How do I say this. Welcome. This is just an idea that i got into my head. What if Accel and Touma met when they were younger. What would happen? How would things change? Honestly, not even I know at this point where this fic is going. I will probably do scenes from their lives, but I'm unsure of an actual story at the moment.

Not Yaoi. Never Yaoi. In the unlikely event pairings are introduced, Touma x Misaka, just because, and hmmmmm, *grins* Accelerator x Index. Won't that be fun?

Don't own the character or the To Aru Series. Enjoy the fic.

The white haired boy stared at the kids in front of him; yes kids, even though they were the same age as he. He was an ESPer, Level 5 at the age of ten, ranked number One of Five. His ability was vector control, the ability to manipulate any vector that touched him or otherwise came into contact with him. It had already earned him the moniker Accelerator, a name that was used so often that even now he was having trouble remembering his own name.

It didn't matter, he decided. His parents obviously didn't care, having left him in the newly formed Academy City and run away someplace no one could find. He was officially a Child Error. If the researchers wanted him to be Accelerator, then he would.

Since the full range of his abilities was still being investigated, he had been placed in various research facilities. Accelerator sneered. Unfortunately, he was being bounced from place to place, and he knew why.

Those men and women who ran the experiments were afraid of him. He could see it in there eyes when they spoke to him and asked him to show off his power. It always started the same.

They would start off smiling, and then when he showed them his strength, they would change. The smiles, fake or not, would be gone. Their faces would pale at his approach, their eyes would dilate, heart beat accelerate. Some would stutter, others may flinch whenever he moved. At least one woman wet herself when he got too close.

They were terrified of him, plain and simple.

It was for that reason that he had never stayed in one place for more than two months, as they would immediately try to pawn him off on another research centre.

The only man who had never been scared of him was that bastard Kihara, and Accelerator had no desire to meet that sadist again.

Right now he was between facilities, and so was allowed to wander outside. His albino characteristics, white hair and red eyes, drew looks, but no one had paid too much attention. This was how he found himself in a park during the day, a child no more than ten staring him down.

The kid had brown hair brown eyes, just your regular squirt. Except this kid didn't seem to have a brain. He was picking a fight with him. Him, the Number One Level Five. And so Accelerator just stared at the stupidity of it all.

Finally the little brat seemed to tire of taunts, and tried to push him. That was a mistake, as the kid found himself with a broken arm.

"WAAAAH!" the boy was bawled, cradling his arm where you could just see the slight bump where his broken bone was putting pressure on the inside of his arm.

"Just what is going on here?" a nearby adult demanded. It was a woman, and from the look of it a teacher.

A bunch of children were closing in as well, all of them jeering at him. All but one; a black haired boy had a thoughtful if slightly angry look on his face instead. In fact, he was the first one to arrive, even before the teacher.

Accelerator shrugged, uncaring.

"H-H-H-He attacked me!" the crying child screeched the blatant lie.

The black haired boy's frown deepened.

"Is this true?" the teacher thundered. When Accelerator didn't respond, she reached out to grab his arm. "Is it true?"

This time he was slightly better prepared. He tried to dodge out the way of the woman's hand, but didn't quite make it in time.

Fortunately, the teacher wasn't trying to grab vey hard, and so when his Auto Reflect kicked in and her arm bounced away, it was only sprained, and not broken. This was due to how light her touch was, as well as the angle of the grab.

The boy had pushed head on and so the force was bounced back into his limb. The teacher had attacked from the side, and so the force wasn't redirected through the limbs.

Auto Reflect was something he had constantly activated. Any force that tried to attack him would just be reflected. He often had to update it to deal with new forms of attack, but never turned it off.

He'd learned that lesson from Kihara well enough as the bastard had tired to kill him when he knew his defences were down. All for "Experimental purposes" of course.

"How dare you attack a teacher!" she screeched. She was already backing away and pulling out a phone, the children fearfully doing the same.

Accelerator scowled at them. One moment they were crowding around him, taunting him in their confidence, but now he'd shown a bit of power, they were afraid.

"Wait!" a child's voice called. It was the black haired kid. He hadn't retreated like the others; in fact, he was closer than ever.

"Touma-chan, get away from that dangerous boy!" the teacher urged, but the boy, Touma, ignored her. "He didn't do anything except defend himself. Kida-kun attacked first; Shiro didn't do anything. And just then, you tried to grab him," he accused. "I think his ability was automatic."

"Is this true?" the teacher turned her attention to him and asked.

"Yeah, so?"

"Listen kid, you were about to get into a lot of trouble," she told him gruffly, putting away her phone. "Tell me you name and what school you go to and hopefully we can resolve this incident with the minimum amount of fuss."

"I'm Accelerator, and I'm between schools just now," he sneered.

And there it was. Cold sweat formed on her brow, her eyes widened. She was terrified.

Quickly and efficiently, the kids were hurried away by the scared woman. Some of them complained, but the kids could sense how afraid their teacher was, and so backed down. Soon they were gone, nothing but a bad memory.

All but one, the black haired boy, Touma. He was still there, but this time, instead of standing by Accelerator's side, he was in front of him. This was a confrontational stance, the white haired boy knew, though Touma probably didn't realise.

"You could have just said it was automatic in the first place. Sensei was calling the Anti-Skill. Besides, you could have just walked away in the beginning. Plus, you scared sensei. You should say sorry."

"Ha, who cares about those weaklings? If just hearing my name scares them, what do I care? Why should I apologize for telling them my name?"

He smirked as he saw the boy tense. It was obvious he was getting angry and preparing to punch him. Let him try. Hopefully then he would run off crying and leave him only. All it would take is one little barb.

"You may be better than those losers for sticking around, but you're still too weak to make me do anything."

That was when the boy went to punch him. Accelerator stood still; he would let his Auto Reflect take care of it.

And then there was pain as the fist collided with his nose. He was sent flying back and into the air.

"Don't look down on me!" he shouted, before simply storming away. As far as he was concerned, Shiro had been punished and that's all that mattered. Accelerator was too stunned to do anything but watch.

His barrier had been completely bypassed by a simple punch from a brat! It just wasn't possible.

Time passed, and finally the white haired boy woke from his stupor. When he did, he grinned. That guy was interesting.