Nail Polish

A/N: I got the idea for this drabble from the last sentence (just popped into my head like an axe-wielding maniac), so I decided to write the thing. Wahey.

… … …

"Gawd, Laney," Reno drawled, poking my shoulder in a really irritating way. I tried to ignore him, focusing on what I was doing. He poked me again.

"What is it, Reno?" I growled.

"If ya wanna be a beauty queen, Turks ain't the place. Ya considered enterin' Miss Midgar?"

"Very funny, Reno." Turning my attention back to my nails, I saw with annoyance that he'd jogged my arm enough to smudge one of them.

"But seriously, Laney, what's the point in that stuff?"

I rolled my eyes. "If you wear nail polish, nobody can see the blood under your nails."

… … …

A/N: Yeah, dude, see that? Exactly one hundred words! Yeah, man!