil annual pay-rise.

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The end. :P