Accelerator waved as Touma quickly run up to meet him just outside the school gate. It had been two months since he and Touma had begun to hang around each other.

To Accelerator, Kuro was a puzzle. He was seemingly a Level 0, displaying no outward ability other than being able to completely ignore his Vector Manipulation.

The school records corroborated this – Accelerator had hacked into the database to check it out, but it just read Level 0 beside his name. It also listed his grades, which were poor. They were passing grades, but not very high, hovering around the 50 mark area.

Curious, Accelerator had looked into it – apparently anything to do with abilities, Touma had little to no comprehension with.

To Touma, Shiro was someone immune to his bad luck. All the trouble that came at him was either deflected or dismissed by the white haired boy. Well, either that or he spent quite some time amused at him.

He still had his usual rain of misfortune, but whenever present, Accelerator never seemed to care, if he even noticed.

This was a first for Touma – many of his acquaintances had never grown beyond that stage due to his luck always bringing bad tidings, and those that lasted until the friendship stage never lasted long due to an even greater degree of bad luck that seemed to spring up in response to the good fortune of a friend.

For some reason, ever since he had arrived at Academy City in spring, his bad luck more or less only seemed to effect him, instead of everyone around him as it used to.

"Hey Kuro," Accelerator grunted as the black haired boy fell into step beside him.

"Hey Shiro. What have you been up to today?" he asked. He'd long ago figured out that his friend didn't attend a school, and usually spent his days doing various things.

"Nothing much," he flippantly replied as they walked down the street towards Touma's dorm room.

All students stayed in dorms, it was the usual thing. This system was in place for all the different types of school in Academy City, from Grade School to High School. Those who entered Universities had a slightly different system.

However, within that system there were differences between schools. High Schoolers lived in small dorms that varied in size depending on the school. The smallest had a single room, an adjoined kitchen and an en-suite bathroom.

Middle schools were the same, except that often they had room mates.

Finally there were grade school dorms, which had a much stricter set of rules. While in higher education, the students were granted great freedom and only had to deal with a Dorm Manager occasionally, in grade school it was a daily occurrence.

Well, there were rumours that some of the private schools had stricter rules.

Early curfews, no guests without permission; even food was monitored to ensure decent intake.

Accelerator had been walking home with him to let him drop off his stuff before they went out to play. There were various games such as tag and hide-and-seek, though more and more often they went with the group to arcades. Accelerator couldn't use his abilities to one up them that way; it was something people seemed to think was an unfair advantage.

With this more even playing field, the rest of the group had begun to accept Accelerators presence, though he was still cold to everyone. Well, except Touma, who he was only chilly towards.

As they walked down the street, Accelerator suddenly smirked. He quickly hid his reaction with his hand, stopping Touma from noticing it.

He quickened his pace almost unnoticeably, allowing him to walk ahead of Kuro by a very small margin.

With the timing born of the most powerful Level 5, he used his power to shift the street tile upwards just enough and at just the perfect angle.

Touma, completely unprepared, tripped upon the slightly raised tile. He landed face first into a passing woman's chest.

She jumped in surprise at the unexpected contact, but simply gently pushed Kuro away by the shoulders.

Shiro smirked at the scene – it was always fun to put Touma in this kind of situation and see how it played out.

Red faced, Touma emerged from the woman's meagre cleavage. "Sorry, sorry," he immediately apologised.

Accelerator's smirk widened as he waited for the reaction. This was the forth time he had down something like this, each target girl a different age, with Touma landing at a different angle.

The white haired boy was particularly proud of the woman the other day as he had managed to aim Touma in such a way as to land with his face millimetres from the woman, his hands firmly on her large breasts and his leg between hers.

That woman's reaction had been priceless - she had screamed bloody murder at almost having her first kiss taken from her by a brat.

This woman was much calmer; she smiled lightly at the boy she had collided with, causing Shiro's grin to fade.

"Aren't you just the cutest?" she bubbled, pinching Touma's cheeks.

Kuro grimaced at the contact, but allowed himself to be handled.

Accelerator perked up at this development – not the reaction he had been expecting, but this could still prove amusing.

But then he began to notice strange signs and cues from the woman, who looked around nineteen years old.

She was entirely too touchy-feely, which was strange. Touma may have been a child, but the way she was touching him was way too familiar. Also, Accelerator noted, there was a rising blush on her cheeks.

The final straw was when she licked her lips and began to lead Kuro away, asking him for help with a minor problem she was having.

Caught entirely off guard and willing to help anyone who asked, Touma made to follow.

Very quickly, Shiro grabbed him by the arm and pulled him from the teenage girl's grasp.

"Run," he told Touma. He gave Shiro a confused look, but complied, trusting his friend's judgement. "Stay away from us you sicko!" he yelled before chasing after Kuro.

"Tch," the woman made a displeased noise, pouting as the two ran away.

"You attract the worst possible kinds!" Shiro yelled a few minutes later, gasping for breath. They'd run as far as they could before Accelerator's stamina ran out.

"What are you talking about? Why did we have to run from the Onee-san who needed help?" Touma asked, confused. Compared to his much skinnier companion, Touma wasn't even breathing hard.

Shiro stared at him, astonished. His jaw was hanging low and his eyes were wide.

Accelerator closed his eyes and clicked his mouth shut, just barely managing to repress a sigh. He should have expected this. If there was one thing Kuro was worse at than ESPer development, it was girls.

"Never mind," he ground out through gritted teeth. No need to tell him what kind of freak they'd had a run in with. It was Accelerator's fault, after all.

