I let out a sigh, scratching the back of my head in exhaustion. After I spent the night over at the twins', they had me go shopping me with them so that they could see more commoner's stuff. Of course, Tamaki found out, and within ten minutes, he was there and buzzing, question everything. Kyoya seemed to have nothing else to do, so he had tagged along, eyeing the prices, and criticizing the sellers. Luckily, Mori and Hunny had a kendo practice so they couldn't come.

So, here I was, exhausted. I dropped my chin down on the table, and let my eyes fall shut. A headache was throbbing at the back of my skull, and every light seemed to sting my eyes. I sighed, crisscrossing my arms, and put my head down on them. It was much more comfortable than the hard tabletop.

"Haru, are you tired?" Hunny's slightly muffled voice asked in front of me. I peeked up, and sighed again.

"Yes." I didn't really feel like saying a whole string of words to make a sentence right now. Hunny blinked, then he looked up slightly behind me, and nodded. I felt strong arms wrap around my waist, hoisting me up. "Wha'?"

Mori carried me over to an unoccupied couch, and laid me down on it, pulling a thick, soft sheet up to my chin. He slid a feathery pillow behind my head, and padded it down, making it more comfortable for me.

"Haruhi! What's wrong?" Tamaki cried out, slicing through my brain. I groaned in annoyance, and rolled over, pulling the cover over my head.

"Shh! Tamaki! Haru's tired, so she's gotta rest!" I was happy by the sudden silence. It was so much better than noise. I had no idea where the twins were, but right now I could just sleep. Sleep and forget everything.

I woke up to find myself being jolted slightly, and very, very warm. My face was buried in something soft, but also firm at the same time. A pillow? No way, it was too firm to be a pillow. Maybe, a—

"She's awake." A deep, smooth voice vibrated against my ear. It was more of a low hum of bass that came from the chest I had my face pressed against. Mori's chest.

"Man, Haruhi, you had us worried there! You were out for the whole time the club was going on! We were just bringing you to the nurse's office right now, weren't we, Mori?" Hikaru's voice sounded to my right. I couldn't see his face, but I could tell by the tone of his voice, he was trying to act cool by was actually very concerned.

"Yeah." The voice vibrated again. I looked up at him to see his eyes looking down at me with a soft expression. He smiled gently, and too much of everyone's surprise, touched the side of my cheek with a finger. Was I really so light he could only carry me with one arm? Well, he had done it before.

I blushed slightly, and looked over at Hikaru and Kaoru. "Sorry. I was just really tired since someone forced me to stay up basically all night, then go shopping with them the next day." They both looked down.

"WOAH WOAH WOAH! You slept over at their house?" Tamaki's voice was raised in shock. He looked like he was going to fall over.

"Yeah. We slept together too." I felt Mori's arms tighten around me slightly as Tamaki suddenly swooned, and collapsed. He had fainted. But from what?

"Oh, Haruhi, why must you be so blunt?" Kaoru sighed, leaning on his older twin brother. I frowned. When had I been blunt? I'd had just told the truth, hadn't I? Well, I had said it straight out…

"Did you guys snuggle?" Hunny asked from below me, peering up with his too-large-of eyes.

"Yeah. And we played video games." Mori slowly let me down, as if he was scared that any moment I would end up like Tamaki, on the ground out cold. I smiled up at him, reassuringly I hoped. He smiled back, his eyes softening again.

Hikaru and Kaoru snickered on each side of me, a hand covering each of their mouths. "What? Did I land in something?" I lifted up my shoes to inspect the bottom, praying that nothing lay stuck and mashed.

"No, but we just remember your face when you played Halo 3." The twins said in unison.

"You clung to Kaoru like a newborn kitten," Hikaru sighed, almost as if he envied his brother.

"And the face expressions? You actually looked like a scared kitten. Eyes bugging out and everything!" Kaoru mused, ruffling my hair. I flushed, and swatted his hand away.

"I'm going back to the club room," I huffed, turning on my heel and stomping back to the unused Music Room. I heard footsteps follow me, and then arms wrap around my neck.

"C'mon, Haruhi, lighten up a bit. We were just kidding!" I ducked out from under their arms, and scampered behind Mori just in case they came back for round two.

"Well, those aliens look so real! How was I supposed to know?" I snapped, feeling self-conscious. They erupted into laughter, doubling over in their guffaws. I flushed, and tightened my grip on Mori's jacket. I felt my cheeks flush in embarrassment. Was it really that silly?

"Hey! Don't laugh at Haruhi! You didn't laugh at her when you realized she was afraid of thunder!" Hunny stood in front of Mori and I, hands on his hips in a no-nonsense manner.

"Yeah, because thunder and lightning are real! Those aliens were just graphics!" That sent them into another round of laughter, making me even flush a darker shade of red.

"That's it! I'm never coming over to you guys' house ever again!" I snapped, still hiding behind Mori, half of my face still concealed. The twins' immediately stopped, and looked at me with alarm.

"Oh, come on, we were just kidding, Haruhi…!" Hikaru held out his hands in a no-offense gesture.

"Yeah, we just thought that it was funny, that's all!" Kaoru quickly copied his brother's movements, a sincere expression on his face.

"Ha! That's what you two hooligans get for making fun of my daughter! You have been shunned from this point on by your sister! Come along, Haruhi, come with your father and we can meet up with mother to have a little snack." Tamaki had miraculously recovered from his knock out, and placed an arm around my shoulders.

I turned and glared over at him, not in the mood at all to deal with his full-of-himself personality. "Right now, I'm shunning all of you. Besides Hunny, Mori, and Kyoya. Understand? I don't want any of you three speaking to me for the rest of the day." I strode off, not looking back to see their shocked expressions.

I already had enough problems on my hands, and I didn't need any more.

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