This is my first fanfic in a very long time. Please tell me your thoughts (I love to know what I can do better). This goes on somewhere after the outsiders. Except, Dally and Bob didn't die. The rating could go up. I'm trying to consider if it should be an t or a k+ so I'll put it as T and see what you guys think. (P.S Ignore the weird spacing my computers bugging out)

Cherry's POV
"I'm so done with you!" I yelled at Bob Sheldon. He clearly wasn't getting it.
"Hey." He grabbed my wrist and I just stood there and waited. His drunken phase would pass over in a few minutes or so. "You're mine don't forget it." I managed to wriggle free and I ran. I wasn't sure where I was going. The corvair wasn't even following me. I kept running. I heard sreaming.
"Sherri! Sherri!" I could only think of how pissed Bob would be if he found me. I heard footsteps getting closer. Then he put his hands on my shoulders. I screamed and turned around to find-Dallas Winston. What was he doing here? Holding me?
"Hey what's wrong sherri?"He asked and I couldn't help but look into his big brown eyes. No! Look away!

"B-B-Bob" That was all I could stutter out. I didn't realize that I had been crying.
"What did Bob do? I'll kill him. I really will" he tightened his grip on me.
"Nothing. He just scared me is all." Dallas lifted my chin.
"Look at me. You won't be scared anymore." He pulled me into him.

He pulled me into him. I could smell the mix of ciggarettes, snow and, leather. It was him and I t made me go crazy. We started walking. I'm still not sure why I let Dallas take me to his house. I lied down on the couch and got comfy. I almost drifted into sleep. Then I heard a zipper. I opened my eyes to find Dallas looking into the mirror in a tank top and jeans. I never realized how muscular he was.
"Good Mornin sunshine." He said with a cigarrete hanging out of his mouth.
"God, what time is it?"
"Mornin" He chuckled.
"Oh great my rents are gonna kill me.' I said sitting up.
"Eh, don't worry about it. I'll drop you off. They'll be happy to see you after a night with greaser." He laughed again
'Very nice." I got up and checked my reflection in the mirror.
"Look Sherri about what I said last night. I meant it. You should never be hurt by thos socs. Only I should be able to hurt you and I never will.' I almost started to cry. He was so-so sweet. It didn't make sense.
so then I kissed Dallas Winston. I kissed him until my chest burned and my eyes were tearing. When I finally broke for air I looked into his eyes. No longer were they cold, hard, and lethal. they were inviting, and soft and lovable. So we kissed again and again. I had never felt so happy. I was a soc in love with a hood. I was his. His dame, his broad. His girl.

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