They once again set off for Touma's place.

"Can you help me with my homework?" Kuro asked.

"Sure," Shiro shrugged, just as a heavy stream of water fell from above and soaked Touma. Accelerator was spared due to his Auto-Reflect kicking in, keeping him dry.

Kuro gave him a baleful look at getting off scot free, and muttered, "Fuko da~" as he tried to shake off the water that had plastered his hair to his head.

"Hey Accelerator!" Shion loudly greeted, running up to the duo as they made their way to the arcade.

Instantly she went to the Level 5's side and began to babble about her day at school.

The boy listened with half an ear, not particularly interested in the mundane happenings of her daily life, but unwilling to dismiss her out of hand.

Next to him, Kuro grinned widely, no doubt thinking them boyfriend and girlfriend.

Shiro gave him an annoyed glance, but said nothing in front of Shion.

It was obvious to him that the girl had a massive crush on him; the way she spoke, the flustered glances, sticking close to him whenever she could – all of it made obvious her childish feelings.

He wasn't stupid like Touma, he could read the signs.

Frankly, he had no interest in her. The only notable thing about her was, out of everybody but Touma, she had no fear of him at all.

Even the kids they were going to meet now were wary of the Level 5; Shion had no problems at all.

Still, time and again Accelerator had turned to the girl and opened his mouth to say "I'm sorry, but I have no interest in you like you do me." He would finish up with "Please leave me alone," or "We can still be friends."

However, every time such an event occurred, he could easily picture the final outcome of a crying and crushed little girl, and he couldn't bring himself to do it.

He'd end up closing his mouth with a click before finally asking her an innocuous question, causing her to smile brightly and continue on.

In the end, he'd just begun to hope that she would eventually get bored and drift away. That was normal for kids, right? To shallowly go from friend to friend. True, there was no reason for her to stop coming to speak to him now, but eventually that time may come.

Who still hung around the same people as a teenager that they did as a ten year old? It happened, yes, but drifting apart wouldn't be too strange, especially when the move from grade school to middle school was made.

"What are you doing over the summer?" she suddenly asked.

Accelerator blinked at the question. "What are you talking about?" he asked.

"Summer vacation," she repeated excitedly. "I'm going home to visit my parents and older brother. What about you?"

"Tch, I'll be staying here," he told her, his normal frown deepening into a scowl.

He'd never had a summer vacation before; all his old 'schools' had run all year long without breaks.

"Huh, really?" Shion blinked.

"What are you talking about?" Touma asked from his other side. He'd kept his silence until now, allowing the lovebirds to chat to their hearts content.

"Huh?" Shiro directed at Kuro.

"You're coming to stay at mine," he told him.

"When did I agree to that!" Accelerator snapped.

"You mean you don't want to?" Touma frowned.

"Why would I want to?" the white haired boy scowled.

"So we could hang out!" Kuro grinned.

"Tch, no thanks," Shiro shot down his idea, causing Touma's smile to morph into a frown.

"Oh," Touma said simply, disappointed.

Arriving at the arcade, Kuro immediately made for the strength machine.

It tested the strength of the player; Touma used his fists, while most other people used abilities.

Of the group made up purely of children, Touma held the high score, even when others used their meagre abilities.

Shiro looked at the machine with distain; on the side was a plaque, which read: 'Due to the powers involved, we please ask that Level 5's refrain from using this machine. Thank you.'

Meaining, he was unable to use it.

Well, that it technically incorrect. The truth was he had no desire to break the machine, as would most likely happen if he brought out his powers. However, it was also possible for him to simply limit himself.

He just chose not to play at all.

Shiro and Kuro proceeded to play many different arcade games, including fighting, shooting and interactive car racing. They played untill Touma ran out of spending money. Or at least he thought he did. He didn't know Accelerator was cheating the machine.

The end result was three times the amount of games played for the same cost.

After that, the two headed back to Touma's.

Shion had stayed to play with the group for awhile, but still left earlier than anyone else as Accelerator continued to either ignore her or acknowledge her the least possible amount.

Patiently, Accelerator helped Kuro as best he could with the promised homework.

However, after a full three hours of ruthlessly trying to beat the knowledge into the brats head, Shiro gave up.

With a hiss, he grabbed the paper from Touma and began to write down the answers on a spare sheet of paper at a lightning fast pace.

"Copy this," Accelerator spat after he was done, shoving the paper and writing equipment back at the moron, who grinned as he copied.

That done, Accelerator lay back and observed his companion (friend?) in silence.

Although it was minute, Kuro had been colder than usual.

With a noise of annoyance, Accelerator immediately understood why.

Weather consciously or unconsciously, Touma was upset at his refusal to come over during the summer holiday's.

However, in Accelerators mind, this decision was for the best.

As a being of great interest to Academy City, the chance that he'll be able to leave so easily is ridiculously low. It may as well be 0 percent.

Furthermore, as the current strongest, there will be multiple people targeting him outside of this gigantic school as well.

The probability of the Kamijou family being put into danger is high.

With a single sigh, Accelerator bemoans his cage.

Hearing this melancholic sound, Kuro looked up from his work.

"Hey," he suddenly shouted out excitedly, "let's do something fun!"

Shiro turned to him with a confused look in his eyes.

"C'mon, let's go!" Kuro shouted out again suddenly, grabbing onto Shiro's hand and dragging him to the door.

Right now was after curfew, not that Accelerator cared.

Putting on their shoes, the two ran off into the night.

One was seeking to cheer up a friend. The other was determined to keep his friend out of the inky depths.

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